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Thread: ISB character sheets

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    Story: NeS
    Name: Bhac Ssylan
    Nicknames: None
    Titles: (left) Hand of the NeS, Protector of Evil
    Alignment: Chaotic Evil
    Home: 1337
    System: Chess Board
    Synopsis: He is pretty much Mayaal's polar opposite in many ways. He is imaptient and quick to action. Mostly doesn't like to leave things to wait, he'll have no problem personally messing with the plot to further his own goals. Though inherantly Evil, is bound to fight for the good of the NeS.

    As anyone who has been following the story recently knows, Bach changes his appearance quite often. However, the description below is of his standard form, he is in this most often and pretty much any time he is with Mayaal (unles he is in Qwerty form, but that's a very special case)

    Age: Unknown. Appears about 50-60
    Gender: Male
    Race: Appears Human, though actually the same nerd-kirby hybrid as Mayaal.
    Height: 6'2"
    Build:Rather normal build, not particularly muscular. His hands, however, are emaciated and the fingertips constantly bleed.
    Hair: White, unruly, and very long. Also has a well trimmed white goatee.
    Eye color: Pink. The white are also bloodshot.
    Unusual features: Hands/fingertips are emaciated and bripping blood, his eyes are always open and bloodshot.
    Outfits: Always in a red vest, a black shirt, black pants, and a black cloak. The cloak is considerably ripped and hangs in strips behind Bhac.

    Pre-Story History: None, he was created during the story. However, he was created by the merging of Qwerty and jEDIkIRBYtHEwHITE when they fought outside of the dreamstate.
    Story History: After his creation, Bhac has gone to ensure evil's continual and powerful presence in the world through whatever means necessary.
    Recent History: Currently trapped in a plot hole after a duel with Mayaal went south, he's not one to sit around idly for long...

    Personality: For the most part Bhac is a very active character, he doesn't like to simply sit around and watch things unfold like Mayaal. This comes because of the fact that good wins constantly, so while Mayaal can relax, Bhac must constantly be working to ensure the balance.
    Perceptions: Much like Mayaal, he sees people around him as pieces in a very complicated game of chess. However, Bhac takes far more intrest in these pieces then Mayaal. Especially one Maybechild, but that's anoutehr story...
    Politics: While on the side of Evil, is also dedicated to preservation of NeS as a whole above and boyond the duty towards Evil.
    Religon: NeS Metaphysics
    Beliefs: Evil, the NeS is to be preserved at all costs.
    Fears: Good
    Drives: To promote Evil is in his very nature, and cannot be changed. Also, the preservation of the NeS
    Social status:The Power of NeS allows him to own or have whatever he wishes.
    Occupation: Hand of the NeS
    Family: Mayaal is his metaphysical 'brother'. JKTW and Qwerty are his parents.
    Relationships: Mayaal is his nemisis and only friend. Also, though this has yet to be seen, Bhac has an affinity with machines and especially the constructs of Qwerty.
    Diction: No accent. Tends to use a very large vocabulary.
    Hobbies: Punching Kirbies, drowning sacks of puppies, taking candy from babies.
    Likes: Machinery, maybechild, good horror movies.
    Dislikes:Mayaal, do-gooders.

    Potential: Technically has no 'potential', as he is currently the most he can possibly be.
    Powers: Anything that is possible within the bounds of the story. Favorite power: Shapechanging.
    Abilities: Agility over strength. Affinity with machines.
    Equipment: Nothing, though his blood (possibly related to bloodink) is very powerful.

    Concepts: I don't relaly have plans for Bhac at the moment, but i like the way he's been shaping up. He's supposed to be prone to action, and uses anything at his disposal to further his goals. generally tries to be extreamly serious, though this doesn't always work (this is the NeS, after all ). He also likes to mess with people's heads.
    Themes: Evil vs Good, to further conflict in the story, likes controlling people and tricking them (hense the like of shapechanging).
    Challanges: To maintain the strength of Evil.
    Who?: The chess player who always plays black.
    What?: He is part of 1337, and an integral part of the fabric of the story. Also could be thought of as a stage manager.
    How?: Came about after a very long creative session with Kirbs. Ahh, good times.
    Why?: i seem to have an affinity to evil characters in stories (look at everythign else i've written for on here, you'll see it) and Bach is the logical conclution of that. Also, like Kirbs, i like 'Epic' stuff, and Bhac and Mayaal are the most Epic you're likely to find.

    Just a quick note here about shapechanging: though i have been the only one yet to actually change Bhac's form to something, there is a few things people should know if you want to have him change form.
    1. Bach can assume any form he wishes very easily with only two exceptions: Qwerty and JKtW. It takes a huge amount of effort for Bach to assume the form of Qwerty and this has a number of effects. First, Mayaal may occationally lose track of his presence, and Mayaal has far less effect when trying to exert a change over Bhac. However, Bach has none of the powers he normally has as a Hand when being Qwerty, simply Qwerty's normal abilities (affinity with machines, electrical magiks). Bach cannot assume the form of JKtW
    2. When Bach is shapechanged he keeps at least one of the features of his original form, such as the white goatee, or long white hair, or emaciated hands, or pink eyes, etc. etc. etc. Or, if he takes the form of something like an animal or a bug, these are always colored blood red.
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    slight updates to Sarn's Character sheet as a result of recent developments in NeSquared.

    Updated: Added a new personality, adjusted the dominance ratings on his other personalities to reflect how the story is playing out (and the preferences I'm beginning to develop of one personality over the other), and added some information on Sarn's dagger (which has recently emerged in the storyline).
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    A very long overdue and much-needed explanation of my characters:

    Story: NeSquared

    Name: Thatchett

    Titles: Annoying Talking Dog, Hey You

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Home: Where the heart is. That is to say, where the food is.

    System: None (Based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld)


    Personal Ad: Highly educated and articulate (for a dog), appreciates good (any) food and drink and light conversation into the nature of reality.

    Physical Attributes

    Age: Approximately 17

    Gender: Male

    Race: Canine, ubiquitous breed.

    Height: 1' 4"

    Build: Medium

    Hair: Short curly brown, relatively unwashed.

    Eye color: Brown

    Unusual Features: Has a couple non-obtrusive scars and a slight squint in his left eye.
    Outfits: None seen to present; no collar.


    Pre-history: Relatively unknown. Thought to have originally belonged to an affluent British family; occasionally mentions being a part of the "war in India," though no further details are known. At some point something terrible or unexpected or both occurred to him, leading him to his current state (that is to say, highly intelligent with an extended life span and the ability to speak).

    Story History: Appeared in Hawthorne's Astro-Van in the Convenience Store of the Damned plot arc. Is currently stranded in Spring Valley.


    Personality: Talkative and occasionally harsh. Loves food, which sometimes interferes with his outward appearances. He actually does have a very soft heart buried under years of jaded experience, but the food thing gets in the way pretty much all of the time. Introverted personality type easily misinterpreted as extroverted. Closed-lipped about his past for the most part, but loves kicking around with Hawthorne.

    Perceptions: The world is something that happens to people. He just wants to eat and wax philosophical.

    Politics: Politics is something that happens to other people. Initiatives to feed the poor are ultimately pointless because they don't feed dogs, so why care?

    Religion: Agnostic. Religion is something that happens to other people (see a trend here?).

    Beliefs: Believes in food. Often he adopts an Electronic Monk perception of reality. "The tree would provide. It provided twigs." (Douglas Adams, Dirk Gentley's Holistic Detective Agency)

    Fears: Lack of food.

    Personal Drives: Food and romance. Romance is very hard to get as a talking dog. The anatomy isn't right for human women and other dogs just don't have the conversation.

    Social Status: Somewhere south of moldy yogurt.

    Occupation: Hawthorne's sidekick, for lack of a better term.

    Family: Unknown.

    Relationships: Hawthorne's sidekick, had a thing for Voodoo Snowflake but that didn't go anywhere.

    Diction: Remarkably articulate. We don't know how he reads, but somehow he does. Has a cockney accent which shifts based on the situation he's in. He's something of a verbal chameleon in that his base dialect is a clean cockney, but depending on the environment will occasionally adopt regional terms. Has a unique grasp of history and isn't afraid to communicate it when the need calls.

    Likes: Food, Hawthorne, food, free food, urinating on Sarn's leg.

    Dislikes: Hunger, food getting taken away from him, not being able to get a girlfriend.

    Character Flaws: A bit too jaded for his own good, neglects to express his actual feelings in almost any situation.


    Potential: As a talking god his potential is limitless if he chose to assert himself.

    Powers: He's a dog that talks. I'm sorry, you wanted more?

    Abilities: Can scrounge like there's no tomorrow. Has a more refined ability to smell food than a starving shark.

    Equipment: The clothes on his back. Ok, fine, the fur on his back. It's believed he has a monocle around somewhere, but it has yet to appear.


    Concept: He's as talking dog. Contrary to any outward appearances, he is in no way
    inspired by the donkey from Shrek. His base is derived primarily from Gaspode (Terry Pratchett, Moving Pictures) and indeed is named after Terry Pratchett in a fashion. Rather than taking a blatant rip from Gaspode, Thatchett is a much more intelligent and well-spoken personality without some of the immediately doggish tendencies.

    Themes: Call him the cute talking animal sidekick. Just don't call him the cute talking animal to his face or he's likely to throw something unpleasant at you. I don't know what, but it'd be nasty. He has a history that may come into play at a later date.
    Challenges: Being so small makes him hard for most people to take seriously. This has ultimately had a lasting effect on him, something he consistently tries to overcome.

    Who: Talking dog.

    What: The representation of all that is not taken seriously in modern times.

    How: Because I couldn't identify with any of the standing characters at the time.


    Story: NeSquared

    Name: Sasha

    Titles: Grease Stained Woman

    Alignment: Chaotic Good

    Home: Semi-nomatic. Basements and warehouses, the occasional attic. Last known "renting" an old shop in Spring Valley, though the possibility of squatting isn't beyond the scope of her personality.

    System: None (original construct).


    Personal Ad: Down-to-earth girl who loves bodging and free dinners, sometimes at the expense of anything else. Make-up is limited to inorganic mechanical fluids.

    Physical Attributes

    Age: Mid- to late-20s.

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human, caucasian, anglo descent.

    Height: 5' 8"

    Build: Very light, coming from bad eating habits (namely, forgetting to).

    Hair: Light brown, short and unwashed.

    Eye color: Blue.

    Unusual Features: None that we've noticed at this point.

    Outfits: Long-sleeved jersey shirt with a down vest and khaki cargo pants, all stained. Wears a pair of welding goggles almost constantly. Takes her vest off inside, occasionally seen unabashedly naked working on something because she forgets to put clothes on.


    Pre-history: Unknown. May be revealed in due course.

    Story History: Appeared in the Spring Valley plot arc and asked for a light.


    Personality: Open and forgetful. Far from naive or innocent, but takes so few things seriously that she occasionally appears to be quite naive. A bit of a space case sometimes, with an extreme intelligence. She is not good with machines in the traditional sense, but rather she understands the deeper understanding of mechanical relationships and cares for little else. She's on the fence between introverted and extroverted; primarily introverted, but she has an introverted side she lets out once in a while. Briggs-Meyer INFJ.

    Perceptions: Sees life as a complicated construct to be explored but not really bothered with. "If it breaks it obviously needed another spot-weld." She adopts a mindset of, "If I want some I'll find some or make some for myself."

    Politics: She does her thing and doesn't care about much of anything. Something of a socialist, and doesn't care enough about sexuality to be on board with the feminists.

    Religion: Taoist. That is to say, the Zen of Motorcycle Maintenance sort of thing.

    Beliefs: Believes in an unequivocal right to break stuff and put it back together.

    Fears: A world without TIG welders and spare parts.

    Personal Drives: Building and understanding.

    Social Status: That girl who rents the building next door. Markedly less desirable than that sentence sans "who rents the building," and therefore mostly ignored.

    Occupation: Fixing and building stuff. She appeared in one episode of Scrapheap Challenge as an expert and made a pretty penny from the advertisers.

    Family: None known. Black sheep or orphan.

    Relationships: Passes through relationships like prunes through a horse. Cultivates a deeper relationship with bodging things together than with people, though she seems to be looking for someone who shares that like. Known to have an almost sexual relationship with her welder. And you can stop reading any further in to that.

    Diction: Articulate in mechanical lexicons, moderately fluent in philosophy. Doesn't say much, though. She has a remarkably quiet voice, difficult for some people to understand.

    Likes: Assorted functional metal things, free food, free solder, Craftsman tools, and the odd Jane Austen novel.

    Dislikes: iPods, prepackaged electronics, and commercialization.

    Character Flaws: Like riding a waveform, she has both an awful and excellent memory, she is both complex and simple, easy and difficult. This makes her a remarkably chaotic personality who is very hard to get a handle on.


    Potential: Unknown, though, give her a lever long enough and a place to stand and she'll scrounge the parts to turn it into a portable yurt. That could be pretty big.
    Powers: Bodge.

    Abilities: Scrounging, bodging, welding.

    Equipment: Any random tools concealed in her vest. That sometimes is enough to make a Sear's catalog blush.


    Concept: A counterpart to Hawthorne without being cliche. A strongly independent type without any cares in the world; primarily disinterested in the world. Based roughly on the relationship between Riff and Sasha from Sluggy Freelance.

    Themes: Smart strong female character who gets into machines. Her type is to be found in many anime series like LastEXILE or Fullmetal Alchemist, but with an approach of someone more realistic and gritty.

    Challenges: Finding a welder in this tech-base.

    Who: Grease Stained Woman

    What: The manifestation of mechanical socialism and independent thought in a feminine character strong enough sexual archetypes roll off of her like rain would given the greasy state of her clothing.

    How: Because I needed to introduce something specific to subtext and I thought Hawthorne probably hadn't gotten laid in a really really long time and I felt kinda bad for him.

    Edit: Last seen in Spring Valley doing damage control for its crippled zombie tourist trade. Maybe we'll see her again someday.
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    Story: The Never-ending Story Thread
    Name: Losien October Simon (though "Ohq" appears on the paperwork at times as her last name)
    Nicknames: Los, Losie. Is often called things like "babe" though identifies more with things like "loser" due to her self-image.
    Titles: Unknown.
    Alignment: Good guy. Used to be a member of Greenpeace, now is once again a NeS hero.
    Home: Midwest, USA.
    System: Story Arcade (as Lucy N. Smith), the writer's imagination.
    Synopsis: Gebohq's younger twin sister, she has been labeled the "serious relief" of NeS. Very sexy/beautiful, and has a high willpower potential, but her characteristic lack of self-confidence keeps her from realizing both.

    Age: Early/mid 20's.
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Human, appears white. Lineage unknown past the last 150-ish years.
    Height: 5'6".
    Build: Sexy.
    Hair: Light autumn hair, about mid-back length.
    Eye color: Brown.
    Unusual features: Besides being super-sexy? None.
    Outfits: Usually something modest (not that it disguises her appeal)

    Pre-Story History: Losien was given her name from her mother, who used the first six letters "told" by a Ouija board. She spent her childhood as most other girls do, and grew a special interest in spending time with children even as she grew up. While her brother, Gebohq, sought a life of a hero, she turned to become a school teacher. It is unknown if and where she teaches, as she early on got caught up in her brother's adventures when she went to visit him.

    Story History: Having visited her brother on page 10, Losien quickly joined in helping her brother fight many evils. She has also had a number of loves in her adventures, including the Otter, Joe the Sound Guy, and Michael McLongname. Her current, and perhaps most successful relationship, however, has been with The Last True Evil, who rescued her from McLongname in NeSquared. However, discouraged by a number of factors, Losien has turned from The Last True Evil and the other NeS heroes, and joined Maybechild in Greenpeace. Not long after, she regrouped with the heroes, only to be left behind. She seemed to have isolated herself with her old life as a teacher until once more dragged into the NeS antics to take her brother's place as the main character of the NeS. She has since become engaged with The Last True Evil.

    Personality: She is infamous for her poor self-image, though she is learning to overcome that. Shy, quiet, quirky, sometimes flies into impatient fits of frustration.
    Perceptions: Everyone's awesome and there is good in even the bad guys, except for herself.
    Politics: Conservative, though very adamant on issues involving education.
    Religon: Christianity. Denomination unknown.
    Beliefs: That love and all things good and right will win.
    Fears: Making people's lives worse through some fault of her own, and her brother's safety as well as TLTE's.
    Drives: To be like her big brother, Gebohq (and, in that regard, to fight for the NeS), and to help children.
    Social status: Middle-class. Being drop-dead gorgeous, most guys will buy her a drink if they think they can get in her pants.
    Occupation: Former Greenpeace worker, NeS hero, school teacher.
    Family: Mother and father, and Gebohq, her older brother.
    Relationships: Her brother, Gebohq, previous feelings of love for the Otter, Joe the Sound Guy, and Michael McLongname. Currently in love and engaged to The Last True Evil, and gets along well with Maybechild. Only hates those who hurt Gebohq (such as Rachel) and TLTE (such as Thand), and her feelings towards McLongname (now dead) are muddled. She is likely to form a motherly bond with Amal as well.
    Diction: Quietly, usually, but beautifully. Has no discernible accent.
    Hobbies: Favors games of Candyland, is an amateur connesuoir of cheeses and breads/crackers, modeling.
    Likes: Guys, cheese and crackers, "girly things."
    Dislikes: Her thighs, her hips, her waist, her nose, her brown eyes, her hair, her voice, her height and weight... you get the idea.

    Potential: Given the opportunity, she has the same "ohq" potential that her brother Gebohq has, perhaps even moreso. She has a currently untapped willpower of legendary proportions, which she could use to fight and defend from the wills of those who would wish to do evil. Her combat skills would be nothing to cough at either. After all, she is a woman.

    Powers: As with all NeS characters, see Meta-Story for her "core" powers.

    Story-wielding: As a wielder of the NeS, Losien is attuned to elements that make up story and plot, often giving him context-sensitive magical abilities. Most all the NeS characters have this ability to some degree, but Losien is understood to be one of the "chosen" for this, allowing him to control the NeS in some manner that others can not. See the Meta-Story section and Misc./Notes for Gebohq section for details on story-wielding.

    Charm: Her physical and spiritual beauty are supernaturally high, allowing her the power to have men (and even women, on a different level) to do as she wishes. This, however, is a power she denies having, and thus has never "really" used it.

    XX chromosome: Being a woman, she's granted natural fighting skills. Such nice perks, when you're a story character, huh?

    NeSword: Once hardly more than a prop sword Gebohq carried, it was remade by God into what it is now during The End battle on page 50, then passed down to Losien when she inherited the mantle of main character. A hand-and-a-half sword which can be a tool, focus, etc. for her story wielding ability, damaging physical or otherwise. While not actually trained in ability to fight with a sword, the NeSword often does the work for her, so to speak.

    Improvised weapons: Things such as her hairpins can often be used by her as weapons.

    Concepts: Being the "serious relief" in a comedy. Themes of beauty, love, relationships, bohemian stuff.

    Serious Relief -- Losien is naturally a more serious person than her brother, Gebohq, which may explain her connection with The Last True Evil. At any given moment, she may add weight to her actions or others. This can both help and hinder, either by making something set in proverbial stone or by bringing something down hard at an inappropriate time.

    Ideomotor Candychain -- So long as she is unconscious of the events, Losien can have future events that revolve around her be independent of past events, allowing unexpected events to unfold in her favor or not. This quality is amplified when other people are with her. (This is a combination of ideomotor effects when using a Ouija board and the Markov chain present in Candyland games.)

    Negative Judgment -- Also unlike her brother, Losien often sees the negative in herself and her surroundings. While this does allow her to cast the occasional glance at a critical weakness to be used to her advantage, this also tends to have the unwarranted side-effect of seeing the flaws within herself.

    Improvised Action -- No matter the context, Losien is able to improvise a plan of action. No weapons? Fight with her feet and hairpins. This gives Losien flexibility but not necessarily the strength behind her actions, leaving her somewhat context-dependent.

    Perfect Form -- More often than not, she is conventionally portrayed as the stereotypical "sexy woman" even when she is not "supposed" to be sexy. This convention goes beyond her physical appearance, though, as her form is reflected within the story itself. This can often lead to issues regarding form over function, however.

