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The JKGR Thread (/changelog)
2021-08-03, 8:39 AM #41
2021-06-01 <a>
* Implemented drafting.

2021-06-05 <a>
* Tweaked car handling slightly, sideways turning should be more accurate.

2021-06-06 <a>
* Added new car: Opel Tigra (91 in total).
* Tweaked properties for some car models.
* Updated car models: Renault Clio, Peugeot 206, Volkswagen Golf, Aston Martin DB6, Ford GT90.
* Fixed an issue that caused all cars to spawn as Porsche 996 if starting a game at exactly 0 seconds of system time.

2021-06-07 <a>
* Added new car: Audi A4 (92 in total).
* Fixed minor issues with models: Volkswagen Golf, Aston Martin DB6.

2021-06-08 <a>
* Changed Pagani Zonda Cinque engine sound for a more accurate one sampled from NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered.
* Changed incorrect V10 Ferrari F50 engine sound for a more accurate V12 sound.

2021-06-10 <a>
* Added new car: Suzuki CERVO MODE '90 (93 in total).
* Tweaked properties for some car models.

2021-06-12 <a>
* Tweaked car rarities.
* Rescaled/tweaked decor car models.

2021-06-20 <a>
* Fixed crashing caused by one specific NPC model.

2021-06-30 <a>
* Updated VW Lupo model.
2021-08-03, 8:39 AM #42
2021-07-02 <a>
* Fixed Bugatti Veyron exhaust position.
* Fixed skill interface/modify skill bar functionality.
* Fixed weather in Dreamland level.

2021-07-07 <a>
* Tweaked various car data.
* Added new car: Toyota Yaris '99 (94 in total).
* Updated Opel Tigra and Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) models, added extras colors.

2021-07-08 <a>
* Fixed minor issues with Nissan March textures.

2021-07-13 <a>
* Tweaked car physics, reduced understeering.
* Changed performance for Mitsubishi Lancer and Subaru Impreza WRC cars, tweaked stats for various others.
* Fixed minor texture issue with Opel Tigra model.
* Changed soundtrack.

2021-07-16 <a>
* Expanded maximum car model limit.
* Added new cars: Toyota Celica, Suzuki Pikes Peak Escudo, Nissan SKYLINE 2000GT-R '71 (97 in total).
* Updated textures and materials for various cars.
* Tweaked some visual effects.

2021-07-17 <a>
* Updated textures and materials for various cars.
* Worked on experimental improved driver AI.

2021-07-18 <a>
* Worked on experimental improved driver AI.
* Added new cars: Daihatsu MOVE CX, Daihatsu Mira TR-XX (99 in total).

2021-07-19 <a>
* Added new car: Porsche Carrera GT (Model WIP) (100 in total).

2021-07-27 <a>
* Worked on Porsche Carrera GT model.
2021-08-03, 8:39 AM #43
2021-08-03 <a>
* Tweaked Porsche 991 (996) Carrera 4S model, replaced engine sound.
* Added new car: Porsche 911 (996) Turbo S (101 in total).
* Fixed animation for when switching to in-car camera while turning.

2021-08-09 <a>
* Player will no longer obtain a gun when starting a new level/episode.

2021-08-12 <a>
* Added new car: Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 '69, Nissan Pulsar VZ-R '97 (103 in total).
* Tweaked car jumping physics, made smoother and fixed some issues.
* Tweaked some car performance settings.
* Fixed reading of car default values.
* Cars may now be replaced in-game.
* Made a level for testing different car models.
* Changed car physics. Cars will now handle differently based on whether they are F/R/4 wheel drive.
* Implemented retractable spoilers for some car models.

2021-08-13 <a>
* Tweaked car physics.
* Tweaked some car data.

2021-08-14 <a>
* Tweaked daytime lighting.
* Updated McLaren F1 model.
* Tweaked FWD/4WD handling.
* Fixed a minor issue with jumps and steering.
* Tweaked Porsche 911 (996) Carrera 4S and Turbo S models.
* Updated McLaren F1 LM model, split into different car (104 in total).

2021-08-15 <a>
* Implemented supercharger sounds.
* Improved turbocharger functionality, implemented turbo lag. Will now affect car acceleration curve.
* Updated Jaguar XKR and Aston Martin DB7 models, added extra colors.
* Added new car: Dodge Viper RT/10 (105 in total).

2021-08-16 <a>
* Tweaked turbo effectiveness.
* Added new car: Audi TT Quattro (106 in total).
* Fixed an issue with Lister Storm model.
* Updated Mazda RX-7 model, added extra color.

2021-08-17 <a>
* Added new car: Lancia Stratos '73 (107 in total).

2021-08-18 <a>
* Updated traffic car physics.
* Fixed AI car turbo behavior.
* Updated RUF RCT model, added extra colors.
* Evolving to Rank 1 will now require a Crystal of Darkness, obtained from completing the Trials.

2021-08-19 <a>
* [Experimental] Tweaked car physics, RWD cars should now be easier to drift and harder to spin.
* Parked cars will now use the same models as drivable cars, may spawn/despawn after some time.
* Tweaked McLaren F1 textures.
* Worked on city level.
2021-08-03, 9:14 AM #44
I think you should make a ModDB page for this mod now that is down
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2022-02-18, 12:45 PM #45
Originally posted by Nikumubeki:
I think you should make a ModDB page for this mod now that is down

2022-02-18, 12:45 PM #46
2021-09-04 <a>
* Improved rear tire grip for McLaren F1 standard and LM models.
* Tweaked city light effects, fixed airplane lights.

2021-09-13 <a>
* [Experimental] Traffic cars and airplanes will now have sprite effects for light flares.
2022-02-18, 12:46 PM #47
2021-10-06 <a>
* Changed soundtrack.
* Reduced excessive damage dealt by Magic Blow and Magic Swipe (Warlock) skills.

2021-10-08 <a>
* Tweaked traffic car code, attempted to optimize performance.
* Fixed issue with hunted monster XP distribution.
* Fixed incorrect requirements for evolving to Rank 1 (previously required 10 Crystal of Darkness, should be 1).

2021-10-10 <a>
* Slightly nerfed turbo boost (from 0.25 to 0.2).
* Fixed an issue with AI cars.
* Improved bot Skill use AI, fixed issue which caused them to often treat other bots/players as regular monsters.
* Fixed issue with stat calculation if something caused them to go below 0 (most notably through Arrest skill).

2021-10-11 <a>
* Fixed Fiat Punto POV offset.
* Fixed buff/debuff transfers.
* Decreased base success rate for the following skills:
- Sever Magic: 80% -> 70%
- Steal Blessings: 110% -> 80%
- Transfer Curse: 110% -> 100%
* Reduced base DoT for the following effects:
- Curse of Death: 22 -> 20

2021-10-12 <a>
* Fixed minor issues with Olympiad Games queueing. Player's position in queue will now be announced.
* Tweaked Olympiad Games matching and scoring.
* Boosted duration of various negative status effects.
* Tweaked some UI strings.

2021-10-13 <a>
* Decreased rate of car durability burnup.
* Decreased impact of ramps on car performance.
* Adjusted health and damage levels for some monsters.
* Fixed monster stats in Tower of Seal level.
* Updated monster nametags in Trials level.

2021-10-16 <a>
* Tracker Shot skill will now only remove one buff from affected target (previously was 3), reduced base probabilty from 80% to 70%.

2021-10-18 <a>
* Tweaked duration and cooldown for various buff skills.
* Fixed monster base attack power.
* Tweaked Body Smash skill. Fixed timing issues, drop will now happen much more suddenly.
* Reduced base physical strength for Wizard classes from 0.7 to 0.6.

2021-10-20 <a>
* Replaced Porsche 911 sounds.
* Implemented car weight transfer and lift under/oversteer.
* Car stiffness will now affect car performance by limiting weight transfer.
* Limited exaggerated visible car weight transfer.
* Fixed minor issues with Body Smash skill.
* Fixed Tower of Seal monster respawn times.
* Implemented knockdown rolls and knockback modifiers.
* Damage parries will now act as rolls. If an attack is parried, all its associated effects (debuffs, knockdown/knockback) will also be blocked.
* Debuffs may now throw also throw a parry roll. If parried, a debuff will be blocked regardless of any other roll.
* Certain attacks may now be made non-parriable.
* Parries will now only be attempted once per skill.
* Fixed minor issues with Sweep Attack and Power Smash skills.
* [Experimental] Decreased monster attack power by 40%, HP level by 36%. Increased defenses by 58%.
* Tweaked AI skill usage.

2021-10-21 <a>
* Increased base damage for Spirit Cannon skill from 99 to 120, added Spirit Crusher effect to affected targets. Increased cooldown from 16 to 30 seconds, casting time from 1.4 to 1.5 seconds.
* Reimplemented direct attacks to HP/MP/STA.
* "Spirit Crusher" effect renamed to "Shattered Spirit". Now has the extra effect of periodic MP/STA burnup.
* Fixed Bending/Uncontrollable Bending skill effects.
* DoT effects can no longer kill.
* Starfall skill can no longer be interrupted after triggered.
* Optimized skill interruption.
* Implemented weight transfer and lift under/oversteer for AI cars.

2021-10-22 <a>
* Fixed Ford GT90 brake lights.
* Tweaked McLaren F1 textures.
* Updated Plymouth GTX model, added extra color.
* Tweaked car physics. Reduced impact of car stiffness in weight transfer.
* Reduced car camera swaying by 67% for a more sim-like approach.
* Fixed bot actions after knockdown.

2021-10-25 <a>
* Recalculated car ratings.
* Tweaked performance for some cars.
* Stamina will no longer be consumed if attempting to sprint while driving.
* Changed some car engine sounds.

2021-10-26 <a>
* Tweaked car physics.
* Pressing Sprint hotkey while driving will now toggle cruise mode.
* Added extra color for Mazda RX-7.

2021-10-27 <a>
* Tweaked stats for some equipment. Armor types may now give off extra modifiers.
* Damage dealt through damage mirror can no longer kill, tweaked DoT damage calculation.
* Tweaked Grand Olympiad matching. PvP flags will now be set automatically for combatants and will be removed upon exiting the arena.
* Fixed player actions after knockdown plus some other minor issues regarding player/bot knockdown.
* Removed unecessary variables in car code, replaced with direct static.jkl references.
* Tweaked car dashboard, will now light up at night.
* Fixed Force Push and Force Pull skills.
* Fixed Lightsaber blocking.
* Changed some car engine sounds.
* Updated some materials.
* Boosted defenses for all classes by around 10%.
* Decreased base damage (per explosion) for Starfall skill from 22 to 20.
* Increased base cooldown time for the following skills:
- Afterimage: 4s -> 6s
- Arrest: 2.5s -> 3s
- Backstab: 4s -> 7s
- Death Mark: 4s -> 7s
- Death Mark Consumption: 4s -> 5s
- Ferocity: 18s -> 20s
- Low Kick: 4s -> 6s
- Venomous Sting: 4s -> 6s

2021-10-28 <a>
* Tweaked some car engine sounds.
* Implemented VTEC engines.
* Added new car: Porsche 959 (model WIP) (108 in total).
2022-02-18, 12:46 PM #48
2021-11-02 <a>
* Added new car: Mazda MX-5 Miata (NA) (109 in total).
* Updated Acura NSX model, added an extra color.

2021-11-04 <a>
* Fixed AI car reverse acceleration.
* Fixed an issue with Olympiad Games queueing. Matches should now always start and end as expected.
* Updated some materials.

2021-11-05 <a>
* Added new cars: Nissan SKYLINE GT-R V-spec (R33), Porsche 911 GT1-98 (model WIP) (111 in total).
* Changed appearance of Hero of Argenia armor for Rogue characters.
* Skidmarks will now have semi-adaptive creation rate.
* Updated some materials.

2021-11-06 <a>
* Worked on Porsche 911 GT1 model.
* Tweaked skidmark generation.
* Nitrous regeneration speed is now inversely proportional to engine RPM.
* Reworked car-to-object collisions. Impact force distribution is now much more accurate.

2021-11-07 <a>
* Completely rewrote car-to-car collisions. Detection is now much more accurate, will be handled by an external cog.

