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Thread: Project: Infinity

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    Project: Infinity

    This is a continuation of the "fiddlesticks" thread, since the current one has become more than a little messed up due to backwards chapters.

    IMPORTANT: PLEASE write everything in past tense from now on, and PLEASE keep spelling and grammar as good as you can. It's easier to read, and makes it easier to be immersed in the story, no matter how silly it might be.

    PROLOGUE (Big_Fry):
    Big the Fry jumps out of the Spooky Taco thread, smelling of evil Mexican foods. however, he lands hard and gets knocked out. He wakes up a week later lying in an alleyway in Atlantis next to an empty beer bottle and an abused barbie doll, which immediately runs away screaming, somehow.

    CHAPTER 1 (Mikeyman):
    Mikeyman, sitting down in his apartment, stuffed his face with waffles. He then drank some maple syrup to wash it down. Opening a pack of cheese, he noticed he was out of poppyseed muffins. He proceeded shoving cheese slices in his mouth, not noticing that the plastic wrap was still on them. Suddenly he stopped, sitting still. I'm getting tired of this. All I do is eat waffles, poppyseed muffins, and cheese. Then I play with my Waffleman action figures. Then maybe I play Waffleman: The Video Game. The same thing over and over for a year, ever since I went out on my own. I adventure. And I need to stop my addiction to waffles.
    Mikeyman sat there for a couple minutes, thinking. Then he burst out laughing. He shook his head smiling and ate some more waffles.
    Mikeyman was walking down the street in the city, going to the store, to buy some more muffins. He whistled Waffleman's theme song and checked his wallet to see how much money he has left. He stopped when he saw he was out of money. Mikeyman turned his wallet upside down and shook it. A quarter and two cents fell out. He looked grimly at the change in his hand. Hmm...I need cash. Now. I could street dance...naw, I don't get much money from that. It frightens and nauseates too many people when I belly dance. What else?... He stopped to think. Mikeyman decided against being a hobo, begger, orphan, and just lying in the streets, growing facial hair at an early age. I sat down by a building, frustrated. I'm too young to get any type of job...I can't wait four more years 'till I'm 16! He thought. He sat there, sadly looking down on the ground as he realized he would have to go to some kind of orphanage if he wanted to survive any longer.

    CHAPTER 2 (Thrawn42689, Mikeyman, Echoman):
    Thrawn42689 the "freelancer" was flying along one day in his Apache helicopter when he spotted an orphanage.
    "I wonder if I can hit that from here on my first try." he thought. Then he blew up the orphanage.
    "Yes!" he shouted triumphantly. "Now I shall destroy all the orphanages in the world!"
    Mikeyman was trudging down the street toward the orphanage. He sighed and put his hands in his pockets. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted an Apache in the sky. He looked and saw several missiles fly out toward the orphanage form the Apache. The building exploded only a few dozen feet in front of him. He heard manical laughter as the Apache flew away. Mikeyman just sat bewildered at what just happened, trying to recollect his thoughts.
    Thrawn42689 watched as mikeyman sat pathetically by the front step of the orphanage. "You poor little child." He called from the helicopter. "Have a teddy bear!" Thrawn42689 tossed a big brown squishy fuzzy teddy bear to mikeyman. Little did mikeyman know, the teddy bear was a killer assassin robot from Alpha Centauri! DUN DUN DUN!
    Just before the evil teddy bear assassin activated, Echoman squished it with a mallet. As the robot tried to get up, Echoman stamped it down with his foot. Thrawn42689 spotted Echoman and decided to machine gun him down, but at the last moment, Echoman used mikeyman's body as a sheild. By throwing the mallet, Echoman was able to ground Thrawn42689's helicopter for good. But out of the burning wreckage, Thrawn42689 stood up. Now Echoman and Thrawn42689 met face to face...

    CHAPTER 3 (Thrawn42689, Echoman):
    Thrawn42689 kicked Echoman and hopped into a nearby tank. He sent a depleted uranium shell hurtling into Echoman's midst, then the tank sprouted rockets and flew off to find more orphanages.
    But little did Thrawn42689 know, Echoman grabed mikeyman at the very last second to block the shell. Unfortunately, Echoman could not use mikeyman as a shield any more because mikeyman's body had just been blown to 34 million pieces. Echoman cleaned mikeyman's blood and guts off his shirt and got up.
    "I'll stop your terror on this world," yelled Echoman.
    Echoman followed Thrawn42689's tank tracks. He looked around him to see the destruction of Thrawn42689's.
    "I will get you. But you shall come to me. For I have your credit card!" Echoman waved Thrawn42689's Visa card. Thrawn42689 had dropped it when the helicopter crashed!
    "Ha!" Thrawn called from his flying tank. "You fool! That card expired two years ago! And I'm going to assassinate George W. Bush now. Ta-ta!"
    Thrawn flew away, cackling like an irritated rectum.

    CHAPTER 3:
    "Oh no! This card is useless!" said Echoman. He threw down the Visa card in the dusty dirt. "And now he's gonna kill Bush!! If he dies, there will be nothing for America to laugh at! Not good!"
    But Echoman just had an idea. He picked up Thrawn's card and calls the Visa card company.
    "Sorry, we don't offer Thrawn's personal credit." said the phone operator.
    "I have weed." said Echoman.
    The operator was silent for a moment. "Okay, what do you want to know?"
    "What did Thrawn buy two years ago?" responded Echoman.
    "Well, a lot of gun magazines. And then a killer teddy bear. It came from Massassi Robotics. Their number is 1-800-KILL-BOTS."
    Robots! Echoman had a plan. He called up 1-800-KILL-BOTS. Time was running out...
    "Hi! Can I order the robot version of George Bush?"
    "Ok. Where should I drop it off?" answered the worker.
    "In front of the White House please."
    "Ok. Are you sexy?"
    Echoman now hoped Thrawn would kill the wrong president while Echoman saved the real Bush. The plan had to work...

    CHAPTER 4 (Ganondorf, Echoman, Thrawn42689):
    Echoman had asked for a robotic Bush, but he got Ganondorf in a Bush mask.
    "Get out of the car!" yelled a man from behind, shoving Ganondorf from a black limo.
    "Fine! You don't have to shove, and why did you glue this mask on?" said Ganondorf angrily.
    But before he could get an answer, the car sped off into the darkness.
    "Woah, nice house..." said Ganondorf as he looked over the White House. But deep down inside he wondered why he was there, and what would happen to him in the near future.

    "Hmmm, I guess this isn't the best looking robot" said Echoman. He was looking on in a nearby bush on the White House lawn. While Ganondorf wandered aimlessly around the building, Echoman entered the house through a window. He was looking for the real President Bush in every hall and room. He was ready to give up until, suddenly, he found the President.
    "President Bush. You are in great danger. You must come with me." exclaimed Echoman.
    "Can I put on some pants?" said Bush.
    "Ummm...nasty..." was Echoman's response.
    Echoman, with the President in one hand, ran down the halls to exit the building. But along the way, he collided violently with Ganondorf. But because time was very short, Echoman accidentally grabbed Ganondorf and left the real George Bush behind. They jumped out a window and landed in front of the lawn. Overhead, the sound of a hovering tank could be heard.
    "Crap." proclaimed Echoman.
    They both hid in a nearby bush. Echoman didn't know he left the real President in the house.
    The tank rumbled to a halt above the White House. An enourmous laser shot down from the tank and the White House exploded!

    "Holy poo!" Echoman whispers to Ganondorf. "Good thing you're the real President Bush!"
    "Er...yeah." Ganondorf realized he was going to be running the country from now on. And he had some big changes in store for America.

    Bush's dead burning corpse flew out of the explosion and landed in the lawn.
    "What" yelled Echoman. "You're not the real Bush!! Imposter!" Echoman slapped Ganondorf. Because the first slap was amusing, Echoman slapped Ganondorf again.
    "What are we going to do?! Thrawn is destroying the country in his stupid tank. The real president is dead. Mikeyman is still dead. Arrgh, what to do??" exclaimed Echoman. He paced back and forth.
    "Wait. Ganondorf, you look like Bush so people will think you are Bush. And in the state of an emergency, you get complete control of the government. Ganondorf, you must use your power to stop Thrawn any way possible! Send in the military or something. Please don't forget what I told you!!" Echoman kicked Ganondorf in the rear. "Get going!"
    Now Echoman took a seat on the lawn. "Now what is Thrawn's next target?! I can't think of anything!" babbled Echoman. There were no clues present.

    Meanwhile, next to the helicopter wreckage, pieces of mikeyman's body slowly formed together. In a matter of minutes, his body was completely restored...

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    CHAPTER 5 (Ganondorf, Tony, Echoman):
    Thrawn flew low through the streets of Washington D.C., blowing up random pedestrians and cars. He laughed evilly at the puny police cars that drove below his tank, flashing their lights at them like so many exploding turtles. Suddenly, he spotted Monica Lewinsky running around in circles in the middle of the street. Chuckling, he used his tank's laser beam to explode her. Thrawn turned the tank to the right, and flew out to sea. Who knew where he might appear next?