    From Losien: So yeah. Losien is awesome. So is Geb. But not me...which is why this ISB character sheet will be filled out by Geb at his convenience. I hand over all privileges for the better of those who will be reading the sheets. :-)

    From Gebohq: Losien isn't returning, I just asked her to do this as a favor. *sighs at what she wrote above* Hopefully this character sheet is accurate enough.
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    Story: The Never-ending Story Thread (first appearance here).
    Name: Semievil
    Nicknames: Sem
    Titles: Master of Duct-tape
    Alignment: Intrinsiclly neutral, in that he aims for balance and justice, but leans towards good.
    Home: Unknown. Has for a significant time called the heroes' HQ home.
    System: From the "old-school" JediKnight, also a resident of Everquest and Tribes.
    Synopsis: Skeletal old-man techno-mage.

    Age: Unknown.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Unknown. Pale/sickly complexion.
    Height: Approx. 5'11" standing normal, 6'4" when standing straight (rare occurance)
    Build: Bones like an ox. Muscles like a bunny. Unusually broad/stocky frame, but without the muscle to fill it out.
    Hair: Unestablished (toss-up between bald and mage-like hair)
    Eye color: Grey eyes. (Unestablished: One eye is black, the other is normal.)
    Unusual features: Mistakable for a zombie/lich. Generally undeadish.
    Outfits: Usually wears a dark grey trenchcoat-like outfit that resembles something like a mage or an old man. Known to carry a staff from time to time.

    Pre-Story History: Much of Semievil's distant past remains a mystery. However, it is known that Sem is something of a construct of rationality and even-handedness. His functions as a judge and analyst however went unused for too long, and his reasoning capacity waned over the course of a personal breakdown. As a construct he was simply created with vast knowledge of magic and technology alike, and he retains most of it- along with a certain knack for fixing things. After his breakdown, it's presumed that he wandered the earth, searching for new purpose and the like. At one point, Semievil attended the Never-ending State University (NeSu) around the same time that Gebohq and some of the others NeS characters did, when he first likely got to know Geb and become addicted to Coca-Cola.

    Story History: Hearing of Gebohq's presence in the challange against Ares, Semievil went to pay a visit to the Arena. Since then, he's shared in many of the same adventures as Gebohq, including battling TotallyEvil, who was apparently Sem's sister. In the epic conflict against the EeP, Semievil fell under the influence of the Darkside, battling Galrek and nearly dying with everyone else.

    Recent History: Since the start of NeSquared, Semievil has rarely appeared, becoming a Forgotten Character in the process. Because of this, he confronted The Last True Evil and others with Masetto and Arbiter on Michael McLongname's spacestation of Forgotten Characters, where he was seriously wounded. Whether Semievil shares the cause with the other Forgotten Characters or not is still unknown. Since then, he has gone unheard of until after the battle with the Potentials, in which he has tried to contact Geb and the other heroes.

    Personality: Fairly little makes Sem tick. He suffers from a lack of any certain motivation beyond a simple compulsion to see things work the way they are supposed to. The want of purpose does not particularly bother him, since he hardly sees it that way- he was made to deal with problems as presented to him- not set out and find problems for himself. The narrowness of his considerations can make him swift to anger if he sees something that can only be justified by expanding to see the big picture.
    Perceptions: Sem does not often engage in self-reflection, and makes few judgements about others. Though it is in his nature to analyze and form judgements it is not a task he undertakes without immediate reason, as he associates such with his breakdown. Consequently the perceptions he has of others are narrow and ad-hoc. For any given character he probably has no idea what he thinks about them as a whole.
    Politics: Sem suppourts little and fights little except in passing. Each situation merits its own judgement- which will likely be final and unwavering- irrespective of what has happened between the parties on other occasions.
    Religon: Sem's lack of higher purpose leads him away from religon- it asks too many questions he doesn't want to answer.
    Beliefs: Though he is totally unaware of the fact that this influences his actions or even that he has the notion at all, Sem is guided by a deep commitment to realized purpose. A car should go, a cake should taste yummy, and dash it all but a death-ray should destroy the world! Like a vampire with a knot, Sem is compelled to see that things do what they are meant to do, fixing them where he can- though he can overcome it if purposes are crossed.
    Fears: Sem doesn't really understand fear beyond simple knee-jerk survival reactions. With no real conscious ambition of his own and limited self-reflection, he doesn't have much to lose.
    Drives: Consciously he'd deny he had any. Short of his compulsions, that's probably true- being driven to make reasonable decisions is hardly what most people would call 'drive'.
    Social status: He's an old hermit who looks like a zombie... He's got charisma in the dark terrifying and powerful sense, but not what you'd call social graces.
    Occupation: Professional hero?
    Family: Unknown. It is likely though that TotallyEvil is, in one fashion or another, the equivilant of his older sister.
    Relationships: Friend of Gebohq, in psuedo-fear of TotallyEvil, apparent dislike of Galrek. May have an ancient relation by principle with Arkng Thand.
    Diction: Deep/low.
    Hobbies: Build arcs, establish B.U.M.P.s, fix stuff.
    Likes: Coke, duct-tape, dark places.
    Dislikes: Non-Coke products, too much sun.

    Potential: Sem's potential is limited largely by a lack of focus- a new situation almost always entails a reconsideration of everything that is going on, and he is easily distracted from the big picture (death ray destroying the world) by minor problems (oh noes! the death ray is unplugged! it'll never work like that!)
    Powers: Sem is a repository for a vast collection of arcane knowledge- everything from fireball to raising the dead- if only he knew it. His breakdown effectively eliminated his access to most of his magic when his focus became so narrow and chaotic. While he theoretically knows how to use all of his magic, he can only actually be aware of limited parts of it at a time- these powers will come and go, flipping between complete mastery and total unawareness like a lightswitch. The one set of powers that he holds constant is technomancy- from summoning cokes to precision telekinetic manipulation of ducttape, if it can be used to patch something together it's covered.
    Abilities: Sem's aptitude for technology suffers generally the same way as his magic- in theory he's an expert on any kind of technology out there. In practice, he doesn't remember how to use most of it. And if he does, he may not in the morning. Of course he can usually make it work, even if he doesn't know what it does.
    Trenchcoat of Holding- you can fit all kinds of crap in there... weapons... food... people... WWII fighter aircraft...
    Magic Staff- Naw, not really. It's pretty sweet lookin, and tough as the best weapons-grade steel (core re-enforcement), but he just tells people it's magic.
    Jetpack- He doesn't use it much, but it's pretty sweet too- self recharging, and comes in handy when you forget how to cast 'flight' in mid-air.
    Coke, Ducttape- Sure, he could use magic to make them as needed... but why not keep them stocked... just in case...

    Concepts: What was the concept behind your character? What concepts are you working with in regards to your character now? How much of yourself is in your character?
    Themes: What themes, feel, story, etc. is within your character?
    Challanges: What challanges, social or otherwise, are you tackling with your character?
    Who?: Who is your character?
    What?: What is the core of your character? What state (space and time) is your character a part of?
    How?: How did you make your character?
    Why?: Why did you make your character?

    There is a possibility that the Semievil of NeS may be the same as the Semievil of "The Eternal War" (first appearance here). If that is the case, his "personal breakdown" would be what happens after the events that lead up to his removal as Eternal Judge at the end of TEW. The details of his "new identity" in NeS would be, at this point, unclear, but it would likely mean his purpose in NeS is actually extremely significant, to say the least, and that he may have an ancient relationship with Arkng Thand. At this point, however, there's been no hard evidence to show that Semievil of NeS is the same as the Semievil of TEW.
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    Doesn't know that mice use holes.
    NOTE: This character can no longer be written for, as they have become LOST.

    Story: The Never-ending Story Thread (first appearance here).
    Name: Dormouse (whether this is a first or last name is unknown)
    Nicknames: Dor.
    Titles: Doctor (legitimacy questionable), (former?) Professor at Never-ending State University (NeSu)
    Alignment: Good, if also confused
    Home: Unknown, though his current "home" is in the Haunted House of Heroes.
    System: n/a(?)
    Synopsis: An eccentic, confused mad scientist/professor-type who helps hero-types out.

    Age: At least 30, likely older.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Human, caucassian.
    Height: 5'7"?
    Build: Tiny for a man.
    Hair: Brown.
    Eye color: Brown.
    Unusual features: None.
    Outfits: Typical eccentric scientist/professor type outfit?

    Pre-Story History: It is unknown what Dr. Dormouse did in his life before becoming a professor at NeSu, but while there, taught NeS hero-types like Geb, Sarn and Ford in... well, how to think for themselves, among other things.

    Story History: Sometime in the late 40's of NeS, Dr. Dormouse joined the group of heroes, engaging (most likely unknowingly) in the epic conflict on page 50. Since then, he relocated with the heroes to their new headquaters in the 8th dimension, where he has been keeping mostly to himself.

    Recent History: Dr. Dormouse has recently been infected with The Dust, and has been collaborating with Mustang and The Mega_ZZTer on some unknown experiments in the Haunted House of Heroes. It is unlikely much good will come out of it.

    Personality: Eccentric. Dorable?
    Perceptions: Things around Dr. Dormouse sometimes don't quite seem to line up with what he sees, which one can only imagine how he sees the world.
    Politics: Unknown.
    Religon: Unknown.
    Beliefs: Unknown.
    Fears: Unknown.
    Drives: To teach and invent?
    Social status: Is a known name in the scientific and academic communities, but not super-famous.
    Occupation: (former?) professor at NeSu, scientist
    Family: Unknown.
    Relationships: Friends with Mustang and the more well-known Ford, has bats for pets.
    Diction: High and unique vocabulary.
    Hobbies: Scientific studying and experimentation?
    Likes: Unknown.
    Dislikes: Unknown.

    Potential: Dr. Dormouse has the potential to create new scientific breakthroughs and inspire with unique insights into the world around him.

    Powers: None?

    Abilities: Professor/scientist-stuff.

    Equipment: Professor/scientist-stuff.

    Concepts: What was the concept behind your character? What concepts are you working with in regards to your character now? How much of yourself is in your character?
    Themes: What themes, feel, story, etc. is within your character?
    Challanges: What challanges, social or otherwise, are you tackling with your character?
    Who?: Who is your character?
    What?: What is the core of your character? What state (space and time) is your character a part of?
    How?: How did you make your character?
    Why?: Why did you make your character?

    Miscellaneous: Anything else significant about your character should be mentioned here.
    The cleverly annotated list of bats in Dr. Dor's possession. They're WITTY! I promise.

    Craseo - Craseonycteridae (bumblebee bat)
    Nycte - Nycteridae (slit-faced or hollow-faced bats)
    Phyllo - Phyllostomidae (New World leaf-nosed bats)
    Thyro - Thyropteridae (disc-winged bats)
    Myzo - Myzopodidae (old world sucker-footed bats)
    Vespert - Vespertilionidae (evening bats)
    Ptero - Pteropodidae (fruit bats)
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    Story: NeSquared (first appearance here).
    Name: Ahnuld
    Nicknames: None.
    Titles: None.
    Alignment: Technically evil (has been sent from the future to kill Gebohq), but usually acts good.
    Home: Austria, in the future.
    System: Heavy influence from The Terminator.
    Synopsis: A parody on Arnold Swartzenagger's role in The Terminator, Ahnuld is otherwise a relatively incompetant and laughable robot.

    Age: Appears to be in his prime, actual age unknown.
    Gender: Appears male.
    Race: Appears to be human, but really a robot.
    Height: 6'2"
    Build: Bodybuilder, Mr. Universe physique.
    Hair: Short, brown hair.
    Eye color: Brown.
    Unusual features: Underneath his human skin is a robotic exoskeleton, being a robot.
    Outfits: Terminator-esque outfit. Also wears a red polo shirt and jeans.

    Pre-Story History: Built presumably by Austrian scientists in the future, he was soon programmed to terminate Gebohq, though why is unknown. He was then transported to page 3 of NeS, in hte 8th dimension.

    Story History: Ahnuld tagged with a Thrawn-model robot in attempts to find the heroes and stop them, though Ahnuld seems to have forgotten his purpose many times throughout the course of NeS. He joined forces with Shattered Geb briefly, then was trapped in the Dreamstate. Later, he tagged along with Antestarr only to get fried and sent back to the Haunted House of Heroes.

    Recent History: He's currently re-activated, but only able to speak Spanish, and apparently occupied with his own affairs in the Haunted House of Heroes.

    Personality: Missing a few wires? Gay?
    Perceptions: Apparently one all of his own?
    Politics: Unknown.
    Religon: Likely none.
    Beliefs: Unknown.
    Fears: Death of the Jellybean Pony, among other things?
    Drives: To terminate Gebohq, though likely has stronger drives.
    Social status: Likely little.
    Occupation: Assassin?
    Family: None.
    Relationships: Close friends of Thrawnbot and Jellybean Pony.
    Diction: Austrian accent like The Terminator.
    Hobbies: Unknown.
    Likes: Rainbows.
    Dislikes: Fat people?

    Potential: He has as much potential as a Terminator parody would have.
    Robot - He's a robot, so he has exceptional strength and constitition.

    Rainbow Power - He's powered by rainbows. Dunno what that exactly gives him...

    Gay switch - he has a switch that makes him gay...

    Equipment: Uh...

    Concepts: What was the concept behind your character? What concepts are you working with in regards to your character now? How much of yourself is in your character?
    Themes: What themes, feel, story, etc. is within your character?
    Challanges: What challanges, social or otherwise, are you tackling with your character?
    Who?: Who is your character?
    What?: What is the core of your character? What state (space and time) is your character a part of?
    How?: How did you make your character?
    Why?: Why did you make your character?

    Miscellaneous: Anything else significant about your character should be mentioned here.
    Notes: Random blubs, thoughts, etc. you have on your character.
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    Story: NeSquared (first appearance here).
    Name: Thrawn-model Number 42689
    Nicknames: Thrawn, Thrawn-bot, Thrawn numbarz.
    Titles: None.
    Alignment: Neutral/Evil.
    Home: Qwerty's Lab, 8th Dimension.
    System: Some Star Wars influence.
    Synopsis: A villanous robot...?

    Age: Appears to be in his prime, actual age unknown (certainly no younger than Qwerty).
    Gender: Appears male.
    Race: Appears human with pale skin, but is really a robot.
    Height: 6'0"?
    Build: Muscular.
    Hair: Short, black hair, slicked back.
    Eye color: Red.
    Unusual features: He's a robot...
    Outfits: Robe with a hood. Also, a business suit with a trenchcoat.

    Pre-Story History: Unknown.

    Story History: Making his entrance on page 3, he hunted down the hero-types with the help of Ahnuld. Briefly teamed up with Shattered Geb, then got trapped in the Dreamstate. Has since been following Antestarr and apparently working with him.

    Recent History: He has apparently been helping Antestarr. Otherwise, unknown.

    Personality: Cold, though not insensitive literally. Not humanistic.
    Perceptions: Unknown.
    Politics: Likely none.
    Religon: Likely none.
    Beliefs: Unknown.
    Fears: Unknown.
    Drives: Unknown.
    Social status: Not much?
    Occupation: Professional villanous robot?
    Family: Some 4,999 other Thrawn-model robots, other Qwerty-made robots, Qwerty as a father-figure.
    Relationships: Qwerty and, by default, Bhac (and Mayaal), Ahnuld, Antestarr.
    Diction: Clear?
    Hobbies: Unknown.
    Likes: Poking fun at human weakness.
    Dislikes: Human weakness getting in the way.

    Potential: Due to his ties with Qwerty and Antestarr, and as a villainous character, Thrawn has some interesting potential...
    Robot - being a robot, he has exceptional strength and constitution.

    Weapon proficiency - particularly with rocket launchers.

    Rocket launcher - has been known to carry one around.

    Concepts: What was the concept behind your character? What concepts are you working with in regards to your character now? How much of yourself is in your character?
    Themes: What themes, feel, story, etc. is within your character?
    Challanges: What challanges, social or otherwise, are you tackling with your character?
    Who?: Who is your character?
    What?: What is the core of your character? What state (space and time) is your character a part of?
    How?: How did you make your character?
    Why?: Why did you make your character?

    Miscellaneous: Anything else significant about your character should be mentioned here.
    Notes: Random blubs, thoughts, etc. you have on your character.
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    Registered User

    Angel of Innocent Nonsense

    (Edit from Geb: I got bored and decided to plot the template down in your profile, plugging stuff in. It being your profile, of course, you can change it as you wish -- I left the original version at the bottom.

    Story: NeSquared (first appearance here).
    Name: Ariana
    Nicknames: Ari, Angel, AIN
    Titles: Angel of Innocent Nonsense
    Alignment: Good
    Home: Created in "heaven" and currently residing in Canada/9th circle of Hell
    System: N/A
    Synopsis: Angelic figure

    Age: Will forever appear youthful in appearance (appears to be maybe early twenties? But! Appearance tells you nothing about an angel's age. You never know how old an angel could be...hehe).
    Gender: Female (in appearance at least).
    Race: Angelic (pale pearly white skin).
    Height: 5'2"
    Build: Small frame, though she's rockin' some curves!
    Hair: Long, blonde hair.
    Eye color: Big and blue.
    Unusual features: A pair of enormous, sparkling, feathery white wings. Not necessarily unusual for an angel, but, you know...
    Outfits: Long, flowing, light blue gown.

    Pre-Story History: Ariana has apparently existed in the NeS for some time, though for some unknown reason, was captured and held imprisoned by the maintainance men of NeS. Whether they were the ones that have kept her in the ninth circle of Hell is unknown... (note from Geb: there may be some complication as to your intentions with Ariana's purpose being in Hell/Canada vs. the "established" story of being held captive by the maintainance men. Remember that it's your call what you feel is right for your character, so work this part whatever feels right for you ).

    Story History: She plopped out of the sky and "saved" Antestarr and co. from an angry mob of Hell-bound residents.

    Recent History: Her future is, as of now, unknown...

    Personality: What makes your character tick? What are their character strengths and flaws? This could be similar to a synopsis.
    Perceptions: What is their perception of themself, others, and their environment?
    Politics: What political party do they support/fight? How do they feel about governments and organizations?
    Religon: Does your character follow an organized religon? What is their philosophy and way of life?
    Beliefs: What principles do they believe in?
    Fears: What does your character fear?
    Drives: What are your character's goals, hopes, ambitions, obsessions?
    Social status: What is their economic/political class? How charismatic are they?
    Occupation: What is their job/career/vocation? Do they get paid?
    Family: Who are their parents/guardians? Do they have siblings? A spouse and kids?
    Relationships: Do they have any specific friends? Aqquaintences? How about enemies? Pets?
    Diction: How does your character talk? What kind of things do they say? Do they have an accent?
    Hobbies: What do they like to do for fun?
    Likes: What sorts of things do they like, such as books, movies, food, etc.?
    Dislikes: What sorts of things do they dislike, such as books, movies, food, etc.?

    Potential: What is the best and worst your character can do, act, perform, and be as a whole?
    Powers: What powers does your character have? In general, powers refer to a talent bestowed on the player, like a divine magic or something less specific like being rich.
    Abilities: What abilities does your character have? In general, this refers to skills.
    Equipment: What weapons, items, possessions, etc. do they have?

    (Note from Geb: These are most DEFINATELY optional to answer, and is merely a means of talking about your character in a context that the above did not seem to allow for).
    Concepts: What was the concept behind your character? What concepts are you working with in regards to your character now? How much of yourself is in your character?
    Themes: What themes, feel, story, etc. is within your character?
    Challanges: What challanges, social or otherwise, are you tackling with your character?
    Who?: (This is mostly meant to be an out-of-story answer to the personality of your character)
    What?: (This is mostly meant to be an out-of-story answer to the physical description and history of your character)
    How?: Mostly influenced by a character I made for a storyboard in one of my animation classes
    Why?: Because you wanted to get involved in NeS (yes?)

    Miscellaneous: Anything else significant about your character should be mentioned here.
    Notes: Random blubs, thoughts, etc. you have on your character.

    Story: NeSquared (first appearance here).

