View Full Version : Recruiting a modeler with Quake 3 experience..

04-04-2002, 06:57 PM
Hey, I'm working on a mod for JO right now, called "Wraith squadron" (but we plan to find a better name) and we are looking for a modeler with experience in Quake 3 or possibly Half-Life.

Right now our team is of limited size, because we did not want to start any external recruiting untill the JK2 SDK was released. The team right now consists of Me (Coder / Designer / mod leader), my Friend Gryphon (Web Master and Design concepts), my Friend Rex (Modeler) and a few other people that have shown interests in mapping and other areas.

Right now, my need is to find someone with experience with the Quake 3 engine. Because Rex is a really tallented modeler/skinner, but he has never learned how to implement those models into a game/mod.

We are looking for someone with experience with the Quake 3 engine (possibly some other similar game) that knows the proccess of Animation and other actions that will allow us to put his stuff into the game.

Now, "what's the mod about"? We are modding JK2 into an X-Wing Alliance style game. There will be many improvements with the controlls (such as engine balance), and allot of cool special effects (Ship Gibbage on distruction and destroyable parts of your craft). There will be planetary attack missions, and it will be possible to leave your ship and run around on foot (whether it be on a planet, or in a Capitol ship) and get into gun wells or raid a cargo ship. Basically everything that you wanted to do in XWA that you couldn't, with better graphics and less lag (missles will cause virtually no lag now).

If you are interested in helping model, or have experience with the Quake 3 engine please e-mail me at fts_proctor@hotmail.com or drop us a line on the forums our temporary site http://members.rogers.com/wraith-squadron/ (the name is just a working name, we are brainstorming a better one)