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  1. Got Bored. Made a Duel. WIP. 75% Done. Hooray.
  2. Anchorhead Cantina and other shots (HSC)
  3. YT-1300
  4. Since you voted it LotW... [DFLT retexured]
  5. Its been a while, so....
  6. WIP it! WIP it good!
  7. New Animations in JO (For real this time)!
  8. DFLT.hehe
  9. "No one has made it to the surface yet..."
  10. I am barrel-humper!
  11. Make an 'S', then another, more different 'S'
  12. The Massassi Temple.......3?
  13. spacey shippy part..um..3
  14. Just shut up and click me. Go on.
  15. scorched earth
  16. is it normal for poop to glow green and hum?
  17. This just shouldn't happen to a giant squid god...
  18. You want atmosphere? I'll give you atmosphere!
  19. photoshop + blender = me + boredom
  20. Chateau (Matrix Reloaded)
  21. Just one...
  22. Showcasing some new textures
  23. Sliger's Pub
  24. Sword! (Untextured)
  25. Mintendo!
  26. Showcasing textures
  27. More rats.
  28. Max Rebo skin
  29. Blargh!!!
  30. Home Sweet Home
  31. Old JK gone 12-some years later
  32. Can you tell I'm out of school yet?? : )
  33. It's a snake... yeah, a snake...
  34. Mainly for Mano. But others as well...
  35. You know, I haven't shown it here yet
  36. *wheez*
  37. My Game
  38. Not JK-related, but a shameless plug for XWA:
  39. The dawn of a new age, but posted at night!
  40. Qué Bonita!
  41. WTFomgCazorstopwithallthemaps
  42. Well, I guess there's no point now... but I made a Smaug too.
  43. The Ugly Organ
  44. A third topic for another Splinter-Cellish thingy
  45. Is he mad enough to do the same level six times?
  46. Nar Shaddaa
  47. Gimpland
  48. Just to keep your appetite up..
  49. A tad bit of concept art.
  50. Yea...Its JKEdit....Why?
  51. face..
  52. listen... do you smell that?
  53. FanFilm Concept Art
  54. Drawings
  55. vroom vroom.
  56. BFM
  57. Check out this .gif I made (warning 56kers)
  58. I enjoy long walks on the beach, dancing, and hacking stormtroopers into little bits
  59. I'm gonna cut you, Part XVII.
  60. Wrraaaaarr...
  61. Gonk is better than me...
  62. I'm gonna cut you, Matrix style.
  63. Alsha
  64. Hotel California
  65. "'Brown', that's an unusual name. What is it, Bull**itnese?"
  66. 2d non-digital art (big)
  67. Adding Music to Laboratory
  68. Skarr Crystal lives to see an update! (JOSP)
  69. Power hath decended forth from thy hand so our feet may swiftly carry out thy command
  70. Is that a vertex or are you just happy to see me?
  71. Rome wasn't built in a day...
  72. Music
  73. Drum n Bass track
  74. Just found this.... Released for everyone! Feel free to use!
  75. Let me show you what I learned in Basic Training...
  76. Got bored in history class...
  77. Purgatory
  78. what are those?
  79. Nothing Beautiful Ever Lasts
  80. Modified Bryar
  81. Physics!
  82. Revolutionary 3D engine!
  83. How do i post a ScreenShot?
  84. Senior Image
  85. The Great Nels Llendo!
  86. Concrete: Why do I even try?
  87. My latest saberdesign
  88. looks like rain *gets shot*
  89. "With this flying fortress we shall topple both the Republic and the Vong!"
  90. HD Wiped. Started lava again from scratch.
  91. Tatooine Morning
  92. River Running
  93. I lost my keys...
  94. Walk the streets beneath the shadows
  95. How far does the rabbit hole go?
  96. Imperial Blue (DeskTop 1024X768)
  97. Witness the future of PC cooling systems!
  98. Corrupted Paths (JO SP)
  99. Ooooh...it's so big!
  100. Don't look at it! It's hideous!
  101. The self proclaimed master of image editing returns...
  102. a break from 3d...
  103. Hell has froze over. PARTY AT MY HOUSE!
  104. Wookie village 2
  105. Return of the Desktop - V.2 - Now in Purple! (1024x768)
  106. My Life's Autobiography
  107. Where o where!
  108. Burnination the countryside...
  109. Now that's one hot skinny...
  110. Pretty Rusty..
  111. fancy a quicky?
  112. Hopefully a "good" Neo skin...
  113. Revenge at Scythe Tower showcase, JK SP
  114. maybe i should stick to one map.....
  115. Spin, spin... SPIN SPIN spiN, spin... SPINSPINSPI....n
  116. OoOo... Lava
  117. Dawn Of A Downfall (MotS)
  118. Something other than the stupid neo skin...
  119. Never fear, the sphere is here!
  120. Webcomic
  121. From the ashes of death rises new life.
  122. Bryce 5 Pictures...
  123. pretzels R guud
  124. Glomph!
  125. "It is a game! It is only a game!"