    Ganondorf was sitting at his desk at the Pentagon, talking to the army guys.
    "How many nuclear missiles do we have?" asked Ganondorf evilly.

    Meanwhile, mikeyman had joined Echoman, worrying outside the ruins of the White House, although he was still looking for an orphanage. Poor soul.

    Meanwhile inside the Pentagon...
    "I know we can make a grand clone army!" said Ganondorf triumphantly.

    "Well work on that, sir..." said one of his Chiefs of Staff nevously.

    The moment Thrawn killed Monica, Bill Clinton woke up in an instant. He had a bad feeling inside.
    "My Monica Lewinsky senses are tingling! Is my Monica in trouble?!" Bill said. He got up from his bed and walked over to the bathroom. He looked in the mirror and took some medication.

    "She must be in trouble! And it must be George Bush's fault!!" Bill picked up an assault rifle and loaded it. "Bush will pay!"

    Clinton left his house in search for Bush.

    Meanwhile, Echoman and mikeyman saw the destruction of Washington DC. There were buildings crushed and the streets were littered with choas. "Why?!! Why?!" said Echoman.

    They were both walking down the street when they met a guy. He was very scared.

    "Which way did the tank go?" asked Echoman.

    The man was shaking quite a lot. He pointed east.

    "East of Washington DC??! That's toward to the ocean!" Echoman took some time to think. "Why would he go toward water? Where can he a...base??"

    Both Echoman's and mikeyman's eyes were wide open. "He must have a secret island base!....but how do we find him?...maybe we can rent a boat."

    So Echoman and mikeyman hopelessly looked for a secret island in a canoe. They had no idea where Thrawn really was.

    "Where are you, Bush?" said Clinton as he arrived at DC.

    Thrawn roared across the ocean in his flying tank, churning up the surf as he went.
    "Ah!" he said satisfied-ly. "I have reached my secret island--BRITLAND! Good thing nobody knows about my secret base here, except my secret cabinet of British Massassians!" Thrawn cackled evilly as he brought the tank in for a landing atop a tall skyscraper in London.

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    CHAPTER 6 (-Tony-, Echoman):

    Tony sat around watching some... movie... on TV, stuffing his face with sausage sandwiches, bacon, egg and Birdseye Potato Waffles. And Coke. Unbeknownesed to him, he would be teleported in 32 minutes and 17 seconds to a secret location of Thrawn's devising.

    32 minutes and 17 seconds later, he pinged out and pinged in on top of the skyscraper which Thrawn appeared on.

    "Dood! That's 1337!" he laughed as he wraaed Thrawn a greeting. Things could only go downhill.

    Alert! Alert!
    This warning was flashing inside the Canadian Secret Security Force base. Evidently, the Canadian satellites (disguised as block of cheese) had picked signals of an object that had crossed the Artlantic Ocean. "What could this thing be?" asked the commander of the Security Force.

    "Well, it was this unidentified flying metal object that suddenly blasted off from Washington DC." responded the soldier.

    "Hmmm...maybe the Americans are planning something. And, by judging the place this thing landed, British forces are involved! My word, they are up to something, eh!"

    "What should we do?!"

    "Sent in the Elite Canadian Ninjas!" ordered the commander.

    The Elite Canadian Ninjas were a group of highly trained soldiers. In order to protect their existence, they wear cloaking devices and are trained to take out anyone who makes contact with them. Their weapons are swords and throwing knives. In a operation, they are swift and cunning and leave no trace of their presence. These ninjas were a group no person would want to meet.

    "We shall deploy the ninjas at the skyscraper the object was last seen. They must see what is going on and take home information. They must not fail."

    Late at night, the ninjas parachuted from a aircraft above to the roof of the base. There were 6 of them. It looked like Thrawn and the British Massassians would be having company...

    Echoman and mikeyman continued rowing across the Atlantic, toward somewhere...

    The ninjas watched Thrawn and Tony meet each other and enter the building.
    "Strange Tony, I feel we're being watched..." said Thrawn.

    They were. The operation began. 2 ninjas went in the ventilation system. The other ninjas went through a small hole in the wall they had made.

    Tony headed up to the command room on floor 66 of the skyscraper unaware of the ninjas despite having a briefcase shredded with throwing stars and a minor headache. He presses a few buttons randomly and turns around, seeing the two ninjas had been Puglerd.
    "Oh my kak... what is that?" gasped Tony.
    "Our Puglifier. It puglifies our enemies." replied Thrawn.
    "Is that it?" came the reply. "You could at least kick them in the groin first..."

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    CHAPTER 7 (Thrawn42689, Echoman, mikeyman):

    Thrawn and Tony strode into Tony's office, the glass wall overlooking the city, to find CoolMatty, Thrawn's fellow American operative and arch-rival.
    "You," said Thrawn, a flicker of disgust crossing his ruggedly handsome features.

    "Ah, I see you're back from your little errand." CoolMatty sneered.

    "Actually, I was on a vacation, you idiot." Thrawn was getting angry.

    CoolMatty smirked. "I can beat you at SS3 using only pipe bombs."

    Thrawn lunged at CoolMatty, but Tony quickly grabbed his hair and pulled him back.

    "Bad Thrawn!" cried Tony angrily. "BAD BAD Thrawn!"

    CoolMatty sneered. "You may just have to get a leash for the little poo, Tony. As for me, I have to take a crap." He quickly left the room.

    "I'm seriously considering that at the moment. Thrawn, go get cleaned up. Your clothes are a mess." Thrawn walked off in the direction of the dormitory facilities.

    Tony sighed as he leaned back in his chair, surveying the foggy city of London. If all went to plan, soon all hell would break loose.

    While CoolMatty was walking down the halls, a ninja jumped on top of him from the ventilation system and knocked CoolMatty unconscious. The ninja quickly searched the pockets of CoolMatty and found cocaine and a file of papers. On the file, the words read:
    -Thrawn's Secret Very Evil Plans #42689-

    "Bingo, looks like this guy has been snooping around." thought the ninja. He swiftly went back into the vent systems. With the plans stolen from CoolMatty (which was stolen from Thrawn), Thrawn's evil scheme would face trouble if he didn't get the plans back.

    CoolMatty got up and didn't remember a thing.

    Meanwhile, Echoman and mikeyman were seeming to go in circles in their boat. mikeyman started to complain.

    "I'm hungry." Mikyeman complained. "We're going in circles, aren't we?"

    "No..." Echoman said.

    "Man, I knew I should have packed more than a just one box of waffles!" whined mikeyman.

    "Will you shut up about the waffles!"

    "I'm hungry!"

    "I know, but be quiet! I'm trying to concentrate."

    "Concentrate?! Concentrate on going in circles?"

    "Maybe if you would help, we would be going somewhere!"

    "There's only one paddle!"

    "Well then sit down and shut up."

    "This is boring. Mikeyman the writer, can I go to a different story?"

    Mikeyman the writer: "No, you're dead in one of them, and the other we just posted on, so we need to wait for someone else to post."

    Mikeyman the character: Come on, join a new story! Or make a new one! Get your butt over to the NES you said you would join months ago!"

    Mikeyman the writer: "I decided I didn't really want to! Get back in the story."

    Mikeyman the character: " know,

    Echoman looked confused and disturbed."

    Mikeyman he writer: "That's why I told you not to speak to me again while we're SPing."

    Mikeyman the character: "Whatever. Fine. I'll stop disobeying the laws of common sense."

    Suddenly, everything went back to normal.

    "...What the heck..." Echoman says, confused.

    "What?" Mikeyman demanded.

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    CHAPTER 8 (Thrawn42689, mikeyman, gammasts):

    Thrawn emerged from the walk-in closet in his new getup: A long silvery trenchcoat and sunglasses a-la The Matrix Reloaded. He has two silver Desert Eagles in holsters on either side. "Why the weapons?" you ask. The fact was, Thrawn had just discovered plan #42689 missing. And he knew just where to get it back.
    CoolMatty was walking dizzily down the hall, trying to figure out where he was and where he was going. Suddenly, the sound of a gun cocking caught his attention. The cold barrel of a fifty-cal against his temple stopped him dead in his tracks.

    "Hand over the plans," came Thrawn's rich, modulated voice, distorted with restrained anger. "Now."

    CoolMatty frantically searched his pockets for the plans, but found nothing.

    "Idunnhavit!" CoolMatty mumbled, his voice slurred from the recent attack. Suddenly, a ninja came swinging out of nowhere towards them. Thrawn's second DE was in his hand in an instant, and he emptied an entire clip into the ninja's masked face. It wasn't a pretty sight. The hall was instantly awash with bubbling maroon ninja blood. The ninja's decapitated corpse hurtled past Thrawn and rammed straight into CoolMatty, smashing him through the window and seventy-two stories down into the ocean.