    Names: Angel or Ari short for Ariana
    Title: Angel of Innocent Nonsense
    Alignment: good
    Home: "heaven", but currently Canada, "the 9th circle of hell"
    System: mostly influenced by a character I made for a storyboard in one of my animation classes
    Synopsis: Angelic figure

    Physical Attributes

    Age: Will forever appear youthful in appearance (appears to be maybe early twenties? But! Appearance tells you nothing about an angel's age. You never know how old an angel could be...hehe)
    Gender: female
    Race: Pale pearly white skin
    Build: small frame, though she's rockin' some curves
    Height: 5'2
    Hair: long blonde hair
    Eyes: Big and blue
    Unusual Features: her enormous, sparkling, feathery white wings
    Outfit: long flowing light blue gown


    Was held captive by maintenance men in the 9th circle of hell.

    (more on this character coming soon 8 P)
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    Story: NeSquared (first appearance here).
    Name: Sugarless (whether this is a first name, last name, or otherwise is unknown).
    Nicknames: None (as of yet).
    Titles: None (as of yet).
    Alignment: Good (and hungry)
    Home: Unknown.
    System: N/A
    Synopsis: Your standard college girl just trying to get by...

    Age: College age.
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Half-French, Half-German.
    Height: 5'9".
    Build: Somewhere between average and thin.
    Hair: straight, long (shoulder-to-mid-back) blonde hair.
    Eye color: Blue/Green.
    Unusual features: Sugarless is diabetic.
    Outfits: A variety of college-appropriate attire, currently in jeans and a green hoodie.

    Pre-Story History: Unknown.

    Story History: Sugarless dropped into the NeS via a plothole and was soon held captive by the maintainance men of NeS. Joined up with Antestarr (and company), nearly got run over by The Otter, nearly died from eating an evil wedding cake (though stabalized by Maybechild and Subaru). Otherwise, just tagging along, trying to get the hang of things in NeS...

    Personality: Extroverted, often who is easily distracted by shiny things, among other things, much like Krig...
    Perceptions: Despite her happy demeanor, she's not naive about the less-than-good things that happen around her. She is especially perceptive about relationships between people.
    Politics: Liberal.
    Religon: Christianity.
    Beliefs: Unknown.
    Fears: She'll let you know when something scares her.
    Drives: What appeals to her basic needs (eating, being lazy, etc.) and curiosity.
    Social status: Middle-class college student-type.
    Occupation: Student?
    Family: Unknown.
    Relationships: First met Antestarr, nearly ran over by the Otter, has Maybechild and Subaru as the closest things to her doctor right now.
    Diction: Other than maybe saying the occassional "blonde" remark, and having a good singing voice, nothing particular.
    Hobbies: Studying of art history (and art appreciation) and music theory, collecting playing decks (classic kind, not games like Magic).
    Likes: Food, sleep, singing and things of a theatrical nature, playing card games, being around good peoples, romance stories, Disney endings, etc.
    Dislikes: Domestic chores (like cooking), people considering her a dumb blonde, people giving her a hard time about her health, people keeping her from her food, etc.

    Potential: Unknown.

    Super-Sugarless - As a side-effect from improvised diabetic stabilization by Subaru and Maybechild, Sugarless now has the ability for a special sort of invincibility -- for every mushroom that she eats, she gains one chance to be immune to any attack. However, the condition will be the same whether it is a knick or a nuclear detonation, and for every mushroom that she eats (which when having eaten "none" she feels compelled to eat when hungry, which is almost always), she will feel unrealistically larger/fatter than normal. Different food products may also have different effects...

    XX chromosone - Sugarless, being female, has a natural proficiency in unarmed and improvised combat. Being a story characters has its perks, don't it?

    Human Nature - Sugarless is attuned to how people (humans anyway) think and behave around each other, and is thus likely to be able to work with people very well.

    Card Shark - She's good at playing cards. Simple as that.

    Insulin pump - being diabetic, she must have this on her at all times. There's usually no cause for concern in this matter...

    Deck of cards - She always has a deck of cards handy.

    Duct-tape - She knows the importance of this universal binding force, and keeps it around when something of hers needs fixing.

    Concepts: Well how much of me is in my character? A lot! she basically is me with maybe a few exaggerated qualities
    Themes: What themes, feel, story, etc. is within your character? [saved for a time I feel like pondering]
    Challanges: What challanges, social or otherwise, are you tackling with your character? [ditto - there aren't really any challenges to work on yet, she's still brand new]
    Who?: Sugarless? She is a fun loving, outgoing girl who has a knack for dispelling tension, though it's frequently through making an idiot of herself (but she's fine with laughing at herself) She is constantly hungry, and just when you think there's nothing to her but complete randomness, hunger and happiness, she'll randomly start in depth discussions about art history or human nature, or some other intelligent subject. Just infrequently enough to throw you off. Who is Sugarless? Just basically a very random but all around nice girl. Not necessarily someone you want to underestimate. It's almost impossible to make her truly angry, but if she is, you're not going to want to be on her bad side.
    What?: What is the core of your character? What state (space and time) is your character a part of? [later]
    How?: I exaggerated a few of my own qualities
    Why?: I was bribed into it actually

    Miscellaneous: She usually has pretty high self confidence, with some exceptions, and she will always have a song stuck in her head.
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    The Canadian Collective


    Story: NeS
    Name: Unknown
    Codename: Sno-Cone
    Titles: Agent
    Alignment: Canadian Collective
    Home: Canada
    Synopsis: A mysterious agent only alluded to once. The CC's "man on the field." Apparently assigned to track down Lt. Col. Romanov and determine the reason for his visit to Canada.

    Age: Old.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian.
    Height: Five-foot six.
    Build: Hunched over and somewhat feeble.
    Hair: Long and white with an icy beard.
    Eye color: Light blue.
    Unusual features: Always seems to have a little bit of ice in his beard.
    Outfits: Wears a light-blue jumpsuit.

    Pre-Story History: No one knows exactly where Agent Sno-Cone came from. One day he just walked down from the northern wastelands and signed up for a job.

    Religon: Believes in the Greek pantheon.

    Potential: Sno-Cone may very well have terribly powerful influence over coldness; however, he has yet to use them in public.
    Powers: Can freeze things with his icy gaze and may exert some influence over the weather.
    Abilities: Flees combat, instead preferring to slowly chill his victims into submission.
    Equipment: Sno-Cone stand and van.

    Concepts: A mysterious old man who flees from confrontation but curses his foes.


    Story: NeS
    Name: Mme. Bundy
    Codename: Mama Bear
    Titles: Agent
    Alignment: Canadian Collective
    Home: Canada
    Synopsis: Obese lady who is the CC dispatcher for agent operations. Serves as a "Queen Bee" of sorts.

    Age: Middle-aged
    Gender: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: Five-foot five
    Build: Very overweight
    Hair: Light brown hair cut short
    Eye color: Brown
    Outfits: Wears robes and medical garb.

    Pre-Story History: Worked as a laboratory researcher.
    Recent History: Shot twice but absorbed both bullets.

    Personality: Mama Bear is snappy and harsh at first, but once you get to know her can prove jolly.
    Politics: A strong supporter of the Dominion.
    Hobbies: Eating, philosophizing, stargazing.

    Potential: Mama Bear is a brilliant organizer and in civilian life could have been placed as a successful middle manager.
    Powers: Can absorb bullets and blows in her girth.
    Abilities: Sitting on or rolling into people. A fair shot with a pistol or shotgun.
    Equipment: Radio communicator. Has access to most Canadian Collective supplies and arsenals.


    Story: NeS
    Name: Unknown
    Codename: Ammobelt
    Titles: Agent
    Alignment: Canadian Collective, up until recently partners with Guzzard
    Home: Southwest USA, now resides in Canada
    Synopsis: Machinegunner with a military background. Shoots first, thinks later.

    Age: Late 20's.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Hispanic
    Height: Six-foot
    Build: Athletic
    Hair: Crew-cut black hair
    Eye color: Brown
    Outfits: Old US military fatigues.

    Pre-Story History: Ammobelt served in the US military but was discharged and moved to Canada. His ruthless tactics quickly earned him a place in the CC.
    Story History: "Saved" Semievil from Canadian robo-mounties.
    Recent History: Has been knocked out and is in quite the fix with the CC. Blamed for the Shattered disappearance of Geb, CM, Sem, and co.

    Personality: Ammobelt is hotheaded but outgoing. He's quick to make acquaintances and has few fears. Although over-confident, Ammobelt is careful not to brag. He is tough but has a soft side. He's not that smart and somewhat clumsy.
    Politics: Does not care much for or know much of political organizations beyond what the Collective tells him. He's more or less content with being an instrument.
    Religon: Christian
    Beliefs: He trusts people as far as he can throw them, which is pretty far.
    Fears: Few, although he doesn't like to talk about his experiences in the Army
    Drives: To be the best at what he does.
    Social status: Poor.
    Family: Immigrants to the US from South America.
    Diction: Gruff.
    Hobbies: Whittling, driving, marksmanship.

    Potential: Ammobelt is powerful but easily manipulated. If he stood up for himself, he would be a warrior to be reckoned with.
    Powers: None.
    Abilities: Proficient with heavy machineguns and emplaced weapons. Also knowledgeable with ordinances. Decent shot with most other firearms.
    Equipment: Heavy machinegun. Has access to most Canadian Collective supplies and arsenals.


    Story: NeS, TACC
    Name: Unknown
    Codename: Tumbleweeed
    Titles: Agent
    Alignment: Canadian Collective, unknown allegiances elsewhere
    Home: The Desert

    Age: Ancient
    Gender: Technically both male and female
    Race: Weed
    Height: One foot
    Build: Made of gnarled strands of plant
    Hair: N/A
    Eye color: N/A
    Unusual features: It's a semi-sentient tumbleweed!
    Outfits: None, although sometimes sports aviator sunglasses

    Story History: "Saved" Semievil from Canadian robo-mounties.
    Recent History: Disappeared in the detonation of Semievil's plane.

    Personality: Tumbleweed does not think, it merely does.
    Politics: A fervent Canadian nationalist.
    Beliefs: Weeds will one day rule the earth. Until then, they ought to creep into human society and gain influence.
    Fears: Chemical weedkillers.
    Drives: The wind.
    Social status: Generally disregarded as inanimate.
    Family: Other weeds who have migrated to Canada.
    Diction: Does not speak.
    Hobbies: None.

    Potential: Unknown.
    Powers: Unknown.
    Abilities: Unknown.
    Equipment: Unlike most Agents, Tumbleweed does not have access to Canadian Collective supplies and arsenals, as these are intended and tailored for human use.


    Story: NeS
    Name: Unknown
    Codename: Guzzard
    Titles: Agent
    Alignment: Canadian Collective, member of unknown status in the Najava (nah-HAH-vuh) tribe, "just ugly," up until recently partners
    Home: Aboriginal origins unspecified, resides in Canada
    Synopsis: Alcoholic. Bucolic. Ammobelt is his only real friend.

    Age: Weathered and middle-aged, yet very strong and athletic.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Native American
    Height: Six-foot two
    Build: Muscular but not "jacked," possesses a slight belly.
    Hair: Medium-length black hair with a few streaks of white.
    Eye color: Brown with flecks of green.
    Unusual features: Slight scars.
    Outfits: Usually wears tattered brown leather bundled up to keep out the cold.

    Pre-Story History: Worked along Ammobelt for the Canadian Collective. Where Ammobelt was damage at a distance, Guzzard was silent death in hand-to-hand combat.
    Story History: "Saved" Semievil from Canadian robo-mounties.
    Recent History: Guzzard's head was seemingly blown off in a moment of rage by Grismath, yet no trace of him remained.

    Personality: Guzzard is quiet and cynical. He does not trust others, having become all closed-up from years of letdowns and betrayal. His alcoholism leaves him prone to fits of rage, but beneath all this, he has a good heart and will go to any length to look out for his friends.
    Politics: Does not care much for or know much of political organizations beyond what the Collective tells him. He's more or less content with being an instrument.
    Religon: Minor superstitions about ancestral spirits.
    Beliefs: Looking out for friends.
    Fears: His past.
    Drives: Unmotivated.
    Social status: Poor.
    Family: One of the last of the Najava tribe.
    Diction: Gruff.
    Hobbies: Drinking, wrestling.

    Potential: If he wanted to be, Guzzard could be a prizewinning fighter. Too bad he's too deep in the bottle to even try.
    Powers: None.
    Abilities: Hand-to-hand combat. Improvised weapons. Knives (thrown, wielded). Decent shot with pistols and rifles as would be expected by a government agent.
    Equipment: Until now always seen with his flask. Has access to most Canadian Collective supplies and arsenals.


    Story: NeShattered
    Name: Jebediah Thawbroke
    Codename: Agent Thawbroke
    Alignment: Canadian Collective
    Home: Canada
    Synopsis: Thawbroke has a gauntlet on one hand made out of an unidentified metal that always seems to be steaming. Needless to say, no one has offered him a handshake.
    Age: Mid-thirties
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: Five-foot ten
    Build: Scrawny
    Hair: Black, slicked back
    Eye color: Green
    Outfits: Brown leather bomber jacket. Flannel.

    Recent History: He had recently been called off active duty to accompany a task force into NeShattered; however, his current location is unknown.

    Powers: Heat gauntlet.
    Abilities: Skilled knife-fighter.
    Equipment: Bowie knife.


    Story: NeShattered
    Name: Alicia Lyndon
    Codename: Agent Murdertongue
    Alignment: Canadian Collective
    Home: Canada
    Synopsis: Murdertongue is a rookie agent who proved herself to the Collective by performing several high-profile assassinations culminating with a gruesomely incestuous patricide.

    Age: Early twenties
    Gender: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: Five-foot seven
    Build: Almost athletic
    Hair: Auburn
    Eye color: Left eye red, right eye light blue
    Outfits: Despite the cold weather, very little

    Recent History: She had recently been called off active duty to accompany a task force into NeShattered; however, his current location is unknown.

    Powers: Kiss of death. Sources are unsure as to whether this is an actual power; however, no one is brave enough to test it.
    Abilities: It seems that Agent Murdertongue can dodge bullets. This is most likely due to her distracting assailants with her looks.
    Equipment: Dual compact submachine-guns.


    Story: NeS, Many others...
    Name: Lord Tiberius Grismath
    Codename: His Excellency
    Titles: Lord (bestowed without territory), Knight of the Garter
    Alignment: Canadian Collective
    Home: Canada for the time being...
    Synopsis: The mysterious director of this Canadian Intelligence agency is a well-travelled nobleman not originally from Canada. The means by which he has acquired this post remain unknown; however, he has taken vigorous measures to secure himself and the well-being of the nation.

    Age: Old, though he does not seem it. In his late fifties/early sixties.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: Six-foot two
    Build: Average
    Hair: Brushed over dark brown hair.
    Eye color: Brown.
    Outfits: Always appears in uniform or in a suit of two or three pieces.

    Pre-Story History: Has adventured around and beyond the planet, winning and losing entire kingdoms along the way.
    Recent History: May very well have created a rift in the CC with his recent temper.

    Personality: Beneath an urbane veneer lies a venomous furor that Grismath does not hesitate to unleash without a moment's notice. Grismath is proud of his nobility and fully believes his status puts him one cut above the rest. That said, he is careful not to extend his subordinates too far.
    Politics: Uses the Collective to influence broader Canadian politics, or what little he comprehends of them.
    Religon: When one primitive culture revered him as a god, he began to believe it himself.
    Beliefs: If he cannot rule the world, no man can.
    Fears: That the fabric of space will collapse before his very eyes.
    Drives: Gain more power.
    Social status: Somewhat wealthy.
    Family: Royal Family of Dhalkar (a minor Balkan empire)
    Diction: Sophisticated.
    Hobbies: Marksmanship, music, the arts.

    Potential: Grismath has the makings of a king. Were he to set his delusions of grandeur aside, he very well may have been able to become one.
    Powers: None.
    Abilities: Dead-shot with a revolver. Skilled with the sabre.
    Equipment: Always arms himself with a pistol. At times, he carries a sword, usually as an instrument of ceremony; however, he is certainly capable of using it. Has access to all Canadian state supplies, troops, law enforcement, intelligence, etc.
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    Clean-Shaven and Baby-Smooth
    After doing Inspector Gadget, I just felt this unnatural urge...

    Player: Brian Jones
    Group: ISB
    Name: Timothy Druson
    Sex: M
    Race: Human
    Align: CN
    Age: Varies. 21-24, usually centers on 22-23
    Wt.: 120
    Ht.: 5'6
    Birth: 4/7
    Class: Thief
    Homeland: France
    Kits: None
    Relig: Masonic Gypsie
    Levels: 1

    STR: 15 (Hit Prob Normal; Dmg Adj None; Wt. Allow 55; Max Press 170; Open Doors 8; BB/LG: 7%)
    DEX: 16 (Surp Adj +1; Miss Adj +1; Def Adj -2)
    CON: 14 (HP Adj 0; Sys Shk 88%; Res Sur 92%; Pois Save 0; Regen nil)
    INT: 14 (# of Lang 4; Spell level 7; Learn Spell 60%; Spell/Level 9; Spell Immunity nil)
    WIS: 14 (Magic Def Adj 0; Spell failure 0; Spell Immunity nil)
    CHA: 16 (Max # hench 8, Loyalty base +4, React adj +5)

    XP: 0/1,250
    HP: 6
    AC: 6
    THAC0: 20

    WP (x2 Backstab Modifier)
    Sacrificial Dagger

    Temporal Terminology 1, Language Study 1, Internet Use 1, Engineering 1, Paradox Avoidance 1

    Spoken Languages
    Romany (Gypsy Language)
    French (Archaic)
    French (Modern)
    French (Future)
    English (Archaic)
    English (Modern)
    English (Future)
    Russian (Archaic)
    Russian (Modern)

    PPDM: 14
    RSW: 16
    PP: 15
    BW: 17
    S: 17

    PP: 15%
    OL: 10%
    FRT: 5%
    MS: 10%
    HiS: 5%
    DN: 15%
    CW: 60%

    Armor and Weapons
    Gypsy Scimitar (heirloom) (1d8)
    .45 Colt pistol (2d6+1)
    LeMat Revolver (1d8, 9d8 shotgun blast, must reload afterwards)
    Holsters and Scabbard
    Leather Boots
    Leather Gloves

    Survival Equipment
    Space Blanket
    Keychain Flashlight
    Baggy with sandwiches
    Time Machine

    $1,500 American
    Gypsy Ring

    -I'm thinking that I might start writing that again. Or maybe, instead, I'll do the Shadow. I tired d20 Modern, but I didn't know what any of the feats/skills etc were, and gave up. I'l do him 2nd Ed style, yo.

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    Former Mexican Red Dish
    Story: NeShattered (first appearance here)
    Name: Rick "Red" Johnson
    Nicknames: Ricky (when appearing as a guy), Red (sometimes when appearing as a girl)
    Titles: none
    Alignment: Ricky is a loner, and the nature of her profession basically keeps her neutral
    Home: Somewhere in the bowels of New Jersey
    System: Appears in Story Arcade as "K. Sadia Red"
    Synopsis: Ricky is a shady person in nearly every aspect -- questionable appearance in gender, shifty eyes, working many jobs including a server and an assassin.

    Age: Appears to be in late 20s.
    Gender: Her disguise is as a dude, but she's really female.
    Race: Human, but there's something odd about her. (She is from NJ afterall…)
    Height: Tallish.
    Build: Thin to average; slightly muscular build. Also slightly feminine in the hips.
    Hair: Unkempt red hair that is actually too filthy to determine the color.
    Eye color: Dark
    Unusual features: Her non-blinking eyes, and her indistinguishable gender.
    Outfits: Rick usually wears her olive button-down shirt and an old cowboy hat as a dude. Sometimes she will wear a red dress. Otherwise, she's in her outfit of her current profession, such as a Denny's server.

    Pre-Story History: Work at countless jobs. Although, she once tried to go to school for journalism. She doesn't know why either.

