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Techno I've been working on
2009-06-01, 6:54 PM #1
Myspace link

None of these songs are complete in any way, and so any feedback will be regarded when editing these songs later
2009-06-01, 8:58 PM #2

[Edit: MySpace fails at convenience]

2009-06-05, 5:21 PM #3
2009-06-05, 5:54 PM #4
They all sound like rejected Sega themes. Sorry, it's a bit bland.
Think while it's still legal.
2009-06-05, 6:09 PM #5
I listened to all three. I thought "Gyroscopes Atop Mountains" was the weakest, it just kinda went by...House was rather catchy, although it could use some more variation (I understand it's not finished though), it was my favorite one anyway. Liscensed (is the mispelling intentional?) Physicians had its moments, it also had the most variation.

I like hearing people's original material, I'd like to hear the finished versions once they're ready.
Looks like we're not going down after all, so nevermind.
2009-06-05, 6:27 PM #6
I think you need to think about the overall form of the tunes. There are a lot of neat sounds available but you need to set up nice contrasting sections, which is what is going to be interesting to the listener.

I think the first song is decent. It's got a better length than the others which keeps it from getting boring. The other two don't really work for me - they're just the same thing over and over, and the third one has too much noise going on at once.

One thing you could do is change up the drum grooves once in a while (this would help you create a different section).

You could also stand to have a better nickname than DJ Electrobard.
2009-06-05, 8:53 PM #7
greatly appreciated.

I assumed as much as all of you stated, school just ended for me so this summer I'll be working more on my music.

and yes, i do need a new band page =/
2009-06-07, 5:25 AM #8
  • "House" <-- This one is by far the best. It reminds me of the 80s (think Phil Collins).
  • "Gyroscopes Atop Mountains" <-- I don't like the garbage can lid effect. The bass is tune is decent. Speaking of gyroscopes, this song reminds me of the NES game "Gyromite".
  • "Licensed Physicians" <-- I like the tune in this one but the Xylophone-sounding effect isn't good.
? :)
2009-06-07, 4:44 PM #9
Try to avoid using stock sounds.
2009-06-08, 12:29 PM #10
I did some work on House because it seemed the most popular
2009-06-08, 12:47 PM #11
What software are you using?
2009-06-08, 1:26 PM #12
I'm currently using Fruity Loops 8 as the DAW. The only plugin I use so far is Nexus 1.4. I am interested in finding out more about different plugins if you know any.
2009-06-10, 10:23 AM #13
You should write an ending.

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