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Unrealomega's 2020 Code Project
2020-05-01, 4:34 PM #1
Hey All,

As I've been finally released from my internet prison, I've been wanting to post my process on a little project I've been fiddling with over the last month.

(Working on getting the translations down)

Been porting JKDF2 resources to a new engine. Been wanting to do such a thing for years, came across Godot recently, so had a reason to do it to warm up to a new engine.

I've currently got most of the resources parsed in (save for Cogs and 16-bit MATs).
2020-05-02, 11:40 PM #2
Wish you luck!
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2020-12-30, 5:30 PM #3
Sorry for the long time between updates, been busy with other things in life but started picking this up in the last two months during my off-time.

As of now, I've gotten most of the data types parsed in. I need to look at getting Cogs parsed, which will be pretty time consuming. I think once I've overcome that hurdle then the only other obstacle will be applying functionality to cog functions as well as trying to emulate the old engine as accurately as possible.

Definitely not going to be an overnight kind of thing, but it's a fun little passion project that'll help give some insights into more complex game design.

[No pictures this time, haven't had time to fiddle with 3DO rendering to figure out why things are still janked.]

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