  126. Cheese smells so good on a burnt piece of lamb.
  127. 'Cause all we were is nothing...
  128. OW HOT!!!
  129. is it hot in here?
  130. I will stab yee!
  131. Laboratory : Trailer (Released)
  132. Who said JK couldn't do good outdoor archi? (lots of screenies)
  133. Player Model
  134. I'm happy.
  135. Yeah, so be afraid, or something.
  136. Imperator
  137. Freehand art: Necromancer + Skeleton Army
  138. Is it Techno, or Grunge....
  139. Imprisonment
  140. He's got big balls...and she's got big balls...
  141. Burn, Baby Burn...
  142. OMG, what did he do now!?
  143. if you want to take a look...
  144. 66 Files all for 6 Pages of work...
  145. Stick Jedi
  146. One, two, check to the people in the back...
  147. I need of a.....
  148. a break from editing...
  149. Life of a Merchant II: Title Unknown
  150. Another thing, but you can test this one out for yourself
  151. He apparently tripped and fell on his knife... 7 times...
  152. New hoth level I started for MotS
  153. Hey looky it glows!
  154. The Tower of Darkness
  155. Shopping Cart of DOOM!
  156. For only $27.99 a month, you too can have your own camel caravan!
  157. Hutt Caravel
  158. "Open the Pod Bay door, Hal."
  159. Like a moth to a flame...
  160. WHIRLYgig!
  161. new project...
  162. Monterey, CA (Large images)
  163. How Far Does It REALLY Go? (Warning 56kers)
  164. Just got my website up and want some feedback
  165. Ooo, Soooo close to HOM...
  166. MVI Shark Light Scout.
  167. Pillar from Moria
  168. Airship part 2
  169. Remember that thing I was making?
  170. Bespin showcaste
  171. We need some fanfiction for once. Matrix, perhaps?
  172. Boom!! ah!....... *splat*
  173. Naboo
  174. If the mountain defeats you...
  175. prelims of my lvl
  176. oh snap my lavalamp leaked all over the place
  177. Any Improvement?
  178. Floating rocks + hellish sky + shiny red crystals = Dark Tempest 7
  179. 'She didn't send pros like us out on blue milk runs like this"...
  180. Miranda Island... back from the dead?
  181. What happens when Snoop Dogg gets behind the camera?
  182. Rats! They don't compare...
  183. back to the future..
  184. Colosseum version 1.0 Released (SP)
  185. I have yet to get beyond this frickin' room...
  186. The Epic Saber System
  187. *dodge*
  188. So I got bored, and I got 3DS Max.
  189. The N00bs...
  190. lazy comics, self defense for nerds.
  191. raar i will eat u
  192. Goggles and more goggles.
  193. It's horny!
  194. Life of Grismath pt. 1 Open Beta
  195. A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido
  196. Tonight.....on McGyver...McGyver...MCGYVER!
  197. More from Corrupted Paths
  198. First Skin - Grandmoff Tarkin
  199. My Life for Aiur
  200. Status: Not dead... yet.
  201. Beer hat's kick *** ...
  202. worth finshing?
  203. Please do not walk on the grass.
  204. Remember this map?
  205. My first attempt at a flash mini-game
  206. The incredibly buggy Dark Tempest 8!
  207. News from UR
  208. Hmm, Boredom + Canyon Oasis =
  209. I know what you're thinking...
  210. Life of a Merchant II: A Time of Trouble
  211. The Second Time Around
  212. Superman takes the gloves off...
  213. Yes.. more from Laboratory...
  214. Meh.
  215. JediWannaBe's New Comic Strip
  216. Where do you think you're going, SOLDIER?
  217. New TC Mod
  218. Some glass and concrete... and rats...
  219. Tempête noire huit (new shots!)
  220. It's a fork. Really.
  221. It's wood!
  222. "Neo, no one's ever done this before." "Why the **** not?"
  223. Oh no... I broke my wookiee, or is it wookie? I give up.
  224. A *new* 3do viewing program?!
  225. Does anybody get this?
  226. My first attemp at a music video...
  227. Aaron....for god's sake get a life
  228. Which snow?
  229. Matrixy
  230. I give you... waba, EVIL SPACE TSAR! (from space)
  231. DF2E Sariss
  232. Something I can actually showcase
  233. Ive got frost bite!
  234. as i sit here, broken hearted...
  235. Need opinions
  236. The definition of ambitious...
  237. Mutalisk?
  238. JK CTF is back!
  239. Longest.Gun.Ever.
  240. Old gone and SR-9 again, plus bonus little number thing
  241. No shot for you!
  242. She walks through an open door...
  243. shouldn't have said that....
  244. Jedi Knight Boss levels for Jedi Outcast
  245. Neo... Out of all the weapons on the wall...
  246. OH NO!!! I am wearing a red shirt!!!
  247. Moi oi!
  248. First 3do in like... 2 years
  249. Guns. Lots of guns.
  250. I swear it's funny...