    CoolMatty scrambled to get on top of the water, nearly drowning in the polluted London rain even as he got afloat. The ninja's body splashed next to him, and a red cloud surrounded them both.

    "Oh no!" yelped CoolMatty as dark shapes began to circle underwater. "Sharks!"

    Suddenly, out of the fog emerged a boat carrying two dark figures.

    "I want waffles now!" said one of them angrily.

    Realizing it was his only hope for survival, CoolMatty called out.


    "Should we save him?" Mikeyman said nervously. Echoman shrugged.
    "Why not?" he said. Echoman dived into the water. Then he remembered he couldn't swim.

    "Now we have two people drowning!" Mikeyman cried.

    "Heellpp!" they both shouted.

    "I any waffles?" Mikeyman smirked.

    "MIKEYMAN!!" Echoman yelled at the top of his lungs.

    "Okay, okay..." Mikeyman dove in and dragged both of them up thanks to his supernatural strength due to the fact that it was a fictional story on a message board dedicated to a 6-year-old game.

    "Uh oh...looks like I'll have to do mouth-to-mouth to that other guy..." Mikeyman commented. Mikeyman put his face close to CoolMatty's.

    Suddenly CoolMatty screamed "OH [BLEEP] NO!!" He coughed out some water and shook his head violently.

    "You okay?" Echoman asks.

    "I think," he responds.

    Mikeyman and Echoman looked at each other, turn back and yelled, "Who are you?"

    Suddenly, Echoman noticed a dead body wash up on the shore.

    "Hey!" Echoman exclaimed. "That looks like a ninja!" Echoman examined a tag protruding from the ninja's back. "ECN," he read. "That must stand for...uh...I dunno...Elite Canadian Ninjas or something."

    Suddenly a knife whizzed out of nowhere, missing Echoman completely and bouncing off a rock. Ignoring this, Echoman pulled a strange piece of paper out of the ninja's pocket.

    "Thrawn's Plan Number 42689!" He read. This is it! He jumped up into the air in happines, and another knife flew towards him, but again missed completely. "MOTHER, FATHER, MIKEYMAN, I HAVE FOUND IT!"

    What it was, he had no idea. But it had to be important for the sake of the story. It was up to him and mikeyman to save the galax--er, USA from certain doom!

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    CHAPTER 9 (mikeyman, Echoman, ):

    Mikeyman grinned and opened up the paper as Echoman dodged knifes.

    "Hm...what's in some kind of code...I can't read it," Mikeyman frowned. "Can you...uh...Echoman?"

    Echoman was dodging knifes like crazy, but somehow couldn't figure out where they were coming from.

    Mikeyman shrugged and walked up a hill to a large building, turning his stupidity to maximum. "Maybe the nice people in here can help me read this..." he remarked as he walks up the hill. Little did Mikeyman realize, it was Thrawn's mansion.

    "You do that, mikeyman. We need some more waffles too. Ask them for waffles." said Echoman. He was examining the plans as more knives flew through the air.

    CoolMatty stood shivering. He was trying to regain his senses. In the corner of his eye, he saw mikeyman going toward the door of Thrawn's base. Panic set in. CoolMatty didn't want to meet Thrawn and Tony again. He wanted to avoid trouble. In a hurry, CoolMatty grabbed Echoman and the plans and threw them in a nearby speed boat by the harbor. He started the boat up and drove away at top speed. Mikeyman was left alone at Thrawn's front door.

    "Wh--Where are we going?" said Echoman.

    "To MY base." responded CoolMatty. "There you will help me build Thrawn's Dooms Day device and use it to destroy Thrawn's base. He will have nothing left!! The British Massassians will be no more!"

    "I don't want to help you!" protested Echoman.

    "Yes you do." said CoolMatty. He held up a gun.

    The boat was speeding away, but it wasn't going toward America. It was going to Cuba.

    Mikeyman creaked up the door. "Anyone here? I need help decoding Thrawn's plan number 42689!"

    Suddenly 2 guards came rushing in. "Did you say, Thrawn's plan number 42689!" one of them asked.

    "Yeah, can you help me decode it? I need to stop Thrawn, but I forgot why."

    The two guards slowly looked at each other. "Yyesssss...we'll help you. Come into this room..." one of them said.

    Mikeyman looked at the sign. It said, "Detention Center". "Why are you taking me into there?" he asked.

    "Umm...that's also where we...uh...decode stuff." a guard replied. Mikeyman stared at the sign for a while, then stared at the guards.

    "Okay!" Mikeyman said brightly.

    He handed over the secret plan paper. the first guard stifled his laughter. They led poor, stupid Mikeyman into the Detention Center.

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    CHAPTER 10 (Echoman, mikeyman, Thrawn42689, gammasts):

    "What? This only Part 2 of the plan." yelled the guard at mikeyman. "Where is Part??!!"

    "Well...well, it's outside. Echoman has it." responded mikeyman.

    The guards took a look outside and saw nothing. They went back in and slapped mikeyman twice. "Where is it??!!" yelled one of the guards. Mikeyman didn't answer.

    "Report to Lord Thrawn at once. Say we have a prisoner." said a guard.

    "Me...prisoner??" responed mikeyman. He had no clue what was going on.

    In a matter of minutes, Thrawn and Tony came down see their new prisoner. Both of them had "ways" to extract information.

    But meanwhile, CoolMatty and Echoman were coming closer and closer to CoolMatty's Cuban base.

    Mikeyman was tied to a chair. He subconsiously rubbed against the back of the chair and his stupidity switch embedded in his back went to the "off" position. Suddenly he realized what was going on. He could hear Thrawn's footsteps coming closer.

    Mikeyman got frantic and struggled to get out of the chair. Then he got an idea. He somehow reached into his pocket and got out his Spiked Wafflearang and started to cut the rope with it, though his arm was in a stiff position.

    Thrawn opened the door to the detention center. He gasped. The prisoner was gone! The cut ropes lay in a pile by the chair. He looked at the left wall. Someone had spray painted "Mikeyman wuz here" crudely in red spray paint.

    Thrawn looked at the barred window. It was perfectly normal. So was the air vent grate. The guards outside reported that no one had passed by them.

    "If he didn't escape through the window, the air vent, or the door...where is he?" Thrawn said nervously. *Kkkksssshhhhhhh!* Thrawn swung around. Now the spray paint read, "Mikeyman iz here".

    Suddenly, a dozen waffle ninja stars came from the shadowy part of the room. They pinned Thrawn's clothes to a wall. "Hey!" shouted Thrawn. "!" a deep voice shouted from the shadows. "Okay, not really." a kid's voice said. Mikeyman came out from the shadows.

    "Guards! Guar--" Thrawn tried to yell, but Mikeyman stuffed a year-old dirty, stinky sweat sock in his mouth. Tears welled up in Thrawn's eyes because of the atrocious stench and taste. Mikeyman looked triumphant, and ran out of the room and dashed down the hallway.

    Gammasts sat up in his chair as the onboard computer bleeped about how his ship just entered orbit of Earth. He set the ship on auto-orbit. However, the computer gave a failure warning. Fire shot from a dozen places on the ship.

    "Kak-nabbit!" exclaimed Gammasts. The ship began to take a direct course down towards the planet.

    As the flaming cargo ship plumeted towards earth, Gammasts hailed down to the flight control center on Base 1337 near by the ocean. "May-day! May-day!" Gammasts called out to the control tower. "Welcome to Burger King, Can I take your order?" came back from the radio. Gammasts then realized that the comm channel was set to the wrong relay station.

    As Gammasts tried to call out again, the ship took a swoop as it reached nearer and nearer to the ground. The ship was diving so fast that the clouds outside were just a blur.

    Suddenly the ship crashed through a large building, and thudded to the ground. Gammasts shook his head out, as it felt like the Earth was spinning around. All of a sudden, the saftly parachute deployed. "Stupid piece of Kak!" yelled Gammasts.

    Gammasts got out of the ship and inspected the damage. 3 bodies were stuck under the ship. All were wearing name tags: Tony, Guard 1, Guard 2. The one called Tony groaned and moved, but Gammasts ignored him. Gammasts looked around more and saw a dark, shady figure flee from the wreckage, jump on a jeep and drive away.

    As Gammasts was looking around, he ran into Mikeyman. Mikeyman grabbed him and pulled a huge machinegun from a fallen guard. "I'm not going to hurt you", said Gammasts. "Oh, ok", replied Mikeyman.

    "Thanks a lot", Mikeyman responded.

    "No problem." Gammasts assured him.

    Gammasts looked around and saw that his cargo was spilled all over the place. Gammasts peeled off one of the waffles from his cargo container off the wall. "Waffles anyone?" asked Gammasts.

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    "Has it won yet?"

    -Chapter 11-

    "Where are we?!" asked Echoman. The boat was heading toward a cave. Evidently Echoman and CoolMatty finally arrived at Cuba. Inside the secret cave, there was a whole underground facility. There were vigilent guards watching the incoming boat. There were vechicles, storage boxes and machines everywhere.