2021-11-08 <a>
* Changed car impact sounds.
* Changed car-to-world damage calculation. Damage is now based on difference between speed before and after impact. Player will no longer die from crashes but will still take damage.
* Worked on car-to-object collisions. Crashing into other cars will now also reduce car durability.
* Car will now total due to blown engine. Driver will no longer be kicked out of a totaled car.
* Implemented doppler effect for AI car sounds.
* AI drivers will now shift correctly into reverse.
* Tweaked driver AI. Will now attempt to drive around other cars, take turns more carefully.
* AI cars may now also be totaled.

2021-11-09 <a>
* Traffic cars may now also be totaled.
* Changed car-to-car collision detection, it's now faster and more accurate in most cases. Will now attempt to predict impacts so as to avoid cars phasing into each other.
* Fixed issues with car-to-car collisions. Cars will no longer glitch nor stick to others when colliding.
* Tweaked some car engine functionalities. It is now possible to shift back into Neutral if stopped.

2021-11-10 <a>
* Car durability will now regenerate when not revving.
* Increased frame count for HUD nitrous and damage bars.
* Car physics code will now respect StopThing() and TeleportThing() commands.
* Changed racing text strings. Player will now get rewards from their standing after each lap.
* Simplified and improved car rotational reaction to car-to-car collisions.
* Eliminated car phasing during collisions.

2021-11-11 <a>
* Changed/replaced some obsolete car related variables.
* Reworked car interior visuals. Changed textures, can now appear in different colors as defined by car model.
* Car dealership will now accept trade-in with the current car.

2021-11-12 <a>
* Worked on car interior visuals. Added car manufacturer logos to steering wheel.

2021-11-13 <a>
* Worked on car interior visuals. Fixed windscreen wipers.
* Remade car dashboard texture, added color variations.
* Car dealership will now display trade-in values.
* Set predefined interior colors for some cars.

2021-11-15 <a>
* Changed car interior scaling code and variables.
* Wrote code for better adjusting car POV positioning and size.
* Adjusted POV offsets and scale for various cars.

2021-11-16 <a>
* Adjusted POV offsets and scale for various cars.
* Added new cars: Lamborghini Murciélago (model WIP), BMW 840Ci (113 in total).

2021-11-17 <a>
* Adjusted POV offsets and scale for various cars.
* Fixed issue with car collision force distribution.
* AI drivers will now avoid hitting rev limiter.
* Fixed supercharger whine for AI cars.

2021-11-18 <a>
* Worked on car interiors, added more steering wheel models.
* Added new car: Jaguar XJR (114 in total).
* Worked on Lamborghini Murciélago model.

2021-11-20 <a>
* Tweaked non-injected light flare textures in attempt to reduce clipping.
* [Experimental] Reduced sprite tree models to a single triangle.
* Worked on Lamborghini Murciélago model.

2021-11-21 <a>
* Radically altered appearance of trees. Will no longer appear as a sprite when close enough to player.
* Tweaked automatic grass/terrain decor generation, will now avoid creating decor inside other objects.

2021-11-22 <a>
* Updated Porsche 911 (996) models.
* [Experimental] Added more steps to day/night cycle. Still not smooth enough.
* A simplified sun flare will now be shown if Compatibility Fixes are enabled.
* Crosshair will no longer be displayed in internal view if player has a melee or no weapon equipped.
* Tweaked some player models.

2021-11-23 <a>
* Car view angle can now be changed by pressing Select 1-3 keys while Camera Control key is pressed.
* Changed skybox and day/night cycle systems, now smooth enough. Still missing clouds and fog.
* Passengers will now be visible in car interior view.
* Changed headlight colors for some car models.

2021-11-24 <a>
* Fixed minor skipping in sky animation.
* Changed streetlight model to properly turn unlit when off.
* Traffic cars will now generate in appropriate positions upon startup.
* Objects that are too far away will now be disabled to save performance.
* Changed soundtrack.

2021-11-25 <a>
* Experimented with clouds implementation.

2021-11-27 <a>
* Worked on Porsche Carrera GT model.

2021-11-28 <a>
* Added new car: Mercedes-Benz A160 (115 in total).
2022-02-18, 12:47 PM #49
2021-12-03 <a>
* Fixed incorrect player puppets for female characters upon respawn.
* Fixed minor misalignment in wheel textures for some car models.
* Fixed invalid weapon upon respawn.
* Updated Dreamland level.

2021-12-05 <a>
* Tweaked car interior model.
* Tweaked sunset/sunrise lighting.

2021-12-06 <a>
* Tweaked world optimization. Sectors above a certain height will no longer be hidden with distance.

2021-12-09 <a>
* Removed spoiler in Plymouth Road Runner model.
* Added new car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IV (116 in total).

2021-12-11 <a>
* World decor cars (parked cars and the such) can now be driven. There is now a single cog for cars that are currently being driven by the player and cars will turn back into world objects when not being driven.

2021-12-13 <a>
* Changed debug car spawner to use updated car code.
* Added new cars: Honda S2000, Nissan Fairlady Z, Fiat Cinquecento (119 in total).

2021-12-14 <a>
* Added a menu for cars spawned by debug tool similar to that of NPCs spawned by it.
* Updated Shelby Cobra and Peugeot 206 models, added extra colors.
* Tweaked stats for muscle cars, slightly reduced oversteering.
* Improved companion following code.

2021-12-15 <a>
* Added new car: Peugeot 406 3.0 Coupé (120 in total).

2021-12-16 <a>
* Updated/changed Chevrolet Vectra model from GSi 2.5 V6 to GLS 2.2.
* Added Chevrolet Vectra GSi 2.5 V6 as a separate car (121 in total).
* Changed purchase prices and rarity for various cars.
* Fixed issue with traffic car headlights.

2021-12-20 <a>
* Changed soundtrack.
* Updated Peugeot 406 lights.

2021-12-26 <a>
* Fixed issue where sometimes console wouldn't be usable upon death.
* Removed "Headshot!" message. Instead, a different sound effect will play.
* Fixed ammo obtained from gun powerups.

2021-12-27 <a>
* Fixed minor issues with Fiat Cinquecento and Lotus Esprit V8 models.
* Changed prefixes for some keyframe files from "player_" and "player-f_" to "plr-m_" and "plr-f_" respectively.
* Tweaked anatomy for female characters, slightly reduced arm length.
* Fixed/updated swimming animations for all weapon types.
* [Experimental] Fixed some issues with ledge climbing.
* Fixed animation for Body Smash skill.
* Worked on Heart of Argenia level.
* Tweaked various animations.

2021-12-28 <a>
* [Experimental] Player legs are now visible in internal view.
* Certain voice sounds will now be handled by a central cog, will no longer be played while underwater.
* Stamina will no longer be consumed when climbing.

2021-12-29 <a>
* Improved "special routine" code, will no longer use MoveClass changes. Solved weird animation glitches upon death.
* Climbing code will now search for "reach" rather than "LOS", meaning it's no longer possible to "climb through" transparent or invisible walls.
* Fixed some minor animation issues.
* Worked on Porsche 959 model.
* Changed swimming animation.

2021-12-30 <a>
* All voices will now be handled by central cog.
2022-02-18, 12:48 PM #50
2022-01-01 <a>
* Reduced voice pitch randomization by 50%.
* All weapons will now use extended damage handling.

2022-01-02 <a>
* Cleaned up firearms code.

2022-01-03 <a>
* Fixed issue with some voice sounds always coming from player thing.
* Changed animation for when falling from high places.

2022-01-04 <a>
* Added new skill: Gleaming Bolt (Wizard); Quickly attacks a nearby target with magic.
* Fixed high defenses and attack power when no armor or weapon is equipped.
* "Unholy Discharge" (Sorcerer) skill renamed to "Gleaming Burst".
* Changed skill list for lower level classes as follows:
Wizard: Gleaming Burst -> Gleaming Bolt
Hybrid: Shadow Blast -> Shadow Spark
Rush -> Power Strike
* Spellcasting Speed will now escalate (+0.5%/level) with levels, HP/MP/STA cost multiplier will deescalate (-1.17%/level).
* Decreased base spellcasting speed, increased base HP/MP/STA cost multiplier for all classes.
* Tweaked rocket behaviour, fixed flames.
* Partially rewrote code for rifles and related. All weapon info will now be handled by a single cog.

2022-01-05 <a>
* Reduced HP/MP/STA cost per-level variation.
* Skill lists will now be handled by class cog, thus removed some now obsolete cogs.
* Changed skill list for low-level Wizard classes.
* Improved companion target searching.
* Added new skills:
- Flame Strike (Wizard); Attacks enemies with an exploding fireball.
- Electric Shock (Wizard); Attacks target with magic.
- Shockwave (Untransformed); Rams enemies in front of you with a magic shockwave.

2022-01-06 <a>
* Skills will now drop on effectiveness when user is outside their level range, so that lower level skills will be rendered obsolete on higher levels (and ineffective if user is below their level). Effectiveness drops by 5% for each level above the range and by 10% for each level below the range. By default, skill level range is up to 9 levels above ten times their level (ie. a level 3 skill will be most effective if user is between levels 30 and 39).
* Implemented AI for Electric Shock and Shockwave skills.
* Changed skill list for lower level Hybrid classes.
* Rebalanced some lower level Wizard skills.
* Fixed issue with Power Smash skill.
* Tweaked particle smoke effects.
* Fixed minor issue with rolling.

2022-01-07 <a>
* Updated Aegenar level.
* [Experimental] Summon Floater, Enslave and Master of Puppets skills no longer require an equipped scepter, nor does controlling a servitor.
* Changed monster roaming method. Should work better in places with elevations.
* Servitor level will now be capped by skill level.

2022-01-08 <a>
* Changed animation for using certain skills with an equipped rapier.
* Changed sound effects for Shadow Spark (Wizard/Warlock/Hybrid) skill.
* Items obtained through Trials mission are now correctly labeled as quest items.
* Newly obtained usable items will now be automatically added to quickbar if a slot is available.
* Items will now be automatically removed from quickbar if unavailable.
* Fixed a minor potential issue with stat changes.
* Added missing icons for certain items.

2022-01-09 <a>
* Fixed minor issue with Porsche 959 model.
* Reimplemented risk of losing items upon death.
* Changed skill list for low-level Hybrid and Warrior classes.
* Added new skill: Curse Poison (Hybrid); Infects an enemy with magic poison, dealing magic damage over time.
* "Death Wave" (Inspector/Inquisitor) skill renamed to "Dark Wave", changed visual effects and UI icon.
* Changed effects for Ferocity (Warrior) skill. Previously was P.Atk +12%, now is P.Atk/C.Rate/C.Power +8%.
* Added new death animation for player characters based on protocol droid's.
* Rush, Enslave and Curse Poison skills are now considered hostile.
* Changed filename formatting for various KEYs and 3DOs.
* Changed visuals for dropped equipment pendants.
* Updated WWII Eastern Front levels somewhat.
* DoT damage no longer triggers PvP status.
* Did some minor tweaks to some VFX.

2022-01-10 <a>
* Increased time before ambient music repeats from 15 to 30 seconds.
* Added new skill: Blade Smash (Warrior); Swings your sword to strike and knock down a target.
* Reduced running speed for Rush skill by 33% (from 30m/s to 20m/s).
* Started work on a new Dreamland level, with improved terraining.
* Added proper item icons for Blood and Journey armor pendants.
* Changed skill list for low-level Warrior classes.

2022-01-11 <a>
* Worked on new Dreamland level.
* Added crafting recipes for low-level equipment pendant pieces.
* Wrote a list cog for item crafting recipes.

2022-01-12 <a>
* Worked on new Dreamland level.

2022-01-13 <a>
* Worked on new Dreamland level.
* Fixed a minor issue with skill cooldown timer HUD effect.
* Reassigning an skill/item to a new position in skill/quick use bar will now switch its position with what was in that slot previously.
* Optimized some GUI text.

2022-01-14 <a>
* Changed name formatting for various 3do files; Changed prefixes from "holster_" to "hlst_", from "grweap_" to "weap_gr-".
* Worked on new Dreamland level.

2022-01-15 <a>
* Worked on new Dreamland level.
* Tweaked base damage for some skills.
* Improved tree randomization, increased LOD distance.
* Improved insertion offset for Black Jaguar monster.
* Boosted bandages effect.

2022-01-16 <a>
* Worked on new Dreamland level.
* Updated health values for some monsters in Aegenar level.

2022-01-17 <a>
* Worked on new Dreamland level.

