View Full Version : Im a newbie need help ....

04-21-2002, 10:59 AM
Im a MEGA newbie to editing in Jedi Outcast, but i have some expierence in Jedi Knight ... PLease i need some1 to tell me what should i do first? what progz do i have to download and if anything else! PLease!!

04-21-2002, 11:25 AM
lol.. Every single one of us playing Jedi Outcast is a newbie to it.

Anyway, for starters, I highly recommend getting WinZip (if you don't have it already), and open up the assets0.pk3 file in your /gamedata/base directory. Look through it until you find things of interest, such as miscellaneous graphics, sounds, stuff like that.. even arenas.txt in the /scripts directory of that file. Then, just highlight the files you want to totally mess up-- I mean.. edit (</joking> ), and extract then into your /gamedata/base directory. Ta da! Now go into those files (which are now on your hard drive), and tweak around with them. I recommend starting with arenas.txt. In that, you can edit stuff like Battleground Jedi 2.0. When you open it, it'll only be set to duel. But, you can put it to ffa, team ffa, and probably all the other ones too (except CTF!) Now just save it, highlight directory (or directories) you want to put in a PK3 (you should be in the base directory!), right click, and select "Add to zip" (only if you have WinAmp!). Then when it opens up and asks you what to save it as, save it as "whatever.pk3" (without the quotes, and NOT as a ZIP!).

Got all that? lol, hope so. It's kind of a bad little tutorial, but that's the easiest and quickest way I can describe it to anyone. And it is actually pretty easy when you (finally) learn how.