    "What is this place?" asked Echoman. He was getting a strange chill down his spine.

    "We are here at my base!" responded CoolMatty. He was driving the boat to a loading dock.

    "Get up. Take the plans with you! Follow me" ordered CoolMatty. Echoman did just that without any resistence.

    They entered a heavily guarded throne room within the facility. On each side of the room there were priceless items and treasures. In the chair that was found in the back of room sat a dark figure. This was no ordinary facility.

    "Well, well, well.." responed the dark figure "What do have here? Is that you Agent 2341?"

    "It's Agent 2345! 5!!" responed CoolMatty. He was kneeling in front of the throne.

    "Silence!!!" barked the dark figure.

    "I have fullfilled thy bidding, my master. Thrawn was a fool to leave us. Now he will pay. We have his plans." said CoolMatty.

    "Good, good. You did will. Give me the plans."

    The plans were ripped from Echoman's hands and was transferred to the figure by the guards. "This is only Part 1!!! Give me the rest! Go now CoolMatty!!! Leave!!" ordered the figure. "I must have disco!!"

    A gaint disco ball came from the roof and the room became a disco dance club. Echoman was left in the throne room so he began to dance. Disco fever!!

    "x=2?! Them fightin' words."

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    -Chapter 12-

    Gammasts and Mikeyman ate several waffles while Mikeyman told his story and what was going on. Gammasts stood up and went back in his spaceship, attempting to repair it. "Wait--aren't you going to help me?" Mikeyman asked. "Not my buisiness." He replied casually. "The earth is at stake!! Yes it's your buisiness!!" Mikeyman yelled.

    Gammasts didn't respond. "Meh, I'll find a new planet," he shrugged. "Please...c'mon..." Mikeyman pleaded. "You know, you're a real jerk. You don't care about anybody here. maybe you're really just a coward..." Mikeyman said. Gammasts swung around and hissed through clenched (sp?) teeth, "I'm no coward."

    "So why don't you help me out? It'll be an adventure. Gammasts didn't respond. He finished up the repairs and went into the ship. "I'll think about it," he said slowly.

    With that, he flew away, leaving Mikeyman alone.

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    "Has it won yet?"

    "Why bother with this worthless planet. I'll seek another bounty." said Gammasts. He looked out of his window and saw Mikeyman all alone. "Stupid fool."

    On Gammast spacecraft main screen, the holographic words read:

    =Bounty: Capt. Buttons (name may change)=
    -Size: undetermined
    -Sex: Male..?
    -Eye Color: Brown
    -IQ: 120.4
    -Love life: 0
    -Crime: Leader of the Galactic Government Rebellion Group (GGRG), Tried to conquer planets
    -Minor Offences: Poking midgets.
    =bounty value: 18,000,000.25 credits=

    "He's probably not on this here?" wondered Gammasts. He may have to return to Earth later..

    Meanwhile at the Canadian Secret Security Force base...

    "Where are those ninjas??! Have they reported, eh?" said the commander.

    "No sir...we lost contact with them."

    "What??!! What happened??" yelled the commander.

    "Well our satellites show that the building was heavily damaged by some big object from space."

    "Hmmm....interesting" said the commander. "We must get to the bottom of this! Eh!"

    "x=2?! Them fightin' words."

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    OOC: Just a note, you guys don't have to make a new chapter for every post. Once it's long enough, and ends in a good cliffhanger, then it's time to make a new chapter.

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    Child's Play CharityNot satisfied.
    Tony was in pain because a ship just crash landed on him. Groaning, he had seen fotsteps move about around him, but couldn't tell where they were.
    When the coast was clear, he stood up, dizzily at first, and shook his head. Mind cleared, he completely failed to recognise the significance of what just happened.

    "That wasn't supposed to happen... but where's Thrawn? Where'd he go?" Tony strode off to the main complex to search out the missing Thrawn in question.


    Tony had seen Mikeyman munching over a crate of waffles he had salvaged earlier. Hatching a plan, he stepped over.

    "Hello... Mikeyman."
    "Waffle?" came the reply.
    "Waffle?" Tony said, scrathing his head.
    "WAFFLE!" With this, Mikeyman seemed impressed by the waffle.
    "Mikeyman... answer one qustion. What would you do for a... waffle?"

    'Pay attention to the cracked streets and the broken homes,
    Some call it the slums, some call it nice.
    I want to take you through a wasteland I like to call my home,
    "Welcome to Paradise"'

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    "What I would do for a waffle..." Mikeyman thought deeply in respondse to Tony's question. "Hmm...depends how many," he finally replied. "100 waffles...if you get me part one and two of the plan," Tony said. Mikeyman drooled.

    "Actually...I'm not very hungry," Mikeyman smiled.
    "What?!" Tony yelled. "You will get me the entire plan now!!"
    "Don't even try! That's the third oldest trick in the book, Tony!"
    Tony growled. Then he noticed a...switch prodruding out of Mikeyman's back. It was labeled, "Stupidity switch". Tony shrugged and flicked it on.

    Mikeyman eyes widened, then went back to normal. His tongue rolled of to the side of his cheek. His eyes rolled in two different positions.

    "Waffleswaffleswaffleswaffleswaffleswaffleswaffles waffleswaffleswaffleswaffleswaffleswaffleswafflesw affleswaffleswaffleswaffles!" was all he could say.

    Tony covered his ears to keep the annoying voice out and groaned. Mikeyman stopped babbling. "Wanna see me eat yogurt out of my bellybutton?" He grinned stupidly.

    Tony stared. "Before he fills my mind with even more disturbing images, I should get outta here. That kid's hopeless."

    Tony ran away while Mikeyman sat down and giggled like a crazy man, hugging a waffle.

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    What does this name mean, anyway?
    -Chapter 13-

    Gammasts made his way to the 5th planet in the Solar System Tojuka. When he approached the planet, a large freighter was approaching from the atmosphere. Gammasts scanned the ship and the holographic screen read out the statistics.

    -Identification: 51664-KAK
    -Captain: Buttons
    -Crew Members: 200
    -Armed: Yes
    -Shields: Yes
    -Hyperdrive: Yes
    -Self-destruct: Yes
    -Tribbles: Yes
    -Oxygen: No
    -Mercury: Yes
    -Processor: Pentium 4 - 3.06 GHz
    -Slogan: "Badger Badger Badger, Mushroom Mushroom, Snake"

    Gammasts raised an eye and then clinched his teeth. Gammasts took a direct course behind it, just as a worm hole appeared in front of the freighter and it took into hyperspace. Gammasts fired up the hyperdrive engines and took pursuit.

    A clanging noise came from the back cabinet and out popped The_Mega_ZZTer. "Yo MZZT!" yelled Gammasts. "Hey," replied MZZT.
    "Whatcha doing here?" said Gammasts. "Helpi..." mumbled MZZT. All of a sudden, MZZT passed out on the floor. Gammasts rushed over to help him when he remembered that MZZT has a disorder for hyperdrives.

    The freighter pulled out of space, and began a descent to the planet it was nearby. "Earth again?!?!?!1/!?!?!?11//1?1?1!" questioned Gammasts. Gammasts followed the freighter down. As they flew over John F. Kennedy Hospital, Gammasts dropped MZZT out in a cargo box.

    Gammasts began to get suspicious when the freighter was traveling towards Cuba. The freighter reached a point that Gammasts could not go past or he would become a target for heat-seeking tennis balls. "Well as long as I'm back on Earth...,” said Gammasts. Gammasts headed back to the base where he left Mikeyman.

    Gammasts landed inside the gapping hole in the ceiling he left earlier. The door on the ship dropped open, and Gammasts came out armed with laser guns. "I'm BAAAACCKKK!!!" yelled Gammasts. "Waffleswaffleswaffleswaffleswaffleswaffleswaffles waffleswaffleswaffleswaffleswaffleswaffleswafflesw affleswaffleswaffleswaffles!" blurted Mikeyman. Gammasts noticed that there was a switch on Mikeyman's back. Gammasts turned the switch back to its original state. "Waffleswaff... Uh hi again!" said Mikeyman. "Hi," replied Gammasts. "I'll help you, because my bounty is helping the person who you need my help to catch. So we all win I guess," Gammasts frowned.

    Gammasts and Mikeyman gathered up some waffles and then took off towards the Cuban base. As they approached, Gammasts turned on the cloaking device. "They won't see us now," thought Gammasts. They landed outside a bunker labeled "Disco Throne". They put on cloaking suits and armed up. They blasted open the wall, and to their surprise, Echoman was standing there dancing with a pair of boxers on his head. They two took off the cloaking suits and confronted Echoman. Just as Gammasts opened his mouth, the disco ball stopped and a red light began to flash. Alarms went off and an announcement came on. "Attention all psychics, please proceed to Sector 321123 or you will be taken prisoner!" boomed the loudspeaker. The red light went off, but the disco didn't return. Suddenly guards came in the door.