2022-01-18 <a>
* Reimplemented "Star Wars mode" (all firearm powerups change into blasters).
* Pistols and smaller firearms will now use the same system as implemented in 2022-01-04 for rifles.
* Player will no longer say anything when landing after falling from a high place.
* Fixed landing animation playing when jumping on water.
* Fixed excess thing creation with climbing detection.
* Changed IDs for certain firearms.
* Fixed rolling.

2022-01-19 <a>
* Worked on new Dreamland level.
* Tweaked tree LOD distances to match density.
* British "cars" will now use imperial units by default.
* Fixed issue where player would no longer slide down slopes if reanimated after death.
* Monster generation area will now be properly radial instead of rectangular.
* Fixed slow motion voice, weapon and projectile sound pitch.
* Fixed numbering in skill bar slots.

2022-01-22 <a>
* Fixed issue with rolling directions.
* Reactivated old sun code for levels with no daytime cycle.
* Increased time and minimum distance required for parked cars to be replaced.
* Set minimum tree high LOD distance to 20 meters.
* Fixed mass for AI traffic cars.

2022-01-24 <a>
* Fixed an issue with skybox and sun placement... somehow.
* Somewhat reimplemented fog for new daytime cycle system.
* Updated materials.

2022-01-25 <a>
* Fixed on-screen droplets effect.
* Fixed loading on Argenarret Sanctuary level.
* Fixed small issue with animation for Swift Charge skill.
* Fixed texture issues with certain item models.
* Fixed explosion damage to objects.

2022-01-26 <a>
* Fixed sounds when changing levels while in a transformed state.
* Updated Mercedes-Benz SLK320 model.
* Added logo for Mercedes-Benz cars.

2022-01-27 <a>
* Blocking capability while in a transformation state is now based on weapon type rather than class or spec.
* Cleaned up/updated formatting in some older code.
* Changed some UI strings.

2022-01-29 <a>
* Added counters to item use quickbar.
* Fixed shotgun and minigun functionality.
* Fixed solid black color under certain colormaps.
* Fixed a small issue with item counters.
* Fixed Extra Life effects.
2022-02-18, 12:48 PM #51
2022-02-01 <a>
* Tweaked cloud tinting.
* Rescaled traffic light model.
* Fixed texture issues with Ford Focus and Nissan R390 models.
* Deleted some unused files.

2022-02-03 <a>
* Jump hotkey will now count as a right mouse click while menu is open.
* Increased cooldown for Confusion skill from 7 to 8 seconds.

2022-02-08 <a>
* Tweaked soundtrack.
2023-08-27, 6:10 PM #52
2022-04-12 <a>
* Fixed a minor issue with AI car-to-actor collision detection.
* Tweaked car over/understeering.

2022-04-28 <a>
* Tweaked Toyota Supra colors.
* Improved driver AI, fixed issue with braking before sharp turns.
* Added new car: Nissan SILVIA K's (S13) '88 (122 in total).
* Fixed issue with Arcane Force and Hell Force equipment pendants.

2022-04-29 <a>
* AI cars will now reset their position if stuck.
* Car-to-car collisions will be disabled for a while after resetting.
2023-08-27, 6:10 PM #53
2022-05-03 <a>
* Fixed minor texture issues with Lotus Elise GT1 and Ford GT90 models.

2022-05-08 <a>
* Updated Chrysler Phaeton model.
* Added more colors for Plymouth GTX.
* Tweaked performance stats for some cars, fixed Porsche 911 (996) Carrera 4S excessive high end acceleration. Boosted Porsche 911 (996) Turbo S acceleration to match its real times, reduced top speed for both R33 and R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R to match their real counterparts. Boosted tire grip for Ford GT90 by roughly 9%.

2022-05-14 <a>
* Adjusted POV offsets and scale for various cars.
* Fixed minor issues with Mitsubishi Legnum model.
* Added new car: Porsche 911 (993) Turbo (123 in total).
* Fixed horn sounds for most cars.

2022-05-16 <a>
* Tweaked roll sensitivity.
* Worked on Porsche 959 model.
* Nitrous will no longer be sustained when releasing throttle.
* Updated Daihatsu Midget model, added extra colors.
* Optimized car code.

2022-05-17 <a>
* Changed prices for various cars.
* Finished Porsche 959 model.

2022-05-18 <a>
* Updated Honda Civic model, added extra colors.
* Updated old city level for no reason in particular.

2022-05-19 <a>
* Tweaked driver AI.
* Tweaked Porsche 993 Turbo model and textures.
* Tweaked some car stats.

2022-05-20 <a>
* Updated Nissan 240SX model, added extra colors. Badge now reads "240SX" instead of "180SX".

2022-05-21 <a>
* Fixed a minor issue with synchronicity between sun position in the sky and sky hue/world lighting.
* Fixed issue which caused cloud layer to reset when rain animation started.
* Made full day/night cycles a while longer (from 25 to 30 minutes).
* Rain will now start lighter before reaching full intensity.
* Fixed lighting issue with Porsche 993 Turbo model.
* Updated some materials.

2022-05-22 <a>
* City traffic density will now vary with daytime, being more intense during sunset and much less intense late at night/before sunrise.
* Updated some materials.

2022-05-24 <a>
* Fixed minor issues with some car models.
* Attempting to break into a parked car may now trigger an alarm.
* Added extra color for Chevrolet Corvette ZR1.
* Fixed an issue with firearm powerups.

2022-05-25 <a>
* Added new cars: Suzuki Wagon R; Suzuki Kei S; Mazda 323F; Alfa Romeo 155 Touring Car (127 in total).
* Added light offset info for some car models.
* Fixed minor issues with some car models.

2022-05-27 <a>
* Wrote code for destroying and recreating certain decor objects when at a certain distance from player.

2022-05-28 <a>
* Added light offset info for more car models.
* Fixed minor issues with more car models.

2022-05-29 <a>
* Updated certain levels to use new car code, phased out level-based player car code.
* Added light offset info for more car models.
* Fixed minor issues with more car models.
* Tweaked light flare VFX.

2022-05-30 <a>
* Changed car tire textures.

2022-05-31 <a>
* Added new car: Chevrolet Corvette 427 (C3) '69 (128 in total).
* Added light offset info for more car models.
* Fixed minor issues with more car models.
* Tweaked light flare VFX.
2023-08-27, 6:11 PM #54
2022-06-02 <a>
* Added light offset info for more car models.
* Fixed minor issues with more car models.

2022-06-03 <a>
* Fixed an issue with per-lap rewards for race levels.
* Time stopping will now affect AI cars.
* Tweaked light flare VFX a bit further.

2022-06-05 <a>
* "Look behind" function now allows rotating camera around car by pressing Select 1-3 keys.
* Added light offset info for more car models.
* Fixed minor issues with more car models.
* Fixed a minor issue with rain density.
* Tweaked light flare VFX a bit further.
* Updated some materials.

2022-06-06 <a>
* Tweaked sun rendering, fixed issues in certain levels.
* Added light offset info for more car models.
* Fixed minor issues with more car models.
* Updated traffic car AI code.
* Added car metadata flags.
* Updated drift race code.

2022-06-07 <a>
* Reworked BMW M3 GTR model. Substantially reduced polygon count, retextured model from scratch so that it fits in better with visual style of other cars. Added extra colors.

2022-06-20 <a>
* Reduced drafting efficiency by 40%.
* Added light offset info for more car models.
* Fixed minor issues with more car models.
* Fixed inconsistency with car ratings.

2022-06-21 <a>
* Added light offset info for more car models.
* Fixed minor issues with more car models.

2022-06-23 <a>
* Added light offset info for more car models.
* Fixed minor issues with more car models.

2022-06-24 <a>
* Retextured McLaren F1 and F1 LM models from scratch so that they fit in better with visual style of other cars.
* Added new car: McLaren F1 GTR '95 (129 in total).
2023-08-27, 6:11 PM #55
2022-07-03 <a>
* Tweaked car handling.

2022-07-14 <a>
* Fixed HUD text when changing classes below Rank 5.
* Wrote code for handling unique monster respawn timers.
* Lowered default HP Regeneration rate for all monsters by 50% (from 4 to 2 per second).
* All previously registered skills will now be removed when changing classes.
* Tweaked some base stats for all monsters.

2022-07-15 <a>
* Added a new player model.
* Tweaked some older player models.
* Fixed death animation for companion NPCs.
* Added Teleporter NPC to new Dreamland level.

2022-07-16 <a>
* Fixed issue that caused player not to slide down slopes after being revived.

2022-07-17 <a>
* Updated Trials level; added a forcefield over pits.
* Updated Soulless Grotto level; added monsters to more areas, tweaked monster drops.
* Updated Dreamland level; increased monster spawn count, changed distant tree textures.
* Changed calculation for monster level difference XP penalty. No penalty is applied if level difference is lower than 3, and for every level above 3 a ~10% penalty is applied.
* Added new skill:
- Electric Spark (Hybrid): Attacks target with magic.

2022-07-18 <a>
* Updated New Argenia level; Expanded terrain southeast, added more monsters.
* Made Gray Wolf grayer.

2022-07-19 <a>
* Expanded New Argenia level; tweaked terrain, changed distant tree textures.
* Non-flying monster spawn area is now an imaginary cylinder around its spawn spot, rather than a circle. Flying monsters will still use a circle.
* Fixed Aston Martin DB7 model.

2022-07-22 <a>
* Expanded New Argenia level, tweaked terrain.

2022-07-23 <a>
* Changed nametag filename formatting.
* Expanded Soulless Grotto level, added more monsters.
* Weapon and Armor Refining Stones have been made into general drops (may be dropped from all monsters at a set rate).

2022-07-24 <a>
* Fixed issue with Tracker Shot skill.
* Reimplemented bot item use; Bots will now attempt to assemble equipment pendants when obtaining pieces, will use best available equipment in inventory.
* If player has more than one of a currently equipped item, these may be dropped upon death.
* Fixed issue that made assembled equipment always go to player's inventory.
* Changed visuals for Journey equipment for Rogue and Wizard classes.
* Expanded New Argenia level, tweaked terrain. Added more monsters.
* Changed skill list for lower ranks for all classes.
* Reduced timer check rate for certain skill types.

2022-07-25 <a>
* Optimized global data access.
* Fixed XP bar display for level 1.
* Changed internal workings for skill data. Skill data is now semi-independent for transformation states. Skill bars are no longer auto-assigned/reset upon entering a transformation state.
* Worked on Inventory and Skill menus; Added sliders and quick use bar displays, plus equipped gear for Inventory menu. Added separate tabs for transformation states on Skill menu.

2022-07-29 <a>
* Fixed minor issues caused by quick data access, improved UI data access.
* Skills will now be correctly auto-assigned to skill bar upon learning.
* Added attack animation for Silver Wizard monster.
* Tweaked monster stats in New Argenia area.

2022-07-30 <a>
* Added walking animation for Shadow of Confusion monster.
* Worked on Soulless Grotto level, added new monsters.
* Tweaked weapon type stat modifiers.
* Worked on New Argenia level.

2022-07-31 <a>
* Tweaked weapon filename formatting.
* Fixed player model disappearing upon death.
* Added bot path routes for new areas in Soulless Grotto level.
* [Experimental] Auto-generated ground detail now follows a seeded pseudo-random algorithm so that things are always in the same place every time you start a level.
2023-08-27, 6:11 PM #56
2022-08-02 <a>
* Fixed an issue with landing animations.
* Attempted to optimize seeded pseudo-random algorithm.
* Wrote a "human" name generator.

2022-08-03 <a>
* Tweaked human name generator.
* Speed boost buffs no longer stack.
* Changed icons and models for Fragment items.

2022-08-05 <a>
* Did minor tweaks in New Argenia, Soulless Grotto and The Trials levels.
* Added rain droplets to windscreen in in-car view.
* Added light offset info for various car models.
* Zombies will no longer chew after death.

2022-08-07 <a>
* Tweaked seeded pseudo-random algorithm.

2022-08-11 <a>
* Added light offset info for various car models.

2022-08-19 <a>
* Added new car: Nissan SKYLINE GT-R V-spec II (R32) (130 in total).
* Added light offset info for various car models.

2022-08-21 <a>
* Updated The Bend level.
* Added light offset info for various car models.

2022-08-22 <a>
* Player will now have the appropriate Rank, as well as appropriate Level and Gear for that Rank on Multiplayer levels.

