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2009-07-11, 6:19 PM #1

Boom :neckbeard:

Because of the angle of the shot, the smoke seems to be quite short, sadly. I'm working on it now, improving it where I can, etc. It'll be so wicked when I'm done :D

(Ignore smoke problems near the end. Draw order wasn't set right).
2009-07-11, 9:12 PM #2
Uhhh this is really really awesome?
2009-07-11, 10:50 PM #3
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2009-07-11, 11:00 PM #4
Might be good to mention that the sounds are all from Jedi Knight. ;)
2009-07-11, 11:37 PM #5
I immediately noticed boom09 or whatever that sound was. It was great except for that sound, which was far too short. Should be slow, drawn out. Sound sound like a hurricane in your face.
Bassoon, n. A brazen instrument into which a fool blows out his brains.
2009-07-12, 5:48 AM #6
Very nice!
2009-07-12, 6:19 AM #7
Pretty cool!

Skips a little at 0:25
2009-07-12, 6:54 AM #8
That's exactly what happened to me in the toilet last night after about 12 Budweisers & 6 slices of pizza. Go Brock Lesnar & George St. Pierre!
? :)
2009-07-12, 4:20 PM #9
The smoke looks like it's being viewed from above, though your camera angle is not.

You know this already though. Looks cool ish.
Sneaky sneaks. I'm actually a werewolf. Woof.

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