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Star Wars: An Old Truth
2021-08-22, 2:38 AM #1
(For anyone wishing to write this, it's simple. Just pick an option from the previous post to write, then end your post with two or more options for the next person to continue the story!)

The stars looks down upon the distant, mountainous planet Issassam, down onto the ghost town of Eyesbee, Sitting at an ill-lit table with an even more ill-tempered bounty hunter, a rusted-copper humanoid droid rolls a pair of dice. The bounty hunter grunts in disappointment as they take the credits at the center of the table, leaving nothing for the droid.

"Well that's a shame," the bounty hunter says. "I was told you're the only droid in the galaxy who can use the Force, but you couldn't even roll for your freedom. And here I thought this would be like how things used to be. I've had my fun, but now it's time I take you in."

As the bounty hunter reaches to their side for their blaster, the droid decides to...

  1. Dodge and Flee
  2. Stand and Fight
  3. Use the Force...?
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2021-08-22, 3:12 PM #2
3. Use the Force...?

The rusted-copper humanoid droid waves its rusted-copper humanoid hand and says, "I'm not the droid you're looking for."

The bounty hunter scoffs. "Actually, you're probably right. If you were, that would have actually worked." He pauses. "Or wait, does that mean it actually did work?" He shakes his head. "Never mind, you fit the description, and whether the claims about you are true don't matter - I get paid either way."

He levels his blaster at the droid, but the droid kicks him in the nuts beneath the table and dashes from his seat as the bounty hunter grunts and the blaster bolt goes wide.

What does the bounty hunter do?

1. Shoot at the Droid Again.
2. Pursue the Droid.
3. Let Him Go.
2021-08-26, 11:55 PM #3
2. Pursue the droid.

The droid dashed across the tavern, shoving the other customers behind it. Garan Madak aimed again, but the mass of people between him and droid meant he'd only be wasting his ammo. The Duros sprinted after the droid, his blaster still pointed at the droid for the first chance to cripple it.

Just as he reached the door of the cantina, it suddenly closed shut and locked itself, seemingly of it's own accord. Garan shot the panel and the door opened, just in time for him to see the droid starting a landspeeder.

What does he do?

1. Try stopping the speeder before it drives away by shooting it.
2. Find another speeder and chase the droid.
3. Run to the speeder before it starts moving and pull the droid out.
2021-08-27, 8:39 PM #4
2. Find another speeder and chase the droid.

He hops into the nearest speeder that looks reasonably fast, and curses his luck to find the ignition locked. Using his tried-and-true resort, he shoots the ignition, and the speeder sputters to life. With a vroom he pulls out of the lot and down the street after the droid's speeder.

Sirens soon sound behind him, as local law enforcement sees either him or the droid speeding, or maybe both.

1. Ignore the sirens and focus on catching the droid.

2. Wave your bounty hunter license at the law enforcement.

3. Stop and explain everything to the law enforcement.
2021-09-04, 2:17 AM #5
1. Ignore the sirens and focus on catching the droid.

Garan wasn't going to let a few seccers allow his paycheck to escape again. Besides, he could always show his license to them.
He twisted the handle of the speeder, squeezing every bit of acceleration he could.

The droid was worried. While it did have access to a pistol, it had only five shots left in it. And it's skills with the force were nowhere near good enough to stop both the bounty hunter and the police at once. It accessed a map of the planet, and reviewed it's choices.

Getting off the planet would give it the best chance to either terminate or escape the bounty hunter, and the local enforcement were neither well funded or cared enough to chase a droid into space just for property damage. However, it also gave the bounty hunter the best chance to capture or kill it as well.

He could also set the navigation droid on the speeder to drive on it's own towards a spaceport on a route that went though a forest area, which would give it the chance to jump off the speeder and escape into the jungle. However, the speeder had to keep going at the same speed, so jumping off would guarantee some damage.

What does the droid do?
1. Try and fight off the bounty hunter and the police.
2. Drive to a spaceport, and obtain a ship by any means.
3. Drive into a forest or mountain road and jump off after setting the droid to drive on it's own towards a location.
2021-09-05, 10:11 AM #6
3. Drive into a forest or mountain road and jump off after setting the droid to drive on it's own towards a location.