2022-08-27 <a>
* Laser projectiles will no longer damage magsealed objects.
2023-08-27, 6:12 PM #57
2022-09-03 <a>
* Started rewrite of JKGR Launcher to use BAH_Strike's HEAPHAX API.
* Tweaked global data code to work along with new JKGR Launcher.

2022-09-04 <a>
* Finished rewrite of JKGR Launcher. Heap data detection is now much faster and more consistent, memsave.dat file is no longer necessary.
* JKGR Launcher will no longer run if JKGR files are not found inside Gunrunner directory.

2022-09-05 <a>
* Quest progress will now be saved by JKGR Launcher.
* Changed status bar displays. Fixed texture seams and blurriness, bar levels will now change smoothly.
* Missions will now be registered as self contained quests, which will be cleared from registry upon changing levels.
* Updated Trials mission code so that progress can be saved and properly loaded.

2022-09-06 <a>
* Updated/optimized target status bar display.
* Fixed player armor/weapon mesh upon changing levels while in a transformed state.
* Fixed issue with menu breaking if knocked down while it's open.
* Transformation effects will now also happen for NPCs.
* Changed Savefile formatting to better adapt to possible future changes in data structure, plus improve readability.
* JKGR Launcher will now detect invalid saves or incorrect save versions and create backups accordingly.
* Global data heap will now be reset when starting a new episode or changing MP levels.
* JKGR Launcher will now only load/save data if load/save flag is set on global data cog. Said flag will be set when loading a JKGR level.

2022-09-07 <a>
* [Experimental] Old HUD bar displays (for screen sizes < 10) will now function.
* Death status will now be maintained when switching levels or reloading.
* Updated Argenarret Sanctuary level. Tweaked monster stats and drops.
* Tweaked monster team AI. Increased duration of monster debuff skills.
* Optimized JKGR Launcher Heap searching, added a failsafe in case it fails to locate a heap.
* Started work on a new Argenarret Sanctuary level.

2022-09-08 <a>
* Quest progress will now also be reset when switching episodes or MP levels.
* Rewrote item storage framework (still not implemented since 2019-01-23 lol).
* Per-level power scaling is now calculated by a central cog for consistency and ease of adjustment.
* Wrote item crafting recipe framework.
* Rewrote player model list cog.

2022-09-09 <a>
* [Experimental] Bots will now attempt to stay close to members of their group.
* [Experimental] Added space for two extra, currently unused hotkeys; Moved Discard and Transformation hotkeys.
* [Experimental] Inventory and storage will now automatically sort themselves to avoid leaving open spaces.
* Implemented item storage framework. Added Item Storage NPCs to Recife and Dreamland levels.
* Updated JKGR Launcher to accomodate item storage detection.
* Fixed a minor issue with dialogue text on intro quest.
* Breaking into cars has been made more difficult.
* Fixed a small issue with monster damage sounds.
* Added new quest to Dreamland level.

2022-09-10 <a>
* Monster health bars will now update automatically over time.
* Tweaked monster AI. They will now go after lost targets even if out of LOS, and will switch to secondary targets if losing LOS of current.
* Temporarily reverted inventory auto sorting as it was causing an issue with item handling.
* Reduced base physical attack power for Warrior classes by roughly 7.5% (from 1.3 to 1.2).

2022-09-11 <a>
* Fixed issue which caused an extra 0 to be displayed in UI for values close to a power of 10.
* Rewrote trader NPC code. They are now able to purchase any item from player's inventory.
* Replaced trader NPCs in central Argenia square, added a storage manager.
* Wrote framework for character customization, plus a test interface.
* [Experimental] Changed in-game SFT text visuals.
* Decreased AOE FOV for Enforcer's blade.

2022-09-12 <a>
* Changed icons for some items and skills.
* Expanded new Argenarret Sanctuary level, added some new monsters.
* Fixed an issue with new trader NPC code which made it impossible to sell items.
* Changed Ferocity (Enforcer) effects; will no longer stack with Power Boost (Warrior) effect. A penalty of -8% P.Def has been added.
* Each status effect will now have a default duration, which will be used unless specified otherwise.
* Added new general monster skills for status effects.
* Fixed a minor issue with monster skill usage.
* Fixed issue with XP loss upon death.
* Added new general items.
* Added new status effects:
- Weakness (Debuff): Atk/PAtk/MAtk -50%
- Mental Exhaustion (Debuff): MP Cost +50%
- Blood Leak (Debuff): HP Regen -100%, periodic HP burn
- Mana Leak (Debuff): MP Regen -100%, periodic MP burn
- Energy Leak (Debuff): STA Regen -100%, periodic STA burn

2022-09-13 <a>
* Reduced base duration of Blood/Energy/Mana Leak effects from 30 to 20 seconds.
* Balanced strength of some monsters in Argenarret Sanctuary area.

2022-09-15 <a>
* Fixed a minor issue with monster skill VFX.
* Change Weapon skill can now be used by characters of Rank equal or greater than 5, but only on weapons from a Rank below 5.
* Changed appearances for World and Blood crossbow weapons.
* "Ghostly Cloth" item renamed to "Ghostly Remains".
* Added crafting recipes for some more items.
* Worked on new Argenarret Sanctuary level.
* Added new skill:
- Armor Crush (Enforcer): Brings down a sword over an enemy, temporarily lowering their physical defenses and potentially knocking them down. Critical Hit is possible.

2022-09-16 <a>
* Added crafting recipes for some more items.
* Some crafting recipes will now have a chance of failure.
* Increased Critical Attack Power bonus for Bow-type weapons from 10% to 28%.
* Added new skill:
- Critical Shot (Sentinel): Fires an arrow with a 100% Critical Hit chance.
* Added new status effects:
- Hunter's Might (Buff): PvE attack +10%, PvP defense -10%
- Hunter's Protection (Buff): PvE defense +10%, PvP attack -10%
- Duelist's Might (Buff): PvP attack +10%, PvE defense -10%
- Duelist's Protection (Buff): PvP defense +10%, PvE attack -10%
* Support NPC will now provide support magic for hunting or dueling.

2022-09-17 <a>
* Implemented "Seraph" equipment (ID29). They have similar stats to Dark Soul equipment.
* Implemented items related to Seraph equipment.
* Worked on new Argenarret Sanctuary level. Some monsters will now drop items related to Seraph equipment.
* Inventory will now be sorted automatically when opening in-game UI.
* Changed visuals for general item drops.
* Changed inventory/buff sorting code.
* Adjusted prices for some items.
* Added new herb type: Neutral Herb (green). May be used for crafting potions and the such.
* Tweaked herb drop rate.
* Added new items: Antidotes (of all corresponding grades, like Elixirs and Reagents). They remove up to 5 debuffs when used. Brewing is similar to other Elixirs, but uses Neutral Herbs as an ingredient.
* Added new item: Haste Potion. Increases movement speed by 16% for 15 seconds upon use. Brewed by mixing the four herb types with a Mid-Grade Reagent.

2022-09-18 <a>
* Updated some old code and assets.
* Fixed missing string for Haste Potion effect.
* Fixed issue that made all equipment pieces into haste potions.
* Fixed issue where Armor Crush skill would sometimes fail to hit.
* Tweaked in-game UI formatting. Inventory tab will now display item Rank before name.
* Added Spellbooks and Battle Manuals, rare items obtained from hunting from which one can learn rare skills not available otherwise.

2022-09-23 <a>
* Added Spellbooks for more skills.
* Changed skill list for Hybrid classes.
* Servitors will now teleport if too far away from master.
* [Experimental] Monster drops will now have a stack limit.
* [Experimental] Spellbooks are now dropped randomly from any monster of level equal or superior to 50.

2022-09-24 <a>
* Increased timer for servitors from 1 minute to 5 minutes.
* Monsters will now attack servitors.
* Added new skill:
- Servitor Command (Hybrid): Commands a servitor to attack. Requires an equipped scepter.

2022-09-27 <a>
* Changed skill list for Sorcerer class.
* Added Spellbooks for more skills.

2022-09-28 <a>
* Added new skill:
- Shadow Blaze (Sorcerer): Attacks enemies with an exploding magic blast.

2022-09-30 <a>
* [Experimental] Boosted base drop rate for Spellbooks and Battle Guides from 1% to 2%.
* Decreased base success rate for Master of Puppets (Inquisitor) skill from 80% to 60%.
* Decreased base success rate for Transfer Curse (Inquisitor) skill from 100% to 80%.
* Fixed missing ':' character in Battle Guide item names.
* Reduced base item drop risk upon death from 5% to 4%.
* Added new skill:
- Dark Power (Inquisitor): Turns your energy into dark power, boosting magic attack power by 30%. Consumes STA over time.
- Servitor Bomb (Inquisitor): Forces a servitor to move towards target and self detonate after 3 seconds. Requires an equipped scepter.
2023-08-27, 6:12 PM #58
2022-10-01 <a>
* Fixed an issue with Change Weapon skill.
* Tweaked, changed and added placeholder appearance for various armor sets.

2022-10-02 <a>
* Added icons for "The" and Ethereal armors.
* Tweaked, changed and added placeholder appearance for various armor sets.
* Servitors marked with Servitor Bomb skill will no longer attack.
* Master of Puppets and Enslave skills will now require an equipped scepter.

2022-10-06 <a>
* Worked on Argenarret Sanctuary level.
* Fixed a minor issue with servitor code.
* Tweaked, changed and added placeholder appearance for various armor sets.

2022-10-07 <a>
* Tweaked, changed and added placeholder appearance for various armor sets.
* Implemented "Victory" (ID39) equipment. They have similar stats to Hero of Argenia equipment.
* Weapon items will now have their names displayed according to player's current weapon type in in-game UI.
* Added Random Trader NPCs to old Argenia town square. They will sell any item at a random chance with a limited stock.

2022-10-09 <a>
* Rewrote monster generation cog to reduce variable count.
* Worked on Argenarret Sanctuary level, added lower levels with new monsters.
* Armor items will now have their names displayed according to player's current armor type in in-game UI.
* Implemented "Savior" (ID33) equipment. They have similar stats to Hero of Argenia equipment.
* Implemented "Perpetual" (ID33) equipment. They have similar stats to Liberator equipment.
* Implemented "Eternity" (ID36) equipment. They have similar stats to Immortal equipment.
* Added pendants for new weapons and armor.
* Renamed the following items:
- Hellish Essence -> Fiery Essence
- Equilibrium Weapon/Armor/etc -> Equinox Weapon/Armor/etc
- Hell Force Weapon/Armor -> Solstice Weapon/Armor of Dawn
- Arcane Force Weapon/Armor -> Solstice Weapon/Armor of Dusk
- World Weapon/Armor/etc -> Earth Weapon/Armor/etc

2022-10-10 <a>
* Tweaked, changed and added placeholder appearance for various armor sets.
* Added placeholder appearances for all (male) Knight armor sets.
* Added new skill:
- Ascension (all classes): Ascends into a higher state of being (Immortal State). Can only be learned by Rank 9 characters through an Enchiridion.

2022-10-11 <a>
* Made placeholder models for (male) armor sets for all classes.
* Added placeholder appearances for female Knight armor sets.
* Added placeholder appearances for all (male) Warrior and Rogue armor sets.
* Character Info menu tab will now display current % of XP.
* Added "type" data for debuff list.
* Monster debuff rolls will now use the correct type flags.
* Added new skill:
- High Alert (Knight): Boosts resistance to distraction type skills by 33%.

2022-10-13 <a>
* Added placeholder models for Knight (Sword/Shield and Lance) weapons.
* High Alert (Knight) skill will now also expunge all negative mental effects upon use.
* HUD status effect bar icons will now blink when an effect is about to expire.
* HUD will now display all active 20 status effects rather than 16.
* Character Info menu tab will now display active status effects.

2022-10-14 <a>
* Turned off music will now be consistent when driving cars.
* Reworked JKGR Launcher for more consistent results in some systems. This is a partial regression, as saves will no longer be linked to player profiles.
* Worked on The Trials level. Improved architecture in Library room, reduced magic defense power of all monsters by 20%.
* [Experimental] Status effect hints in Character Info menu tab will now display its effects rather than name.
* [Experimental] Increased size of icons in Skill and Quick Use bars.
* Considerably reduced SetModelMesh() calls by HUD code.
* Added description for items and skills in in-game UI.
* Added new skill:
- Destroyer's Stance (Enforcer): Significantly increases attack power while reducing critical rate, movement speed and MP efficiency. Prohibits Rush-type skills.

