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Thread: Laser Projector

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    Laser Projector

    Can somebody examine this COG, I put it in JED, did all the usual stuff, tested it and it fired at itself twice before crashing the game:

    message crossed
    #The trigger the computer is meant to look for
    surface adjoin0 id=1
    surface adjoin1 id=1
    surface adjoin2 id=1
    surface adjoin3 id=1
    #These are the surfaces which trigger the laserprojector
    thing laserprojector
    #Well duh...The laser projector
    template laser=+stlaser
    #The laser projectile itself
    thing activator
    #The person that crossed the adjoin
    message pulse
    #A pulse function to generate a loading time for the projector (I'm not evil enough to just make it kill them outright)
    flex pulselength=0.5
    #You can change this, but it is the best for the purpose.
    flex damagedone=30
    #This is the amount of damage each shot does, be as sadistic as you please
    sound fire=trprsht1.wav
    #The firing sound

    if(GetSenderID() == 1) {
    #If it's one of the adjoins above
    activator = GetSourceRef();
    #Make the activator the person that activated the projector
    #Starts the pulse

    FireProjectile(laserprojector, laser, fire, , actor, 0, , , 180, 1);
    #Fires the laser at the activator
    DamageThing(activator, damagedone);
    #Damages the activator of the projector by the above flex

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    Doesn't know that mice use holes.
    's pr'y the fireprojectile command in the pulse message , it doesn't have values for all the parameters , jk doesn't like that.:


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    I'm not a cog expert, but here are a few ideas:

    You didn't end your "if" statement with a }. That might have something to do with it. It's just good practice to use proper coding.

    Try putting in "-1" for the values you don't use in the "fireprojectile" statement.

    You need a "return" at the end of your messages, or the game only thinks it needs to do it once.

    I don't see what the purpose of the "pulse" message is. It seems that it could all be done under the "crossed" message.

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    Home Sliced is exactly right.. use Cogwriter to check your syntax, it's full of errors

    As for the pulse, I believe it's to make the laser fire repeatedly... otherwise it'd fire once. Also, I'm pretty sure the laser will keep firing indefinitely, as there's no SetPulse(0.0);


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    I've never understood what the return thing means, what exactly does it do? The pulse is to make it fire repeatedly and the reason why I didn't fill in the FireProjectile values is that JKSpecs doesn't tell you what they are, I haven't tried it yet but I'll give it a go.

    PS Did anybody else realise that it the taskbar CogWriter is spelt cogwirter ?

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    if you want it to shoot the stormtrooper rifle laser.. fill in FireProjectile() params in your cog that you don't know with the params in the st rifle cog

    return; tells the cog that the current message has ended..

    and yes.. cogwirter


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    Cheers Jipe, I'll try that, I also noticed that my IDs are put as ID and not LinkID

    You were right about one thing master, the negotiators were short

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