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    Thrawn sped toward Cuba in his white amphibious humvee, having traced CoolMatty, Echoman AND mikeyman there. With him were to of his best British operatives: Grismath and Mavispoo. All were armed to the teeth with high-tech weaponry.

    "Avast!" cried Grismath as he peered out across the sea through his binoculars. "Land ho!"

    Thrawn took a second pair of binoculars and peered through them as well. It was land all right. Cuba was on the horizon.

    "Arm the missiles." ordered Thrawn. Mavispoo pressed a big button labeled "missiles" and missile launchers came out of the Hummer in random locations.

    "FIRE!" yelled Thrawn. They all pressed all the buttons they could find, and the Hummer was suddenly blown backward as missiles, machineguns, and some other weapons that looked to be out of a Mechwarrior game shot towards CoolMatty's secret base.

    All three closed their eyes as a huge explosion shot thousands of feet into the air.

    Mavispoo was the first to open her eyes. "Ah crap," she said. There sat CoolMatty's base. It was blackened, and smoking, but still in one piece. And now a pair of speedboats were shooting toward them, throwing up a spray of water. Atop the lead speedboat stood CoolMatty, laughing triumphantly.

    "Ah! Thrawn and his pet Brits!" called CoolMatty, his voice laced with malice. "You haven't yet noticed...your socks are untied." Thrawn looked down to see, and suddenly noticed something. Fortunately, his socks weren't untied. But the Hummer, its amphibious stuff destroyed by the sudden firing of weapons, was sinking. Fast.

    "Everybody out!" called Thrawn. Grismath pushed a button, and the sunroof opened. All three clambered out on top. Thrawn paused. " what?" he asked. Suddenly, the Speedboats whizzed past, throwing a net over the Hummer! Fortunately, the net was designed for much bigger game, and the Massassians had no trouble slipping through the holes. Thrawn reached through the sunroof and pulled out three machineguns. Handing one to Gris and one to Maeve, he yelled for them to shoot everything that moved.

    They opened up on the speedboats, which promptly exploded. CoolMatty and his minions' smoking corpses splashed into the water, where they were promptly devoured by sharks.

    "That was easy." commented Mavispoo, blowing smoke from the barrel of her machinegun.

    "Almost too easy..." added Thrawn, scratching his knee.


    "I'll keep that in mind." Thrawn replied sarcastically. Suddenly, a nuclear blast exploded nearby. The poor sharks were incinerated immediately. The Massassians were luckier, but not by much. All three were hit by a shockwave and were blown 5000 feet through the air, crashing to a halt on the sunny beaches of Cuba. Debris from the speedboats, hummer, and various other things showered down on top of them.

    A dark figure emerged from a secret door in the rock, flanked by two machinegun wielding troopers. It was CoolMatty!

    "Ah, Thrawn. My old nemesis. I see you fell right into my little trap." CoolMatty said evilly.

    "Oh come on," Maeve said angrily. "You can't expect us to believe all that happened according to plan."

    "" CoolMatty admitted. "But it DID sound cool, you have to admit."

    "CoolMatty!" said Thrawn, finally getting his head free from the mountain of sand on top of him. "But you're dead!"

    Grismath opened his mouth to say something, but Thrawn cut him off. "I've GOT IT!" Thrawn yelled excitedly. "THAT WAS REALLY A ROBOT DISGUISED AS A BODY DOUBLE ARMED WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS DESIGNED TO KILL US ALL!!!111111one1oneone"

    "I congratulate you on your brilliant deduction, Thrawn." CoolMatty said, with the slightest hint of surprise. "I wouldn't have thought you smart enough to come up with something like that on your own."

    "But--" Grismath protested, but the troopers grabbed them and dragged them all inside. They were taken to a dark and gloomy dungeon. Evil looking medieval weaponry hung ominously from the walls, and dead skeletons hung from the ceilings, rotting clothes still hanging from their remains.

    They were thrown into a cell, along with...

    "Echoman?" Thrawn said in a shocked tone. "MIKEYMAN?" He was shaking with rage. Stuck in a cell with the very people who had stupidly delivered his evil plans to CoolMatty. The very people who had been engineering his downfall from the beginning. But worst of all, they were GOOD GUYS. "I...hate...good guys..." gritted Thrawn, steam coming out of his ears. He suddenly noticed another person lurking in the shadows. "Who the heck are you?" he demanded.

    "They call me Gammasts...and if we want to get out of here, we're going to have to work together."

    "Okay," said Maeve and Grismath together. But Thrawn wasn't so sure.

    "I'D RATHER ROT HERE FOR ALL ETERNITY THAN WORK WITH YOU GOOD GUYS!" The words "good guys" were spat from his mouth like a curse. Thrawn crossed his arms over his chest, stuck his bottom lip out, and huddled pouting in a corner.

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    Child's Play CharityNot satisfied.
    Meanwhile, over in the UK...

    "Huh... I NEARLY got him..." Tony sighed and headed back in, when a furious bleeping on his phone told him that Thrawn was in trouble.

    "Dood! I get to go to Cuba!" he yelled, punching the air and knocking out a guard accidentally. Turning around, he pointed to Clone Henchman #42689 and said, "Watch and make sure everything goes to plan. I'm going to... Cuba!"

    Tony stepped out of the building and into some unusual teleporting device wwhich was made by Matty Enterprises. With a flick, he disappeared...

    ... and reappeared on Thrawn's head.

    "Haha, Tony. Like the rest of you evil guys, you have fallen for my schemes!!! Hahahaha!!!" came a voice.
    "Oh... doods!" Tony waved and jumped off of the complaining Thrawn. Noticing evil guys and good guys together, Tony couldn't help but move behind Mikeyman for the switch...

    'Pay attention to the cracked streets and the broken homes,
    Some call it the slums, some call it nice.
    I want to take you through a wasteland I like to call my home,
    "Welcome to Paradise"'
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    "Has it won yet?"

    CoolMatty had returned to the throne room after defending the base. He kneeled down in front of the throne chair. Upon the chair was the dark figure. "Good to see you CoolMatty." answered the dark figure.

    "You too, my master. I have captured the intruders. We should execute them." said CoolMatty. He had a grin on his face.

    "Yes, yes. They deserve to die. But let's have some fun. Let's call this the pre-world-domination-event." said the figure.

    "What do you mean?" questioned CooMatty.

    "Let's let them free in the base" said the figure of darkness. "Call to all the guards to be on full alert. Tell them to gun down any of the prisoners on sight. This shall be entertaining."

    "WHAT?! Thrawn and friends will be loose in the base!! They are highly trained!!! You just can't..."

    "Silence! They have no weapons or tools! They will be easy targets!!" said the figure. He laid back in the throne chair. "I want to see how far they get in this little game. Bring up the monitors. The action will start soon. After that, world domination!!" He laughed evilly.

    "I shall have my revenge on Thrawn!" said CoolMatty in a soft voice.

    While CoolMatty geared with tons of weapons and explosives, the dark figure called to a person on one of his monitors.

    "Hello. How goes our plans?" asked the figure.

    "Good. 98% percent complete. The energy rods have been delivered from the Tojuka Solar System." said the worker on the screen.

    "Excellent." The dark figure gave a smile. A big smile.

    Meanwhile in the cell, the prisoners became restless. They were all trying to think of ways to get out. Insults and arguements were flying everywhere.

    "Maybe we can push down a wall?" asked Echoman.

    "Ya..with what?! OUR HANDS??" responed Grismath.

    "Shut up! I don't see you coming up with any plans." yelled Echoman.

    "At least I'm not an annoying retard."

    Echoman jumped right at Grismath and started a fight. Both of them punched and kicked each other.

    "Hey! I'm hungary for waffles! WAFFLES!!" screamed Mikeyman. He was slapped by Tony.

    "You are such a moron. Do you even have a brain?" said Tony "You know, a brain? Is your brain a waffle? It sure looks like it."

    Mikeyman got up and bite Tony like an rabid animal. Tony screamed in pain.

    Thrawn was looking at the commotion from the the corner was in. He was shaking his head is disbelief.

    Gammasts yelled out "Will everyone please shut the fu-..." Suddenly the doors of the cell slid open and everyone was quiet. They were all staring at the exit.

    "Freedom!" cried Mikeyman. He quickly ran out of the cell and down the hall. Seconds later, a echoing gun shot was heard..

    "Could this be a trap?" asked Mavispoo. Everyone was wondering the same question.

    Echoman peeped his head out the cell and looked at the hall. No one was there. Everything was quiet. Too quiet.

    "The coast seems clear." responed Echoman. The prisoners were all thinking what to do.

    "x=2?! Them fightin' words."

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    What does this name mean, anyway?
    Question: can someone tell me who is on which team now?

    Suddenly as the bunch came around a corner, a figure appeared from one of the doors on the left side. Gammasts looked out and in the light he noticed someone familiar. "jEDIkIRBY! Is that you?" yelled out Gammasts. "Aye!" Kirby replied. "So glad to see you.. But what are you doing here?" Gammasts questioned. "I don't know. The last thing I remember was being knocked unconsious and then taken away in a ship. The next thing was me waking up and this door opening." said Kirby.