2022-10-15 <a>
* Reworked UI text handling, improved formatting. Line breaks will now appear as expected.
* Fixed issue with menu breaking if knocked down, which was not entirely fixed in v2022-09-06.
* Expanded JKGR Launcher scanned memory addresses for more consistent functionality. This is a partial regression, as loading will now take much longer.
* Reduced base attack power for Warrior classes by roughly 8%.
* Shoulder Charge (Enforcer) will no longer cause knockback.
* Tweaked placeholder appearance of Deathly armor.
* Tweaked Critical Hit visual effect.
* Tweaked MP costs of certain skills.

2022-10-16 <a>
* Fixed an issue with Blade Smash skill damage.
* Changed icons for some skills, items and effects.
* Updated descriptions for certain items and skills.
* Skills Menu will now display cooldown timer for skills.
* Damage will no longer be calculated for invulnerable actors.
* Reverted drop rate for Spellbook/Battle Guide items to what it was before 2022-09-30.
* [Experimental] AOE attacks will no longer affect non-allied players unless both are flagged for PvP or attacker is specifically targetting victim.
* [Experimental] Changed in-game SFT text color to white.

2022-10-18 <a>
* Changed knockback angle calculation.
* Monsters will no longer turn while knocked down.
* Damage and forces will now be withheld during stopped time.
* Player will no longer lose XP if killed in Multiplayer mode.
* "deeznuts" cheat will now properly reset your rank and level.
* Changing classes or rank will now auto-update your skill list.
* Every actor (including player) will now by default start with $5000.
* Fixed issue that caused player to sometimes appear dead upon level loading.
* Fixed an issue with damage handling which caused damage to sometimes not be dealt.
* Support magic will now treat neutral actors as non-allied, as was before 2022-10-16.
* Tweaked bot AI. Fixed issue that caused neutral bots to attack/be attacked by their own servitors.
* Getting a buff again while it's still active will now print "[buff name] has been renewed."
* Changed text for obtaining items. Nothing will be printed when losing items.
"Added [count] [item name] to slot [inventory slot]." -> "Obtained [item name] x[count]."

2022-10-19 <a>
* Skills Menu tab will now display skill name when hovering over skill bar for selected state.
* Fixed long standing issue with HUD displays upon startup for characters of rank 1 to 4.

2022-10-21 <a>
* Optimized damage/force withholding.
* Removed redundant parts of melee/hand-to-hand code.
* Wrote code for dynamic "thing" text.
* [Experimental] Added floating numbers for damage/healing.
* [Experimental] Bots will now use randomized names.

2022-10-22 <a>
* Fixed issue with centered text alignment.
* Added floating text for parried and resisted/failed attacks.
* [Experimental] Replaced "Critical Hit!" message with floating text.
* Monster nametags will now use dynamic text instead of bitmap images.
* Properly implemented support for different race/skin colors and such.
* Bots will now have appropriate names based on gender and race (human/argeni/ojnai).
* Monster nametags will now show actual monster level rather than rank or (level/10).
* Added more text styling options.

2022-10-23 <a>
* Changed visual effects for various skills.
* Added light offset info for various car models.
* Changed model for dropped equipment pendants.
* Fixed crash caused by Lost Spellbook: Sever Magic item description.
* Decreased car engine durability decay rate.

2022-10-24 <a>
* Fixed issue that caused bots to attack group members.
* Fixed crash caused by weak monsters using new dynamic nametags.
* Updated/tweaked monsters in Trials level.

2022-10-25 <a>
* Added new skill:
- Electric Current: Fires a bold of lightning that spreads to nearby enemies.

2022-10-28 <a>
* Tweaked soundtrack.
* Fixed issue with High Alert skill where it wouldn't remove mental state debuffs.

2022-10-29 <a>
* Updated Assassin skill list.
* Unshackle skill will now correctly remove only movement impairing debuffs.
* Added light offset info for various car models.

2022-10-31 <a>
* [Experimental] Killing JK enemies and finding secret areas will now give off XP.
* Active grenades dropped from dead grans will now be frag grenades instead of thermal detonators.
* Reduced probability of dropped grenades being thermal detonators from 50% to 10%.

2023-08-27, 6:12 PM #59
2022-11-01 <a>
* [Experimental] Parry chance no longer depends on damaged actor's status.
* Player will now be awarded Trainee, Unholy, Improved Unholy and Unholy Major equipment exchange tickets when being promoted to Ranks 1, 3, 5 and 7 respectively.
* Fixed player info being reset to wrong values when changing episodes.
* Added light offset info for various car models.
* Tweaked modifiers for certain weapon types.

2022-11-02 <a>
* Implemented physical attack speed variable function. As of now, it only reduces cooldown between physical attacks with no changes to animations.
* Added new currently unused status effects: "Bulwark", "Alacrity" and "Bleeding".
* Added light offset info for various car models.
* Fixed alignment issue with Blood Dagger model.
* Fixed texture issues with some car models.
* Replaced bullet shell models.

2022-11-03 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level. Expanded terrain southeast wise.
* Replaced tree models in New Argenia level.

2022-11-04 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level. Linked to new Argenarret Sanctuary level, rebuilt Garojna Training Grounds region and Dark Palace surroundings.
* Fixed issue with skill learning for certain classes.
* Optimized some skill code.
* Added new skill:
- Wound (Rogue): Stabs an enemy in a weak spot, causing them to bleed.

2022-11-05 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level. Added NPCs, expanded terrain.
* Fixed issue with master NPCs not giving weapons to players below level 10.
* Improved generic name generation. Names will now draw correctly in SFT text.
* Fixed issue where randomly generating names didn't match NPC race or gender.
* All NPCs will now have proper titles and randomly generated names.

2022-11-06 <a>
* Rewrote region handling code.
* Made new "cursed root" monster model.
* Worked on New Argenia level. Properly implemented regions, updated monster code.
* Replaced equipment exchange tickets for Trainee gear with tickets for Apprentice gear.

2022-11-07 <a>
* Significantly improved car attachment/orientation physics.
* Cleaned up variables in skill and visual FX code.
* Added light offset info for various car models.
* Fixed texture issues with some car models.
* Worked on New Argenia level.

2022-11-07 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level.
* Improved pseudo-random NPC name generator.
* Added light offset info for various car models.
* Fixed texture issues with some car models.

2022-11-08 <a>
* Reimplemented grass sounds.
* Optimized automatic thing removal code, improved loading times.
* Auto-generated foliage and decor will now be removed when at a certain distance from player, greatly increasing free thing slots and significantly improving framerate.
* Auto-generated foliage and decor will now be pseudo-randomized again. Improved randomization code.

2022-11-09 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level.
* Fixed menu text on Skills tab.
* Added light offset info for various car models.
* Fixed texture issues with some car models.
* Added new items:
- Weapon Exchange Ticket: Journey/Pioneer
- Armor Exchange Ticket: Journey/Pioneer
- Weapon Exchange Ticket: Hero of Argenia
- Armor Exchange Ticket: Hero of Argenia

2022-11-10 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level. Argenarret Sanctuary may now be accessed through it.
* Updated Argenarret Sanctuary level. Leaving the Sanctuary will now take you to the New Argenia level.
* Fixed an issue with Rogue class skill learning.
* Updated icons for certain skills.

2022-11-11 <a>
* Improved startup skybox visibility/occlusion code.
* Mirrored, environmental and/or over time damage will no longer trigger aggression stance nor break stealth.
* Monsters in lower level of Argenarret Sanctuary will no longer be flying.
* Changed filename formatting for various level 3dos.

2022-11-12 <a>
* Fixed minor texture issues with various car models.
* Added level 30~49 monsters around Argenarret Sanctuary region in New Argenia level.
* Removed Pioneer Weapon/Armor pieces.

2022-11-16 <a>
* Tweaked terrain in New Argenia level.
* Fixed wheel spinning axis for all car models.
* Adjusted POV offsets and scale for various cars.

2022-11-18 <a>
* Fixed issue which caused player to often get skills from incorrect class.

2022-11-29 <a>
* Expanded Argenarret Sanctuary lower level.
2023-08-27, 6:13 PM #60
2022-12-04 <a>
* Changed icons for certain items.
* Improved in-game menu mouse sensitivity.
* Tweaked stats and drops for some monsters in older levels.
* Fixed issue where player would get skills from incorrect specialization.
* Fixed issue which caused AI not to attack enemies with a large enough hitbox.
* [Experimental] Squared rarity for all cars.

2022-12-06 <a>
* Bots will now have buffs upon respawn.
* Reduced impact force for all direct weapon attacks.
* Increased duration for Power Boost effect from 1 to 2 minutes.

2022-12-11 <a>
* Changed soundtrack.
* Fixed lighting in Sword/Shield type weapons.
* Fixed an issue with master NPC dialogue, will now properly give specialiations for players of level 50 and above.
* Added new skills:
- Thorns (Guardian): For one minute, reflects 10% of received melee damage back to attacker.
- Magic Mirror (Guardian): For 10 seconds, blocks 50% of magic damage and sends it back to attacker.
- Magic Strength (Wizard): Boosts your own melee attack power by 12%. Consumes MP over time.
- Bulwark (Guardian): For 20 seconds, boosts resistance to Knockback/Knockdown by 100% while reducing speed by 80%.
* Changed existing skills:
- Empower (Wizard): Made into a Rank 4 skill.
- Spirit Cannon (Inspector): Made into a Rank 8 skill.
- Expose Spirit (Wizard): Made into a Sorcerer (rank 5) skill.
- Expose Weakness (Warlock): Made into a Wizard (rank 3) skill, replacing Expose Spirit.
- Mana Shield (Warlock): Will now have a 10 second time limit, increased MP cost by 50%.
- Destroyer's Stance (Enforcer): Movement speed reduction from -12% to -18%.
- Self Cleanse (Inspector): Now also available to Guardian class.
- Dark Power (Inquisitor): 20% STA cost reduction.

2022-12-12 <a>
* Fixed issue with JKGR Launcher which made it impossible to create new saves.

2022-12-16 <a>
* Fixed an issue with certain close-range skills which made AI unable to move after use.
* Fixed data for Forgotten Tome: Spirit Cannon item.

2022-12-17 <a>
* Rewrote parts of monster generator cog. Most monster data will now be stored in a cog and be accessed via an ID rather than defined manually for every instance of the cog in a level. This also allows for more specific and detailed variables to be set per monster.
* Reduced per-level scaling rate of XP given by monsters by roughly 3%.

2022-12-29 <a>
* Crossbow fire rate will now be correctly scaled by attack speed, decreased base attack speed.
* Attack speed will now increase at a rate of 0.24% per level.

2022-12-30 <a>
* Reduced base attack speed for all classes by 20%.
* Implemented damage handlers for status effects and skills.
* Mana Shield (Warlock) and Death Omen (Inquisitor) effects now function as originally intended.
* Implemented passive skills. Passive skills will always be in effect as long as they are on the skill bar. Skills can have both passive and active effects.
* All active and passive effects from a previous transformation state will now be deactived when transforming.
* Thorns (Knight) skill has been made into a passive ability.
* Implemented/tweaked AI for usage of various skills.
* Added new passive skills:
- Steadfast (Rogue): Increases running speed by 5.
- Regeneration (Wizard): Increases MP regeneration rate by 33%.
- Combat Readiness (Knight): Increases defenses by 50% for 5 seconds when attacked preemptively.
- Furious Haste (Enforcer): Increases your attack speed by 33% for 5 seconds with a 12% chance when damage is received.
- Counteroffense (Executioner): Increases damage dealt against your attacker by 16% for 5 seconds with a 25% chance when damage is received.
- Bloodlust (Slayer): Absorbs 20% of all damage dealt as HP.
2023-08-27, 6:13 PM #61
2023-01-01 <a>
* Tweaked various two-handed sword animations.
* Added light offset info for some car models.
* Tweaked damage power for various skills.
* Added new skills:
- Blade Storm (Enforcer): [Attack] Dashes forward while attacking, dealing 22 physical damage to enemies in front and knocking them over.
- Blade Assault (Enforcer): [Attack] Dashes forward while attacking, dealing 26 physical damage to enemies in front.
- Protection of Mana (Sorcerer): [Toggle] Absorbs 20% of all damage and consumes it from MP.
- Toughness (Knight): [Passive] Increases resistance to damage over time effects by 20%.
- Acrobatics (Rogue): [Passive] Increases resistance to knockdown by 20%.