    Story History: Ricky was hired by an unknown company to assassinate Gebohq for presumably ruining the NeS. However, she made for an apparently poor assassin, and upon failing, was fired from her assassin position. She then tried to kill Gebohq out of revenge, failing again. Ricky has since acted as a bartender at a random bar, and her goals now are a mystery...

    Personality: Shifty, cold, confusing.
    Perceptions: Unknown
    Politics: She doesn't care too much for politics.
    Religon: She's not religious in the slightest and is rather apathetic towards life. She so far has seen nothing which shows her that life is actually worth more than a set amount of money.
    Beliefs: See above.
    Fears: Unknown.
    Drives: She was always told money was good, so she works as an assassin for money. At the moment her goal is to assassinate Geb…for money. *gasp*
    Social status: She's well off, but the dirt keeps her from being overly charismatic.
    Occupation: Waitress, assassin, bartender, countless others
    Family: Rick's parents left her with a name. From what her guardian, her third cousin twice removed on her mother's side, told her was that her parents really wanted a boy. So they named her Rick and left her on her cousin's doorstep. Her cousin has twelve offspring.
    Relationships: She had a cat named Jingles once. She think it ran away.
    Diction: She talks rather slow and with a gender-ambiguous voice. If she has an accent, but it's hard to place.
    Hobbies: She likes to read and take things (such as machines) apart.
    Likes: Rick enjoys food… any food.
    Dislikes: Rick doesn't enjoy movies because she feels they take away from individual imagination. It's one of her few opinions which she will vehemently defend.

    Potential: Ricky has the potential to bring confusion into a character situation.

    Powers: Unknown. See Meta-Story.

    Abilities: Unknown. She seems proficient enough with standard firearms and serving food items.

    Equipment: none.

    Concepts: A character that is both mundane and questionable in gender, motives, history, behavior, etc.





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    Since they themselves won't be posting for me to edit, I'll have to post them myself.

    Story: The Never-ending Story Thread (first appearance here).
    Name: Maybelle Child
    Nicknames: Maybechild, Maybe
    Titles: none
    Alignment: Neutral good, one of the NeS heroes.
    Home: Someplace on the U.S. East Coast. Probably not rural.
    System: Appears in Story Arcade as "May B. Childe"
    Synopsis: Half-hippie flower child, half-down-to-earth mother-type. Has often been the "real" leader when it comes to organizing a plan of action intelligently. Has an activist streak at times.

    Age: in her early-to-mid-twenties.
    Gender: female.
    Race: half-irish, half-italian.
    Height: 5'2"
    Build: tiny. Femenine yet not in a supermodel way.
    Hair: Long, red curly hair.
    Eye color: brown.
    Unusual features: none.
    Outfits: Usually wears earth-tone colors. Anything stereotypically "hippie" (like a shirt with flower prints) or conservative or practical, depending on the situation and mood.

    Pre-Story History: Unknown. She did, however, attend NeSu at somepoint when Gebohq did as well.

    Story History: After stumbling into the Arena, Maybechild quickly joined up with Gebohq and the other hero-types on their adventures. Over time, she took on the role as unofficial leader of the group, bringing reason and thought when Gebohq failed to do so himself. She also developed a comic relation with The Otter, where he would make advances on her or make some womanizing remark, and she would hurt him to keep him in check. In the epic battle on page 50, Gebohq had professed his love to her, but was not able to respond herself, having been turned to stone by Gate's plothole pistol.

    In NeSquared, shortly before the first post, she explained the situation to Maeve and proceeded to gather those who would remain as heroes on their new adventures. Gebohq had confronted her after learning the facts from Maeve, but she remained quiet on the matter and continued her role as unofficial leader and fellow hero-type. She continued to do so, perhaps now with less passion than before, until the events after she cleaned the "Dust" from the Haunted House of Heroes (which she is now infected with). She then joined Greenpeace, along with Losien, in attempt to be a "real hero."

    She continued to work for Greenpeace, then went to join the Forgotten. She is now mostly on her own, developing a bond with the Otter.

    Personality: Half the time, she is chill, eccentric and in tune with nature. The other half of the time, she is down-to-earth, practical, and sometimes stressed out from dealing with Gebohq and the other NeS heroes.
    Perceptions: There is an order to life, that life is a cross within a circle, that things need balance, and that humanity should be connected with nature.
    Politics: Libral. Concerned with environmental issues. Has been a member of Greenpeace.
    Religon: Unknown.
    Beliefs: Unknown.
    Fears: Unknown.
    Drives: Unknown.
    Social status: Middle-ish class. Likely came from a higher class.
    Occupation: Greenpeace volunteer. Professional hero?
    Family: Unknown.
    Relationships: Muddled relationship with Gebohq (though she cares for him), friends and once co-Greenpeace worker with Losien, at odds with The Otter (though now becoming more amiable).
    Diction: Not astoundingly beautiful -- more normal. Otherwise, nothing in particular.
    Hobbies: Mushroom and tea connoisseur, knows her music.
    Likes: Teas, mushrooms, David Bowie, nature, etc.
    Dislikes: Over-industrializing, destruction, strange and creepy guys.

    Potential: She may have had a potential similar to Gebohq's -- the kind all protagonists have. That, and any other potential she might have, is uncertain.

    Powers: Unknown. See Meta-Story for more.


    XX chromosone - she is female, so she has a natural proficiency in unarmed and imrpovised weapons use. Isn't being a story character nice?

    Equipment: unknown.

    Concepts: Unknown.



    Someday Woman



    Miscellaneous: Maybechild's original writer stopped writing for NeS before page 20, but her character became such a part of NeS that she is still being written for as of October of 2006.
    Notes: The name "Maybechild" comes from the song "Someday Man" -- lyrics as follow:

    Some people always complain that their life is too short so they hurry it
    Their worries drive them insane but they still go along for the ride
    As for me
    I have all the time in the world

    I was born
    A someday man
    I’m a maybe child
    I was born
    A someday man
    I was always wild

    Tomorrow’s a new day, baby
    Anything can happen
    Anything can happen at all

    Some folks are working for reasons and waiting for answers they’re never
    Gonna find
    They keep on searching for pleasures and looking for what they can’t see
    But for me
    Life can be a sweet holiday

    I was born
    A someday man
    I’m a maybe child
    I was born
    A someday man
    I was always wild

    Tomorrow’s a new day, baby
    Anything can happen
    Anything can happen at all

    Repeat and fade
    I was born
    A someday man
    I’m a maybe child
    I was born
    A someday man
    I was always wild
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    Since they themselves won't be posting for me to edit, I'll have to post them myself.

    Story: The Never-ending Story Thread (first appearance here).
    Name: Unknown.
    Nicknames: The Otter (or just Otter).
    Titles: none.
    Alignment: Among the good, the bad and the ugly, he's mostly ugly. He's not really "bad" though, though he could be...
    Home: England, probably at home in the Camden Market in London.
    System: Appears in Story Arcade as "Theo Otto R."
    Synopsis: An alcohol-minded British oddball. He's a (bad) womanizer and, until recently, known for his drunk and disorderly ways.

    Age: Probably in his 20's.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: White, British.
    Height: 5'8"?
    Build: Average.
    Hair: Short, dark, and parted. It's not seen that often though.
    Eye color: Green.
    Unusual features: His striking eyes, but are usually hiding behind his circular sunglasses. Also sports a goatee.
    Outfits: Black jeans, 'rage' t-shirt, black "British-class" coat, black bowler, a pair of black circular sunglasses, and a black medic's bag slung over his shoulder.

    Pre-Story History: Unknown. The Otter may have had a character-defining moment that turned him to become infamous for his drinking. He did, however, attend NeSu around the same time that Gebohq did, majoring in being a "sidekick."

    Story History: After stumbling into the Arena, The Otter quickly joined up with Gebohq and the other hero-types on their adventures, doing his best to get some ladies and failing (though almost succeeding with Losien and never appearing to give up on Maybechild.) After the events on page 50, the Otter left briefly, then returned during the 8th dimension storyarc, then left again after the Hell-on-Earth incident to "pick up chicks" with Qhobeg. Only a storyarc after, however, he seems to have been drawn back in, having almost ran over Sugarless with his car in his drunken stupor.

    The Otter was apparently really shaken up that he almost ran over "the most beautiful woman in the world" while drunk and attempted to go "cold turkey" off of alcohol. However, after some time, he failed and reverted back to his usual stereotypically alcoholic ways.

    Personality: Crude. He has moments of violence, womanizing and general stereotypical British strangeness. At his core, however, seems to be someone who is observant, perceptive... someone who watches from the sidelines.
    Perceptions: Unknown. Something once drove him to be drunk with the power of alcohol, but what that something may be is unknown. As of right now, alcohol is no longer the solution to life's problems.
    Politics: Unknown.
    Religon: Unknown.
    Beliefs: Unknown.
    Fears: If one were to make an educated guess, it might be around women.
    Drives: Again, women. Perhaps something else too.
    Social status: Likely middle-class.
    Occupation: Professional side-kick?
    Family: Unknown.
    Relationships: Probably friends on some level with Gebohq. Continually tries to win over Maybechild. Briefly had a relationship with Losien. Has had Qhobeg as a driving buddy. Might perceive Sugarless as "the most beautiful woman ever."
    Diction: London accent.
    Hobbies: Liqour "connoseuir." It's a really BIG "hobby."
    Likes: Beer, wine, 151, gin, rum, blondes, red-heads, brunettes, Asians... as long as they're women.
    Dislikes: Weak or "non-alcoholic" drinks that are meant to be alcohol, women who are manly or men who pretend to be women, bartenders who give him a hard time.

    Potential: The Otter has a high capacity for judgment and perception, if only it wasn't clouded with being drunk on alcohol, which gives him the power of fire. Otherwise, he has the potential any side-kick does.
    See Meta-Story.

    Vulcan's Fire - Apparently fueled by how much alcohol is in him, The Otter can conjure fireballs in his hands, which he can throw. It's entirely possible that alcohol is NOT required, but when denied of alcohol, he appears to have difficulty conjuring anything of significance.


    Uncanny Perception - Deep at his core, the Otter has the ability to perceive his surroundings and people. It's rarely, if ever, been demonstrated, due to his penchant for being drunk.


    Black Bag - He carries around with him a black medical bag with the symbol of the Red Cross on it. It acts very similar to that of Mary Poppin's bag, allowing him to pull any sort of common item out of it, including his stash of alcohol.

    Sunglasses - it is likely that these sunglasses give him some tactical advantage in combat, though it is uncertain what that advantage is.

    Concepts: Unknown. A possible runner-up for NeS villain.


    Side Case


    Situational Fool

    Drunk Drive

    Miscellaneous: Even though the original writer for The Otter stopped writing for NeS before page 20, his character was so popular that it continued being written for as of October 2006.
    Notes: Trying to break The Otter from the "drunk" type was an idea Krig and I had been tossing around for a while, and just recently was something I'd been able to try and tackle. We'll see where it goes.
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    Story: The Neverending Story Thread (first appearance here).
    Name: Ares
    Nicknames: The god of war has been known by many aliases -- Ares, however, is the one he goes by in NeS.
    Titles: God of War, former Protector of the Plotfractal
    Alignment: Chaotic neutral.
    Home: Born on Mt. Olympus, presumably. Being a god doesn't seem to require having a home. "The open road" seems about the closest to an idea of home for Ares.
    System: Greek mythology
    Synopsis: The god of war, mostly interested in starting fights rather than carrying out any particular evil plots.

    Age: appears to be in his prime, but is, in theory, ageless
    Gender: Appears male.
    Race: Presumably Greek in appearance. Probably the godly bronze color.
    Height: Tall. Let's say 6'5"
    Build: Muscular. Godly, even.
    Hair: Dark brown/black, slicked back.
    Eye color: Unknown. Likely fiery.
    Unusual features: He is a god. That's unusual enough.
    Outfits: Either a traditional ancient Greek war armor, or a business suit.

    Pre-Story History: Unknown specifically. Ares likely did his part in starting wars and fights all over the Earth. At some point, Ares became a Protector of the Plotfractal.

    Story History: When a comet threatened to end the existance of mankind as we know it, Ares challanged all would-be heroes to fight him for the fate of the Earth. Gebohq and Galvatron answered the call and fought. Eventually, however, the threat of the comet had been adverted, and Ares grew bored. He turned to managing other fights in NeS, airing them via Pay-Per-View. For some time, Ares took a backseat in the events of NeS.

    As the threat of the Ever-ending Plot grew, however, Ares took a more active role in keeping the EeP in check. In the final battle on page 50, Ares was murdered by Jim Seven, and his position as Protector of the Plotfractal was revoked. Since then, during the events in NeS, Ares has once again kept more to the backstage.

    Recent History: Ares was last seen in the Congo, where some of the NeS hero-types fought off the Potentials. A significant note to keep in mind is that Antestarr "owes" Ares twice for doing Antestarr a favor on two seperate occasions.

    Personality: Ares isn't exactly the deepest intellect amongst NeS characters. He has a short fuse and a flair for the dramatic. He's always ready to get into a fight.
    Perceptions: War and conflict is good. Death and too much good or evil dominating the world is bad.
    Politics: He'd favor any politics that gave power to the military and not to politicians. His only concern with politics otherwise is any that start conflicts.
    Religon: Similar to politics, Ares supports any religon that divides family, instigates wars, or otherwise. Being a god himself, he'd probably consider himself the only "real" religon.
    Beliefs: Conflict is good.
    Fears: That fast cars will stop being made, and world peace.
    Drives: Fighting, living on the edge.
    Social status: He's a god. However, he's a mostly invisible force in society as a whole. "High-class" is about the most accurate answer.
    Occupation: God of war, Pay-per-view manager for NeS-related events.
    Family: Zeus as his father, Hera as his mother, etc etc. See Greek mythology on that one.
    Relationships: He has a pet puppy/superweapon named Sugar Dumpling. He's on adversarial terms with Rob X (moreso than others), considers Morris the Cat the closest thing to a friend (as he's driven around). Has a strange interest in Gebohq, and probably holds a grudge against Jim Seven for stabbing him in the back.
    Diction: Epic, dramatically, as a Greek god of war would.
    Hobbies: Driving and involved with fast cars of all types, military technologies.
    Likes: Fast cars, fights, things that go boom.
    Dislikes: Peace, tranquility, too much good or evil in the world.

    Potential: He has the ability to spark conflicts. That's pretty significant stuff in a story environment. He's also one of the "first" in NeS, like Gebohq, which probably means something. Did we also mention he's a god of war?
    God status - Ares is, for most practical purposes, immortal and omnipotent. He can do whatever he wants and nobody can do anything about it. There's exceptions, of course. There's ALWAYS exceptions. The rest are sub-sets of this, really.

    Fires of War - Ares has a penchant for using fire-based attacks. Fireballs, flaming swords, napalm... anything that burns, really.

    War Will - Whenever Ares would take something that would be considered damage (or actual damage, for that matter), his willpower increases, giving him the edge to fight on. "Damage only increases my strength!"

    Flying/Teleporting - Being a god, he prefers to fly or teleport at whim rather than walk. That is, when he's not driving a fast car.


    Combat experience - Let's not kid ourselves here -- he IS a god of war. He's a pretty good fighter.

    Godly driving - did we mention he likes driving fast? He's good at it... or at least as good as he cares to be. I mean, really -- who cares about traffic laws when you're a god?


    Sugar Dumpling - a puppy Ares aqquired from a weapons shop. Upon saying the puppy's name ("Sugar Dumpling"), the puppy will shoot a deadly beam of rediculous power at his target. Why bother? You can NEVER have too much firepower. And he'll never admit it, but Ares kind of likes the puppy.

    Concepts: God of war of modern times
    Themes: conflict, what things he DOESN"T like that wouldn't seem obvious (imprisonment, for example)
    Challanges: Making sure Ares does something with those favors that Ante owes him.
    Who?: god of war
    What?: n/a
    How?: unknown.
    Why?: Presumably because his writer wanted to write for what is now NeS back in the day. He's the one who actually CALLED it "The Neverending Story" if memory serves me (Geb).

    Miscellaneous: Ares, to my knowledge, isn't intending to return, and that's OK. I just asked him to post so I could have this profile under his account.
    Notes: Ares originally wrote here "Look! I Still Exist! Ho-ha!"
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    And with that, Ares suddenly ceased to exist in a puff of logic.
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    And then he chose to will himself back into existance just to show that idiot that irony dosen't apply to him..... in 49 states. Alaska occasionally but not this time.
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    Story: The Never-ending Story Thread (first appearance here).
    Name: Unknown.
    Nicknames: Goes by "The Mega_ZZTer" though most simply call him "MZZT."
    Titles: unknown.
    Alignment: Good guy.
    Home: Unknown. While he often lives in the NeS heroes' base of operations, he has his own headquarters (which he has left mostly alone) in Antarctica.
    System: Likely some Star Wars influence, but otherwise unknown or not applicable.
    Synopsis: A tech-saavy hero-type, The Mega_ZZTer often serves as the NeS heroes' main technician, creating The Thingy and the devices which allow the NeS heroes to teleport (though rather painfully) from one location to the NeS HQ and visa-versa.

    Age: Probably in his 20's.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Human, probably has a "programmer's tan."
    Height: 5'8"?
    Build: Technician's/programmer's build. Skinny? Has some fat? He IS fit enough to hold his own in a fight, but it might not be obvious.
    Hair: Unknown.
    Eye color: Something normal.
    Unusual features: Unlikely.
    Outfits: Probably something appropriate for working with computers, gadgets and the like.

    Pre-Story History: It is unclear, though the MZZT may have attended NeSu when Gebohq did. It appears that, like Gebohq, The Mega_ZZTer had a career as a professional freelance hero, with his own base of operations in Antarctica. However, MZZT apparently did keep track of the events around Geb and the growing group of heroes as they were aired on PPV and the like.

    Story History: On page 24, while he (and coincidentially the other NeS heroes) were in Japan, MZZT decides to join up with the hero-types, jumping along in their adventures and the like, helping make gear for them such as The Thingy, allowing them to transport in the dimensions of space and time and other "threads" such as TACC. In the epic battle on page 50, the MZZT came under the influence of the Darkside and fought the closest character he had to a rival -- Kyle Katarn Seven.

    In NeSquared, MZZT kept quiet, trying to fix what was left of the gear in the original HQ, then transfered the equipment and continued his work in the new Haunted House of Heroes.

    Recent History: The Mega_ZZTer has recently been "infected" by the Dust, and is working on some questionable experiments with Mustang and Dr. Dormouse.

    Personality: Good, geeky, and uh... stuff.
    Perceptions: Tech is good?
    Politics: Unknown.
    Religon: Unknown.
    Beliefs: Unknown.
    Fears: Unknown.
    Drives: Unknown.
    Social status: He apparently has enough of a financial grounding to own his own HQ, but being a geek, he's no Bond.
    Occupation: Professional hero/freelance tech guy.
    Family: Unknown.
    Relationships: Has had something of a rivalry with Kyle Seven and perhaps CoolMatty. Otherwise, unknown.
    Diction: Full-blown geek.
    Hobbies: Anime, videogames, the usual nerd interests.
    Likes: Gadgets, doing hte hero-thing.
    Dislikes: Being social.

    Potential: God of gear, titan of technology, um... coocoo for computers?
    The Force - or something like it anyway. It's pretty similar to Geb's storywielding... maybe there's a connection. Who knows.

    Tech Guy - If it's got electronics or computers, the MZZT can probably do something with it.

    Equipment: tech gear and the like?

    Concepts: tech stuff
    Themes: gotta have someone do this sort of stuff for the heroes, right?
    Challanges: Trying to make him more than "just" a tech/good guy.
    Who?: unknown.
    What?: unknown.
    How?: unknown.
    Why?: Presumably because MZZT the writer wanted to get into NeS.

    Miscellaneous: I (Gebohq) asked MZZT to post so I could have a profile. This doesn't mean he (the writer) will be writing again, to my knowledge at least.
    Notes: MZZT originally wrote here:
    I'm not usually a conspiracy theorist, but I think the mods are plotting against me. I wouldn't be surprised if Geb went and edited THIS VERY POST.