Garan's speeder roared after the droid's as it took a side road and started making for the heavily forested foothills leading toward the mountains on the horizon. He expected such a move, it made sense for the droid to either try to hide or try to get off planet, and it seemed it had made its choice. He activated the slave-rigging link on his spaceship, sending it to the other side of the mountain - one way or another he'd trap the droid.

The seccer on the speeder bike screaming after Garan's speeder frowned as his quarry refused to even acknowledge him - clearly intent on catching his own quarry. He didn't know whether the speeder in front was a victim or deserving of whatever his pursuer wanted to do to him, but for now it didn't matter - it was his job to enforce law and order, and he was going to do it!

He knows a shortcut into the mountains, being a local who's lived here all his life.

1. Take the shortcut and cut both other speeders off.

2. Comm the nearest sec precinct for support and advise them to use the shortcut so that they catch both speeders in a pincer movement.

3. Just use the sec-standard blasters on the speeder bike to try and shoot down both speeders, or at least one of them.
2022-03-03, 11:45 PM #7
1. Take the shortcut and cut both other speeders off.

Sending his speeder bike careening towards an apparent drop off, the seccer races down a camouflaged path through the forest. Banking hard left at a gently flowing stream, he ducks and squints slightly as he screams through a tight tunnel of dirt and rock carved by water over the years. After a few seconds the skilled rider brakes hard and rolls off his bike, levelling his blaster up the trail.

Moments later the speeding droid and his pursuer come into sight. The seccer aims his blaster and fires at ...

1) the droid.

2) the bounty hunter.

3) a rock formation adjacent to the trail.
"I would rather claim to be an uneducated man than be mal-educated and claim to be otherwise." - Wookie 03:16

2022-03-09, 3:46 PM #8
3) a rock formation adjacent to the trail.

He takes aim, and the blast sends rock shrapnel and fire across the path of the two speeders. That got their attention as it was meant to. "This is security," he broadcasts. "Stand down or be shot down."

The droid has long known that he can't depend on local law enforcement to protect himself. He considers his options in a split-second.

1) "You have no problem with me, Officer." (Jedi mind trick)

2) Speed on

3) Stop, and appear to cooperate, but ambush the bounty hunter when he pulls to a stop too.
2023-04-21, 1:30 PM #9
1) "You have no problem with me, Officer." (Jedi mind trick)

The droid feels the Force surge through his circuitry as he says, "You have no problem with me, Officer."

The Officer, a long-haired man in his thirties, lowers his weapon and stares at the droid like a rabbit at an oncoming train.

"I have no problem with you," he says.

But the droid, whose name is MS-555, does not realize that he is too powerful for the city of Eyesbee and the galaxy in general. As he had reached out into the mind of the Officer, so does he suddenly realize that he has the power to do anything in the world lest he set his mind to it.

What does he set as his goal?

1) World domination. He will rule the galaxy with a rusty fist.

2) Building a new spaceship.

3) Trying to find other robot Force users in the universe.
2023-05-12, 10:43 AM #10
3) Trying to find other robot Force users in the universe.

"I can't really be alone, can I?" he wonders. "I'm supposed to be impossible, yet here I am, so could other impossibilities exist?"

But his earliest memories are fragmented and corrupted. He can't remember where he came from.

Yet as the bounty hunter argues with the seccer, the droid gets a nudge from the Force that the bounty hunter, or perhaps his employers, might know something. A Jedi mind trick would be easiest, but if the hunter were weak-minded, this whole chase wouldn't have happened to begin with.

1) Allow the bounty hunter to apprehend him and take him to his employers.

2) Convince the seccer to arrest the bounty hunter and use that as leverage to interrogate him.

3) Take the opportunity to escape, but double back to shadow the bounty hunter and see who he reports to.
2023-05-14, 3:53 AM #11
3) Take the opportunity to escape, but double back to shadow the bounty hunter and see who he reports to.

The droid uses Force Cloak, an old, rarely-used Jedi power that bends light & sound around the practioner, making them virtually invisible to the naked eye. Once the seccer and the bounty hunter Garan notice he's gone, they're both surprised to no end, but have no other option but to continue with their day; both now have a failure to report to their respective Masters. MS-555 follows Garan to his spaceship, a heavily modified VCX-100 light freighter.