2023-01-02 <a>
* Changed icons for certain skills and effects.
* Certain skills can now only be obtained through rare spellbooks or battle guides.
* Updated skill list for Enforcer class.

2023-01-03 <a>
* [Experimental] Implemented a 20% damage randomization.
* Added new skill:
- Violent Dash (Slayer): [Attack] Dashes forward while attacking, dealing 26 physical damage to enemies in front.

2023-01-04 <a>
* [Experimental] Changed Jump, Sprint, Fire 1, Fire 2, Use Skill and Camera Function keys to use standard hotkeys instead of custom items.dat ones. This currently brings no change in functionality, but makes JKGR incompatible with JK.EXE versions earlier than Quib Mask's 2022 patch. This might, however, allow for better key customization for driving, dialogues and such. As a positive side effect, you can now press Fire to respawn like in regular JK.
* Improved code and functionality for Rush and Dash type skills.
* Added new skill:
- Diving Lunge (Assassin): [Attack] Dives forward to strike the opponent's legs, lowering their movement speed by 30% for 8 seconds.

2023-01-05 <a>
* Fixed Protection of Mana effect, which was consuming MP every second while offering no damage absorbtion.
* Fixed Death Omen effect, which was giving a much smaller increase (80%) to damage than it did before 2022-12-30 (733%). That value is now 400%.
* Doubled percentage of MP consumed by damage for Protection of Mana and Mana Shield skills.
* Added new skills:
- Back Blow (Assassin): [Passive] All damage dealt to an opponent's back is increased by 50%. Enemies affected will have their critical attack avoidance lowered by 20% for 3 seconds.
- Critical Wound (Slayer): [Passive] Critical attacks have a 30% chance of causing enemy to bleed.

2023-01-08 <a>
* Tweaked skill use AI, improved usage of new skills.
* Updated Death Arena level. Matches will now end automatically after 2 minutes, and Fame will be awarded to teams.
* Opposing targets inside combat zones will now always be treated as enemies regardless of whether they are currently engaged in combat.
* Bots will no longer spawn with buffs when respawning inside combat zones.
* [Experimental] Car camera FOV will now change when accelerating to improve sense of speed.
* Fixed an issue with car rarities which caused rarer cars to never appear when requested.
* Fixed minor issues with visual effects when interrupting certain skills.
* Fixed issue where certain hotkeys could be pressed even while dead.

2023-01-09 <a>
* Debuffs from passive skills now have a chance of failure like other debuffs.
* Added new skill:
- Heavy Hand (Defender): [Passive] Critical attacks have a 33% chance of causing knockdown.

2023-01-11 <a>
* "All Items" cheat will now give spellbooks, battle guides and potions for your current class according to your rank.

2023-01-15 <a>
* Fixed All Items cheat implementation.
* Heavy Hand skill effect now requires an equipped two-handed weapon.

2023-01-16 <a>
* Worked on Argenarret Sanctuary level.
* "All Weapons" cheat will now correctly give Seraph equipment at ranks 5/6.

2023-01-17 <a>
* Changed order in which items are given via "All Items" cheat so that potions are auto-assigned to quick use slots.
* Fixed issue with use animation for items.dat inventory items.
* Fixed smoke expansion during stopped time.

2023-01-24 <a>
* [Experimental] Increased inventory size from 20 to 40. This makes saves from previous versions unusable.
* Explosion and smoke effects will now be frozen when in stopped time.
* Updated certain animations for female Enforcer characters.
* Tweaked bullet trail effects.
* Updated certain materials.

2023-01-27 <a>
* Discard Weapon and Transformation hotkeys will now use new hotkey model.
* Fixed issue with kicks not dealing damage correctly.
* Fixed issues with Servitor Bomb effect.
2023-08-27, 6:13 PM #62
2023-02-22 <a>
* Tweaked gunfire sound FX.
2023-08-27, 6:14 PM #63
2023-03-01 <a>
* Fixed issues with minigun and charged blaster bolts.

2023-03-26 <a>
* Gear ratios can now be set manually for each car model, no longer hard set to default, auto-calculated values.
* Updated gear ratios for various car models.
* Downforce will now have an effect on car grip. High downforce cars will have better grip at higher speeds. Base tire grip should be lowered for most cars.
* Added but not yet implemented variables for car weight and downforce distribution.

2023-03-27 <a>
* Recalculated downforce and tire grip for certain car models.

2023-03-29 <a>
* Tweaked performance and aerodynamic figures for various car models.
* "carGrip" car data variable renamed to "tireGrip".

2023-03-31 <a>
* Changed downforce figures for every car. Most cars will now generate lift, reducing grip at high speeds.
* "downforce" car data variable is now measured in Kg instead of % of mass.
* Car "take-off" speed is now related to downforce/lift. If enough lift is generated, a car can now lift off from a plane surface.
2023-08-27, 6:14 PM #64
2023-04-01 <a>
* Added "propelled" car flag for vehicles that do not use wheels for acceleration or turning (eg.: airplanes, helicopters etc).

2023-04-04 <a>
* Tweaked performance figures for some car models.
* Adjusted lights and POV positions for some car models.
* Active aero activation speed is now based on vehicle top speed rather than fixed at 100Km/h.

2023-04-07 <a>
* Worked on Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren model, rebuilt back lights, improved overall quality.
* Tweaked car handling model.

2023-04-08 <a>
* Car ride height will now vary slightly under downforce/lift.
* Worked on Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren model, added more colors.
* Headlight projection texture will now change intensity with daylight.
* Updated name formatting for various files.
* Added placeholder models for all rapiers.
* Remade Jedi placeholder armor model.
* Further tweaked car handling model.
* Decreased probability of rain.

2023-04-09 <a>
* Updated name formatting for various files.
* Tweaked textures for various placeholder armor textures.
* Implemented various equipment that were previously listed but unavailable. These are (note that these are mostly placeholders and might be replaced eventually):
- Viper (R3, Rating 157)
- Titan (R3, Rating 168)
- Serpentine (R3, Rating 179)
- Glorious (R5, Rating 220)
- Epitaph (R5, Rating 235)
- Sovereign (R6, Rating 252)
- Valiant (R7, Rating 288)
- Retribution (R7, Rating 288)
- Legends (R9, Rating 378)

2023-04-10 <a>
* Fixed invalid textures in various 3do files.
* Made various new generic models for lower level Wizard armors.
* Fixed invalid surface in generic Hybrid class armor model's left knee.

2023-04-11 <a>
* Replaced some generic Wizard armor models with new ones.
* Fixed all missing textures in armor models.

2023-04-13 <a>
* Made Viper armor slightly less harsh on the eyes.
* Made a generic model for lower-level Hybrid class armor.
* Added generic models for various armors for Warrior, Ranger, Rogue and Knight classes.

2023-04-14 <a>
* Items dropped by players upon death will no longer disappear, other dropped items will disappear after 150 seconds (previously was 120).

2023-04-15 <a>
* Reduced base casting time for Curse Poison skill from 0.8 to 0.6 seconds.
* Fixed minor issues with some armor models.

2023-04-23 <a>
* Added an extra color for Jaguar XJR.

2023-04-27 <a>
* Rewrote object passby sounds functionality when driving. This is now handled by HUD code rather than by the object's class cog. This means that decorative stationary objects will now have passby sounds as well.

2023-04-29 <a>
* Fixed minor issues with some armor models.
2023-08-27, 6:14 PM #65
2023-05-04 <a>
* Added light offset info for some car models.

2023-05-07 <a>
* Redid loops for some car engine sounds.
* Tweaked car handling, it is now possible to spin car again, intentionally or not. Oversteer has been made a bit harder to tame.

2023-05-15 <a>
* Fixed/tweaked stats for some cars.
* Tweaked textures for McLaren F1 GTR model.
* Finally, FINALLY fixed that very long standing issue of cars bouncing after landing, for real this time.
2023-08-27, 6:16 PM #66
2023-08-09 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level. Expanded certain areas, tweaked terrain in various regions.

2023-08-10 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level. Expanded certain areas, tweaked terrain in various regions.

2023-08-11 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level. Rebuilt Garojna Training Grounds region, tweaked ground textures, tweaked terrain in various regions.

2023-08-12 <a>
* [Experimental] Greatly boosted base critical attack power for all classes.
* Added various missing armor visuals.

2023-08-16 <a>
* Changed monsters at Garojna Training Grounds region.
* Fixed issue with car instability at low framerates.

2023-08-17 <a>
* Increased M.Attack boost for Superior Wizardry skill from 30% to 60%.
* Added new skill:
- Improved Magic (Inspector): [Passive] Boosts magic attack power by 13%.

2023-08-19 <a>
* Increased base damage for Shadow Blaze skill from 35 to 36.
* Fixed issue with Portal Stone/Portal Crystal sound not stopping when killed during use.
* Fixed issue which made 0 damage appear as a parry on floating text.

2023-08-20 <a>
* Worked on new monster handling and generation code, implemented drop generation. Added various monster IDs.
* Worked on The Trials level, replaced monster code for new version. Fixed Dead Archer monster being tagged as Stray Probe.
* Fixed issue with NPC nametags which made level 9 show as [09] instead of [9].

2023-08-22 <a>
* The ocean and Seal Towers are now visible in the horizon in New Argenia level.

2023-08-25 <a>
* Started rebuilding Lost Nest region in New Argenia level, changed monsters inside it.
* Monsters in Lost Nest region will now use new version of handling code.
* Fixed an issue with Region Handling code which made the last region to be registered invalid/unused.
* Lost Nest region in New Argenia level is now registered correctly.

2023-08-26 <a>
* [Experimental] Monsters can now spawn at any point inside it's creation radius around its home position point regardless if there's any objects or walls between them and the home position. This means monsters will now be spread more evenly in closed spaces.
* Static horizon/skybox objects (other than the sky itself) will no longer be rendered as level architecture so as to avoid rendering issues when not using JkGfxMod.
* [Experimental] Distant terrain in New Argenia level will now be rendered as a 3do object so as to mitigate visible popup effect.
* Fixed texture issue with Pioneer armor on male Rogue characters.
* Added new skill:
- Violent Energy (Enforcer): [Active] Gains energy through pain. Refills STA by taking away HP.

2023-08-27 <a>
* Fixed issue that allowed player to keep attacking while knocked down.
* Fixed issue which allowed player to "be killed" by skills that consume HP.
* Fixed issue with Enforcer Spirit Crusher skill at Rank 7.
* Added new skill:
- Violent Spirit (Enforcer): [Active] Gains spirit through pain. Refills MP by taking away HP.

2023-08-29 <a>
* Monsters will now stay a bit farther away from walls when roaming.
* Rewrote parts of Teleporter NPC code. Teleport costs are now set separately for each NPC instead of per location.
* Updated teleporter NPCs in Recife and Dreamland levels, added a Teleporter NPC to New Argenia level.
* Implemented "hard set" (ie. not randomized or generic) NPC names.
* Wrote JKGR text to UNI String text conversion code so that strings that exist in JKGR text format don't need to be added to jkstrings.uni.
* [Experimental] Changed scan addresses for JKGR Launcher, reducing loading times almost sevenfold. However, loading might be not always work.
2023-08-28, 2:53 AM #67
Awesome to see this still being worked on. The download links to the latest update assuming? None of the links work. If you can re post. Happy to try the updates out, and keep a copy as a back up. Will add to the other versions :-).
2023-08-28, 3:13 PM #68
I still work on it when I manage to find the time. It usually seems to coincide with me not being in a good enough mental state to focus on anything else, and it's nice to have something I can dump my mind into to stop me from overthinking.

Fixed the links :)
2023-09-08, 10:45 AM #69
2023-09-01 <a>
* Fixed Ascension (Immortal State) effect.

2023-09-07 <a>
* Tweaked stats for monsters in Lost Nest region.
* Added new car: Venturi Atlantique 400GT (131 in total).
* [Experimental] Improved tire grip for all car models by roughly 20%.
* Fixed issue with car downwards velocity after a jump.
* Fixed transparent walls in Lost Nest region.

