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ForumsShowcase → Looking for 3d modellers for a video project
Looking for 3d modellers for a video project
2010-11-15, 6:48 PM #1
A friend of mine runs a comedy/spoof youtube channel [url][/url]. We were talking the other day and had an idea for a potential video involving terminator dinosaurs (Inspiration: 4chan's response to Activision: NSFW language. Also, it's 4chan durrr).

As you can see on the channel, the stuff is pretty high production quality and this wouldn't be one of those projects where you do all the work and then it never happens (See: Every TC ever).

If anyone is interested, we'd need dinosaur models/textures/animation. It'd be a short video, and for your sake it would probably be mostly short shots of the dinosaurs with only one or two longer shots.

Interested? Post.
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