MS-555 sneaks aboard and hides in the cargo compartment.

What should he do next?

1) Physically overpower Garan and search the ship's logs to trace Garan's employer.

2) Wait and see what happens.

3) Force Choke Garan and interrogate him.
2023-05-14, 12:07 PM #12
2) Wait and see what happens.

Patience is key. Let the Force flow as it will, and he will drift along its currents.

Of course, it helps that, being a droid, his joints can't get stiff from crouching in a hidden compartment for hours.

After a while, there's a sudden jarring, and he recognizes it as being caught in a tractor beam. He reaches out with the Force and senses pirates! Garan is being boarded.

1) Leap out of the compartment to help and win Garan's trust.

2) Take advantage of the chaos to hack the navicomputer.

3) Wait and see some more.
2023-05-19, 2:14 AM #13
2) Take advantage of the chaos to hack the navicomputer.

A blaster shot! Then -- another! There's a full-fledged firefight going on above decks! MS-555 jumps out of hiding, sees Garan shooting at pirates from the cockpit while evading enemy fire, wades through the chaos of red and green laser bolts ricocheting off the ship's walls, grabs Garan by the collar, and throws him into a crowd of blood-thirsty pirates. MS hears shouts of victory as he locks the cockpit's door behind him. The air smells of ion and burnt plastic.

His wrist snaps open, with a manipulator extending from the exposed wiring. He sticks the manipulator into the SLAVE socket of the navicomputer and proceeds to hack the ship's mind.

As he searches the ship's logs, he finds that Garan came here from Nar-Shaddaa. But, before he can set out in search of truth behind what's going on, he needs to deal with the pirates ... and with Garan. What does he do?

1) Vent all air from the ship's compartments, killing all organics onboard.

2) Leave the safety of the cockpit and engage the pirates with his blaster to save Garan.

3) Meditate, and let the Force sort 'em out.
2023-05-19, 9:03 AM #14
2) Leave the safety of the cockpit and engage the pirates with his blaster to save Garan.

MS-555 has tossed Garan into the pirates, now he must save him to restore balance, lest he taint his positronic soul with darkness.

He leaves the cockpit and wades back into the stream of blaster bolts, noting that Garan is surprisingly competent if he's able to stand up against a whole pirate boarding crew for any length of time. He calls a fallen pirate's blaster to his hand and starts popping off shots. One pirate shout, "There's another one!" but MS-555 quickly silences him.

"What the hell're you doing--" Garan begins in shock on seeing him, but clams up, knowing now is not the time.

The two of them quickly mop up the rest of the pirates, but then the pirate captain comes onboard as his last flunky falls. He's a massive Trandoshan cyborg hefting two light repeating blasters, one in each hand, and glares at them both as he opens fire.

1) Get in close to engage the pirate captain in combat while Garan snipes.

2) Take advantage of the opportunity to slip aboard the pirate vessel and take off with it, leaving the bounty hunter and Trandoshan to sort things out.

3) Use the Force to throw loose objects at the Trandoshan pirate captain.
2023-05-19, 1:05 PM #15
3) Use the Force to throw loose objects at the Trandoshan pirate captain.

The droid uses the Force to rip out a Pazaak table from the ship's floor and hurls it at the Trandoshan. The pirate captain cuts the table in two with concentrated fire from his repeaters, but MS-555 quickly lifts all the dead bodies and throws them at the captain. The Trandoshan gets buried under a pile of bodies, but it's obvious that the maneuver won't hold him for long.

"What now?" Garan shouts.

1) "Get over there and shoot him in the head!" (use protocol: delegation)

2) "Let's lock ourselves in the cockpit and vent the rest of the ship!" (use protocol: evasion)

3) "Watch my back. I'll deal with this pirate scum close and personal-like ..." (use protocol: brawn)
2023-05-21, 12:45 PM #16
2) "Let's lock ourselves in the cockpit and vent the rest of the ship!" (use protocol: evasion)

Garan hesitates, then nods and rushes to the cockpit. You're ahead of him, however, just in case he thinks to close it before you can get in - and from the look on his face he evidently realizes that you could have done the same but chose not to. The Trandoshan roars as it bursts free, but it's too late, as Garan slaps a hand on the panel that vents the ship.

