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This is the story of Yun, a young force adept boy to whom the universe had no mercy, from a certain point of view. The tale begins on the planet of Nal Hutta during the time of the fall of the Empire....

It is a dark night. The planet is cold. Winds are ravaging against the swathy, curved buildings that serve as homes for the Hutts, as dark creatures scury about the ground. But then Nal Hutta never was known for its planetary beauty. The streets of the populated city, Boon' Ishta are completely deserted. Except for one person. A woman, dark in complexion and even darker in thought runs through the streets at a harried pace.

(Crapola, gotta go! I WILL continue this later.... I have something cool in mind.. so I'd appreciate if u didn't continue this on... yet....)

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Emissary from the third dimension

10-09-1999, 10:25 AM
The woman is running very quickly, obviously frightened. She trips on a loose plate of the durasteel street, the package she was carrying goes tumbling forward. She looks behind her, and only manages to emit as stifled "No!" before she is silenced in an enveloping red glow. The package, laying on the cold, hard durasteel, is picked up, sopping wet from the rain. Inside is a small child, no more than a month or two old. The cold, hard, soulless eyes that look down upon it are uncaring. But, a crude smile forms on the lips below them. "You are mine now, little child. Let us leave this disgusting planet. I have what I came for."
Truly, Jerec, Dark Disciple of the Sith, secret apprentice to Darth Vader, had what he came for.
15 year later...

(Feel free to continue this if you want... also feel free to add some background to what has happened in my last two posts.)

[oh yeah also, for drama's sake, write the rest in past tense... see what I mean?]

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10-11-1999, 01:29 AM
Pain, Hatred, Agression. These were the elements that Jerec forced upon the mind of the young child which clutched to his training stick. The remote in front of him bobbed slowly back and forth, as if somehow teasing the black-haired youth with a mocking dance. The pocked surface of the grey sphere turned and swiveled, continuously turning a new eye to face the frustrated lad. The boy's eyes were locked intently onto the remote; his mouth turned down at the corners. His arm still ached where the stun bolt had struck him only a few moments ago, and frustration's sweat was starting to dampen his cropped black hair.
The boy waited for the remote to stop its dance, and then plunged forward - his eyes watered and his muscles aching. He flailed at the sphere with his mock-lightsaber, missing by nearly a meter as it cleanly hissed to the side and sent another steaming bolt into its adversary.
The bolt connected to a tendon on the back of the boy's leg, and the youth buckled and collapsed under the pain.

10-11-1999, 05:20 PM
Jerec, watching from the shadows of the training room aboard the Super Star Destroyer Renegade, smiled.

"You cannot defeat your enemy if you do not let go of what makes you weak.", the dark lord said.

"I know, master. I just can't do it! I can't release myself in the way in which you require... I'm a failure...", the boy said, shivering.

"FOOL! Have I not told you never to back down from a challenge? Look at you, pathetic, cold, sniveling fool. I could destroy you in an instant. And what could you do to stop me?", Jerec said, a smile forming below his hollow sockets in the dark recesses of the training room.

"I...... I......", the boy wavered for a moment, "I can do this!"

Instantly, Yun's hand lept out and beckoned a lightsaber to fly off the rack on the wall. Igniting in midair, it flew into yun's hand in a brilliant yellow arc.

"Ha!" Jerec cried, as he ignited his own blood red saber.

The two parried and back and forth, and sweat began to form on Yun's brow. He was focusing on nothing other than defeating Jerec, his cruel master. He was not his father! What right did he have to talk to him like this? Yun's anger was beginning to flow through him like an inhalation of spice.

A slash, parry, slash, Jerec countered every blow the boy had to offer, and more. Jerec laid a hard semi circle arc on the boy's saber and he flew back, as Jerec's saber dashed through his elbow. Wincing in pain, Yun slunched to the floor.

"Pathetic creature." Jerec said in a tone devoid of all emotion.

"I,,,, I HATE YOU!!!! I'll get you Jerec! You may have saved me once, but it doesn't matter anymore! I,,,, I HATE YOU!!" Yun cried, breaking down into a sob of tears and cries of unrelenting hatred.

Jerec walked out of the training room, leaving Yun to himself, crumpled on the floor. Jerec allowed himself another smile as he the door slammed behind him.

(Feel free to continue this guys!)

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10-12-1999, 02:18 AM
The boy continued sobbing at the center of the training ring, his anger still hot in his mind. His limbs were tense and his forhead tight, revealing small veins which were seemingly ready to burst.
From the opposite side of the ring where his master had left, another door opened smoothly and easily upon its hinges. Looking much like a hatch, the circular door rested gaped open and let a circle of light penetrate the outer darkness of the ring. A cloaked figure stepped through, smaller in stature than Jerec, but still larger than the boy. The figure ignored the weeping child and instead crossed the room and picked up the training rod and the discarded lightsaber. The lightsaber was returned to its mounting hooks on the wall, but the rod remained in the gloved hands of the newcomer. The rods repulse field was activated, and the training stick jumped to life with a lightsaber-like hum. The training drone, upon recognizing the reactivation of its counterpart, again danced back and forth in the air. The cloaked figure nimbly stepped over the boy and attacked the sphere. The floating ball fired several shots into its attacker, all of which were expertly reflected away by the wielder of its counterpart. Realizing the skill of its new opponent, the sphere jumped across the room wildly, sending a continuous stream of stun bolts hissing through the air. The knives of energy, however, found no opponent, only the opposite wall of the training ring. The floating ball hesitated while its sensors tried to reacquaint itself with the location of its adversary. But the moment of hesitation was enough for the cloaked figure to slap the remote from the air, send it spinning through across the training ring, and exploding into metallic splinters as it struck the durasteel panels of the far wall. The room quieted as the figure deactivated the repulse field of the rod. The figure went to the center of the ring, where the boy no longer sobbed, but only stared at the floor. The cloaked figure offered a gloved hand to the boy, who only looked at it in disgust.
"I hate it when you do that." The boy said simply.
The figure pushed back the hood of the cloak to reveal porcelain skin and long, tied back blonde hair. Her mouth twisted into a wry smile. "You focus too much on the actual remote and too little on the energy around the remote. Release your anger. Focus less on the physical and more on the spiritual. Observation and detection are as much your tools as the lightsaber in your hand. Remember that, Yun."
He stood up, pushed a hand through his black hair and let a smile creep onto his face. "I guess I just don't get it."
Sariss patted the back of his head as they walked back towards the open doorway. "You will, Yun, you will. And when you do you will be able to handle twenty of those remotes if you want to."