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hey, so....
2012-02-17, 8:20 AM #1
it's me! Remember how I never finished anything I started?

I do now. It's not star wars related, but neither is this forum anymore, so yall can handle the shock, I'm sure.

If anyone played the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, then you should download this. I began editing that game, and actually have released two things for it by now, both very well received from the community. To download this, you will need the Amnesia game and the free DLC package that was released last year, called Justine.

Pictures first, then download link.
2012-02-17, 11:23 AM #2
holy shnikeys!!! that looks awesome!
Welcome to the douchebag club. We'd give you some cookies, but some douche ate all of them. -Rob
2012-04-30, 4:00 PM #3
**** D:
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