    The new formed group kept walking around the detention center. A few guards were spotted at the end of one hallway behind a security forcefield. Gammasts pulled out a heavy blaster laser from underneath the invisiblitly cloak he had earlier on. "MMMM... Big gun you've got there Gamma," said Mavispoo. Gammasts smirked at her. Gammasts began to run down the hallway, opening fire on the forcefield. A hole was cut big enought to fit through. Gammasts blasted the guards and the rest of the group followed.

    They made thier way out of the detention center and headed towards the landing bay. They approached the hanger door. Grismath tried the door open button, but it began to flash "Code Level-3 Required". Kirby announced, "Wait a sec, I designed these code locks. Let me try my master key". Kirby furiously began to punch in numbers and gave a finger print to the scanner. "Access Code Accepted" blinked the display. The door promptly opened.

    A group of guards were standing near the control bay inside. Luckly there was a weapons rack next to the enterance of the hanger. Thrawn and Tony grabbed shock rifles, while Mavispoo and Echoman took blasters. "And there are no waffle shooters for what reason again?" said Mikeyman. Grismath shook his head and picked up a laser cutter and a couple of key cards from the alcove next to the weapons.

    The bunch ran down towards the guards and killed all of them. Grismath opened up the door to the control bay. Once inside they locked it up and Kirby began to access the database. "Looks like Cool Matty is up to something big," said Kirby. Gammasts glanced at the personel screen. "...Buttons..." muttered Gammasts under his breath.

    The group unlocked some of the vehicles in the hanger bay from inside the control room. "I'll stay here with Tony to control the mechs," said Kirby. "All righty then," replied Thrawn. The rest went out to the hanger and picked vehicles. Mavispoo and Echoman picked the Hovercrafts. Grismath and Thrawn took the tanks. Gammasts went for the MVC Tank. Mikeyman yelled, "And why is there no Wafflemobile?!?!?!". Grismath shook his head and started up his vehicle. Mikeyman jumped onto one of the other hovercrafts. The group set off into the other regions of the base in search for Cool Matty. Gammasts took another path with Mikeyman to look for Buttons.

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    A computer's worst nightmare:

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    "Has it won yet?"

    The dark figure was watching the action from his monitors in his throne room. He's eyes were concentrated on each of the prisoners' moves. He was amused. "They are doing well.." he said "but I am afraid that I will have to end this. Arm the guards with bazookas and Puglifiers. End this now!" The dark figure laid down in his throne and continued to watch.

    Echoman and Mavispoo were busy gunning down and running over guards. The bullets from the guards' guns couldn't even dent the bulletproof cover of the hovertank. "This is fun!" said Mavispoo. She blew up 5 guards with one shell. "Yay, a new record!"

    Out of nowhere, a missle lodged itself into Echoman's engine and exploded. Piece of his hovertank went everywhere! Then Echoman lost control and accidently rammed Mavispoo. Both of their hovertanks crashed violently into a nearby wall. Echoman pinned a poor guard against the wall. The two hovertanks couldn't go anywhere because their engines were destroyed.

    "Can you hold them off with the guns" asked Echoman.

    "I'll try." said Mavispoo.

    Thrawn used his tank as a bulldozer down the halls knocking down everything (and everyone) that came in his way. Time to time, he used shells to blow gaint holes thru the base's walls. The guards couldn't stop the destruction he was creating with their guns. Eventually, Thrawn reached the storage area and blown a hole to enter the facility. In the storage facility, everything was unusually quiet. There were storage boxes and machines in the room. All of a sudden, Thrawn saw a missle heading toward his tank. He jumped out of his vehicle to barely escape the explosion. The person who fired the missle was standing on top of some crates. It was Coolmatty.

    "Well, well. If it isn't Thrawn!" laughed Coolmatty. He fired another missle toward Thrawn's direction. He dodged the explosion by taking cover in nearby storage crates. Luckily, Thrawn had brought a gun.

    Gammasts was driving his tank thru the base when spotted a big steel door. He decided to try to blow the door down. He fired some shells at it.

    "What?!" said the dark figure on his throne. "Someone is trying to break into the throne room! Guards! Do something!"

    The steel door continued to receive heavy damage.

    Meanwhile, mikeyman was using his hovertank to search for, you guessed it, waffles. Out of nowhere a Puglifier ray hit his vehicle. The hovertank exploded into millions of pieces. He jumped out and was on fire.

    "Help me! Help me!" cried mikeyman.

    He grabbed what he thought was a fire extinguisher and turned it on. Too bad it was really a flame thrower. Mikeyman had more fire on him and was burning quicker.

    "Good lord. HELP ME!!!"

    "x=2?! Them fightin' words."

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    Tony and Kirby were furiously working the mech controls; safely operating a hundred-ton killing machine is no mean feat for even the most skillful operator, and so needless to say is nearly impossible for the untrained. Such was their concentration that neither man noticed when the door slid open and a man entered: clad in newly pressed blue jeans and a white t-shirt that read "professional gentleman", he sidled up to Tony.

    "Be extremely careful with that. Those giant robots belong to the taxpayer."

    In the hangar, Tony's mech tripped over itself and took out a line of Abrams tanks. Kirby had maintained his concentration, but the resulting shockwave threw his machine off balance, and the mech fell through a wall, destroying several adjoining rooms.

    "Well, that's not very good, now is it?" said Tony, through gritted teeth.

    "Not good for the solid citizens of this country, you mean," corrected the man. "The law-abiding ones who use crosswalks, stoop and scoop, come to a complete halt at stop signs and submit their income taxes on time. The ones who payed for the purchase and upkeep of those expensive death-dealing robots you so happily went joyriding around with."

    Incredulous anger swept Tony, and he shoved the barrel of his shock rifle into the man's chest. "You've got some big cojones walking in here and pushing my buttons like that, smart-pants!" he roared as he flipped the safety off of his gun. "Anything else you'd like to add on behalf of the electorate?"

    Kirby laid a hand on Tony's rifle. Kriby had given up on setting his mech to rights after several minutes of trying; still sprawled on the floor, it's attempts at standing had crushed the base's barracks and most of the mess hall. "You can't shoot him."

    "Why not?"

    "Because," said Kirby, pushing the shock rifle away from the man, "he's Gebohq."

    [I think you guys are just going to have to adapt to what's being written...]

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    Mikeyman was on fire, with his stupid switch on for a record time of 34 minutes. He walked around giggling as if he liked pain. But the fire burned out the wires connecting the stupidity switch to his brain. He was suddenly not stupid anymore.

    When he felt the pain of his 2nd degree burns, he started screaming. He dropped to the ground and rolled. Too bad he was in a puddle of oil. An explosion blew up his body and littered limbs all over the ground!!

    Mikeyman was dead.

    ...Or, was he?!

    Yes. If this wasn't a dream.

    Mikeyman woke up in a hospital. He looked around and saw a female nurse. "Where am I?" he asked groggily.

    "You're in Karkinville Central Hospital. Someone found you on the ground and took you there. Good thing, if you had been enflamed for a few more seconds, you would have died," she said.

    "Uggg..." Mikeyman groaned. He looked all over his body and saw black burns all over. "...Why can't I feel any pain?" "Well, most of your gone. Your body is barely functional," she said grimly.

    Mikeyman began to scream and scream and scream and scream...and then he woke up again. That whole hospitol scene had been a another dream.

    "Huh..." Mikeyman muttered. He got up from a hard stone floor. He was in some kind of cave.

    He looked around, but saw no one. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder. "Ahh!!" Mikeyman yelled, and then jumped forward. He looked behind him, and there stood...

    "WAFFLEMAN!!" Mikeyman shouted with glee.

    "Greetings, Mikeyman. You have used the waffle well."

    "YesIhave! YesIhave!" Mikeyman grinned with pure joy.

    "I have been watching over you for a long time. I found you engulfed in flame an hour ago. I quickly extinguished you with my Wafflehose and treated you. You should be better now."

    Mikeyman looked at himself. He did appear completely healed, with the exception of a small burn here and there.

    "Thanks Waffleman! By the way, can I have your autograph?"

    "No problem." Waffleman tore off a piece of paper from his Wafflefax in his pocket and signed it.

    Mikeyman giggled with pure joy.

    "Remember Mikeyman...always follow the waffle." Waffleman swooped his ywllow cape over his lower face and ran out of the cave. Mikeyman ran out to follow, but he disappeared.

    But then Mikeyman looked up at the full moon, and saw the silhouette (sp?) of Waffleman, with his waffle-shaped suit and yellow cape, flying above.

    "I...AM...WAFFLEMAN!!" He boomed.

    Mikeyman's eye twinkled and a tear formed in his eye.

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    [NSP: Right, but I had the reply window open for about fifteen minutes, and didn't see your thing...again, I think you just have to roll with the punches and change your stuff around when this happens (and I'm not the saltyest writer around here, but it happens a lot), because we're writing this on the internet.