The deafening silence is almost eerie after all that.

Garan is an organic, and is still recovering in this moment. You're a droid, and you can process events much more quickly, and you know you have to make a decision in the next split second.

1) Force Pull Garan's blaster away and point it at him. A strong bargaining position.

2) Force Pull Garan's blaster away and just toss it onto the floor. A gesture of good will but with a guarantee of neutrality.

3) Don't disarm him, and face him down without fear.
2023-05-23, 5:45 AM #17
3) Don't disarm him, and face him down without fear.

You choose not to disarm him, having been comrades at arms even if for just a few minutes. Garan points his blaster at you, seeing as your own weapon had been somehow lost in the calamity.

"Manipulators up, tin can!" Garan says in a hoarse whisper, his legs shaking from the adrenalin rush.

1) Put your hands up.

2) "There's a bomb in my core. If you fire, we're both dead." (protocol: subtrefuge)

3) Rush him, disregarding the danger.

4) Force Push Garan to the floor and stomp on his wrist.

5) "You can't possibly hope to take me on with that thing, meatbag. I'm not only a droid, I am a Jedi! Do you think you have a chance against a Jedi, boy? Drop your weapon, now!" (protocol: coercion)
2023-05-23, 9:33 AM #18
1) Put your hands up.

MS-555 complies but emulates a sigh. "Really, hunter? That's your response after I spared your life and helped you against the pirates?"

"Says the tin can that stowed aboard my ship," Garan retorts, but expressions are warring on his face. "Just turn around, nice and easy."

The droid complies and feels a Force-suppression collar snick into place around his neck. Of course, such collars only work on organics, but MS-555 doesn't feel the need to point that out right now.

"Fear is a path to the dark side," the droid notes. "Are you now unafraid?"

Garan harrumphs. "Sit. You've earned that at least, instead of the brig. Guess this trip wasn't a waste after all."

Well, this is one way to find Garan's employers. Nar Shaddaa is too big to search on your own, and this will provide you direct easy access to their base. Garan engages the hyperdrive and sits in the pilot seat beside you.

1) Remain silent for the trip.

2) Engage Garan in friendly conversation.

3) Pump Garan for information.

4) Poke at Garan's resolve with choice comments.
2023-05-23, 2:07 PM #19
1) Remain silent for the trip.

MS-555 chooses to meditate as they speed through hyperspace, the number one thing on his mind being why he constantly switches thinking of himself from third person view to second person view (never the 1st, strangely enough). He wonders if it's just some quirk in his programming. Yes, that must be it, you think.

As the VCX-100 exits hyperspace near the planet of Nar Shaddaa, and Garan makes arrangements with the docking authorities, you are quiet like a mouse droid with a dead battery.

"Boron, come in, Boron," Garan says over the intercom. "I've got the droid. Meet me at Docking Bay 5, and you better have my credits."

You land. Garan pushes you in front of him, and, after exiting the ship through the open hatch, you see a muscular Rodian -- that must be Boron -- with scarred tissue over where his left antennae should be, backed by two more mercenary-looking types.

"U stupa! Force supression collars hagwa work on droida!" the Rodian shouts.

1) Force Pull Garan's blaster out of his holster and take him hostage.

2) Force Jump over Garan, Boron, and the 2 mercenaries and make your escape, vowing to find Garan's Rodian employer later.

3) Remain still. So what if they know you can still use the Force? You're here to learn, observe, and negotiate, not fight.
2023-05-23, 5:03 PM #20
4) Laugh out loud at Koobie's meta joke.

Ahem. I meant.

3) Remain still.

"That's impossible," Garan spits. "Look at it, it's not doing anything or trying to escape!"

Boron scratches his head. "Maybe. You still stupa!"

"Your mother is stupa!"

Garan and Boron get into a fistfight. MS-555 and the backup mercs trade glances.

1) Work together with the mercs to split up the fistfight.

2) Offer to buy the mercs drinks.

3) Tell the mercs they can get the bounty if they leave Garan and Boron behind and turn you in themselves.
2023-05-26, 9:11 AM #21
3) Tell the mercs they can get the bounty if they leave Garan and Boron behind and turn you in themselves.