2023-09-10 <a>
* Fixed minor issues with Argenarret Sanctuary level, tweaked some monster stats.
* Fixed incorrect spawn position in Argenarret Sanctuary level.

2023-09-13 <a>
* Started work on a new The Bend level with updated terrain and stuff.

2023-09-15 <a>
* Worked on new The Bend level, added Bent Wanderer and Bent Villager monsters.
* Fixed Weakness effect, was previously reducing M.Def when it should be reducing M.Atk

2023-09-16 <a>
* Worked on new The Bend level.
* Fixed slider in Inventory Menu tab.
* Added a flag for player models that shouldn't show up randomly, such as ones wearing certain outfits.
* Player model and class will now be randomized when starting a new singleplayer episode.
* Fixed multiplayer models.
* Sort of reimplemented some passive attributes (JK "Force Powers"). This functionality will be entirely replaced eventually.
* [Experimental] Rolling now requires player to be moving in the direction of the roll.

2023-09-17 <a>
* Fixed arrow Critical Hit particle colors.
* Critical Hit VFX will no longer appear if target resists or parries critical attack from a projectile.
* [Experimental] Decreased player jumping height substantially. More acrobatic moves will be added eventually.
* [Experimental] Reimplemented car camera FOV variation but with different values.
* [Experimental] Master is now able to move through servitors.

2023-09-18 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level. Partially rebuilt and optimized architecture around Dark Palace.

2023-09-21 <a>
* Reworked item drop sounds and certain monster soundclasses.
* Worked on Lost Nest region, expanded greatly, added new monsters.
* Properly reimplemented monster teams for new monster handling code.
* Worked on The Bend level.

2023-09-23 <a>
* Worked on Lost Nest region; added new monsters, added monsters to empty areas.

2023-09-24 <a>
* Tweaked stats and model for Royal Guard of the Nest monster.
* Worked on The Bend level.

2023-09-25 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level; expanded eastwards, tweaked overall terrain.

2023-09-26 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level.
* Worked on Argenarret Sanctuary level; changed some monsters and their stats in lower level.

2023-09-28 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level, significantly expanded terrain north and eastwards.
* Worked on The Bend level, added new monster to beach.
* Changed Combat Focus (Inspector) effects. Previously was Matk -5%, Crate +10%, Speed +10%; now is Matk -8%, Crate +12%, AtkSpd +8%. Will no longer consume MP over time.
* Added Quick Step skill for Inspector class.

2023-09-29 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level, significantly expanded terrain north and eastwards.
2023-10-04, 8:30 PM #70
2023-10-03 <a>
* Worked on New Argenia level.
* Ambient music will no longer play over driving music.
* Tweaked textures for Ferrari F50 model.

2023-10-04 <a>
* Changed engine sounds for some cars.

2023-10-05 <a>
* Leaving a car in motion is no longer possible.
* Gear skipping is now possible in cars with manual transmission.

2023-10-06 <a>
* Made dropped items twice as easy to pick up.

2023-10-08 <a>
* [Experimental] Added a failsafe to certain VFX code in an attempt to reduce occasional crashes.

2023-10-09 <a>
* Changed engine sounds for several car models.
* Tweaked textures and colors for The, Eternity, Ethereal and Hero of Argenia equipment.
* Changed textures and colors for Savior and Valiant equipment.
* Fixed issue with Starfall (Sorcerer) skill at Rank 9.

2023-10-10 <a>
* Changed textures and colors for Earth equipment.
* Bots that are in a group will now always try to stick close to the group leader and will not engage in combat unless them or the group is under attack.
* Reordered equipment ratings as follows:
- Epitaph: Rank 5, 235 Rating -> Rank 7, 288 Rating
- Valiant: Rank 7, 288 Rating -> Rank 5, 235 Rating
- Victory: Rank 7, 309 Rating -> Rank 7, 288 Rating
- Retribution: Rank 7, 288 Rating -> Rank 7, 309 Rating

2023-10-12 <a>
* Updated WWII Eastern Front levels, fixed various issues and improved performance greatly.
* Actually fixed issue with player not sliding down slopes that wasn't properly fixed in 2022-07-16.
* Tweaked bot group hunting and following AI, optimized and fixed issues with parts of code.
* Added missing visuals for various Sovereign, Glorious and Epitaph equipment.
* Changed textures and colors for Legends equipment.

2023-10-13 <a>
* Added icons for Epitaph, Valiant, Retribution and Glorious armors.
* Dark Power (Inquisitor) effect will no longer be turned off when out of Stamina.
* Changed physics flags for various monsters. Certain monsters are now capable of walking on walls (requires JK23-rev194 or newer patch)
* Renamed the following items:
- Light Armor -> Cotton Armor
- Light Weapon -> Wooden Weapon
- Leather Weapon -> Leather-clad Weapon
- Unholy Fragment -> Dark Ore
- [Dark Soul, Equinox, Seraph etc] Fragment -> [Dark Soul, Equinox, Seraph etc] Ore
* Added new items:
- Twisted Ore
- Shining Ore
- Venomous Fangs
- Poisonous Tissue

2023-10-14 <a>
* Completely rewrote stat modifier handling. This makes old saves unusable.
* Monsters in Argenarret Sanctuary lower level will now drop Dark Soul and Seraph gear instead of Equinox.
* Fixed issue with player's head being visible in first person view upon level startup and respawn.
* Tweaked textures and colors for Oblivion and Glorious equipment.
* Reordered equipment ratings as follows:
- Glorious: Rank 5, 220 Rating -> Rank 5, 235 Rating
* Renamed the following items:
- Earth Weapon/Armor -> Solar Weapon/Armor
- Titan Weapon/Armor -> Mystic Weapon/Armor
- Adept Weapon/Armor -> Crystal Weapon/Armor
- Serpentine Weapon/Armor -> Jade Weapon/Armor
- Glorious Weapon/Armor -> Hellfire Weapon/Armor
- Valiant Weapon/Armor -> Eclipse Weapon/Armor
- Weapon/Armor of Eternity -> Celestial Weapon/Armor
- Weapon/Armor of Legends -> Eternal Weapon/Armor

2023-10-15 <a>
* Fixed issue with renewing status effects that appeared on 2023-10-14.
* Added more slots for new thing data and stat values, most of which are still unused.
* Armor physical and magic defense multipliers are now two different attributes.
* Weapon/Armor item IDs will now match their equipment ID.
* Implemented item (mostly equipment) subtypes.
* Removed Weapon/Armor Pieces.
* Implemented Armor parts. Each part accounts for a portion of the armor set's total defense power. Previous Armor items are still valid and account for all parts in one. Independent parts still have no visuals. The parts are:
- Shirt: 40% pdef + 24% mdef
- Pants: 30% pdef + 18% mdef
- Boots: 14% pdef + 10% mdef
- Gloves: 12% pdef + 8% mdef
- Amulet: 4% pdef + 40% mdef

2023-10-16 <a>
* Implemented weapon item subtypes, which correspond to each weapon type. This means that weapons of any type can be worn by any class rather than being based solely on the wielder's class.
* Fixed issue which caused player to have no upper body when changing levels while untransformed and in third person view.
* Increased time before a dropped item is considered "public" from 5 to 10 seconds.
* Simplified and optimized in-game UI text writing.
* Changed item drops for various monsters.

2023-10-17 <a>
* Improved item-based weapon types implementation.
* Improved armor part implementation. Parts will now have correct visuals and appear independently if armor set is incomplete. Wearing all parts of the same set will give status bonuses. Built framework for item-based armor types.
* Improved thing decor optimization, will recreate things much quicker if player teleports.
* Optimized and improved various parts of code related to equipment handling.
* Changed sounds for equipment drops.

2023-10-18 <a>
* Implemented framework for helmets/hats/circlets and other visible headgear.
* Fixed issue with weapon model still appearing when player has no weapon equipped.
* Fixed player armor model when transforming while wearing an incomplete armor set.
* Fixed issue with skill not disappearing from skill bar when removed.
* Implemented drop rate multiplier for latest monster handling code.
* Fixed NPC dialogue text for new items.
* Fixed Handgun M.Atk modifier.

2023-10-19 <a>
* Fixed issue with weapon mesh appearing when changing equipment while untransformed.
* Fixed an issue which caused all classes to get Enforcer skills when transforming.
* Reduced unnecessarily large Heap size for certain text strings from 128 to 64.
* Updated monsters in Lost Nest region, added new ones.
* Updated monsters in Argenarret Sanctuary.
* Added missing icons for some new items.

2023-10-21 <a>
* [Experimental] Rewrote Data/Stat/Inventory/Skill handling cogs to use Heap entries instead of TimerEx params so as to avoid errors due to floating point imprecisions. Subtyped items are now properly handled by inventory handling cog. Additionally, in an unexpected but welcome side effect, the game now seems to much better handle a massive amount of bots.
* Fixed issue with monster level brackets for monsters below level 10.
* Fixed P.Atk multipliers for Staff and Magic Sword weapons.

2023-10-23 <a>
* Fixed issues with player turning animations when looking up/down, optimized code.
* [Experimental] Player will now have a 20% chance of being left-handed.
* [Experimental] Created an actor tracking cog which will keep track of movement for all active actors.
* [Experimental] Bot AI will now use actor tracking cog for following and searching for targets.
* Fixed assorted issues when changing slots in skill/item quick use bars.
* Fixed incomplete armor visuals at level startup.
* Updated monsters in Soulless Grotto region.

2023-10-24 <a>
* Rewrote autosaving system to use HeapLoad/HeapSave verbs implemented in QuibMask's CogExt patches. As a result, games will be loaded near-instantly, consistently and safely. Additionally, saves are now set for each Player profile. In turn, JKGR Launcher and its memory scan hacks are now obsolete and thus made non-functional.
* Increased update rate for bot body parts from 100ms to 33ms. Bot parts will no longer be updated if they're outside of view.
* Removed JKGR Launcher memory scan hacks, thus at this point it has become merely aesthetic and serves no real purpose.
* Reduced max number of actors handled by Global Data cog from 512 to 320 (JK's 256 AI limit + 64 "unique").
* Fixed duplicate last letter for certain bot/NPC names.
* Bots can now also be left-handed.

2023-10-25 <a>
* Made a "startup" level for the JKGR Campaign. It will attempt to load an existing save upon startup, and if it doesn't exist, will allow the player to pick a player model.
* Fixed minor issue with Armor equipment under certain conditions, fixed issue with Trainee Uniform auto-equipment from intro quest.
* Renamed difficulty levels from "Easy", "Medium" and "Hard" to "Casual", "Normal" and "Grind" respectively.
* "Casual" rates have been increased from 2x to 4x, while "Grind" rates have been decreased from 0.5x to 0.25x.
* Improved and optimized various on-camera VFX and HUD rendering.
* Fixed issue with player model after using scope.
* Optimized in-game UI text rendering.
* Removed unused UNI strings.
* Updated Trials level.

2023-10-27 <a>
* Fixed issue that made bots unable to go over steps when going after a group member.
* Optimized radar rendering.

2023-10-29 <a>
* Replaced various instances of ParseArg() with the SetThingPuppet()/SetThingSoundClass() verbs implemented in QuibMask's CogExt patches.
* Fixed issues with rates in Casual/Grind difficulty levels. Changed rates from 4x/0.25x to 5x/0.2x
* Randomized trader NPCs will now sell armor and weapon items with set types.
* Old weapon/armor parts will now be automatically replaced with new ones.
* Fixed item name strings for certain NPC dialogue.
* Further optimized UI text rendering a little.
* Fixed issues with HUD rendering.

2023-10-30 <a>
* Fixed issue with "character creation" level running twice if a savegame doesn't exist.
* Game will now only be saved if an attempt to load an existing save has been made. This means going into a level through debug mode "All Levels" option will no longer overwrite your save.
* Added proper-ish description for equipment items.

2023-10-31 <a>
* Mirrored roll animations for left-handed characters.
2023-11-19, 7:44 PM #71
2023-11-07 <a>
* References to static resources will now use bitwise operators. This should bring a completely unnoticeable speed up when loading models.
* Fixed incomplete armor sets being invisible unless looking straight at them.

2023-11-08 <a>
* Started but not yet implemented GRText to String conversion thanks to QuibMask's CogExt patches.

2023-11-10 <a>
* Optimized nametag and general floating text rendering.