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    Okay, Mikeyman was on fire Echoman, but the part where he exploded was a dream, and so was the hospitol scene. He had fallen unconcious a little after he was on fire, just before Waffleman rescued him.
    Hope that clears things up.)


    Mikeyman looked around. He was in a hilly meadow next to a cavern. He glanced at his watch. 3:43 AM. Mikeyman suddenly realized how tired he was. He soon fell asleep.

    He woke up when he heard a loud ringing. He jolted up from the cold, grassy ground. He looked at the source of the ringing and saw...a pay phone.

    Mikeyman slowly went up to it and answered it.


    "Don't hang up."

    "Who is this?!"

    "Someone who knows how to help you defeat Thrawn...Mikeyman."

    "How do you know my name?!"

    "I can't explain. Too risky. Just lis--"

    "Who are you?! Explain yourself!"

    "I told you I can't! Just listen to me. I'm your only hope and you know that."

    A long silence.

    "How to I know you aren't trying to trick me?"

    "I can't really prove anything. You have to trust me."

    "And why should I?"

    "I believe I explained earlier--I'm your only hope."

    Another long silence.

    "Will you trust me and listen to me?"


    "Alright. First of all, you must find the others. They're in Cuba, you're still in Britain."

    "How am I going to do that?!"

    "Find the coastline to the south. You'll find a surprise."

    "...I still don't know. How do I know you aren't Thrawn himself?"

    "You know you need to take that risk."

    A long silence.

    "Do it."



    "What should I call you?"

    "...Call me Deep Voice."

    With that, Deep Voice hung up, leaving Mikeyman confused and slightly frightened.

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    NSP: Um...where is everybody? Don't tell me everyones got writer's block...

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    Child's Play CharityNot satisfied.
    Well, actually Mikeyman... I have.

    'Pay attention to the cracked streets and the broken homes,
    Some call it the slums, some call it nice.
    I want to take you through a wasteland I like to call my home,
    "Welcome to Paradise"'
    Hey, Blue? I'm loving the things you do. From the very first time, the fight you fight for will always be mine.

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    NSP: Don't worry, I won't let it die, but considering I've wrote a part two times in a row, I don't think I should write anymore right now. Perhaps I'll write one more thing, then lump it all into one big's that sound?

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    NSP: Nobody's objecting, so...


    Mikeyman, still tired, walked along the sandy coast.

    "Ah ha!" Mikeyman truimphantly shouted. The boat Deep Voice told him about!

    Mikeyman climbed into the motorboat. A cell phone and a map lay on the bottom of the passager seat.

    "Crud...I was hoping it would be a luxary cruiser." Mikeyman whined, disappointed.

    He revved up the motor. Suddenly, the cell phone rang.

    Mikeyman picked it up.


    "Good job, Mikeyman. You barely escaped Thrawn's ninja's. Now yo-"

    "Wait a sec--Deep Voice?"

    "You were expecting someone else?"

    "Uh...well, I guess not, but--hey, what was that about ninja's?!"

    "You didn't know? Thrawn's ninja's were stealthily following you the entire two hours that you walked from the cave to tnhe coast."


    "You'd better hurry and get rowing, they're right behind you. And they have several Boat-In-Box(tm)'s."

    "Okay, but where do I row to?"

    "You're a real helpless guy, you know that? Look on the stinkin' map."

    Mikeyman checked the map. It had a "you are here" red x right south of Plymouth, England.

    "You need to get to Cuba. Fast. It'll probably take 40 or more hours."

    "You didn't even get me any food!!"

    "Make a stop at Cherbourg, France. I'll get you something."

    "How exactly are you getting all this stuff for me?"

    "I...have my ways."

    Mikeyman heard a laugh and then the phone clicked.

    Mikeyman shrugged and revved up the motor again, then set the course for Cherbourg.

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    "Has it won yet?"

    But Mikeyman didn't know the ninjas that were following him were not part of Thrawn's group. In fact the ninjas were sent from the Canadian Government. The Canadians were hatching a plan.

    "Brilliant!!" announced a worker inside the Canadian Secret Base (which, due to budgets cuts, it was also an pet shop). "I loved how you tricked that Mikeyman, eh!"

    "Yes! He will soon go to the location of the secret base on Cuba!" said the commander. He was petting a parrot.

    "What then?" asked the worker.

    "Here is the best part. That Waffleflax has a mind control device within it! Ha ha!" responded the commander. "He never knew that Waffleman is a fake! He never knew that it was just a Canadian spy in a costume held up by suspension wires! Waffleman was just there to implant the mind conrol." The dogs began to bark. "Shuttup!"

    The worker then asked, "Why....Waffleman??"

    "Hey. Recent budget cuts! It was the only costume left.."

    "Then what does the mind control device do?"

    The commander chuckled. "Mikeyman will become the ultimate killing machine! That device turns his hunger into killing! So, the second Mikeyman thinks of waffles, he will go kill everyone in sight! Mwhahaha! The perfect killer fueled by hunger!! Its pure genius! And Thrawn shall face it!

    "Brilliant sir!" remarked the Canadian worker. "Brilliant!"

    The barks of the dogs got louder.

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    The barking of the dogs continued to get louder. They continued so until a dark figure emered from the shadows.

    "Who the hell are you, eh?" asked the Canadian Commander.

    "Agent 1N-S1-P1D, eh?, sir." Replied the shadow, coming into full light.

    "Who the hell are you, eh?" repeated the Canadian Commander.

    "I already told you, just because I have a low post count doesn't mean I don't have feelings, eh?" Insipid proceded to break down into tears, but quickly composed himself.

    "I have an idea," said Agent 1N-S1-P1D.

    "Alright, tell me, eh?..." responded the Canadian Commander.



    Thrawn and co. continued to fight for their very survival.



    Mikeyman arrived in France, but found no Waffles, nor any Muffins. Only Frog Legs. So he continued on his way to Cuba on an empty stomach, unaware that the following Ninjas had been replaced by a stalking Insipid. Agent 1N-S1-P1D of Canadian "Intelligence".

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    Mikeyman sat down in the driver's seat of the motorboat, unhappy. There wasn't a food package or anything in Cherbourg!

    *Ring ring!*

    Mikeyman quickly picked up the phone.

    "Okay Deep Voice, you're a fake! There was nothing in the city!!"


    "I'll bet you're one of those ninja's, just trying to slow me down!"


    "Don't try to convince me, you aren't fooling me again!"

    "This is your mother."


    "So Michael deary, how are you doing?"

    "I'm fi--hey, wait, I'm an orphan!!"


    "Now I know you're one of Thrawn's henchman!"

    "Actually, that's not true."

    "Then who are you?!"


    Mikeyman, frusterated, stopped the boat to think of his next plan.

    He didn't see Agent 1N-S1-P1D's stealth submarine directly below him.

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    The Cuban base was in shambles. Wisps of jet black smoke curled in elaborate patterns hundreds of feet in the air. Off in the distance, there were silence.

    It was a standoff. Thrawn was crouched atop a pile of debris, with a ZM LR300 aimed at the head of the dark figure, whose throne room was utterly destroyed. CoolMatty and another agent held Grismath and Mavispoo with knives to their throats. Gammasts and Kirby had flown off in a spaceship they found in a storeroom. Thrawn's pure white trenchcoat fluttered in the warm Cuban wind, caked with dirt and ash. His eyes were narrowed to slits, his sunglasses having been blown to pieces by a stray bullet somehow.

    There had to be a way to save his friends.

    * * *

    Agent 1N-S1-P1D slowly brought his weapons to bear on Mikeyman's ship. He cackled to himself evilly. But as his finger tightened on the trigger, the submarine lurched violently. A deep voice rumbled through the ship.


    "Who...who are you?" Agent P1D demanded in a shaky voice.

    "Call me Bruce."

    Those were the last words Agent 1N-S1-P1D, of the Canadian Special Forces, ever heard again.

    Meanwhile, Mikeyman continued to float innocently along his way to Cuba.

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    Mikeyman groaned with hunger. His food supply ran out. Miserably he lay down.


    Mikeyman looked up. His boat had accidentally crashed on a tropical island.

    Mikeyman got out of the boat and got on the island. He needed food...quick.

    Alas, poor Mikeyman couldn't find anything. He layed against a large palm tree unhappily. He sat still for a moment, then pounded the tree.

    "As if my life weren't miserable enough!!" He shouted.

    He layed on his belly pathetically, and pounded the tree one last time. Suddenly, a door opened up in the tree!

    Mikeyman stared at the metal stairway inside of it. Slowly he got up and went inside of it.

    (NSP: Guys, let me take my character from here, focus on other things besides the main group.)

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    "Has it won yet?"

    Echoman got up from the wreckage of his distroyed hovertank. Most of the base laid in ruins. There were smoke and fire on the floors and dust flowed through the air. Around him were dead bodies of soldiers amoung the destruction. He heard distant gunshots far away.

    "Well, this base is screwed!"

