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The Silent Cartographer
2010-12-20, 4:45 AM #1
So I'm makin' this map for D&D. Well, more for RPGs in general, really, since it's more useful for ranged combat than melee. And even then, this is intended for programs like Maptools, since it would be kinda hard to print out and play on at 1-inch scale. And also, if the design looks familiar to you for any reason, I'm sure that's just your overactive imagination and possibly you're just jealous of my obviously awesome social life.

Anyways, this is just a preview. The real deal will be bigger, of course, (2520 x 2680 and my immediate goals are to add some dirty patches to the sand, make a tile texture for the gray bits, and possibly to make a new, more stucco texture for the buildings. They feel like they should be redder. The black lines are guides drawn on a spare layer, I'm gonna put down some crates and piles of debris there. Also, I dread having to make that brown thing at the top into a rock wall...

-Anyways, thoughts?
Attachment: 24556/Dusty-Courtyard-WiP.jpg (127,312 bytes)
2010-12-20, 1:13 PM #2
This is not the Silent Cartographer. It's not as generic enough to be a Halo map, lolhalosux.

Do you have a campaign planned yet? Or just a map?

Just kidding guys, I like Halo
I had a blog. It sucked.
2010-12-20, 3:43 PM #3
I just thought the name was proper for a thread about map making.

Actually, no, there's no planned campaign for this. In ages past I ran a 4e game where the players were trying to ascend a tower, and each level was an homage to something. The basement was the haunted house from Pac Man, the first floor was the lobby from The Matrix, etc. See attached.

This was going to be out front, and they were going to have to retrieve some doohickey from bomb site B to continue up the tower. To this end I made a map, but it was ugly because I intentionally made it not look like dust2. Terrible. So, I'm remaking it true to the source material, mostly for fun and practice. Well, as true as you can get when you can't have overpasses.

- And I was planning on having a portion of the tower roof be a disguised version of Blood Gulch, actually.
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2010-12-21, 8:48 AM #4
fluor plans yum yum yum

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