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ForumsShowcase → Just hear those sleighbells ....
Just hear those sleighbells ....
2009-01-03, 5:32 AM #1
Winter break's over. Time to get busy again and blow out new models.


This legendary destroyer is said to be the personal flagship of Mryna Qhalic, the Emperor's hand of the Seven Suns. It is a unique ship that was discovered in the dark mists of the Bermuda passage during the Rebellion of Vince Trageton. Later the ship was offered as a gift to Mryna along with a position as supreme chief of ESS intelligence and special operations - the Empress' Hand.

The events that had taken place in the Bermuda Passage and that had led to Mryna's extraordinary promotion, have never been resolved, as has pretty much every bit of information regarding the Hand's ghostly ship. Although information provided by alleged eye whitnesses greatly differ, some bits of information seem to match those of a darkly, spear-shaped ship, maybe half a mile in length. One thing though, which unites all statements is word of its devastating firepower. Rumor has it that, along with this ship of shadows there might be a counterpart, a ship of brilliant light.

Despite its rather mid-size appearance with about 830 meters of length, the Erebus is a powerful battleship easily capable of battling ships of greater size than its own. Its multitude of 30 broadside batteries along with 7 heavy 360° quad turrets and, of course, the powerful Trinity Cannon, a tri-barreled mass driver cannon, deliver a devastating amount of damage, while its numerous anti-fighter emplacements along with powerful shields and armor platings provide excellent protection from counter attacks even without additional fighter support.

The Seraphim basically came up on one of those 'Hey, let's start building something and see what comes out'-days which I have occasionally. To be honest, I'm pretty happy with this design.

Like always you can download this baby at your local X-Wing HQ.

Now for some more eyecandy XD

ESS Supreme Commander Vince Trageton
Vince T's X-Wing HQ
The Blue Phantom Project
2009-01-03, 5:37 AM #2

(Though it looks more like an interplanetary cruise ship to me)
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2009-01-03, 7:48 AM #3
Looks like a big Halo machine gun.

2009-01-04, 4:04 AM #4
Awesome :)
(I bet the enemy is worried...)
2009-01-05, 11:23 PM #5
That last shot is great, man.

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