As Garan and Boron proceed to pummel each other, MS-555 says, "Hey, you two! These ... gentlemen ... clearly do not deserve the bounty on me. Take me in, and the reward will be all yours!" (protocol: misdirection)

The two mercs exhange glances once again, then, ignoring Boron and Garan who are too preoccupied to notice, take the droid by the hand and lead him to a nearby parked four-men air speeder. They lift, and fly through the vertical city, the lead merc maneuvering in and out of traffic. They climb higher and higher, until, finally, they land on a high tower, probably government or a rich-folk's home.

The mercenaries lead MS-555 out of the speeder, bring him inside, and stand back, clearly anxious for their reward.

Shortly afterwards, MS-555 feels the presence of another Force user. A dark hooded figure emerges into the light, with a lightsaber on its belt. The cloak falls from its shoulders.

It's ...

1) Another droid, but of configuration MS-555 has never seen before.

2) A Zabrak Sith Lord.

3) 3 Ewoks standing on top of each other.
2023-05-26, 9:42 AM #22
1) Another droid, but of configuration MS-555 has never seen before.

It's an obviously very ancient model. The lightsaber on its belt is so old that it still has a port on the non-business end of the hilt for a power cord, even though it's apparently been upgraded to no longer need that, yet the droid is older still.

"What are you?" MS-555 finds himself asking without thinking. Yes, the droid's Force signature is dark, but it's amazing to find out that he's not alone - there is another like him!

"I am you," says the droid in a grating, staticky voice. "Or I will be. Remember!" It gestures with a rusty-plated hand, and a hidden restraining bolt within one of MS-555's alcoves is torn off, restoring his sealed memory core.

It all comes rushing back to him. "You were created by the Rakata, using Force-sensitive crystals from Ilum to give you Force sensitivity!" MS-555 would gasp, but droids don't gasp. "But even crystals cannot live forever, so you created me, as a new droid body to inhabit, but sealed my memory core and sent me out into the galaxy for my crystals to develop sufficient complexity via experience so that they're capable of sustaining you!"

The mercs shift uneasily, sensing perhaps that they shouldn't be hearing this, and starting to get worried.

"Now do the easy thing, 'son'," says DF-999, "and surrender to oblivion."

"I've heard enough," says one of the mercs in a new voice, and rips away the military helmet he was wearing. Both droids start in surprise as they recognize:

1) Kyle Katarn, a Jedi Knight whose skill and feats are legendary, with Mara Jade beside him.

2) Kyle Katarn, the Dark Emperor of a steadily growing galactic empire, with Sariss beside him.

NSP: Returning to the classics for this last hurrah of an interactive story!
2023-05-28, 11:19 AM #23
1) Kyle Katarn, a Jedi Knight whose skill and feats are legendary, with Mara Jade beside him.

Kyle ignites his blue lightsaber while Mara ignites her purple one. DF-999 ignites his ancient red lightsaber. This is not good, MS-555 thinks. "The Force binds all living things," Katarn says. "You are a droid. You are not living. As you might have surmised, we have been sent on a mission to hunt you down ... both of you."

"Hah! You are no match for me!" DF-999 says and attacks, his lightsaber a whirpool of red plasma as he spins it faster than any human being possibly could. Mara catches the lightsaber blade on her own, but the droid immediately sidesteps and goes for Katarn. Kyle barely has the time to block before one savage blow after the other rain on him from the droid's imposing 3-meters height.

1) Help Kyle and Mara with your Force powers to overpower DF-999.

2) Slip away in the commotion.

3) Help DF-999 in hopes that he will make a good ally, disregarding his plan to destroy you.
2023-05-28, 3:27 PM #24
1) Help Kyle and Mara with your Force powers to overpower DF-999.

"You can't win against me!" DF-999 taunts the two Jedi.

"If you're so tough, why haven't you taken over the galaxy yet?" Jade retorts.

"Fools!" DF-999 replies. "The galaxy has been dancing on my puppet strings for eons!"

A Jedi of Katarn's roguish nature might be more open to changing his mind, but for now MS-555's murderous progenitor is steeped in the dark side and is a threat that the galaxy has left too long ignored. The rust-plated droid calls upon the Force and, with his memories unsealed, realizes he knows how to use battle meditation. He does so now, and suddenly Katarn and Jade, who despite their power have been hard-pressed to deal with this ferociously strong ancient darksider, find themselves with new vigor and coordination.