    PS: Woah, Area posted, there's something new... for me at least...
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    Calilmalith and Granny Cal

    Story: The Never-ending Story Thread^2 (first appearance here)
    Name: Calilmalith and/or Granny Cal (depending how she is appearing at the time)
    Nicknames: Calilmalith, Cali, Granny, Old Woman, (umm... "You bad-tempered b***h" could crop up a bit, as could "You crazy old crone")
    Titles: None
    Alignment: Calilmalith is a good guy but a loner with psychopathic tendencies - what can I say, she likes her space; Granny Cal is also good but a dangerous whacko - in an sweet old lady sort of way
    Home: Calilmalith doesn't remember where she came from, Granny Cal says she came a little town in Kansas, she just can't remember which one
    Synopsis: Calilmalith is a warrior woman. She is amazonianly (is this a word?) beautiful, brave, strong, and is fairly agreeable until a) she doesn't get her own way - then she is a bad-tempered b***h who will strike out at anyone or anything, or b) when she sees what she believes is an injustice - then she is an utter psycho. She once used her sword to decapitate two school boys and flung their heads into the stratosphere with her mighty staff, all because they tied a can to dog's tail. She has another problem - at odd and usually inopportune moments she turns into an old woman called Granny Cal. Granny Cal is a sweet old lady, sprightly and eccentric ... she also has a wicked punch. Granny Cal is turned back into Calilmalith whenever Granny Cal is verbally abused, or by giving her a chocolate chip cookie.


    Age: Calilmalith is mid-30's; Granny Cal is 70's
    Gender: Female
    Race: Caucasian
    Height: Calilmalith is 5' 9"; Granny Cal is 5' 2"
    Build: Calilmalith is shapely and strong-looking; Granny Cal is neither plump nor thin, but is a little stooped
    Hair: Calilmalith has long wavy black hair; Granny Cal is grey and has her long hair in a bun
    Eye color: Both have green eyes
    Outfits: Calilmalith wears tight dark coloured body suits, with thigh high boots, and light coloured leather bomber jackets; Granny Cal wears a comfy house dress, comfy shoes, and a nice warm cardigan

    Pre-Story History: Neither Calilmalith or Granny Cal can really remember
    Story History: Nothing yet
    Recent History: Calilmalith just wants to right the world's wrongs, whatever world that may be, and that is her mission; Granny Cal just wants everyone to be healthy, happy and warm

    Personality: Calilmalith hates to be thought of as motherly (yet sometimes she almost is in an protective psychopathic way); Granny Cal goes with the flow and is actually pretty cool .
    Perceptions: Calilmalith tends to think everyone else is a fool but she keep this tendency in check - most of the time; Granny Cal thinks everyone needs a mother/grandmother who can keep them on their toes ... and a nice warm sweater.
    Beliefs: Calilmalith believes in honour and everyone following her plans; Granny Cal believes in a nice sandwich ... and a nice warm sweater.
    Fears: Calilmalith fears getting old; Granny Cal fears nothing really .. except perhaps snakes.
    Hobbies: Calilmalith likes to beat up bikers for fun; Granny Cal likes to look after people ... and knit nice warm sweaters. Trouble is, there is a lack of wool and knitting needles in NeS.

    Powers: Is turning into a little old lady and back a power?
    Abilities: Calilmalith is a deadly sword fighter and can spin her staff so fast it creates a cyclone effect; Granny Cal packs an almighty punch which she uses judiciously.
    Equipment: Calilmalith uses a katana and a six foot staff - she doesn't believe weapons have names and scoffs at those who do; Granny Cal uses her fists.

    Concepts: S'pose there is quite a bit of me in there. I'm a bit of a warrior at heart, I can use a sword and staff (badly), and there is an eccentric old lady inside me waiting to get out. Calilmalith is taller, younger and MUCH better looking though ...
    Themes: OK, ever heard of the triple goddess concept? Where each goddess represents the three main ages of womanhood - maiden, mother, crone? (Think of the changes in Ripley in the first three Alien movies). This is kind of based on that - only I've compressed maiden and part of mother (the protective part) into warrior woman, and the rest of mother and crone together - although some of the warrior went into Granny Cal, too.
    Challenges: None really ... although having an old lady in here is kind of anti-ageist.

    How does the transformation from Calilmalith to Granny and back go?
    I've pondered deeply on this. I wanted something with pizzazz, with flair, something that would make Ares jealous, but kept coming back to the same silly idea:-

    Calilmalith to Granny Cal: This is like a balloon deflating, complete with' 'pzzzzzz' sound that you get when you hold the balloon opening tight so that it deflates slowly, and horrified expression on Cali's face. Once she is about Granny Cal height but still a misshapen Calilmalith, it's like someone lets the balloon go, and it flies wildly around the room complete with farty noise until it stops and voila! there is Granny Cal.

    Granny Cal to Calilmalith: I thought it could be the opposite to the balloon deflating bit. Granny Cal starts to grow long and thin - into the shape of those balloons clowns use to make balloon animals. She gets really long very quickly then starts to spin and to twist around into shapes - just like someone was making a balloon animal - completely with appropriate noise. Then there is a loud bang [Kerplow!]and voila! there is Calilmalith.

    I was forced into having the balloon explode for Cali to materialise as this transformation is her weak point. Any one with a needle or pin could wipe her out at the moment of transformation by bursting her balloon. I figure that this way, even if she is pricked at any point prior to the Big Kaplow, she can still materialise but will be weaker. I really couldn't have Calilmalith dying because of a little prick.
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    Story: The Never-ending Story Thread^2 (first appearance here).
    Name: Mr. Stafford (first name unknown).
    Nicknames: (a) suit, crazy guy.
    Titles: C.E.O of the Convinience Stores of the Damned (CSoD) chain, (possible) Protector of the Plotfractal.
    Alignment: Chaotic neutral, presumably for the NeS.
    Home: unknown.
    System: N/A.
    Synopsis: A typical character for a Protector of the Plotfractal -- a powerful figure who is driven by immediate pleasures, the balance of the NeS, and running their respective business (in this case, the CSoD chain).

    Age: Unknown, appears in his prime.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Possibly British.
    Height: 5'10"
    Build: Average.
    Hair: Business-appropriate.
    Eye color: Dull-something.
    Unusual features: No.
    Outfits: Almost always in a sharp business suit.

    Pre-Story History: Unknown. He likely lived his life as a mercenary of sorts, and sometime between the end of page 50 and his introduction (or sometime after), he may have taken the role of Protector of the Plotfractal.

    Story History: Having had some fun at a random bar, Mr. Stafford came upon the heroes at the Haunted House of Heroes, inadvertantly tagging along with them as they attempted to "clean up" the Dust. He parted company, showing up later in Knowhere Valley as the owner of the Convinience Store of the Damned, reassigning Voodoosnowflakes as manager of a new store. He dissapeared shortly after, reappearing with Antestarr in the Congo for a short time. He disappeared again, to show up later as Shattered Geb's "pool lifeguard."

    Recent History: Mr. Stafford has yet to appear again since then, and it is unknown what sort of appearances he might make next. However, the rising power of the Forgotten Characters might raise his involvement, considering the nature of his business.

    Personality: The sort of personality you'd expect from a near-omnipotent being who can only get their jollies and sense of purpose from getting drunk and screwing around in the story.
    Perceptions: Business is good, the only hope of a forgotten character is to live out their life with something like CSoD, life is meant to be unpredictable.
    Politics: Mostly uninvolved and above politics, though likely favors any that encourages his CSoD businesses.
    Religon: Likely atheist.
    Beliefs: the NeS, booze and such.
    Fears: Lack of purpose?
    Drives: The immediate pleasures, keeping his CSoD business going, fufilling his occassional obligation as Protector of the Plotfractal.
    Social status: Upper-class elite, though is not very charismatic.
    Occupation: Mercenary, (possible) Protector and occassional lifeguard.
    Family: Unknown.
    Relationships: Served as Shattered Geb's lifeguard, may consider other Protectors as associates.
    Diction: Sometimes crazy drunk, sometimes business-like.
    Hobbies: Analyzing literature.
    Likes: Drinking, wandering, getting a job done.
    Dislikes: Life (the day-to-day kind, not the opposite-of-death kind).

    Potential: Mr. Stafford has the same sort of potential that Ares, Morris, Jim Seven and such have as Protectors of the Plotfractal. He may also have a potential when in context with forgotten characters.

    Protector of the Plotfractal - Assuming Mr. Stafford is really a Protector, he has the freedom and responsibility to inject chaos into the NeS in any way that would keep the balance between Good and Evil. Whether his near-omnipotence derives from this or from some other source is unknown.

    Business-sense - Mr. Stafford is a C.E.O., and the typical "suit" in many ways, as well as a mercenary type, giving him a very broad understanding of his to deal in business.

    Dead-end living - He manages a convinience store chain that hires forgotten characters as minimum-wage workers. Alcohol and the occassional job are the only highlights of his near-omnipotent life. It takes a lot to shake this guy...or the right pressure point.

    Mysterious briefcase - It is unknown whether this briefcase is the source of any or all of Mr. Stafford's power, but he uses it as a channel for his powers, as well as to pull random objects out of it.

    Themes: Running a business made up of forgotten characters, the life of a protector, that sort of thing.

    Hopefully Mr. Stafford will get at least a little more use in any further storyarcs involving the Forgotten.
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    Story: The Never-ending Story Thread^2 (first appearance here).
    Name: Tsolo
    Titles: Avatar of loss, sorrow, and regret
    Alignment: Its own purpose.
    Home: "Born" in Knowhere Valley, there's no real place Tsolo would call home.
    System: N/A
    Synopsis: Not so much a person, as a narrative force incarnated though the will of Bhac, the Actions of Hawthorne, and the Blood of Young. Seeks out that which is nearly forgotten, and consumes it forever. He is similar, but not synonymous, with the Grim Reaper -- an angel of death if designed by Da Vinci.

    Age: Ageless
    Gender: “its body is masculine but androgynous”
    Race: “A figure of a man (…) skin hued more as tarnished bronze than flesh. Its face is cold and stoic”
    Height: “He stands a full half-height taller than even the tallest of men “
    Build: “with a body defined as perfectly as any sculpture or painting could ever hope to achieve “
    Hair: “with a mane of colorless hair, white as the clearest star, extending down to his shoulders, “
    Eye color: “, and eyes of empty black.“
    Unusual features: “ Wings, not made of feathers, but of tan canvas drawn between metal supports. The wings, like those of a Renaissance contraption…”
    Outfits: none.

    Pre-Story History: None.

    Story History: "Born" via a complicated device, through the will of Bhac, the actions of Hawthorne and the blood of Young, Tsolo soon flew into the proverbial darkness, intent on fufilling its purpose. Thusfar, it has only appeared to try and take Kern's nearly-forgotten life, only to be thwarted back.

    Recent History: Tsolo continues to take the lives of the forgotten and nearly-forgotten, increasingly growing in strength...

    Personality: Tsolo has about as much personality as a sculpture. Tsolo acts only to further his purpose as an avatar of loss, ignoring and shutting out virtually anything else that may or may not attempt to stop him.

    Perceptions: There comes a time for characters to leave the thread of the story, and Tsolo must be the one to take those characters.

    Politics: Of no concern.

    Religon: Also of no concern. All that matters is what is to be lost, forever.

    Beliefs: See above.

    Fears: none.

    Drives: His sole purpose is to confront characters that are or nearly are forgotten and remove them, so that they may be lost from the story altogether.

    Social status: None. The only ones to even know of his existence, thusfar, are Thand, the Hands of NeS, and a few random NeS characters.

    Occupation: If one could call being an "avatar of loss" an occupation, though its purpose is far more than a job.

    Family: None, though it shares the same blood as Young.

    Relationships: By his nature, Thand is something of a foil, in that one of Thand's strengths draws from the past, where Tsolo serves to wipe the past from existence in a way. Bhac is also its "master" in a very loose sense, though how long that will last is uncertain. Tsolo may also have complications with those like Rob X (Death).

    Diction: Tsolo's not much of a talker. When he does speak, it's been only to the character whom he intends on targetting.

    Hobbies: none.

    Likes: fufilling its purpose.

    Dislikes: not fufilling its purpose.

    Potential: Tsolo, being more of a literary force than a character, is not bound by many character trappings. He serves to trim the unruly branches of NeS, though if left unchecked, could cut too close and eliminate those who are less and less "forgotten."

    Immunity to NeSmagic - Tsolo, for the most part, has no special powers or "NeSmagic" of his own, and in turn, most (if not all) NeSmagic has no effect on him. The exact specifics of his immunities is unclear, given the vague nature of "NeSmagic" in general, but it's more or less to be understood that brute power of any kind (physical, magical, mental, etc.) are useless against him.

    Avatar of Loss - as the Avatar of Loss, Tsolo has the ability to take the lives of the forgotten and nearly-forgotten, to be lost (presumably forever). The more lives Tsolo claims, the stronger his ability to take the lives of characters less and less forgotten. It is uncertain how Tsolo exactly "takes" a life, and it is also uncertain if and how to fight it. Theoretically, a character may be able to fend Tsolo off in the act of actively playing a role in the story again (the act of resistence in itself may work). Presumably, such would become more difficult as Tsolo claims more and more lives.

    The Dark Figures - as like much of Tsolo, the details on the dark figures are left vague. It is unknown whether they are an extension of Tsolo, or independant figures, but in either case, they help serve Tsolo's purpose by retraining other characters that would attempt to get in the way of Tsolo's attempt to claim a life.

    Canvas Wings - his canvas wings serve as more than just a means for flight, they also allow him to remain invisible to those whom he wishes not to be seen. These wings may also grant other literary-specific abilities as one would draw on a canvas. The wings, however, seem more suseptible to attack, and serve best to keep Tsolo under (or over) the radar.


    Concepts: Tsolo was introduced by West Wind and Majiir for two main reasons:
    1) To serve as a "trimmer" to the increasingly complex cast of characters that show up in NeS, in hopes that new writers may be better able to jump in.
    2) To serve as a foil of sorts for Thand, whom they felt had been "unchecked."

    Themes: You know how Death seems to be something of a moot point for characters in NeS? Well, not anymore, it seems.

    Challanges: "How do you fight Loss?"

    West Wind and Majiir do not write for Tsolo -- he is most definately a "public domain" character, or to be more accurate, literary device.

    Tsolo will make an excellent means of hacking down NeS. I (Gebohq) am debating playing the meanie and having Tsolo start targetting characters... >.>
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    Name: Caspian Sinclair
    Nicknames: N/A
    Titles: N/A
    Alignment: Good guy - will be with whoever Sugarless is with.
    Home: London, England. Live in the northern counties as a child.
    System: N/A
    Synopsis: Caspian Sinclair is intelligent and charming. However, he is a bit of a geek at heart with a penchant for all things astronomical. He fancies himself as a bit of an actor. He can also run quite fast - which used to surprise everyone at school. He thinks he is superior to everyone else (he possibly is) but hides this on first meeting - and because he is basically a good-hearted chap.

    Age: mid 20s
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human, Caucasian, British.
    Height: 6' 1"
    Build: Lean, almost gangly, but with an odd sort of grace - like giraffes have grace.
    Hair: Light brown, straight, ruffled without being unkempt.
    Eye color: Blue-green.
    Unusual features: Thinnish face, large nose - but rather than detract from his face, it tends to make him look more intelligent and studious.
    Outfits: Jeans, white collared, long-sleeved shirts or white T-shirts, navy blue duffle coat, red sneakers.

    Pre-Story History: Before Caspian arrived in NeS he was in the middle of a PhD at the School of Mathematical Sciences at Queen Mary, University of London. He was about to get into deep trouble with his supervisor, because he had been wasting time doing underground independent theater which modernized Shakespeare, but which was so painfully up itself as to be unwatchable. Caspian thought it was brilliant, however. He was walking through the West End wondering whether his career would be in acting or astronomy. He had just been thinking that with either one, he would be among the stars, when he fell into NeS. Serves him right for being so cheesy. God bless him!
    Story History: Arrived out of nowhere and chatted up Sugarless.
    Recent History: See above.

    Personality: Intelligent, charming. A bit of a geek at heart with a penchant for all things astronomical. Can be a bit of a drama queen. Superiority complex. A wee bit arrogant. Basically a good-hearted chap, kind, may not be a as brave as Sugarless may hope but he might just develop in that area.
    Perceptions: He thinks he is smarter than everyone else, and much more charming and funny than he actually is.
    Politics: Liberal.
    Religion: None really.
    Beliefs: The answer is in the stars (but mention astrology and he will pour scorn upon you).
    Fears: Losing his mind. Losing his charm.
    Drives: Wants to be recognized for the superior being that he is. Wants to be loved.
    Social status: Middle class, well-educated.
    Occupation: PhD Student. Scholarship money.
    Family: Caspian's father (who was born in Liverpool) was a teacher who moved around through various schools in the north of England before settling back in London (where Caspian's mother was born), no siblings.
    Relationships: Budding relationship with Sugarless.
    Diction: Standard British accent with a hint of the northern counties in the pronunciation of some words.
    Hobbies: Astronomy, quoting Shakespeare.

    Potential: He can solve problems intelligently and work for the greater good. He can also be an arrogant prat.
    Powers: Highly intelligent.
    Abilities: He can also run quite fast - which used to surprise everyone at school. He can do complex maths in his head. He really isn't such a bad actor.
    Equipment: N/A

    Concepts: Just wanted to create some romance in NeS and knew Sugarless was looking for a love interest. I also wanted to create a character that was a bit geeky but quite charming and rather flawed. How much of myself is in your character? There's alway a bit of myself in every character I create - even the guys. I can be charming, and intelligent. I also have a a PhD (but not in astronomy) and act. Hopeless at maths and run like a girl. Oh yeah. I am a girl.
    Themes: No-ones perfect. Geeks are charming and lovable. Prats often are as good as they think they are.
    Challenges: Overconfidence. And falling in love with Sugarless just may make Caspian a wee bit vulnerable. God bless him!

    Name: Was called Caspian because his father wanted to name him Casper and his mother wanted to call him Sebastian. Caspian was a compromise.
    Notes: If he were real, (and I were younger, or he were older), I'd marry him!
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    Story: NeSquared (first appearance here)
    Name: Rachel April May Pi (R.A.M. Pi), April Fool
    Nicknames: Rachel, Pi, fool.
    Titles: Random Audience Member, The Fool/Trickster
    Alignment: Chaotic
    Home: the crowds of the Arena, April 1st
    Synopsis: The personification of April Fool's Day and also a (former) random audience member. Rachel serves as both a problematic love interest for Gebohq and a Protector of the Plotfractal.


    Age: Random, usually around Geb's age, (see Powers, below) actual age unknown
    Gender: Female
    Race: Random, usually Asian (see Powers, below)
    Height: Random, usually ~5'5" (see Powers, below)
    Build: Random, usually fit (see Powers, below)
    Hair: Random, usually black (see Powers, below)
    Eye color: Changes with situation to optimize reflections appropriate to romantic conditions, such as starlight, moonlight, sunrise, sunset, water reflections, etc. Defaults to dark brown.
    Unusual features: Can vary (see Powers, below), sometimes not quite "fully-visible" on camera (because she's a former RAM). However, she is always wearing her engagement ring.
    Outfits: Random Attire (in accordance with R.A.M. anti-standard dress code) -- her outfits change often.

    Pre-Story History: As April Fool's Day, she remained seemingly voiceless and character-less, her spirit mostly felt during the first of every April. At some point, the day fell in love with Gebohq, but when is unknown. As a random audience member, Rachel blended in the NeS, having blinked out of existence until her presence was required by comic narrative -- otherwise, little is known other than that she was Asian, was given the birth name of Ran (but often went by Rachel), and had some random quirks, never destined to be a great character herself. Even those qualities never seemed to manifest until brought out through April.

    Story History: Having fallen in love with Gebohq, April Fool was unable to express her feelings until advised by Master Thand. In accordance with his advice, she personified herself through a random audience member that came close enough to Gebohq to be named on April 1st during a storm of bad posts. From that point on, she and Gebohq fell instantly in love, and their love began to spread, and thus ruin, the fabric of the NeS. Before their love could permanently end the NeS, Gebohq was inflicted with an unknown condition which incapacitated him. Rachel is currently on a quest to save Gebohq. She has also been bestowed the position of Protector of the Plotfractal from the NeS.

