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just a poem...
2023-04-24, 5:49 PM #1
Explosions of feelings
Craters of doubts
Many boys fell
To your beautiful eyes
Your pierced brow
Kisses, lips
Love that you promised
In which you believed
You are so special
Like no one I've met
Like no one I'll meet
My need for you dulled
But I love you the same
I will find fame
You know that I will
You always believed
All that you'll do
Is be happy for me
With another;
Don't bother
You've given me all
In exchange you got me
All my flaws were exposed
You melted me down
I will have girls, sex, maybe even I'll love
Just want you to know
That for me, there'll be never another
You're in my heart
Forever, my dear
You body, your soul
Open hips, breasts, tenderness, lust
To my burning desire
I'd spank you, I'd grab your blonde hair
I'd be rough, I'd be gentle, you know that I can
You've set me on fire
For you will burn
For the rest of my days
You are exceptional
My gravitation
Whoever you're with
I don't care
I do
You're not with me
It is sad, but I hope; I am a writer
Hope's all I have
Hope and wild dreams
When I'm dreaming of you

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