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Thread: "Neo, no one's ever done this before." "Why the **** not?"

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    "Neo, no one's ever done this before." "Why the **** not?"

    Doesn't really make sense, does it?

    2 models I whipped up as practice. Maybe I'll do something with them someday.

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    **** that looks nice. you should do something with them right now.
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    The Forge - SuperS51's Model Portfolio

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    sexy Thrawn, very sexy

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    the handle on the tec9 looks wierd, but that might just be because of the vertex shading stuff. It always made things look ugly. Show us some flat shading so we can see polys.

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    sweet. The crap you whip up for 'practice' is better than most people here call a finished product.


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    i think the barrel on the uzi is a tad bit too long.

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    It isn't. At least not according to my reference pic. There are so many variations of guns out there I can't be sure it's the stock model.

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    Oh, it makes perfect sense.

    And the models are AMAZING!
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    ive got an uzi lying around somewhere, and i looked at it so much i think that the clip doesnt hang out enough, now that i look at the barrel more closely i think it is right.

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    Neo didn't use TEC-9's in the lobby scene, he used a pair of Skorpion CZ91's with modified barrels.
    Despite that, very nice models.


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    I know he didn't use Tec-9's. The topic was just to signify gun models in general.

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    I textured the Uzi.

    Mmmm. Uuuuuzziiii.

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    The textures on the gun itself look fine, but, to me, the clip looks... strange. I don't really know how to explain it. It kind of looks like a combination of rock and metal. Maybe it's just the way the light hits it...

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    This is what sane looks like.
    It reminds me more of a fiberglass like texture.

    I want those Uzi's.... They look FAR to real.

    *reaches out for them and hand hits monitor*
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    PURE SEX! Man those are awesome! I'm just glad they're not Berretta's *remembers 4 months-or-so ago when everyone was making Berretta models*

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    <font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Insipid:
    I'm just glad they're not Berretta's
    All in good time...

    Actually, I think I made the first Beretta in that line. You can't accuse me of being unoriginal.

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    I want one of those Berettas. And one of those Uzi's.

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    I hate you all.

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    OMFQ... That is purely sexy....
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    That is bucking fuetiful.

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