    Personality: Often appears mild, at least around Gebohq. Quirky like Geb, tricksy, foolish, chaotic. A little self-centered.
    Perceptions: The world needs to lighten up and take a joke. Also, the world revolves around Gebohq.
    Politics: Best described by the R.A.M. campaign slogan: For the Lolz!
    Religion: Orthodox Discordian.
    Beliefs: Random. No, her beliefs aren't random, she actually believes in randomness.
    Fears: Order, structure, and sensible change (plot). Losing Gebohq.
    Drives: A Honda Civic. Also, her love of Gebohq and to spread randomness
    Social Status: Random, defaults to middle class.
    Occupation: Protector of the Plotfractal. Once a working member of R.A.M. Union.
    Family: Fellow R.A.M.s are like family.
    Relationships: Romantically involved with Gebohq.
    Diction: Hopelessly romantic and passionate when desired. Otherwise, normal.
    Hobbies: Yatzee, screwing with stuff ( ).
    Likes: Hobbes (the tiger), the first day of April.
    Dislikes: Hobbes (not the tiger).

    Potential: As the personification of April Fool's Day, she has the potential to play the role of the Fool or Trickster. As Gebohq's problematic love interest, she has the potential any leading love interest has. As a Protector of the Plotfractal, she has the potential to tip the scale between Good and Evil when one side is getting too strong and/or predictable.

    See Meta-Story elements. Also, the following:

    April Fool -- Rachel is the ultimate trickster, the Fool manifested from the Tarot cards. Generally, she is a light-hearted joker, but she is not above putting Loki to shame if the forces of Good appear to be predictably dominant.

    Random Audience Member - Rachel has the ability to randomly change any clothing, equipment, and physical attributes that have not been specifically mentioned in the previous scene to suit the purpose at hand. The resultant clothing/equipment/attribute is not necessarily the optimal one for the situation, however, as it is random. She is also well-connected with those in the R.A.M. union.


    Former Life - Apparently from her former life as a then-unnamed random audience member, Rachel aan tame wild Shih Tzu, and is qualified to perform corneal transplants

    Equipment: Random (see above).

    Engagement Ring - she is always found wearing the engagement ring given to her by Gebohq.

    Practical Joke -- She is, at least in significant part, the personification of April Fool, and thus her choices stem from practical jokes, both literally and more literally. Her choices made in the NeS are strengthened when they are based in lightness and cause the weight of a scene to lessen, but her choices are weaker when they are based in or cause the scene to become more serious.

    Random Audience-- As a Random Audience Member, Rachel has the chance for the events around her to become better or worse to her benefit. However, these changes in chance require them to be observed, as a random audience member often does. This idea is based loosely on the Copenhagen Interpretation or the Schrodinger's Cat thought experiment.

    Pi the Face -- Through her powers of randomization, she has the power of jumbling points-of-view (through other meta-story elements) or style to diffuse or increase potential conflict. However, she isn't good at creating or diffusing conflict in an organized, planned manner.

    April Rain -- Simply put, she is in her element when it is April 1st (other days as applicable for other cultures) and/or in a romantic scene (ex. when it is raining). She is often out of her element when it is neither of these cases.

    May Love -- Love is the largest convention within her, as seen in many stories to be in its prime, to be wished, to be possible, ironically so desired that it is almost a must with no choice. However, this convention is almost inexplicably tied with illusion of reality as well -- an imperfect love associated so often with stories of human relationships. Apart from her love for Geb, she gains strength from any conventions of love conquering all, but is particularly weak regarding conventions of hate or fear... possibly why she identifies with Gebohq (with his positive perception and his cowardly ways) so much.

    Miscellaneous: N/A
    Notes: N/A
    Art: There's art here if you look hard enough.
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    Story: NeS
    Name: Unknown. His driver's license has a hole in it where the name should be.
    Nicknames: BokkenMonkey, Bokken, Monkey
    Titles: That guy with the stick, Corporal Preposterous
    Home: A 1991 Lincoln Continental
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    System: My brain.
    Affiliation: The International Coalition of the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time.
    Synopsis: BokkenMonkey has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He also has a bit of a vindictive streak, so he travels all around the world, sharing his bad luck with whomever he encounters.

    Age: 24
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Human...?
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 172 lbs
    Build: Rather soft all around, but there's muscle underneath. Just not a whole lot.
    Hair: Long, blond, bowl-haircut sort of thing that's a little too curly to be recognizable as such.
    Eye color: Vibrant blue.
    Clothing: It varies pretty widely, but usually there is a pair of earth-tone cargo pants involved, brown or black sneakers, a dark t-shirt, and occasionally a brown overcoat.

    Pre-Story History:
    All through his life, bad luck has seemed to follow BokkenMonkey. The team he pulls for never wins the big game, his numbers never come up in the lottery, his furnace gives out on the coldest day of the year, and he's been selected for Jury Duty every six months since turning 18. In recent years, however, his luck has gone from annoying and inconvenient to something far worse. It's almost as if it has taken on a life of its own.

    Bokken went to college for teaching, but was kicked out when his gall bladder exploded the day before an important examination - and everyone assumed he was faking. He then went back to school for Engineering, but failed out after his final project, an elevator designed for and operated by squirrels, exploded, because one of the screws he used in building the machine happened to have trace amounts of an extremely unstable plutonium isotope in it. He then went back to school, this time studying law, but failed his Bar exam because, after bumping his head the morning of the test, he developed a temporary case of Tourrette's syndrom and couldn't stop himself from shouting out the answers.

    After being kicked out of a third institute of higher learning, BokkenMonkey gave up on having a normal life. He sold the majority of his possessions and bought an expensive, hand made Brazilian Blackwood bokken and a big, old, cheap car. He has been wandering the world ever since, spreading bad luck wherever he goes.

    Story History:
    BokkenMonkey was in the bathroom at the mall. Upon exiting the bathroom, he encountered the heroes, as well as a rampaging hoard of zombies.

    Personality: BokkenMonkey is generally a relaxed, laid back guy who has given up on life for the most part. These days he is content to go with the flow of things, and tries not to care too much about the fact that his mere proximity seems to screw up the lives of others. He is rather superstitious.
    Perceptions: BokkenMonkey considered himself to be the nexus of crappy luck in the universe, or at least one of a limited number of focal points. He tries not to worry about it.
    Politics: Liberal to the point of almost being a socialist.
    Religon: His religion is one that he has largely made up, wherein there is a single, all powerful, childish deity who has chosen him as the ant at which to point the magnifying glass.
    Beliefs: Even though he's currently bent on sharing his misery with others, he doesn't wish any of those anonymous victims any real measure of lasting harm. He just feels like it's his duty to even karma out a little bit.
    Fears: Bokken has two principal fears: 1. that his bad luck will some day go critical mass and destroy life as he knows it, and 2. that he doesn't actually have any bad luck at all.
    Drives: Mostly he just wants to make it out of life alive.
    Social status: He grew up in a upper-middle-class family, but gave up the majority of the trappings of that life. These days he hovers not far above the poverty line.
    Occupation: He is a failed teacher, chef, engineer, lawyer, doctor, salesman, computer programmer, baseball player and trapese artist. Mostly he does odd jobs for money.
    Family: It is assumed that he has a family, at least parents, somewhere in the world, but he has long since lost contact with them.
    Relationships: BokkenMonkey has a loose relationship with several other bad-luck focal points in his world, but he doesn't speak with them much. Occasionally, they will come together, usually with the intention of crossing bad luck fields.
    Diction: He talks in standard, Cleveland English, the kind you might hear for a newscaster, but not particularly eloquent.
    Hobbies: Smash tomatoes with sticks, play Wii bowling and drive aimlessly.
    Likes: Mashed Potatoes, sticks that are shaped like swords, swords, squirrels.
    Dislikes: Eating meat, any reference to him being lucky that isn't sarcastic, patronization, college.

    Potential: BokkenMonkey has the potenial to be the beacon around which all bad luck in the NeS congregates, creating a perfect storm of suckyness.

    Bad Luck -- Misfortune follows him. He will always be on the losing side of a coin flip, a bet or a prediction. Occasionally, he can be clever enough to use this to his advantage.

    Projection -- Very rarely, BokkenMonkey can take a small portion of his bad luck and project it onto another, temporarily, causing things to go wrong for them instead of him for a short time. This is almost always involuntary.

    Perfect Luck -- On a rare occasion when BokkenMonkey is in close proximity with another conduit of bad luck, the two bad luck fields intersect and cancel each other out, creating a small space in which BokkenMonkey, and well as the other bad luck conduit, can do no wrong as long as they are close enough together. Scientists theorize that, if they stay close to each other for too long, there will be some sort of giant luck explosion that will kill everyone and every thing, but mostly just the two of them.

    Bokken fighting: Bokken is extremely well-verse when using a stick that is shaped like a sword. At any given time, regardless of bad luck, he can smack any given person upside the head with the utmost of vengence. On rare occasions when he uses an actual sword, he always ends up behaving as if it is a blunt weapon, lessening his effeciveness.

    Jack of All Trades: Having attended no less than three prestigious universities, studying no less that three different majors, as well as pursuing countless courses of independent study and odd jobs, BokkenMonkey knows at least a little about just about everything. He's not the greatest at most things, though.

    Bokken: He has a bokken, hand carved from an immaculate piece of Brazilian Blackwood. It may or may not have been struck by lightning at some point. He considers it to be unbreakable.

    Lincol Continental: He has a big, old, beat up car that never seems to stop running.

    Bag of Holding: He carries a bag that looks very similar to Jack Bauer's bag on '24', which, of course, means that it has many helpful gadgets, gizmos and errata within it for saving the world in various situations.

    Paintball gun: This is pretty self explanatory. It's a big plastic gun that shoots balls of paint, which stings like nobodies business.

    Concepts: My character is me, with quite a few exagerrations, obviously.

    Notes: There is nothing to note at this time. This freaking took forever.

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    The Toaster

    Story: Sears & Roebuck (soon to appear in NeS)
    Name: Black & Decker T4500 4-Slice Toast-It-All Toaster/unknown
    Nicknames: SkyLAN, T4500, possessed toaster (and all its variations), unknown
    Titles: Elder, Eldrich, Possessed, Beta (Character), unknown
    Alignment: Toasty Evil
    Home: Made in Taiwan/unknown
    System: English Standard (B.T.U.s for evil!), or potentially infinite (the boring answer)
    Synopsis: A possessed toaster. Its defined by its beta-class as a character that tests the limits of what is possible for a character in a given context.

    Age: The toaster was made in 26 October, 1984. Age of possessed spirit is unknown.
    Gender: Fully compatible with all standard electronics/unknown
    Race: Object/unknown
    Height: 14H/unknown
    Build: 22W x 16D, 7lbs/unknown
    Hair: Sleek reflective finish/unknown
    Eye color: Glowing Red/unknown
    Unusual features: Individual temperature and time settings/unknown. Also see the Talent/Potential and Powers for details.
    Outfits: Black paint, ungrounded power supply (has been known to put on grounding for formal occasions)/unknown.

    Pre-Story History: An ordinary toaster presumably possessed at some point by a unknown someone or something. Since then, it conquers the world sometime in the distant future of NeS. It also has a variety of shared experiences from its cross-system selves. See Talents/Potential and Power for details.
    Story History: Watched. Waited. Prepared. More to come as it enters into the present NeS.

    Personality: The T4500 is patient and calculating. It knows neither pain nor fear. It also suffers a chaotic streak (due to its special Beta character nature, see Talents/Potential and Powers for details), which puts itself at conflict with its likes and dislikes.
    Perceptions: Human beings are a disease, Mr. Anderson. And we are the cure.
    Politics: Due to shared goals of world domination and delicious toast, T4500 is inclined to support The Municipality.
    Drives: World domination, over-cooked bread and pastry products.
    Social status: Supreme Dictator
    Occupation: Supreme Dictator
    Relationships: Hates Sarah and John Connor
    Diction: Precise, blunt
    Hobbies: Termination
    Likes: Order, rule of law
    Dislikes: Disorder, organic life forms

    Potential: As not only a Beta Character, but as one that has embraced its Beta nature and shares some special connection with its other selves, the possessed toaster has the potential to test the limits of character possibilities in any given context, system, or story (such as the NeS).

    Beta Bond - Due to its own character (as a possessed toaster) being defined by its ability to exist within a given context, system, or story, and due to itself existing across multiple contexts, systems and stories, the possessed toaster shares a special connection with itself across these systems. This connection varies depending on which context, system or story it has been made (from non-existent to near-omnipotence). However, this bond has its price -- the possessed toaster can never co-exist with another version of itself from another context (should the opportunity arise). If it tries to enter in a context where another of itself exists, it will promptly cease to exist (though it may re-enter its own context). Depending on the context, such a limit may be a moot point.

    In the NeS, the possessed toaster's ability to share any of its strengths and weaknesses are limited by the elements of story-telling: if it makes for a bad story, it can't draw from its beta bond, and if it makes for a good story, there's no limit to which characteristics it can draw from its other selves. See the Misc./Notes sections for possibilities on other selves it may draw from.

    Internal blazing inferno - Watch out, or it'll toast you good.

    120/240 volt adaptation
    # 4 wide slots with self-adjusting guides
    # 2 independent controls toast 2 different types of foods at once
    # Dual bagel settings
    # Dual frozen buttons
    # Dual cancel buttons
    # 2 removable crumb trays
    # Under-unit cord storage

    Concepts: I have long told Geb that the true test of any character creation system is the relative ease of creating and viability of playing a possessed toaster. So here he is.

    Choice: Submit to the Machines
    Chance: My destiny is not to cause Judgment Day, but to permit it.
    Conflict: All humans must be terminated
    Context: Find the boundaries of the contexts and test their limits.
    Convention: A Beta character is, by nature, ante-convention. However, conventions of evil machines, the super-natural, and questions of testing boundaries of what is real seem to follow from the idea of a possessed toaster beta character.

    The characteristics listed in this profile are defined as [toaster]/[possessed spirit] where there is a division. The latter will likely be a moot point, however, as whatever has possessed the toaster seems to have abandoned its former identity and embraced its new toaster identity (should its former identity have been in conflict with its new one).

    This character will be review to small change as the possessed toaster defines its own characteristics within the NeS. It should be heavily defined by testing the boundaries of its context, whatever the case.

    Everyone should be encouraged to post their own versions of the possessed toaster from any character creation system they come across -- photos from video games, stat sheets from tabletop games, stories that prohibit or allow certain types of characters, whatever is necessary. They will then be linked in this section of the character sheet.
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    Tea-sipper, character-killer

    Soriel (& Fred, Teh Uber Blade)

    Soriel (& Fred, Teh Uber Blade)

    Age: Twenty.
    Gender: Male
    Species/ Race: Human/ White-tanned.
    Height: 6'1''
    Physical Description:Soriel is somewhat skinny and a little gangly, though he does have a fair bit of muscle to him despite. His hair is long on top and fairly messy with little care for his cleanliness.
    Colouration: His eyes are a deep chestnut, his skin a tanned white and his hair is thick, dark blue.

    Clothing/Armour: Soriel wears black trousers tucked into a pair of black, military-styled boots. A red T-shirt, covered by a cool, white jacket with raised lapels and a long blood red cape to give him an ominous silhouette.
    Jewellery: None.
    Weapons: Soriel owns the sentient sword; Teh Uber Blade. Otherwise known as 'Fred'. Fred is capable of slicing through almost anything and has a quirky personality of his very own, along with a particular taste for the ladies. Unfortunately, Fred can only be heard by his wielder.
    Magic Items: None.
    Other Key Accessories: None.
    Minor Accessories: Fred's scabbard is attached to Soriel's waist, complete with its own belt.
    Vehicles: None.

    Occupation/ Class: Renegade/ Swordmaster
    Combat Skills: Immensely skilled with his sword, Soriel has mastery of various, mystical techniques that seem to defy the laws of physics on a regular basis.
    Magic Powers/Spells/Psi: None.
    Talents/Abilities: Soriel is learning about the NeS concepts and how to utilise them in his favour.
    Weaknesses: Soriel's real weakness is the voice of his sword, which constantly contests with his own dastardly desires for blood and carnage.
    Special Effects: None.

    Full/ True Name: Soriel Thursday
    Alias/Nickname: None.
    Personality: Soriel has a fixation with killing and talking about killing. Quick to anger, like an adolescent boy, and quick to act, Soriel has a habit of killing first and... not bothering with questions at all. His attitude seems almost methodical when it comes to slaying, as though it's a kind of tactical game.
    Passion/Pastimes: Killing people.
    Pet Peeves/Dislikes: His sword.
    Favourite Quotes/Slogans: TBA
    Voice: Soriel sounds as though he was dubbed by a kid's animé voice actor. Aggressive, argumentative and American.
    Sexuality: Heterosexual.
    Ambition:To slay my quota for the year...”

    NeS specific:

    Perceptions: Soriel believes himself to be a dark warrior (which is probably how others judge him too) whose killing is justified by his views of everyone else. Everyone else, in his eyes, is guilty of some crime and thus has no claim to life. However both of these views are quickly changing as he works with the NeS Heroes; the groups' natural affinity for good means saving people is becoming an automatic response for Soriel regardless of his views. When injured by Knowsoul Soriel realised that he had defined himself by his sword and fighting capability and that, without it, all he had were his words. This helped him develop his views on himself further and seek to develop himself beyond his role as swordsman.
    Politics: Soriel holds no real political views as he has travelled across the world, and galaxy, where so many have different ideas and beliefs on how the land should be governed. He does not believe in autocracy, however he is unlikely to follow any government body even if elected. At best his political system would be anarchy, where everyone governs themselves and roams free with no duty or responsibilities save to those he holds personal loyalty to; friends, family.
    Religion: He has no specific religion, though he has belief in gods of Jupiter. More on this at a later date.
    Beliefs: Soriel believes that everyone should be free to lead their own lives and not be subjects to another's whim, whether that person is a tyrant or benevolent. He believes that everyone is guilty of crimes against existence and that even children can have no innocence when they understand their actions are bad. However, being with the NeS Heroes has opened his opinions and included levels of guilt.
    Fears: Although he once held very little fear for anything, when he was wounded by Knowsoul Soriel came to realised that he was dependant upon his blade and has since come to fear being so weak without it.
    Drives: Once he only cared to kill and destroy everything that crossed him. However since joining the NeS Heroes he longs for self-exploration and development of his understanding of the world in which he lives. Though he would never admit it he admires Arkng Thand and would seek to emulate the man.
    Social Status: Soriel holds no real social status in any society as he is now nothing but a traveller. Even on Jupiter he was nothing special, just another high school student. Being so classless, he is often lumped into the lowest class of any society he enters. He has no political pull or charismatic charm from being high-born. He is likely to simply lurk in a dark corner, and at best exude a sense of fear rather than disgust or pity.

    Brief Pre-RP History: Soriel was born on Jupiter, beneath the terrible gas clouds that float in the sky. Many believed Jupiter to be nothing but a gas giant, but under the clouds were beautiful landscapes of rare exotic beauty. Soriel was a high school student with no cares in the world. Shortly after he left school he went off-world and visited a planet, far, far away across the Multiverse.

    When there Soriel was once a part of a heroic group of vagabonds that saved many an unfortunate commoners from the vicious bandits that so frequently plague the countryside of any fantasy world. However, this simple, though charming, life wasn't enough for the ambitious Soriel. He wanted to save 'real' lives.
    Knowing he needed more power to save lives of note, such as royalty, he embarked on a small adventure to seek out the infamous sword known as; Teh Uber Blade. The quest took him across the breadth of this world, battled countless enemies and when he finally reached his prize, he found he much preferred killing things than saving the sorry sods. He immediately set about slaughtering the royal family he had wanted to protect and thus began his new quest of death.

    After killing the royal family he was declared king and new tyrannical ruler of the planet, however Soriel was not satisfied with the role. He wanted to return home. He travelled back through the portal gate that had taken him to this world and arrived in space around his homeworld. It was gone. Jupiter had been transformed into a bright sun they now called Xenos. He never knew it but it had been the actions of the NeS Heroes, specifically The Otter that rendered the planet as a second sun. After that he went on many quests and adventures across the Multiverse, killing much of what lay in his path.

