View Full Version : Command Lines?

03-31-2002, 11:04 PM
Anyone know what the list of commands is for the Command Prompt (shift+~) or where I can look them up?

General Veers
03-31-2002, 11:14 PM
This can be done from ANY LEVEL In the Single-Player and Multi-Player Game.
Simply, Bring down the console with SHIFT + ~
Then type NPC Spawn ______
Here are ones I have tried which spawn people who FOLLOW you aswell as fight any enemies you run into.
Npc Spawn Luke -Spawns Luke with his Lightsaber who does some really sweet moves to kill enemies.
Npc Spawn Rebel -Your standard Rebel Trooper with Blaster Rifle who follows you around and shoots badguys.
Npc Spawn Lando -Lando follows you and attacks enemies
Npc Spawn Jedi -This spawns a Kyle Kartarn who follows you around and uses a Yellow Lightsaber agianst enemies.
Npc Spawn stormtrooper -Your usual Stormtrooper
NOW THERE ARE MANY OTHER People you can spawn.

Effect Code
God mode god
No clipping mode noclip
Disable enemy AI notarget
Suicide kill
All weapons and maximum health and armor give all
Full health give health
Full armor give armor
Full ammunition give ammo
Spawn indicated weapon give weaponnum <weapon number>
Level select map <level name>
Spawn indicated item spawn <item name>
Drive AT-ST in third person view drive_atst
Destroy all AT-STs1 use atst_death
Crash game fly_xwing
999 health undying
Screenshot, without console window levelshot
Screenshot, including console window screenshot
Wireframe display r_showtris !
Place camera at indicated coordinates setviewpos <x> <y> <z> <yaw>
Use Force Heal ability force_heal
Set Force Jump level setforcejump <1-3>
Set Force Heal level setforceheal <1-3>
Set Force Push level setforcepush <1-3>
Set Force Pull level setforcepull <1-3>
Set Force Speed level setforcespeed <1-3>
Set Force Grip level setforcegrip <1-3>
Set Force Lightning level setforcelightning <1-3>
Set Force level for all abilities setforceall <1-3>
Set lightsaber throw level setsaberthrow <1-3>
Set lightsaber offensive level setsaberoffense <1-3>
Set lightsaber defensive level setsaberdefense <1-3>
Set lightsaber color sabercolor <red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or purple>
Disable lightsaber dismemberment g_dismemberProbabilities 0
Enable lightsaber dismemberment, only if "ui_iscensored = 0" in configuration g_dismemberment 1
Max Payne-style bullettime thereisnospoon
Kill all NPCs npc kill all
Kyle taunts taunt
Kyle does victory pose victory
Unknown com_speeds !
Unknown r_speeds !
Reveal where indicated entity is located where <classname>
Unknown give force
Unknown give inventory
Unknown give batteries
Unknown give weapons
Unknown give eweaps
Unknown nav
Unknown control <NPC name>
Unknown exitview
Unknown setobjective <objective number> <display status> <status>
Unknown viewobjective <objective number>
Level names:
Use one of the following entries with the map code.

Does that help?