View Full Version : I know i posted this before but i'll try again

09-18-2000, 07:04 PM
ok hello i am PyroTech I need some help on this idea i have. I want someone(s) to make a mod for me. it'd basically be a elements mod. ykou'd use the elements like force powers. umm the elements would be like Fire (of course), water, wind, earth, and maybe shadow, etc. etc. lyou would have sabers like that too. like a flame saber,water saber, and shadow saber. POh and the force powers would be like you threw fire balls at people and you trapped enemies in a bubble of water. Oh and you could get lost in the shadows and stuff. And you engulfed people in flames. or you used the wind and your enimies got thrown in any random direction. i think this would be really cool and stuff so plz help me ou here. Contact me via email at SkychoticPyro@aol.com or on the zone as PyroTech_WLP, WLP_Element, WLP_PyroTech,
any of these will work
plz contact me if you have any info. I know that this would take a lot of work and time. if someone will teach me how to make a mod, and help me then i'll do it myself. I know that this is a great task and i appreciate any help you give me