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ForumsShowcase → The new DLFT.MAT !!!!
The new DLFT.MAT !!!!
2008-07-02, 9:28 PM #1
Anyways, this is the GR-45 transport model that Alco requested with some ahem...VERY VERY VERY temporary textures to give the feel of what it will look like in the end, so here it is. And I will prob also make the bottom of it the grey color of the cargopods.

Stats: 2892 triangles, 7-8 hours (me no good at smooth stuff plus talking to g/f at same time :P) 6-8 meshes when converted to JK format

Damm its been awhile since I've said this...still my copyrighted phrase, no stealing :ninja:
Whatcha think?

Attachment: 19660/GR75.jpg (34,165 bytes)
Attachment: 19661/GR75_2.jpg (41,086 bytes)
Attachment: 19662/GR75_3.jpg (33,415 bytes)
Attachment: 19663/GR75_4.jpg (27,481 bytes)
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2008-07-03, 7:24 AM #2
I would have imagined the new DFLT.MAT would be more purple and green.

The bottom looks like a lego ship, tee hee!

2008-07-03, 7:47 AM #3
not bad ol bean
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2008-07-03, 9:33 AM #4
Needs new textures.

2008-07-03, 10:03 PM #5
Sweet! The only major difference I can see between that model and the GR-45, is that the GR-45 only has the one center protrusion that comes out of the top rear of the ship (versus the seven protrusions that the GR-75 has). Overall a really great start.
2008-07-05, 8:24 AM #6
what's with the textures mang
gbk is 50 probably

2008-07-05, 12:31 PM #7
Alco, from my searching, the middle section is connected, and how I modeled it, but I will remove the other....pylons (I guess is what you call them, ie the extention thingys :hist101: ) and some ohter minor changes.
Major projects working on:
SATNRT, JK Pistol Mod, Aliens TC, Firearms

Judgement Day (HLP), My level pack
2008-07-05, 9:56 PM #8
I'd keep a copy of this version too as a GR-75 model. Maybe I'll do Hoth next. :D
2008-07-07, 12:48 PM #9
I was expecting something more like this: []

Anyhow, it seems a little bit flat on the bottom. Also, the nose looks like it narrows a bit more than in other pictures I've seem, while the tail seems a bit more squared than in pictures I've seen. The tail ridges look nice.
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