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Thread: The First Story

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    The First Story

    This story starts when Mara and Kyle find a very old jedi called Sithspawn, he tells tales about all the JEDI, including the birth of Kyle Katarn, how morgon got killed, etc... This story starts when Kyle and Maras republic Neblon B Frigate crashes on a planet

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    "MARA"!!! shouted Kyle

    Where are you???? Did she escape the explosion????

    Kyle started to head off into the desert..


    Kyle was hearing voices in his head...


    But they would go as soon as they came...


    It wanted Mara....I picked up speed, and ran as fast as I could, and there in the distance I could see Mara, heading into a cave..


    Kyle heard this, so ran with all the force, faster, faster....


    Kyle suddenly fell, his leg was numb with the pain, but he still ran..

    "Bzzzzz" a lightsaber lit up

    Kyle stopped, Mara was about 5 metres away, all of sudden a man landed infront of them, dressed in a cape, lightsaber in hand

    Kyle lit his, as mara screamed not to

    Kyle swung his saber 320 degrees then went for the mans heart, but the man jumped back, like he didn't want to fight, Mara screamed again, hes not a Sith, Kyle stop!!

    But it was too late, Kyle swung his saber trying to stop it, and it cut past the mans heart

    "ahhhhhhhhhhh" the man screamed, as he keeled on the floor


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    almost dead, he wailed and spoke...

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    No Longer Homeless!
    Fancy Pants

    "The key... is in the city... of the dead... giants..."

    He reached into his bag and pulled out a shiny object. He slowly held it out, and Kyle nervously took it from his hand. With a sigh of relief he died, leaving a look of finality on his face.

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    Kyle: Mara, we need to head to the city, its the only way....

    Mara:But there are dozens of cities round these parts how can we find the correct one?

    Kyle:The force will guide us, I know it will

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    Kyle reached out with the Force. His mental sight flew in all directions. He then felt a tug through the force towards the mountains. He then stretched his feelings in that direction. He could feel life forms bending the matrix of the force.

    Suddendly, a gaping blackness enveloped the life forms and hundreds of voices swirled in Kyle's head. He could feel the blackness spreading. Then he snapped back to where he was.

    He found himself lying in a fetal position on the sandy ground. He stood, and quickly swiveled his head in all directions to try to find Mara. She was there, twenty or so feet in front of him, crouching on a rock and gazing towards the mountains. Kyly walked up to her and rested his hand on her shoulder. Mara had known he was there.

    "So, you're awake." She said, turning to face him.
    "How long was I.....asleep?" Asked Kyle.
    "Three hours or more. It happened when I felt a.....nevermind."
    "I know where the village is." Said Kyle.
    "Me too. I was waiting for you to get up off the ground." Said Mara, hopping off the rock and straightning her belt.
    "Well, let's go," said Kyle.

    They walked towards the disturbance Kyle felt.

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    And so, Mara and Kyle headed off into the desert

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    The desert lay in front of the mountains. This meant that Kyle and Mara had to trudge through it in order to reach the village.
    "Kyle," Mara asked, some time after they started, "Why did you kill that man?"
    Kyle paused in thought for a few minutes before answering. "It was the Force. It told me that that man was a dark, evil spawn of the Dark Side. But when i killed him, the Force then told me otherwise. I feel like i'm being decieved by it."
    Mara considered this for a while. It was Kyle who broke the impending silence.
    "Do you remember when we first met, Mara?"
    Mara nodded. "Nar Shadda. At Minrol's Bar. You wanted to take me for a speeder race through the bowels of the Vertical City."
    "Yeah. I remember too," Kyle said. "It's just that....before I met you, Mara....There was another person. I don't know....she was always there for me. I'd known her since I was in the Empire. Maybe i'll tell you the whole story sometime."
    Mara nodded in acknowledgement.

    "The Answer to everything...Life, the Universe, and Everything, is...42!"
    --Deep Thought
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    Project Leader of RemRan Productions
    "The Answer to everything...Life, the Universe, and Everything, is...42!"
    --Deep Thought
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    Project Leader of RemRan Productions

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    Talking of the empire....

    IMPERIALS, dead ahead

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    A few hours later with IMPERIAL Ground forces dead on the floor, Kyle and Mara came across an old domed hutt, on their to the city, they decided to explore it, inside there were 4 people in rags, Kyle whipped out his bryar pistol and Mara whipped out her Blastech pistol, "Argh its the killer!" One figure wailed, "You killed our leader!" Another spoke, Mara put her Blastech back in her holster, astonished Kyle did the same,
    "Who are you?" Kyle asked,
    One lowered his hood "My name is Qwan."
    Then another one did "My name is Funkmasta."
    Then after that another one did "My name is Stormie."
    Then last of all the last one slowly lowerd his hood he was wearing JEDI clothing black like young Obi-Wans, and he flunged his black obi-wan like cloak off.
    "My name is... Rex." I spoke.
    Just gimme a blasta and point me in the right direction!
    ~May the Funk be with ya all~

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    Rex:but look at that Stormie, hes the best person in the world,

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    A couple hours later, I woke up around midnight to see Kyle's henched back to me, he was watching something in front of the fire, I went up and saw a Holo-Projector, it was a younger Kyle with a strange man, Kyle suddenly spun around withdrawing his Bryar Pistol, then he saw me and put it back in his holster and made a gesture for me to sit with him.
    Rex: Who is he?
    K.Katarn: My father
    Rex hearing the sadness in Kyle's voice) Oh, so what happened to him?
    K.Katarn: He was murdered by a man named Jerec and his assistants.
    We are now looking a bit back in time around the time of Kyle's fathers death...
    There's a group of dark Jedi at the top of the flight of stairs leading to the Dark Palace of Baron's head.
    A long path had been made by parted civilians looking anxiously at a black chair and the spikes surrounding it,
    then Jerec the leader stepped forward
    Jerec(hissing): Bring me Morgan Katarn, out of the other end of the path way Morgan Katarn stepped out of a door way his hands cuffed behind his back, then a large turned off saber handle pushed him in the back, the owner was Gorc with Pic perched on his shoulder.
    It seemed hours till Morgan finally reached the chair and sat down then Jerec bent down to Morgan.
    Jerec: Tell me! Where is the valley of the Jedi?
    M.Katarn: Strike me down, I will not tell.
    Jerec(growing angry): Useless old man!
    M.Katarn(spitting in Jerec's face): I will not tell you the location!
    Then Jerec rose his hand clenching his fist and pointed his index finger at Morgan Morgan began clutching his neck as though chocking.
    M.Katarn(gasping for breath): I will not tell you the locat...!
    Morgan fell on the floor.
    Jerec spun round to the crowd his cape whipping out behind him as he thundered down the path way.
    Jerec(yelling): Finish him off Maw!
    Maw(In honour): With pleaser master!
    Maw grabbed the weak dying Morgan Katarn and thrusted his head right down to a large spike his teeth gritted and grinning evilly.
    It flashed back to the present time,
    Kyle finished his tale, Mara,Qwan,Funk and Stormie were all staring at the fire with sad expressions on their faces...
    Just gimme a blasta and point me in the right direction!
    ~May the Funk be with ya all~

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