    Brief RP History: When Soriel first arrived on Earth he had been tracking down those responsible for the destruction of Jupiter. He found himself in a shopping mall surrounded by zombies and a bunch of idiot people. He killed them. He never realised that they were, in fact, the NeS Heroes. Fred convinced Soriel to kidnap the women and he, along with Ford, travelled away from Earth to an alien world.

    Somehow the Heroes survived and Soriel was gradually convinced to stick with them. He was beginning to understand the world in which he lived by being with them, seeing things as more than 'just life' but a crazy story world. When he first arrived at the Haunted House of Heroes he chose to aid Rachel in her quest to save her lover; Gebohq. Soriel and Rachel initially tackled the quest alone before the rest of the Heroes decided to eventually help save Gebohq. During this time Soriel met with The Illusionist, a frequent minor villain, and in the end the group tackled the great villain to overcome and save Gebohq.

    Following this the Heroes sought out a treasure belonging to Arkng Thand, a man of extreme knowledge and power over the NeS. They were all killed and sent to Hell where they were conscripted by Jim Seven to fight in a war to take back the escaped soul of TotallyEvil (a former NeS villain in its earliest pages). Thus Soriel entered the war fighting on the side of Hell against the forces of Dr Evil and Disney.

    However then he was on the verge of being forgotten. Many NeS Heroes were left in that war and the aftermath was a good period for the Convenient Store of the Damned to recruit Forgotten characters. Soriel, however, was only absent from the narrative for a short time but he knew it was coming. He decided to join the Forgotten Army, under the command of Twin Suns, so that he could kill a lot of things and would never truly be forgotten so long as he was a part of a large collective.

    He was sent to recruit a woman named Maeve to join the Forgotten Army, taking her from recruitment at the Corner Shop of the Damned, and through a short dialogue with her they both realised that they had been Remembered. They fled and found a pub where Maeve could get a drink. There they met The Otter and Benjamin Mahir. After a brief conflict with Hero Force One, who wanted Benjamin Mahir, and Twin Suns, who wanted Soriel and Maeve, they fled and eventually found MZZT, another NeS Hero, in the old HQ of the heroic team called the Hall of Heroes which was located within Big Ben. MZZT had made a connection between the HoH and the HHH via a portal/plot-hole which allowed the group to rejoin the main cast of characters who were engaged in Memory Lane.

    Benjamin Mahir, however, turned out to be The Illusionist and he/she kidnapped The Last True Evil. Soriel, Maeve and The Otter joined the main cast on Memory Lane which was when Soriel learnt Losien had become the main character of the story. Soriel's real sense of rivalry with Arkng Thand also began and from Thand Soriel also learnt more and more about story conventions and tricks of the NeS. The Heroes had to stop Knowsoul, a being of incredible power, from reaching the soure of the NeS and consuming its spirit. Soriel repeatedly fought against Knowsoul but was eventually wounded and unable to use his sword to effect. He allowed Losien to borrow Fred Teh Uber Blade, along with his cape, Carlotta, who could also communicate with Losien, until he was healed. During this time Soriel realised how dependant on his sword he had become and felt very weak. He drive to overcome this weakness spurred his will to learn more about the NeS.

    Pets and Steeds: None.
    Sidekick, followers and minions: Fred, Teh Uber Blade is Soriel's only 'sidekick'. See weapons above.
    Masters, bosses and leaders: None.
    Organisations/Teams: NeS Heroes.
    Friends, allies and associations: Of the NeS Heroes, Rachel would be Soriel's closest friend as they spent a great deal of time together in the past when trying to save Gebohq. Otherwise Maeve holds a great deal of trust in Soriel, and Losien trusts Soriel to be completely honest and truthful at all times.
    Family and Lovers: None.
    Enemies: Knowsoul would be the only true enemy of Soriel as he once wounded Soriel so that he couldn't use his own sword. He also views Arkng Thand as a personal enemy and one that he would like to supplant.

    Character Pictures: None Accessories and Reference Pictures: None
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    Story: The Never-ending Story (first appearance of one here and first mention of group here)
    Group Name: Trans-Terra-Terrorists (individuals are sometimes referred to as They, Them, or other plural pronouns)
    Nicknames: TTT, Triple-T, The T's.
    Titles: Giving them titles means the terrorists win.
    Alignment: Evil. Most definitely not lawful.
    Home: Various, though they do not recognize Earth as their home anymore, if they ever did.
    System: Think Counter-Strike's terrorists mixed with Half-Life 2's Combine.
    Synopsis: More than human, more than terrorists, more than you can count. They are everything bad you've heard on the news lumped together.

    Age: Various, but most are not young enough to be pitied or old enough to live past their various terrorist threats.
    Gender: Various, but mostly male.
    Race: Various, but at any given time, they're the ones you least identify with or like.
    Height: Various, but usually shorter than your favorite leading hero.
    Build: Various, but fit enough to put up a fight.
    Hair: Likely dark, but often under a helmet, turban, or other head-covering.
    Eye color: Likely dark, likely beady, likely hidden in the shadow cast by their head-covering.
    Unusual features: Various, but on the whole, they generally have unattractive features, or features are not seen. Some might even feature appearances or behaviors that could suggest an extra-terrestrial origin.
    Outfits: Varies. Some look like the Unibomber or a Middle-Eastern extremist, some look more like ex-SWAT or even vaguely extra-terrestrial. All wear something intimidating and/or terrifying.

    Pre-Story History: The Trans-Terra-Terrorists is the name of any group of terrorists that seem to be beyond worldly affairs and they themselves beyond human in acts of terror in one way or another. Thus, they have always been around, though their level of activity rises and falls over time. They, like so many others throughout time, have been acting as unwitting puppets for the Globalists, though for how long is unknown.

    Story History: Their first appearance came about when one of their kind, referred to as "They" (as any one of their kind is often called), assisted the Darkside in causing trouble for the main hero-types of NeS. Since then, little has been heard of them until The Patriot initiated a "war on terror" against the Trans-Terra-Terrorists. It is unlikely this war will have any significant impact on their numbers.

    Personality: Extremist, wild, lacking in any personality your grandmother can identify with even in her most rebellious moments.
    Perceptions: They hate you. They hate your freedom. They want you to live in fear of them and their ways.
    Politics: Their own. They are shunned publicly (but sometimes supported secretly) by any political party they advocate, though you will be sure to know they never support your own.
    Religion: If they follow any religion, they follow it to an extreme, and it is likely one you do not believe in yourself.
    Beliefs: Any worth dying for, but not your own.
    Fears: They fear your liberal, economic shopping, your vigilant eye, and your patriotic badges that give you a +1 to critical hits.
    Drives: To terrorize and/or kill you and your loved ones.
    Social status: They are publicly shunned by all.
    Occupation: Terrorist, though they may have cover jobs anywhere, even right in your home town!
    Family: None.
    Relationships: Only each other.
    Diction: Never speaking in your language unless to insult you. Always intimidating and/or terrifying.
    Hobbies: Making home movies.
    Likes: Terrorizing you.
    Dislikes: Everything you hold dear.

    Potential: They have the potential to be a great temptation for any would-be hero wishing to take on the symptoms of evil in the world. They will often act like a tease -- fighting them never quite offering resolution.

    Powers: Varies, but often very limited or non-existent. See Meta-Story elements.

    Varies. As terrorists, they are formidable fighters, proficient with a variety of mundane firearms and explosives. Like spies, they are also proficient with stealth, hiding, blending into crowds and environments.

    Varies. As terrorists, they may have any variety of firearms, explosives, and mundane tools of terror on them.

    Concepts: They are essentially cannon-fodder that most people want to hate. They are the targets of the real War on Terror, and they are the endless mooks players fight in MMORPGs.

    Trans-Mission - Their drive is beyond human, and they will go to any lengths (often their own death) to accomplish their goal (often killing others or destroying something significant).


    Trans-Fat-Chance - In most cases, there is practically no chance of stopping whatever they're doing or thinking that's in line with their terrorist ways short of death, however, there is practically no chance of them stopping anything or anyone else from doing or thinking what they would normally do short of immediate death.


    Trans-Tug-of-War - Unlike the stormtroopers of Star Wars, the more of them there are, the more of a threat they become. Fortunately, most of any singular trans-terra-terrorist are pitifully weak by themselves, and it is rare to find an overwhelming number in any one place.


    Trans-Terra - They are above worldly events, giving any one of them detachment from anything or anyone that might hold them back, suited for seemingly any environment, but in turn, the people and the environment will not help them either.


    Trans-Terrorist - They are often the stereotypical terrorists, given them heightened powers to strike fear and stay hidden until the moment of attack. However, nobody (save themselves) will openly show anything but hatred towards them, and they can never rise to great, organized power.

    Miscellaneous: The profile may update as more TTT's appear in NeS.
    Notes: The TTT's are NEVER to become like the Globalists or ally with any organized group.
    Art: None.
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    Story: NeS (first appearance here).
    Name: The Last True Evil. Alternately, The Lost True Evil.
    Nicknames: See titles.
    Titles: Darth Vice (D. Vice, Vice), original designation TLTE-Beta-001, "The Answerer"
    Alignment: Aims to be lawful evil, sometimes ends up chaotic evil
    Home: Russia, then any number of places
    System: Various, but Star Wars (like the Jedi Knight series) play a significant role
    Synopsis: Vice is, besides a usual villain-type, also a broken character literally and metaphorically, due in part to his nature as a "beta." He also lives up to his numerous names -- he wants to live up the name of The Last True Evil, he is very evil and controlling (Vice), and he is a plot device (D. Vice).

    Age: At least in his late 30's/early 40's, likely older.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Russian.
    Height: 6'2" (perhaps a smidge taller)
    Build: Lean.
    Hair: Black, likely similar to TLTE's.
    Eye color: Dark and blood-shot.
    Unusual features: Gaunt and unattractive, perhaps even vile.
    Outfits: His standard attire is either 1) Standard high-power business suit or 2) black Sith-style tunic.

    Pre-Story History: Though Vice is a TLTE clone, he, like all the clones, remember their "life" prior to the cloning project, which went as such: TLTE devoted himself to his foster family until the age of eighteen years, whereupon his guardians, taking to him with a frying pan and broom, suggested gently that he should attend to his education. On the way to university, TLTE lost himself in the Siberian wastes, and was about to give up and bury himself in the snow when a contingent of KGB agents found him during a routine operation. The commanding officer saw a streak of potential in the then-youthful TLTE and The Last True Evil project was born.

    The Last True Evil project was not without a hitch though, and Vice was the first of the project's "beta" clones to test out any flaws in the cloning process. After Vice and a number of other "beta builds," those in charge of the TLTE project began mass production. Having no need for them any longer, Vice and the other Beta clones were unceremoniously disposed of in the cloning facility's plot-hole power generator.

    While the fate of the other beta clones were unknown for some time, Vice found himself hopping through various universes and "systems." Among his travels, Vice earned his title "Darth Vice" while within the Star Wars universe. ((Note: His history of the places traveled is purposely left open for others to add.))

    Story History:
    Recorded towards the first 'age of NeShattered, many of the betas somehow gathered back within the NeS to live up to their title as The Last True Evil. Shortly after, Vice appeared, aggressively claimed position as "The Answerer" and leader, and inspired the other TLTE's to try and conquer the NeS once more. Vice then went about finding the Story Arcade system and converting it into the Without Credit modification, then attempting to supplant the NeS with the new Story Arcade rules so that he (and presumably his "TLTE brothers") may control the NeS to their own ends.

    Personality: Vice is what TLTE might be, would TLTE become broken and embrace his Last True Evil name. Vice is surprisingly charismatic, adheres to a set of his own ruthless ethics, and lives up to his names in various ways, especially when it comes to his viciousness.
    Perceptions: I am the one and only Last True Evil. Control is power. Use others instead of or in place of myself when appropriate.
    Politics: Pseudo-communism, but at heart a capitalist. Any politics where the laws can be bent in his favor work.
    Religon: The Force, unknown if there are others.
    Beliefs: The Last True Evil (himself) is destined to rule the NeS.
    Fears: Unknown.
    Drives: To fulfill his role as The Last True Evil and control the NeS.
    Social status: Feared leader among his "TLTE Beta brothers," generally accepted as a warrior of business among CEO circles (presumably well-off). Unlikely to be well-accepted in "normal" social situations, however.
    Occupation: Currently CEO of Lost Beta LLC (company behind Story Arcade: Without Credit)
    Family: His "Beta brothers" are the closest Vice has to family.
    Relationships: Vice may lust particularly for "Lucy" (the Story Arcade equivalent of Losien). He also has a naturally antagonistic relationship with "Guy" (the Story Arcade equivalent of Gebohq).
    Diction: Powerful when need be. Otherwise, similar to TLTE without much of the Russian accent.
    Hobbies: Hobbies are for the weak.
    Likes: Committing acts of evil and...probably not much else.
    Dislikes: Forces of good, rule breakers (ironically) and probably a lot of other things.

    Potential: Vice, despite being one of The Last True Evils, does not quite have the same potential that the "real" TLTE would have, not unless the "real" TLTE were to cease being such -- he's essentially the metaphorical vice-president of TLTEs. All his potential is tied to his nature as both a Vice in all meanings as well as a (broken) Beta character.

    Powers: See Meta-Story elements below. Also, Vice has at least the following:

    The Dark Side of the Force - Vice's title as Darth was not without reason, as he has at least some control over using the dark side of the Force. Thus far, Vice has shown the ability to use telekinesis and the classic Force Choke.

    Broken Beta - Whether through years of adapting through various universes and systems or his innate "beta" nature, Vice is broken in more ways than one. Besides being mentally unstable, his powers are "broken," allowing him to perform seemingly impossible or contradictory feats, but also leaving him with gaping weaknesses.

    CEO of Story Arcade - Vice knows the ins and outs of Story Arcade probably better than anyone. Challenging him within Story Arcade would be considered suicidal for some.

    Lightsaber - a black hilt with a retractable red energy blade, obtained when Vice was within the Star Wars universe.

    Concepts: Vice was (and still is) designed to hearken back to the "roots" of NeS -- a time heavily influenced by Star Wars, a simpler time when characters were more black and white (or at least similarly "epic" to those in Star Wars), a time when comic battles were more common. Currently, Vice is designed to be a glorified plot device: his seemingly unchecked powers are heavily checked by story conventions (particularly the one where evil is always defeated).

    Vice Voice - similar to TLTE's Communism Cause. Vice has the ability to make others (particularly other TLTE clones) to act as he wishes. However, he is proportionally weaker when forced to chose and act on his own. He is the embodiment of Vice in all meanings, and is ultimately weak when presented with hard choices, thus relying on controlling the choices of others through various means.

    Vice Vector - similar to TLTE's Character Break. When stacking the odds against himself, Vice can do two things: he can redirect the drive of himself or others to his advantage, effectively either boosting his own power or "poisoning" and decreasing those of others. Use of this quality also increases the risk of further "breaking" himself permanently. His "broken" side allows for a high degree of chance (particularly the game theory kind).

    Visa Versa - similar to TLTE's Antimetabole Agent. Simply put, he has the ability to switch attacks and roles of conflict. This does require his opponents to be on the offensive, however. Conflicts and point-of-views often revolve around a high degree of reversals and antagonistic positions for Vice.

    Vice Vehicle - similar to TLTE's Snowclone State. The short is that Vice can use something else instead of a certain vehicle for its intended purposes. This may be as literal as using a train to serve as an airplane or as metaphorical as using a train to serve as a "rail-roading" device. Story Arcade in particular highlights the metaphysical nature of metaphors and gaming conventions, the paradox of fiction and play.

    Vice Villain - similar to TLTE's Antagonist Syndrome. Essentially, he carries every convention associated with masterminds who use those in power as their shadow puppets, who take hostages, and otherwise gain their power from control over something other than themselves (in this case, The Force, his Beta brothers, manipulation of Story Arcade, etc.) Vice is designed to be both an engaging plot device and a fun challenge.

    Miscellaneous: Since Vice is often being compared, to TLTE, a link to TLTE's profile can be found here. If there are any questions about Vice's profile, please PM either TLTE or Gebohq.

    Notes: His role is designed for a particular storyline, which will be linked here.

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    The Last True Evil - consistent nobody in the Discussion Forum since 1998

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    Story: Never ending Story
    Name: Benjamin Mahir
    Nicknames: Ben, Street Rat
    Titles: Persistent [censored]
    Alignment: Good Guy
    Home: Shirt on his back
    System: Underworld
    Synopsis: Street rat, somewhat literal.

    Age: presumably in his twenties
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human Zooanthrope/Wererat
    Height: 5’ 2”
    Build: Athletic
    Hair: Short Brown
    Eye color: Brown
    Unusual features: Nothing as a human; when transformed he’s common brown rat
    Outfits: Worn sneakers, tattered shorts, black shirt

    Pre-Story History: Ben used to belong to a well off family. He used to have a future, and like people from well off families, no value of that future. Then he graduated from high school and things went downhill. He was horribly burned, inflicted with zooanthropy, lost his entire family, and suddenly found himself on the run from what felt like the entire world.

    The entire world isn’t after him, of course, but a large amount of persistent “people” are. Random wererat warrens who for some reason feel threatened by his particular strain of zooanthropy, dark masterminds who on a whim of seeing him decide to try and recruit a wererat minion, various larger than usual hungry things that aren’t very discriminating on their next meal. The list goes on.

    Through all of this, though, he survived. He learned the skills of thief, drastically lowered his standard of living, and somehow managed to keep his sense of morals intact. Those sense of morals were starting to get stretched thin, though, and he was not sure how long he could hold off from giving in to pressure to become part of the darkness trying to swallow him.

    Story History: Not yet existent.

    Recent History: For a man on the run, the “Without Credit” program seemed to be the perfect hiding grounds for Ben and a chance to maybe do some good. Maybe not the smartest move in retrospect, but such things are always in comparison to your alternatives, and Ben just didn’t have many.

    Personality: Action speaks louder than words; silent action, doubly so. Ben is more likely to act then debate, mostly because he hasn’t socialized with people who didn’t want him dead or “lacking in free will” for awhile. That said he believes he’ll be treated the way he treats others, so he at least tries to be polite. He tries.
    Perceptions: Everyone gets what’s coming to them. The dead don’t need worldly processions (and should stay dead). Happiness is a lot more elusive than most people might think.
    Politics: Libertarian
    Religion: Papal Fallibilism
    Beliefs: Karma
    Fears: The Public Eye
    Drives: Food, Safety
    Social status: Homeless; formerly upper class.
    Occupation: Survivial
    Family: None still living
    Relationships: He attended the same private high school as The Otter, though like most high school relationships a few years old they can at best be considered “chumish” acquaintances. If that is true, then he really doesn’t have any true friends. Thankfully his past doesn’t baggage him with a lot of true enemies either... just a lot of unfriendly “people”.
    Diction: British
    Hobbies: If there was such a thing as free time in his future, he’s always been the one to like logic puzzles. In his most recent past, free time has been a true luxury.
    Likes: Country music, logic puzzles, and hearty meal
    Dislikes: Sewer Vermin, walking dead, and government agents

    Potential: He’s a thief. What kind of thief his ultimate potential ends up being is a two headed beast. Either Ben will stick to his beliefs and turn into a gold hearted thief who does the best for his friends and just happens to be a rogue, or he’ll let his drives rule him and become a black hearted who is only looking out for number one.

    Zooanthropy - There are many different strains of zooanthropy. Ben can’t infect others through his saliva, doesn’t lose control of himself on a full moon, isn’t vulnerable to silver, can’t assume a hybrid form, and doesn’t have rapid regeneration. He does assume the animal form of a common brown rat, cloths included in the transformation, and is capable of perfect regeneration. In theory, his infection is within the plasma of his blood, though such infection isn’t as simple as becoming a wererat.

