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ForumsShowcase → The Fumples Song
The Fumples Song
2010-08-27, 7:16 PM #1

2010-08-27, 7:33 PM #2
I eat my sandwich plane
It was a cheeseburger till I took off everythang
2010-08-31, 10:40 PM #3
A best track

Fumples seems like a fellow of strong repute
2010-09-06, 10:03 AM #4
I've listened to this a lot I don't really know why. Why doesn't the masses like this more?
2010-09-06, 1:24 PM #5
the massassi
2010-09-06, 6:16 PM #6
Is this based on a true story?
2010-09-06, 7:43 PM #7
It's a docu-drama.
2010-09-09, 12:40 PM #8
It's a trauma-dy :/

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