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10-29-2000, 03:38 PM
I'm looking for somebody to work a few great cogs for me. I am trying to achieve an effect of a starfighter dogfight (in SP). You are in one of the fighters, mind you. I need you to turn to face a new angle as you go down and up (accordingly). Also, your shields must be constantly recharging at a steady rate. That's what I need for the walkplayer.

I also need 2 weapon cogs.

Weapon 1- Laser Cannon: I just simply need it to work like a regular gun. The only difference is it need to constantly be recharging at a steady rate.

Weapon 2- Ion Cannon: Needs to also recharge at a steady rate. This one needs to stop an enemy's movement and firing abilities.

And I need 1 other cog. it should remove all items and weapons from the player.

Whoever writes these cogs for me will get very VERY big credit. Essentially, credit for the whole level, because Archy is just a huge box sky matted. The level is pretty much all cog. (No, this isn't a single level releas,e don't worry, this is just one level from DR)

Thanks again

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10-30-2000, 11:18 AM
I can try, if it's for JK it will be neccessary to use different keys, but if it's for MOTS (which I can't load) then you can use Player Actions, email me if you want help with this at jaggedconscience@hotmail.com

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