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Note to reader, I have HS level C++ skill, ONLY, they wouldn't let me take it at the College level because of my math score on the little dumb test they had. Apparently 620 on the SAT is not enough to be a CS minor. I cannot do this alone.

There are at the time of AotC, 7 different Lightsaber combat techniques. You know this if you have been following the spoilers a little bit, as T-bone had an article on it a little while ago.

Each form has it's own strengths and weaknesses, and each form was designed specifically to combat something either environmental or agressoral (word? I don't think so).

Here is a brief description of each form, as I understand them. T-bone only described the ones seen in AotC, so I have to elaborate and invent somewhat. When the team is assembled of course, this will all be hashed out, but for now it's only me. (How sad that I only have HS level C++ knowledge.

Form I: Closest I can come is Kyle Katarn in Jedi Knight. Simple and not showy, this form would be most effective in the hands of a novice, someone without the training to use some of the other forms. Would likely have a defense bonus and a force effectiveness bonus. I'll define all of this later.

Form II: Elegant and quick, this saber form is most like the present day and 18th century fencing styles, with quick harrasing attacks made at the perimeter of an opponent's guard meant to inflict hamstringing wounds and dismemberment rather than the one killing blow. Count Dooku wields this form in Episode II. Quick on the defense, but due to the concentration necessary should probably include a penalty to force effectiveness when attacks in progress. Percentage of blaster bolts reflected back should also suffer a penalty, so as to create parity with the forms.

Form III: Developed at a time where energy weapons like blasters were more and more often falling into the hands of enemies of the Jedi, this form evolved from training exercises meant to increase a Jedi's deflection of blaster bolts. A defensive form, it is the fastest form, but as a result, requires the most concentration of any of the forms. As a consequence, force effectiveness should be very low, but defense, speed, and the percentage of blaster bolts reflected back at the origin should be very high. Obi-Wan Kenobi studied this form after Qui-Gon Jinn's death.

Form IV: The most agressive form that the Jedi study, this form uses wide, fast, sweeping motions intent on picking up momentum and knocking your opponent off balance. Every parry is an attack in itself, and as this form is not for those who remain on the defensive, quickness is essential. Average at blocking blaster fire back at it's target, and slightly below average in the more agressive force use, this is a form for those who wish to end combat quickly and are confident they will make few mistakes.
Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader use this form.

Form V: Little is known about this form, therefore I will confer with those who join the team on it. May be a form that uses two lightsabers, may be a form that requires lots of throwing and spinning...who knows?

Form VI: Because VII is very straight forward and to the point, this should probably be the most elaborate form in the repetoir.

Form VII: A combination of modern day fencing and Kendo styles, this is the style Mace Windu uses. Should be the hardest to pull off, but when used by someone who knows what they are doing, should also be the most effective.

If my idea tickles your fancy, let me know. I don't need to be a major part of the Mod, but I would like at the least to have creative input and be a beta tester. I can also be organizer, I'm pretty good at that. But as I could not contribute much codewise initially, it doesn't make much sense for me to be end all be all boss.

If you're interested
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my AIM is alkalineruxpin. I don't have ICQ, and really haven't been all that impressed by it, so you ICQ snobs just email me.



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