    Out of nowhere a gaint mech warrior came plowing through the wall. It was Tony and Kirby. They were having fun destroying the facility. A path of destruction followed them.

    "Hello" responed Echoman.

    "Hi. This is fun!" answered Tony. "We met Gebohq...too bad we accidently ran him over.." Tony and Kirby frowned.

    "Oh well, do you know where everyone is?"

    Kirby answered, "I dunno. Tony was gunning down everything in sight."

    Tony gave a bad look.

    "We must hurry and find them! I sense trouble!"

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    Mikeyman slowly crept down the stairway. It was silent.

    Mikeyman entered a labratory. Some small tables were scattered throughout the room, and in the center, lay a large machine.

    Mikeyman looked at the table next to it. A small book lay open on the table.

    He flipped through the pages. It was a journal.

    Mikeyman couldn't help but read the first entry.

    June 22, 2001

    My work has all been destroyed. The government had destroyed my lab. They say my research is "unethical", and "impossible". Luckily, I have established a new laboratory to conduct my experiments. I will show them. My theory is ready to be tested. I will begin the first experiment soon.

    Mikeyman raised his eyebrow. "What is this? Some scientists journal..."

    He looked around again. There was nobody here.

    He shrugged and read on.

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    NSP: Echoman, gammasts and kirby flew off in a spaceship. Only Tony is left.

    Thrawn sat atop the rubble, thinking hard of a way to save his friends. There had to be a way...

    Suddenly, inspiration struck!

    "Look behind you!" yelled Thrawn. CoolMatty and the other agent let go of his friends and whirled around. Grismath and Mavispoo ran to the pile of rubble, and picked up some pieces of a broken mech with weapons still attached.

    "You fools!" yelled the dark figure. "It was a trick!"

    "No sh**, Sherlock." muttered CoolMatty.

    "AN INSULT!" roared the dark figure. "YOU ARE FIRED! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT!"

    "Fine then, be that way." said CoolMatty, and he hopped in a nearby helicopter and flew off. "I'll be back," he yelled in his best "Terminator" voice.

    "All right." said Thrawn. "You, dark figure person. You look important, so I'll keep you alive for now. You..." he turned to the unnamed Agent. "You I've never seen before. Gris, Maeve? Take him."

    Mavispoo was holding a severed mech arm. She opened up with the attached flamethrower, machinegun, and rocket launchers. Grismath was holding a heavy gauss laser. He got off one shot to the Agent's head, but was blown high into the sky by the heavy recoil. He fell down some distance away and was knocked unconcious.

    Thrawn turned his attention back to the dark figure. The dark figure was making a run towards an exit! Suddenly, the door exploded, and there was Tony, inside another huge mech. In one claw was Echoman, held captive in its mighty grip. The mech grabbed the dark figure in its other claw.

    "Wait!" protested Echoman. "We helped you escape!"

    "I don't think we need your help anymore." replied Thrawn sardonically.

    "Agreed." Tony agreed. "Let's get back to the secret base in London."

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    Mikeyman continued to read the journal.

    June 25, 2001

    Most of my equipment had been destroyed, so I had to get new ones. Unfortunately, I have no more funding, and my personal savings have almost been depleted. I will have to make do by deconstructing uneeded things and use the materials to make custom tools. It appears I can make everything needed for the first prototype of the Temporal Warp Machine. I just hope I have enough time.

    "Temproal Warp Machine?" Mikeyman said to himself quizzically.

    June 26, 2001

    I don't have enough tools, nor do I have enough materials to actually build the machine. I will have to make a smaller version of it. It will work, may not have enough power for multiple warps.

    July 11, 2001

    I have partially completed the first prototype. It is expected to be done within a week. I have been working almost nonstop, and have disappeared from society. It is a high cost, but the end prodcut is more than worthwhile. I shall be regarded as the greatest scientist in history. They will hail me. They will honor me like no one else.

    All of them.

    "Okay...this guy's wacko." Mikeyman laughed.

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    "Has it won yet?"

    Suddenly giant explosions were heard overhead. Pieces of debris fell down from the roof. As more explosions caused more damage, the facility was beginning to fall apart. Parts of the roof crumbled and the structure of the base broke apart. There was dust and chaos all around.

    "Who is attacking us now?!" yelled a soldier. He was so scared that he ran in circles.

    "It looks like the missiles are from..." another soldier answered, "..America?! America is attacking us!! Who is in charge of this attack??!!"

    Emergency alarms in the base went off. It was time to evacuate before it was too late!

    "Crap!" yelled Grismath "We gotta get out here before the whole place blows up!!"

    "Hey! Everyone get to the escape ports of base!!!" said Mavis "Quickly!!"

    The missiles continued to bomb the roof of the Cuban facility. Some of the sections of the base collapsed. Destruction was everywhere. Among the dust, the group of people headed toward the escape ports to leave alive.


    Ganondorf sat on a chair in the control room of White House Secret Base. He had complete control over America's military. It seems he was using his power for himself.

    "Ummm...blowing up Cuba with missiles isn't a great idea. I mean, why Cuba??" questioned a US agent.

    "Because we must show the world who has the ultimate power!!!" said Ganondorf. His eyes turned red.


    "Cuba was just target practice. Mwhahaha!!! Laugh with me!!! Mwhahahaha!!" laughed Ganondorf.

    All the agents started to laughing. "MWHAHAHAHA!!!"

    "Now we must test my sexy Clone Troopers!! Now who should we attack??"

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    Maeve lead the group charging through the base, frantically looking for some way out.

    "Does anyone see an escape port?" she yelled over the explosive racket.

    "You mean a door?" asked Grismath, pushing open a fire exit.

    "Don't play semantics with me bloody now, man!" screamed Maeve as she dove out of the base.
    Grismath was selflessly holding the door for his companions, and, after they had all passed through was about to make his escape when a falling beam smacked him in the head, rendering him unconscious.

    Tony was about to do bad things to Echoman when a stray missile struck his mech, toppling the mighty robot over and jarring Echoman free.


    In the nation's capital, Tracer, who was secretly Fidel Castro, was boarding a small jet which would take him to America.

    "So, President Ganondorf thinks he can scare us," mused Tracer/Castro, stroking his beard. There were other people in the jet's passenger compartment, but they knew from experience better than to respond to Tracer, who was really only talking to himself.

    "He thinks that he can dominate the peaceful banana farmers and carefree communists of this country with his scary American bombs."

    A flight attendant poured Tracer a tumbler of vodka, as the plane took off. Tracer knocked the drink back in one swig and pulled out a revolver. Snapping it open, he painstakingly inserted each bullet into the chamber and said to himself, "We'll see about that, won't we? Won't we? Mwahahahaha!"

    The other passengers all looked at their leader. "Laugh with me!" he commanded, and they all laughed heartily as the jet sped towards it's destination.

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    Mikeyman still continued to read the journal.

    July 14, 2001

    A mysterious benefactor has granted me a large sum of money. He says he had reviewed my work and thought it was worthwhile and that my theory could actually be true. With this money, I have enlargened my lab and have bought all the new components for thje full-size prototype.

    August 2, 2001

    About 60% finished. Work is grueling. Can't write anymore...tired... *gibberish*

    August 19, 2001

    I had a very close call today. A passing motorboat noticed how odd the tree that hid the doorway looked, and investigated. He nearly bumped the switch that revealed the cellar door. A very close call indeed. Oh yes, about 95% finished.

    August 21, 2001

    It is completed. The test will begin...tomarrow, I need some rest...

    August 22, 2001

    It malfuncioned. The fusion turbine had overloaded and the explosion nearly killed me. I...have no choice but to disguise myself, get in my boat, and sail back to mankind to find a hospitol.

    August 24, 2001

    My secret benefactor was revealed to be a government worker and former physicist. He was able to bail for me so I got treated. I had returned to my lab and am making the blueprints for the second prototype. I will not be writing again until it is finished.

    Febuary 6, 2002

    It is completed. I have triple-checked each individual component and everything checks out.

    I had originally planned to simply go just a few hours back in time, but it simply would be catastrophic. What will happen if I encounter my past self? So I must go back to before I was born. I will go back to 1921.

    If it works...I cannot imagine what the effect would be.

    I have created a secondary device, because after you go to and back, the fusion drive would be simply exhausted. It would never work again. So, when I come back, I can go again with the secondary.

    But perhaps...I won't go back. Maybe I can be content knowing that it worked, and live a peaceful life.

    So if someone finds this out, and I am not here anymore...I have decided to stay.

    Mikeyman stared, dumbfounded. He slowly looked over at the large machine in the middle of the room. Could...that be it? Did he really do it?

    Then, a thought struck him. What if...I can use it? I can stop...all of this. Thrawn. Tony. Everything.

    I can save my parents from the car crash.

    Tears welled up in Mikeyman's eyes as he remembered his parents. He wanted them back more than anything.

    But what would be more worthwhile, saving the death of two people, or thousands?

    Suddenly, Mikeyman felt very old.

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