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ForumsShowcase → Made a JK texture a bit better then it was.
Made a JK texture a bit better then it was.
2020-06-17, 2:57 PM #1
I know Probably know one here will remember me haha, but i figured i come back to my old Massassi home! and post something i made a litle while ago that i know you will like.

HD Remix 2048x2048 with Quixel Mixer, and and lots tweaking and layers lol

Dbug454 Of tHE JK.....
2020-06-17, 3:58 PM #2
Nice. Perhaps you could get it into the game with
Sorry for the lousy German
2020-06-25, 8:46 PM #3
That's fantastic work, Dbug!
Author of the JK levels:
Sand Trap & Sand Trap (Night)

2020-06-25, 10:17 PM #4
I wish I had that as a patio table. Imagine having a BBQ and putting a burger in each hand.
My blawgh.
2020-06-28, 2:41 PM #5
Thanks, guys!! hey Phantom-Seraph if you 3d printing a concrete mold that could be a table ahhh that would be the life grilling some BBQ lol
Dbug454 Of tHE JK.....
2021-02-25, 11:06 PM #6
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