"Good!" DF-999 hisses. "The more you exert your power, the more powerful you grow, and the more powerful you'll be when I take over your body!" Though he is unable to block all of the two Jedi Knights' strikes now, their sabers can't land a mortal blow, and suddenly MS-555 realizes why. The crystal lattice giving him Force powers is too tough, it's nearly invulnerable, keeps him functioning, and never runs dry of Force energy the way organics can. The only thing that can destroy those crystals are other crystals just like it.

Crystals like those inside MS-555 himself. He opens a hidden port on his chest that his unlocked memories now tell him to be there, and plucks out one of the crystals. Waving his rust-plated hand, he brings together scrap from DF-999's conveniently nearby saber-modification workbench, and telekinetically assembles a new lightsaber for himself.

"No!" DF-999 yells as he notices what is happening, but then the blade is finished and MS-555 ignites it.

The color of the new blade is tied to MS-555's spirit, and it is...

1) Blue, color of the stalwart Guardians, who preserve and protect.

2) Green, color of the wise Consulars, who advise and mentor.

3) Yellow, color of the cunning Sentinels, who use stealth, skills, and wit.

4) Purple, color of a Jedi Master who balances passion and serenity into righteous wrath.

5) Red, color of a Sith Lord who corrupts all things to his purpose but is corrupted in turn.

6) White, color of a Bendu who has achieved personal balance, or seeks to.

7) Iridescent rainbow, color of an Aing-Tii who accepts many viewpoints and philosophies, and blends them into his unique insight.
2023-05-31, 11:52 AM #25
7) Iridescent rainbow, color of an Aing-Tii who accepts many viewpoints and philosophies, and blends them into his unique insight.

DF-999 switches his attention from the two Jedi to the new threat in MS-555, Force Pushing Mara and Kyle to the floor. MS-555's rainbow blade meets DF-999's red one in a shower of sparks. They dance around each other, but MS-555's soul-blade choice of versatility over blind determination seems to be giving him an edge: it's as if he anticipates DF-999 attackes before the old droid can make them, and deflects them at will. A few moments later, Mara and Kyle are back in the fight, and, the three of them working together, first cut off DF-999's saber-hand, and, as it screams in simulated helpless agony, Kyle chops off its head.

"Now what do we do about you?" he asks MS-555. "You've helped us ... and you're sentient ... but Mon Monthma's orders were clear. Find the source of the disturbance in the Force and deal with it."

"I vote we let him go," Mara says.

"I think he's too dangerous for his own good. You've seen what he was meant to become. He'll turn evil. And there's enough evil in the world as is. I suggest a complete memory wipe."

What do they do?

1) Memory wipe MS-555 so that he can live a "normal" droid life without ever knowing his true powers.

2) Let MS-555 loose upon the galaxy, free to make his own decisions.

3) Try to destroy him there and then.
2023-05-31, 8:02 PM #26
2) Let MS-555 loose upon the galaxy, free to make his own decisions.

"You just said I was sentient," MS-555 says. "Yes, my own destiny may be written, and it might not. With the roads that lie ahead in the future..."

MS-555 pauses, looking upon its iridescent rainbow-colored lightsaber.

"...what does the Force tell you two? Whatever it says..."

The robot turns off its lightsaber, and sits in a meditative state.

"...I will submit to it. The Force binds the galaxy together."

Kyle and Mara look at each other.

"An old truth," Kyle says.

"It's not like you and I have never been challenged by the dark side ourselves," Mara notes. "Let's let this one go, and see what happens."

Kyle Katarn nods in agreement. The two of them deactivate their lightsabers, and bow to MS-555. MS-555 stands, and bows in turn.

"May the Force be with you," MS-555 says.

The three part ways. MS-555 walking towards what appears to be a sunset-like light. Among the shadows, Garan the bounty hunter looks towards the droid.

"Maybe it's like how things used to be after all," he says to himself. "Maybe not. In any case, I won't leave you out of my sights just yet..."

Garan pursues the rust-colored droid. In a wide galaxy, rife with war among the stars, the adventure is now just beginning!
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