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ForumsShowcase → He one MEAN pillsbury doughfo
He one MEAN pillsbury doughfo
2008-08-14, 9:16 PM #1

stare into his eyes and feel your heart turn to dough

too cheap to buy posters for the apartment
Lord Tiberius Grismath
1473 for '1337' posts.
2008-08-14, 9:21 PM #2
Sweet! New character design for LoG3 !
2008-08-15, 1:50 AM #3
Nice. You could add a lot more depth to the character with more contrasty shading.
Dreams of a dreamer from afar to a fardreamer.
2008-08-15, 2:59 AM #4
I love it. :awesome:
Naked Feet are Happy Feet
2008-08-15, 6:17 AM #5
That is so eerie o_o
[01:52] <~Nikumubeki> Because it's MBEGGAR BEGS LIKE A BEGONI.
2008-08-15, 7:54 AM #6
There's something about those eyes...

(Nice art)
2008-08-15, 2:35 PM #7
Major projects working on:
SATNRT, JK Pistol Mod, Aliens TC, Firearms

Judgement Day (HLP), My level pack
2008-08-15, 2:41 PM #8
its evil! kill it!
if(getThingFlags(source) & 0x8){
  do her}
elseif(getThingFlags(source) & 0x4){
  do other babe}
  do a dude}

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