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ForumsShowcase → How many colormaps can JK manage?
How many colormaps can JK manage?
2022-05-26, 1:10 AM #1
At least 90! :D

So it turns out that none of the CMP programs out there correctly does the tint effect as seen in 01red.cmp or 01yellow.cmp and some time ago I managed to figure out how to write all these details into a CMP properly, and made a tool for all to use!

Now... Who has the power to post this to Programs?

/Edward's Caffeinated Hazards
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Edward's Cognative Hazards
2022-05-26, 11:37 AM #2
I have the power to do that. I will get to it soon. Any chance you can post that animation here that you put in Discord? I'd like to put it in the news announcement. Thank you!!
2022-05-26, 11:51 AM #3
Sorry, don't know how to play this video :(
Edward's Cognative Hazards
2022-08-01, 6:02 PM #4
OMG is that JK?!

No, but seriously, nice work. This would have been so cool if we had this 20 years ago.
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