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ForumsShowcase → Saber swings with the mouse
Saber swings with the mouse
2015-07-31, 2:39 AM #1
Who all still visits around these parts? :)

Here's a vid showing off my work with Live by the Force so far. Selecting nuetral saber stances and block stances with the mouse, pressing Fire to switch between neutral and block. I'll admit to making the shoddy keyframes. :P

-Hell Raiser
2015-07-31, 5:37 AM #2
I must admit, I haven't the fairest idea how you pulled that off.
It's fantastic.
And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite.
2015-07-31, 7:31 AM #3
2015-07-31, 8:39 AM #4
Hell_Raiser, one of the COGODs has returned with more smexy stuff.

Loving it. I take it you're using my (well, Xzero's) JK13 patch?
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2015-07-31, 3:05 PM #5
Thanks guys. I'm using SaberMasters keytrap cog, sprites, and fancy shmancy vector maths. :) And of course the latest patch. ;)
-Hell Raiser
2015-08-04, 2:46 AM #6
Here's a vid showing off two swings

If you'd like to follow progress on Live by the Force, here's the JKHub Project link. I make an update just about every day or so. It may be notes, ideas, or even some vids, but updates none the less. :)
-Hell Raiser
2015-08-04, 11:53 AM #7
Hey HR! Love to see that you're still tinkering with JK.

This is really impressive, and looks awesome. What is your ultimate goal for the project?
Author of the JK levels:
Sand Trap & Sand Trap (Night)

2015-08-04, 5:36 PM #8
My ultimate goal is to have saber combat performed in a different way performed by moving the mouse, with swings lining up with blocks, so that saber fights are more movie like and semi choreographed. :)

More about the system can be read here, its way too much for me to type out on me phone. :)
-Hell Raiser
2015-08-11, 11:58 PM #9
Here's another vid for your Massassian viewing pleasure. All but one swing has been keyframed, and you can really see the combat system start to take shape. :D

-Hell Raiser
2015-08-12, 2:40 PM #10
Never thought I'd ever see anything like this.
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2015-08-16, 1:27 AM #11
Another vid, showing off all the completed animations. :)

All 6 attack, block and idle animations are now complete. I still have 6 swings being blocked to animate, but because of the way I animated the swings, all I have to do is stop the animation halfway. I'm so smert!

-Hell Raiser
2015-08-16, 1:36 AM #12
Trés glorioso.

But will Krugon finally be able to escape the .PUPmaster's Corner? Stay tuned.
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2015-08-16, 3:30 AM #13
Originally posted by FastGamerr:
Trés glorioso.

But will Krugon finally be able to escape the .PUPmaster's Corner? Stay tuned.

Sadly he won't, the ParseArg()ing of .pup files means I'll have to make running animations to coincide with all the different animations I've already done, and I'm just not going to do that.

I'm off to code the more fun stuff, like the sparring bot. :eng101:
-Hell Raiser
2015-08-16, 8:23 AM #14
Like I said, I was off to code the more fun stuff like the sparring bot. :D

-Hell Raiser
2015-08-18, 12:32 AM #15
I've got the sparring bot to block attacks based on which one you're using.

The sabers are clipping and misbehaving so badly, I'm going with pure 3do sabers.

-Hell Raiser
2015-08-18, 1:06 AM #16
Oh yes.

Man, if only someone could fix those tips somehow. :|
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2015-08-19, 11:38 AM #17
Wow! Awesome!
Lord Tiberius Grismath
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2015-08-20, 10:02 PM #18
Oh HR, if you need original JK.exe for JK13, just use this
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2015-08-20, 10:35 PM #19
I'm covered, but Gris here needs it. :D

I actually still have my original install of JK, transfered from HDD to HDD over the years, lol.
-Hell Raiser

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