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2023-11-21, 8:53 AM #1
I haven't really posted before, and I haven't shared this outside of the Massassi Discord server over the last few years, but I figured I'd share here finally. :v:

Essentially it's a custom engine/editor, with a GPU ray tracing/rasterizing hybrid render backend. I started moving towards pure ray tracing but the project is currently on hold while I work out a new framework.

The engine supports COG, and a very barebones start to some physics and game logic.

The renderer works entirely in 8-bit (personal stylistic thing), but supports all mat formats via custom bindless texture system, with native support for the mat format (bm and sft todo). Animation isn't implemented, but hierarchy and all that are. A few formats were extended like CMP to provide different blend tables as well as fog and a reverse-lookup table to turn RGB into palette indices quickly.

An irradiance volume grid is place around levels to generate some lighting. This was way faster than a screen trace, but I might revisit that now that I have a proper dev PC. The ray tracer can sample full materials, or just their color value (for less noise/brighter GI). You can control the emissive of a material by changing its color (ex. in Mat Master). For non-indexed materials I don't have a setup yet, but surface extra light etc can be used instead.

It also supports mirror reflections for selected surfaces. :hist101:

Screenshots taken on an integrated Ryzen APU, so no DGPU. Hopefully the jpg compression doesn't ruin them!

I'll share some other stuff in follow up posts.

At some point I may take what I have and integrate it to OpenJKDF2 and further develop it, so that we can have native JK with this stuff, but it's not on my immediate todo list as of right now.

Edit: I'll figure out this embed issue eventually lol sorry!!
Edit 2: Nvm I'm just dumb showing images was a checkbox in my settings
2023-11-21, 12:24 PM #2
Here's a few untextured pics, to show the GI, as well as the solid color representation from the mat files (same idea as the color-only mode in the debug options in vanilla JK).

Also a teaser of the editor, which has undergone several redesigns and refactors, so it's not representative but still fun to see. :v:

This is one of my fav maps to test on because of how well it works, and how it has its own palette. I had to customize the materials to include valid emissive colors.

Unfortunately the image quality on the forums is pretty abysmal. Oh wellll

2023-11-22, 11:05 PM #3
Looks swell, and congrats for the SotD!
Star Wars: TODOA | DXN - Deus Ex: Nihilum
2023-11-23, 8:06 AM #4
Thanksies! I'm surprised!

It can also do stuff like ray-traced shadows for sunlight:

And like I said, reflections, which look kinda cool on the storm troopers hehe

It's not used on water yet, because I need to add some normal mapping stuff to the material system to make it not look like a mirror. But it's on my (very lengthy) todo list.

Unfortunately my render backend isn't working on my new GPU, looks like I messed something up and it's not portable. So gotta fix all that before I can really take new pics. :downswords:

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