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ai is advancing!
2022-08-30, 5:39 AM #1
showing off some of my fun little projects.

bartender ai who cant focus ahah, work in progress. hope to expand it to all other civilians and some enemies (ive seen some funny stuff happen)

this is teasing the funny easter eggs youll find if you time conversations with npcs (lacking any.. ahem animations atm)
2022-08-30, 12:47 PM #2
Haha nice. I don't understand the first one but the second one is great!
2022-08-30, 1:57 PM #3
Haha, i didn't mean to record it but it turned out funny. i turned the bartender into a camera to watch how he interacts with players and npcs. if maybe explained what i was doing it would make sense but i wasnt recording.

basically i was seeing how they'd interact with each other..
2022-08-31, 12:10 AM #4
seems like things are gearing up.. they have learned how to jump... they seem to LOVE the windows in opening bar, ill see em jumping around its soooo funny.

2022-08-31, 10:33 PM #5
i like the idea to add more life to NPCs :ninja:
2022-09-01, 2:29 PM #6
yes hehe its been fun! each character will have 1-2 different way you can interact with aka for example:

the little red r5 units.. if you put your guns away, and 'use' the droid, it will possible throw a health pack at you, or will spark and smoke and spin its head and go "aaeeeeeeeee" lol.. if you try too many times, hell die. so its a balance of do i kill this droid to live? cause it will probably be following you around beeping and booping. how could you? :P

2022-09-01, 2:38 PM #7
That's so great! hahaha
2022-09-03, 3:48 AM #8
non modded jk up in here

im atttemping to recreate some of the cutscenes too btw :)

edit.. ok, its living hell trying to upload a photo on this forum lol (not sure how to delete the thumbnail

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