2023-11-14 <a>
* Added "set inventory" function for global data handling.
* Fixed issue with actor animations after time stop. Non-actor things will also have their animations frozen.
* [Experimental] Added new cheat codes, thanks to QuibMask's CogExt patches:
- "mirrorme" Switches dominant hand
- "zawarudo" Freezes everything other than player for 5 seconds
- "roroikroiko" "Smell" skin, Lv81, Rank 8 Inspector with Liberator gear
- "darkroiatejj" Lv99, Rank 9, 100% XP
- "kovirajj [01-99]" Changes level/rank (not functional?)
- "garojna [param]" Changes class/spec (not functional?) Param is the three letters for a class + [optional] a or b for spec 1 or 2, as follows:
wara/warb (Warrior) Enforcer/Executioner
roga/rogb (Rogue) Assassin/Slayer
rana/ranb (Ranger) Sentinel/Shooter
mixa/mixb (Hybrid) Inspector/Inquisitor
wiza/wizb (Wizard) Sorcerer/Warlock
knia/knib (Knight) Guardian/Defender
jeda/jedb (Jedi) Knight/Consular

2023-11-15 <a>
* Optimized parts of jumping code, removed useless variables.
* Fixed issue with camera position when interacting with certain objects.
* Improved detection for certain vanilla cheat codes.
* Updated code for non-level-based drivable car.
* Fixed Critical Hit arrow FX.
* [Experimental] Added new cheat codes, thanks to QuibMask's CogExt patches:
- "badcompany [0-2]" Spawns a bot at player's location (not functional?) 0 makes them neutral, 1 makes them allied, 2 makes them an enemy; no value is random.
- "ineedspeed" Spawns a drivable car at player's location.
- "airhorn" Plays an airhorn sound effect.
- "moonwalking [0/1]" Enables/Disables low-gravity
- "bunnyhop [0/1]" Enables/Disables bunny hopping

2023-11-16 <a>
* Fixed Elixir item names.
* Improved "badcompany" cheat implementation.
* "darkroiatejj" cheat will now also give "The" gear.

2023-11-18 <a>
* Made progress and improved but not yet fully implemented GRText to jkString conversion.
* Fixed minor issue with difficulty rates not resetting correctly when changing player profiles.
* Renamed "Solar" Weapon/Armor (formerly "World" and "Earth" Weapon/Armor) to Weapon/Armor "of Nature".
* Renamed "Crystal" Weapon/Armor (formerly "Adept" Weapon/Armor) to Weapon/Armor "of Light".

2023-11-19 <a>
* UI Text is now based on actual jkStrings rather than the old GRText method, thanks to QuibMask's CogExt patches.
* Some NPC dialogue will now be drawn as on-screen text rather than jkStrings.
* Killing someone that is out of combat while in a war zone will no longer count as an out-of-combat kill.
* Fixed issue which caused neutral bots to treat each other as being in the same team.
* Fixed target detection inside war zones.
* Improved custom cheat code handling and detection.
* "airhorn" cheat will now accept a 0-9 param to make the sound effect play multiple times.
* "deeznuts" cheat will now accept a 01-99 param, same as "kovirajj". If no param is provided, it will function the same as before.
* Added new cheat codes:
- "warzone [0/1]" Enables MP Deathmatch style spawning. The whole level becomes a war zone while active, meaning there will be no penalties for dying or killing out of combat.
- "playerteam [-1-2]" Changes player's alignment.
- "paitaon [0-9]" Spawns bots randomly across the level. Accepts a 0-9 value to increase density of spawned bots.
- "paitaoff" Despawns all bots spawned via paitaon or badcompany.

2023-11-20 <a>
* Improved "Decoy" monster skill functionality.
* Optimized menu item/skill list and overall rendering.
* [Experimental] Improved bot roaming code. They will now go after adjoins when possible instead of just randomly moving around.
* Equipped armor parts will no longer drop upon death.

2023-11-21 <a>
* Updated Dark and Light Surge (formerly Weapon/Armor Upgrade) powerups. Will now respectively boost one's attack power and speed for 30 seconds when obtained.
* Fixed rare issues with Weapon/Skill/Effect functionalities caused by floating-point imprecision thanks to QuibMask's CogExt patches.
* Fixed rare issue with global data handling that caused player to sometimes incorrectly appear as if dead when loading a save.
* Added missing descriptions for all skills, tweaked description for some other skills to more specifically describe their effects.
* Increased page size for certain NPC dialogue screens from 7 to 9, updated Teleporter NPC dialogue.
* Fixed issue with armor visuals not changing correctly when removing parts of armor.
* Fixed incorrect values in descriptions for various status effects.
* Optimized some powerup code, fixed minor issues.
* Optimized parts of global data handling code.
* Optimized Magic/Rush-type skill data searching.

2023-11-22 <a>
* [Experimental] Changed text rendering method thanks to QuibMask's CogExt patches. Strings will now be rendered as a single thing instead of one thing per character, which should improve perfomance overall and functionality on older levels.
* Fixed a very goofy issue with Magic and Rush-type skills.
* Optimized various visual effects.

2023-11-23 <a>
* Improved generic human name generation.
* Increased power rating for all weapon and armor sets.

2023-11-24 <a>
* JKGR Launcher will now apply "-noThingLimit" switch as default.

2023-11-26 <a>
* New string rendering method will now only allow up to 128 unique text strings to be drawn at once, down from 1024.
* Fixed/improved item pickup code.

2023-11-27 <a>
* Improved bot roaming. They are now less likely to be stuck in empty corners.
* Fixed some issues with new string rendering method.

2023-11-28 <a>
* Tweaked bonuses for certain armor sets.
* Added armor set bonuses descriptions to armor parts.
* Fixed foley sound effect not playing when jumping.
* Optimized in-game menu rendering.
* Improved and optimized actor body part code. Player body parts will no longer use AI logic, actor body parts are now able to visually look up/down.
* [Experimental] Players and bots will no longer play turning/rotating animation.

2023-11-29 <a>
* [Experimental] Changed max HP/MP/STA for all classes. These will now increase with player's level.
* Players and actors will now correctly leave a transformation state once Unholy Points reach 0.
* Fixed visuals when switching weapons of a same type.
* Added/fixed visuals for various equipment.
* Fixed teleporter NPC dialogue.
* Added new cheat code:
- support [int param] Gives off support magic. Param is made of a two-digit number, the first being 1, 2 or 3 for Warrior, Wizard or Hybrid support respectively and the latter being 1 or 2 for Hunter or Duelist Might/Protection. Any other value will turn said buffs off.

2023-12-21, 4:34 PM #72
2023-12-02 <a>
* Attack animations will now be properly sped up with Attack Speed, thanks to QuibMask's CogExt patches.
* Fixed bot behavior caused by floating-point imprecision in levels with excessive thing count, thanks to QuibMask's CogExt patches.
* Added Attack Speed listing to Character Stats Menu.
* Fixed issue with bot excessive aggression.

2023-12-03 <a>
* Tweaked Argeni/Ojnai generic name list.
* Fixed HUD info when loading certain levels.
* Added missing visuals for various equipment.
* Slightly increased Attack/Casting Speed per-level scaling rate.
* Fixed damage and knockback rate of Lance and Staff type weapons.
* Decreased power of double attack for Two-Handed Sword and Lance type weapons.
* Improved "paitaon" cheat implementation. Will now spawn [param] amount of bots (to a maximum of 64) rather than going by level surface area/density.
* Improved "kovirajj"/"deeznuts" cheat implementation. If provided a parameter, "deeznuts" will now function the same as "kovirajj", otherwise will behave the same as in vanilla.
* Added new cheat codes:
- gimme [int ID] [int count] Gives [count] amount of the item with ID [ID].
- fixme Resets all stat modifiers, all equipment/state/buffs and debuffs need to be reapplied after use. Meant for debugging in case anything goes wrong with loading.

2023-12-07 <a>
* Optimized a bunch of Vector math thanks to QuibMask's CogExt patches.

2013-12-09 <a>
* Fixed Speed Surge powerup.
* Added new cheat:
- turnmeinto [int ID] Changes player model into one with that ID. ID is a integer value.

2023-12-12 <a>
* Tweaked stats and drop rates for certain monsters.
* Decreased base MP and STA levels for all classes.
* Tweaked generic name list, some randomized human last names will now make a bit more sense.

2023-12-14 <a>
* Lightning Cut and Triple Slasher skills will now be properly affected by user's Attack Speed.

2023-12-16 <a>
* Fixed armor set modifiers for Liberator and Perpetual gear.
* Added new cheat code:
- teachme [int state] [int ID] [int rank] Learns level [rank] of [ID] skill to transformation [state].
* Added new skill:
- True Sniper (Sentinel): [Toggle] Damage dealt is increased with distance. Running speed is decreased by 20% and MP is consumed while effect is active.
- Undying Will (Warrior): [Passive] Increases HP regen by 33%. When HP drops below 40%, all defenses are increased by 24%.
- Refuse Death (Warrior): [Passive] Refuses to die. When enough damage is received, becomes invulnerable for 15 seconds but all speed is reduced by 50% and all regeneration is halted.

2023-12-17 <a>
* Removed custom "wamprat" cheat code functionality.
* Fixed issues with Servitor Bomb, Spirit Cannon and True Sniper skills.
* Improved hit detection for Diving Lunge skill.
* Capped True Sniper damage increase at 100%.
* Fixed minor issue with stat update detection which caused things related to HP level/max HP to behave incorrectly.
* Added new cheat code:
- whatineed Gives useful consumable items based on player's class and rank.
* Changed command functionalities:
- teachme [int ID] [opt int rank] [opt int state] If not provided, rank and state will be the same as current.
- turnmeinto [int ID]/[string name] Now also accepts the names of certain characters instead of just IDs.

2023-12-18 <a>
* Tweaked Skill Use AI.

2023-12-19 <a>
* Fixed issue with "teachme" command parameter reading.
* Changing an actor's name property will now properly update their nametag.
* "Name" property will now accept negative values for preset, non-generic names.
* Certain console commands will now accept negative values.
* Changed command functionalities:
- badcompany [opt int team] [opt int class] [opt int modelID] [opt int nameID] Will now take various parameters.

2023-12-20 <a>
* Rebalanced stats for all classes.
* Optimized command parameter reading.
* Changed command functionalities:
- paitaon [opt int number] [opt int team] [opt int rank] Can now take a parameters for the team and level range for spawned bots.
- badcompany [opt int team] [opt int level] [opt int class] [opt int modelID] [opt int nameID] Will now take level as a parameter
* Added new commands:
- playsong [song ID] Plays a looping, ambient song.
- begone Despawns last spawned bot.
- topfive [opt param] Prints a top 5 of actors with the most of a certain stat, as follows:
topfive kills (default) Most combat kills
topfive deaths Most combat deaths
topfive pve Most monster kills
topfive pk Most out-of-combat kills
topfive fame Highest fame
topfive level/lv Highest level

2023-12-21 <a>
* Tweaked per-level stat scaling.
* Added/changed icons for the following skills: True Sniper, Death Mark, Death Mark Consumption, Spirit Wound, Spirit Crash
* Servitor Command and Servitor Bomb skills can no longer be used if no servitor is present.
* Inquisitor bots will now prioritize Servitor Bomb skill over Shadow Blast.
* Added new skills:
- Spirit Wound (Inspector): [Attack/Debuff] Deals heavy magic damage to a target by shattering their spirit.
- Spirit Crash (Inspector): [Attack] Crashes an enemy's shattered spirit, dealing massive magic damage and launching them into the air.

2023-12-28 <a>
* "begone" command will now name the bot that was despawned and the next one in line.

2023-12-31 <a>
* Fixed icon for True Sniper skill.
* Tweaked downforce figures for certain car models, fixed downforce for McLaren F1 GTR '95.
* Guard NPCs will now have their name property set correctly.
2024-01-03, 4:08 PM #73
2024-01-01 <a>
* Fixed issue with AI car brake lights.
* Fixed issue with animation speed scaling for monsters and other non-player actors.
* Optimized car skidmark generation.
* Certain decals and other long-term VFX will now be flagged accordingly.
* Added new command:
- cleanup Removes all decals and other long term VFX

2024-01-02 <a>
* Car body shake will now be correctly scaled according to FPS.
* Finally fixed player's body disappearing after death, for real this time.
* Decreased base HP/MP/STA cost for all actions by roughly 7%.

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