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ForumsShowcase → Recreation of Morpheus for Halo 4
Recreation of Morpheus for Halo 4
2012-12-13, 7:29 AM #1
Hi... I'm submitting this here only because I couldn't log into the news submission thingy on the main website for (mods please repost as a news item)

please excuse if this is not an acceptable place... I just wanted some fans of the original to know that they can now play this awesome map in a more current game (that is not to say old games suck ;) )

I'm very impressed that there are still some of you working on JK, JO, and JA maps etc. Always stay true to JK!!!

Link to map description on

JK_Addict, creator of the popular JK MP level "Stargate" has recreated another even more popular level originally created by "Bug" for JK, named MORPHEUS. Only this time, it's made for Halo 4. If any of you faithful JK "addicts" want to enjoy an old favorite with new modern graphics, don't miss out on downloading Morpheus from Gamertag = "ExTerrestr1al".

Faithfully recreated to the best ability of the Halo Forge, with minimal changes over the original, including some player trait changes that help to more closely emulate the type of gameplay we used to enjoy on Morpheus for JK!

Grab a sword, and squint really hard, and it looks like a lightsaber!
2012-12-13, 8:26 AM #2
Very good remake!
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