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ForumsShowcase → "The Ninja and the Samurai" (473 words)
"The Ninja and the Samurai" (473 words)
2023-04-24, 6:36 AM #1
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The Ninja and the Samurai

$NAME1, in this version of reality called Max, was a just as cunning a General as his best friend $NAME2 was ruthless. They first had trained via psy-induction to be a ninja; the second – a samurai. They led the war on the alien ant bastards from the front lines, MK-8 laser carbines in hand, sweat down their brows and smell of ion in the air, life or death every fight. It was the second day of their foray into enemy territory. Auburn leaves smelled of gasoline and burnt rubber, the forest, the magical, mystical forest on fire from three sides: they were trying to burn the queen out of her layer, make her move towards the human fortified positions.

“How many men you’ve got left, bro?” Max asked Lucian over his wristcomp.

“Thirty two.”

“I’ve got fifty. Intel says the ants are dug in deep. Let’s strike them from both flanks. I’ll take the North, you – the South.”


The attack failed. And so, the last hope of a counter-offensive against the aliens who had but wiped out humanity died along Lucian’s and Max’s men.

“Don’t worry,” Lucian said, nursing a plasma burn wound on his shoulder. “I’ve got a plan.”


“It works the same way as a psy-inductor, only in reverse,” $NAME2 said. The AI- assisted code uploads our consciousness instead of downloading information into it. We wrote the code in Budapest and built the hardware in Tokyo. The Japanese know the worth of quality.”

“What hardware?” $NAME1 asked.

“This,” Lucian said, and pointed at the wall, to a device crudely shaped like skull & bones arranged like a Jolly Roger. He took one of the “bones” and connected it to his wristcomp with a QSB cable. He gave the second bone to Max.

“This is just the interface, of course. The actual supercomputer is 3,000 feet underground. Buried and sealed, so the damn giant ants would never get it.”

“Talking about which,” Max said, “All our defenses have been breached. We’re about to die, my friend.”

“Life is life.”

“And death is death.”

“Okay, turn it on.”

“But what does it do?”

“Well, within the supercomputer, with processing speed limited only by the speed of light, a new world would be born. It will be born out of our suffering. Out of the rebirths of me and you, countless times and forever. We will be dogs, doves, we will be atoms, we will be stars. We will be ants. But in the end, there won’t be any alien ****ing ants in our universe. And even if there would be, so what? We, 0’s and 1’s, will be in control of all creation. Everyone else will speak the language of the slaves.

“All right, bro,” $NAME1 said. “Who else but us?”

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