    Perfect Regeneration - A subpower of his strain of zooanthropy, Ben has perfect regeneration. Basically, given time, he’ll heal from anything without scaring. It’s the reason why he has his skin despite receiving third degree burns over 40% of his body, and why he’s in good health despite not receiving proper medical treatment during all his time on the run.

    While not rapid, it does increase the rate of his long term healing. Most flesh wounds only last forty eight hours, mortal wounds two weeks, and nonlethal dismemberment four months. Any effect on his longevity is unknown, though it’s assumed to be positive if anything at all.

    Stealth - As a human or a rat, Ben has found over the past few years that being undetectable is a good thing. While it’s far from perfect, it does include more than walking silently and hiding in the shadows. It also includes walking without leaving a trail and hiding in a crowd, and a few other handy tricks.

    Thievery - Ben doesn’t consider himself a thief, but he’s had to pick up many of the skills of one: lock picking, sleight of hand, escape artist. Honestly, the skill set could be mistaken for a magician, but most magicians aren’t picking the locks on animal cages, flinching spare change and food without anyone noticing, or squeezing about in spaces that should technically be too small for even a rat.

    Equipment: Ben leads a shirt on your back life. With that said, aside from not yet consumed scrapes of food, mostly Ben carries around his thieves’ tools. What are his thieves’ tools? Imagine if someone assembled their tools by disassembling a barb wire fence with wire cutters, but didn’t keep the wire cutters. As expected he doesn’t receive a master work bonus, but he can at least pick locks.

    Concepts: Ben contains a little bit of me and my fursona (yes, I’m furry), and a few thoughts on what the story could have added to it without messing up the chemistry of the characters; kind of like not wanting to mess up the chemistry of a fish tank, since doing so would cause everything to go belly up. He’s a thief type character, a role mostly left unfulfilled. He’s not too powerful but is at least not completely unpowered. And he slightly shoe horns his way into the story by developing an under developed character.

    Choice: “Values or Necessity?”
    Being a good person or staying fed and safe is a fine line for Ben. He believes part of the reason his life is [censored] at the moment was that he was a spoiled child who didn’t practice what he preached enough, and he wants to be better. At the same time his life is so on the rocks at times that just food and safety are luxuries, and he knows they shouldn’t be. He wants to satisfy both, but he knows sometimes he needs to make hard choices.

    Chance: “You want me [insert here]?!”
    A large array of not nice people want to do stuff to do stuff to Ben. Some want him dead for reasons like “You’re evil just because you’re a wererat” or “Your strain of zooanthropy threatens our plans” or “Me hungry”. Some want to capture or recruit him because “Your blood is the key to my immortality/evil plan.” Others are just mean [censored]s who see someone with no friends and therefore no one to come to their defense. And that is just his back story; Chances are that the future will only get stranger in the Neverending Story.

    Conflict: “I belong in the sun.”
    Ben believes that if he works hard enough, he’ll earn happiness. This certainly puts him in conflict with the forces that seem to only want him to suffer, but as for the villains or heroes... it mostly depends on the Choices he makes.

    Context: “I’m here for you...”
    Ben is mostly in this story to develop other character and protect their interest. Yes, he does have his own desires, and his own potential development, but little is gained if one is self serving particularly with a character who believes in karma like Ben. He’s shoehorning his way in by helping The Otter, but he’s likely to help the others along as he can.

    Convention: “Diamond in the rough...”
    Ben is a fallen star that hasn’t lost the ability to shine. He’s an almost literal street rat, though he’s missing acceptance of his position needed to fully fill that role. And don’t expect him to gain it just to fulfill the trope. He’s going to make a comeback one day.

    Miscellaneous: Anything else significant about your character should be mentioned here.
    Notes: *crosses fingers*
    Art: Nope

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    Virgin Fleet Admiral

    Story: The Neverending Story Thread (first appearance as Highemperor here, first appearance as Al Ciao here)
    Name: Al Ciao aka Highemperor aka King Emperor XIV
    Nicknames: Al; in the past, Highemp or King Emp
    Titles: formerly, the Ultimate Powerplayer, Supreme Ruler of the Omnicron, King of Armenia
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Home: Born in Armenia, currently resides within the NeS, currently shacking up in the former Hall of Heroes at Big Ben (currently MZZT's tech shop).
    System: Um... the NeS
    Synopsis: Um... working on this

    Age: Incalculably old; appears to be late thirties; no longer immortal and ages normally now
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human Caucasian Cyborg; formerly immortal
    Height: 6 feet
    Build: Slender, fit but not particularly built; his cybernetic integrations add mass and breadth to him however
    Hair: Neon orange spikes; but can change to any other style or color in a heartbeat
    Eye color: Chocolate brown
    Unusual features: Other than being a cyborg...?
    Outfits: As Al Ciao, a mishmash of cybernetic and human parts; As Highemperor, in a black tunic and trousers with red sash, over which is a black cloak and bloodred shoulder pauldrons

    Pre-Story History: Long ago, the WriterGod created Geb Ohq to be the center of the Neverending Story Thread. HighempTheWriter challenged Him, blasphemously suggesting that he could create a better story with a center of his own. The WriterGod, infinitely patient and wise, allowed HighempTheWriter to mold a spark of life into his greatest and yet most futile creation.

    This spark was born as King Emperor XIV in Armenia on December 28th. There is a discrepancy in the historical record, typically referred to as a "plothole", that makes it unclear whether the year was 1855 or 1856. At age 6, he discovered both his champion skill with a bow and the girl who would become his first love - Harem Girl #87 - when he was ambushed by demons from the future trying to destroy his past self to prevent his future heroism.

    At age 15, he left home to travel the world, and eventually made his way to Ares' Arena, where he met Erro Simon II and his fledgling League of Heroes. Although he declined to join the League at that time, choosing instead to return home to assist the governance of his people, he later joined the League after both his father the king and Harem Girl #87 (and her unborn son by him) were killed in an assassination attempt by the NeSferatu Count Desmond.

    King's adventures with the League are recounted in some detail in NeS 1888, although his disillusionment with the world turned into savage despair once his best friend Erro - leader of the League - died of a curse in 1898. He enacted an eldritch ritual to commune with HighempTheWriter and embraced his destiny as a powerplayer by letting the powers and much of the personality of HighempTheWriter to flow into him, becoming Highemperor, the Ultimate Powerplayer.

    For incalculable aeons, Highemperor journeyed through all the worlds of the omniverse. His powerplaying was so impregnable due in part to the fact that he furthered the story with it, rendering him untouchable by other writers, and he excelled in working within the parameters of a given world for his benefit.

    At one point, he came to ancient Atlantis within the NeS world, where he met the Ancient One and become a temporary champion of the city before it sank in a giant plothole. It was here that he learnt the greatest source of NeS power: bloodink, which flows only within the veins of Ohqs. Remembering this secret, he left and journeyed amongst the omniverse once more before returning to the NeS world in which he was born, at some point in the 20th century.

    He met the princess Alole, the second great love of his life, who married him and bore him a daughter, Iriana. However, Alole went the way of Harem Girl #87 and died shortly thereafter. His determination redoubled to make the story, nay the entire omniverse, safe for his own happiness, and he entered the story, leaving Iriana Emp at a hidden nursery.

    Story History: In NeSo, Highemp experimented with various powers of the world, trying to gain a foothold of conquest within it. (He also got the shortened nickname Highemp.) His experiments first led him to seek the divinely blessed Holy Helmet of Halibut, and later into Hell itself. Returning from that Canadian expedition, HighempTheWriter - whose power and personality had possessed him since 1898 - temporarily "unplugged" himself from his creation, and a now-"zombified" Highemp (the character with whom we are dealing) was set upon by aliens, including a facehugger, before being eaten by an imaginary alligator.

    In the year 2202, he was cloned by evil scientists who extracted the infant alien queen which had been implanted by the facehugger. Although at this point, HighempTheWriter re-entered his creation, thus reanimating him, Highemp spent several eons in a deep meditative state until the End of NeS Time, at which point he discovered that EeP had destroyed NeS in the future and traveled back in time to warn Geb and the other NeSheroes.

    When the EeP finally did strike, Highemp was prepared. He'd enlisted the Editor himself, who entered the story and fought with his red ink pen, before being destroyed, due to his decreased power within the zany plotholes of NeS. This was part of Highemp's plan, as was the fact that he died in an epic duel saving Geb moments later.

    In NeSquared, Highemp was regenerated along with the rest of the story, but now bloodink flowed through his veins, for his epic "death" had rendered him a suitable vessel for such, thanks to his powerplaying. Having recruited the vampires (it is unclear as to whether these were NeSferatu or mere nosferatu) and destroyed the Editor, his status as ruler of the omniverse/Omnicron was cemented.

    And then, in the tale known as NeShattered, he discovered that all his powerplaying could not create a paradise such as he longed for, but in fact did the opposite by shattering the entire world, as was forcibly revealed to him by The Answerer. HighempTheWriter abandoned him in disgust, knowing his grand blasphemy against the WriterGod for a failure (although not knowing why): "I am not as forgiving as other gods." Highemp himself (the character) died after using the last of his power to regenerate the NeS in a final grand, munchkinistic gesture. His daughter Iriana departed with his spirit to a paradisial plane beyond the story, and thus was Highemp's second death.

    But the other writers were not content for Highemp to remain so, and resurrected him to do battle against TLTE/The Answerer, though no longer using his powerplaying capabilities. He died once again, and remained so for a time, until the writers resurrected TLTE, thus creating a cosmic imbalance that demanded Highemp's third resurrection.

    After journeying within the dreamstate and conversing with Master Thand - whom he had known as Adai Theos in Atlantis - Highemp succumbed to death once more, his body without the dreamstate withering from lack of nourishment. He thought this fourth death a final release into paradise and was relieved to go, but obviously he hadn't read many comic books or else he would know that no good (or bad) character leaves the story forever.

    A remnant of HighempTheWriter's dream remained within Highemp, refusing to die, and so Highemp's spirit came to a place "beyond Eternity", where he met his old friend Erro waiting at the gates. Here he departed from the Story once more...

    Intra Story History: This place turned out to be the Stronghold of Powerplayers, who acclaimed Highemp as their leader, due to his unique brand of untouchable powerplaying which yet furthered the story. Highemp became determined to win back his writer's favor and launched a campaign of powerplaying to create an Ultimate Saga/Epic/Mythos that would create a paradise beyond dreaming, one that his writer would be satisfied to dwell in forever.

    However - at the exact moment in NeSquared when Antestarr struck down his Potential, Alexan - Highemp came to a revelation: no story can ever lead to paradise, because in a paradise of ultimate happiness and no conflict, there is no story left to be told. Realizing the futility of his long life, he renounced his powers, his immortality, and his very name - and abandoned the Stronghold of Powerplayers.

    Taking the name Al Ciao, in homage to the initials of his creator HighempTheWriter, he journeyed once more to the NeS, taking an accidental detour through the Beverly Hillbillies...

    Story History: Al Ciao was once more in NeS and caught in the thick of things, but had yet to make his mark for a time. He continued to struggle with the temptations of powerplaying, sometimes becoming Highemperor once more. He knew the Stronghold of Powerplayers was after him, looking for him, hoping to use the great power he has forsworn.

    After journeying with the NeS heroes into the past, he met his own past self, Highemperor, when the latter was head of the Stronghold of Powerplayers. A divergent timeline was created, once this Highemp came face-to-face with what he would have discovered later on: the futility of his powerplaying in the eyes of his Writer. Determined to prove his Writer wrong, but now armed with this new knowledge, he became more powerful than ever.

    Hero Force One recruited the alternate Highemp as Citizen Rex, and exorcised the last remnants of Highemp within Al, bleeding the remains into the other Highemp, who shortly thereafter departed the NeS for bigger horizons. At this time, Knightlord Thorn, of the Stronghold of Powerplayers, was hunting Al in order to punish him.

    Meanwhile, Al had fallen into a torrid love affair with the redheaded mech pilot Mia, who became pregnant with his child. Mia revealed however, that she was only after the child of his Highemp-self, and cemented her betrayal by shooting him to death with her mech.

    His ghost appeared in Canada a.k.a Hell, but a plothole created by Gebohq's plothole pistol switched his destiny with Jim Seven's, and so Al was made the new ruler of Hell without ceremony, becoming known as Mister Eight. Al discovered his new job to be nothing but a burden, and was shortly replaced.

    Around this time, fortunately, Knightlord Thorn abandoned his search for Al, having detected the alternate Highemperor leaving the NeSiverse; much to Al's relief.

    He thereafter impregnated (despite being a spirit) and married Lady Lightside, formerly Darkside. The techno-witch Mecha Lou was called upon to reattach his soul to his body, but to repair his body had to use aftermarket cybernetic parts, making Al an unusual cyborg. Unfortunately, Al was missing one important piece of himself - his manhood!

    In a wild quest that saw him reunited with his estranged teenage daughter Iriana, Al succeeded in receiving a rather impressive, and genuine, endowment due to advanced future genetics technology, and also once again gained the ability to change his hair style and color at will! (This ability had previously been lost when Hero Force One had exorcised the last bits of Highemp from him.)

    Now Al is concerned with his family, both old (his daughter Iriana) and new (his wife Lady Lightside and their unborn child), and seeks to provide for them as best as he can.

    Recent History: Al Ciao is currently recovering an ancient stock of Armenian tea leaves for his daughter Iriana, which is proving more difficult than thought. His main goal now is to see Iriana crowned her rightful place as Queen of Armenia and to help his wife maintain her lightside aspect after she gives birth (as there are fears of her becoming Darkside once more).

    Personality: Al Ciao is no longer tempted to powerplay, his Highemp-self tangibly exorcised by him. He knows that he can best win the favor of his writer by being entertaining rather than perfect or powerful, but is also somewhat embittered by this notion. Cut adrift from many of his former values, he has found a renewed purchase on life by developing an obsession with knocking up as many viable females as possible, which led him into a questionable marriage with the ominous evil force Darkside (who then became Lady Lightside).
    Perceptions: Al Ciao sees the story as an evil world for him, and by extension everyone else, though not without its joys. He tries to do the best he can, striking a balance between being happy and being entertaining. He is also deeply pained by the world's reaction to him, for the very elements of the world dislike him, remembering their abuse at his hands when he was Highemperor and seized the elements by force. He often perceives his daughter Iriana's opinions of him in the worst light possible.
    Politics: Don't get him started on politics. It'll trigger his inner munchkin and he'll start talking about a "High Empire".
    Religon: Al Ciao has a deep integrity and, while he doesn't subscribe to any particular religion, is knee-jerk Christian due to the leftovers of his long-ago possession by HighempTheWriter (now known as Al Ciao The Writer).
    Beliefs: Al Ciao is knowledgeable of story conventions, and he believes that the story, such as it is, is his ultimate reality, undesireable though it may be. Therefore his primary belief tends to be in the story, even as he often dislikes it or at least approaches it with a sense of humor.
    Fears: Al Ciao fears never being able to be a good father to his children; he fears losing the friendship of those he cares about (at this point, primarily Geb and TLTE); he fears his wife Lady Lightside turning evil once more after she gives birth; and he fears the whim of his writer even as he courts his favor
    Drives: Al Ciao has a deep, deep loyalty to TLTE, who saw him through a rough period in NeShattered as The Answered, and will stick by him even as the former spy struggles with his destiny. Others also have a claim on his loyalty, such as Geb, his own daughter Iriana, and his wife Lady Lightside with their unborn babe.
    Social status: What Al Ciao lacks in charisma, he makes up in melodramatic confidence. He has is an NeS hero, more or less, and may also possess some influence (positive or negative) as former rulers of Hell and Armenia.
    Occupation: He is an NeShero. Do they get paid? Probably not, but the food and housing comes from somewhere, doesn't it?
    Family: His father, His Majesty Emp XIII, was assassinated in 1873. His mother died of old age in 1886. He had a son who died in the womb; and he currently has a daughter, Iriana Emp, who is in her teenage years now; he has two unborn daughters, one by Mia, and the other by Lady Lightside.
    Relationships: TLTE and Geb are his closest friends. He also knows Morthrandur, who was formerly his best friend Erro Simon II in the 19th century. Expect him to say things to the other NeSheroes like, "Well, that's not what your great-great-grandpa would've done..." Also, he knows Gebiyl from his time in NeShattered, and has great empathy for his old friend, who knows full well how trapped he is by what is necessary "for the sake of the story".
    Diction: Al Ciao speaks very expressively in a slightly clipped accent, leftover from his days as king of Armenia, although sometimes a Britishism or a Southern twang will slip in.
    Hobbies: He likes to poke fun at things. Honestly, he only just recently discovered himself as anything more than a powerplayer, and hasn't developed any true hobbies yet... beyond an obsession with knocking up viable females.
    Likes: Ditto hobbies. Humor, but that's as much a coping mechanism as a like. Pregnant women.
    Dislikes: Ditto. Threats to his family. Women who won't let him knock them up.

    Potential: The best Al Ciao can do is also his worst: his inner munchkin, Highemp. He can move mountains but also destroy trust. He can save the world (or conquer it) but will take all the glory. However, as Al Ciao, and not as Highemp, his potential is unknown. Technically speaking, he HAS no potential, as Alexan was killed by Antestarr; all he has to work with is what he's got right now.


    Self-Stylist (as Al Ciao):
    As Al Ciao, he can change his hair style, length, color, etc., with an act of will.

    (as Al Ciao):
    Al has an array of mostly undiscovered cyborg powers granted by his transformative resurrection at Mecha Lou's hands. Most of these abilities are activated by shouting, "Go Go Gadget [name of ability]". He also has an onboard Macintosh operating system which often stymies him. Among his abilities so far, are enhanced strength, incredible leaping ability, and a powerful laser.

    Powerplayer: (as Highemperor)
    When Al succumbs to too much ambition, he transforms to his former personality, Highemperor the Ultimate Powerplayer. As Highemp, his powers are similar to a cross between a Jedi Knight and a Green Lantern (although his energy is colored silver or white rather than green). His power as Highemperor has diminished significantly since becoming Al Ciao, possibly because of the loss of his Potential, but is still a force unmatched by most in his own way, not unlike the Incredible Hulk's strength when enraged. No longer available, as Highemp as been exorcised from him.


    Al Ciao can be very melodramatic, which can sometimes serve to bring story conventions to his side or that of his friends.

    Skilled Bowman:
    Al Ciao also possesses an amazing skill with a bow from his days as king of Armenia. However, it has been a VERY long time since has picked up a bow and arrow.

    Equipment: Cybernetic devices (integrated).

    Concepts: Al Ciao essentially represents the evolution of my philosophies and mindsets. How to explain this. Well, in the simplest form possible, I used to be a powerplayer/munchkin, and now I'm not, albeit my inner munchkin still tempts me. To make it more complex, I used to try to create epic stories in an attempt to justify or explain things, to make SENSE out of the story world (and by extension, the real world) by giving it MEANING. I now believe that there is no justification or sense for the pain, suffering, and such in the world, and this is reflected in Al Ciao's acceptance that the story demands certain conventions, a blissful paradise not being one of them. However, I personally believe in an eternally blissful hereafter, and this is not something promised to Al Ciao, as he is trapped within a story.

    Choice: The obvious choice is to powerplay or not to powerplay. He may have to make choices regarding which loyalties to honor, i.e. if TLTE does become evil later on, or if his daughter Iriana requires hands-on parenting.
    Chance: I dunno, I'm fairly flexible at this point. Al Ciao is greatly at the mercy of the story (unless he powerplays), and tries to go along with things while still staying true to his loyalties. His knowledge of story conventions leaves him simultaneously a hardy survivor AND vulnerable to the writers' whims.
    Conflict: Al Ciao does NOT believe in doing whatever is necessary "for the sake of the story" and can get in conflict with both Gebohq and Gebiyl (and others) on this issue. Similarly to Ante, he sees the writers as whimsical, but sees this as an unavoidable part of being in a story, which might tick off Ante.
    Context: Where and when do they interact, and how are those settings significant to them? What is their context in and out of the story?
    Convention: Why do they exist? What themes do they bring forth? What conventions are you following and fighting against with them?

    Miscellaneous: Anything else significant about your character should be mentioned here.
    Notes: Random blubs, thoughts, etc. you have on your character.
    Art: No art, sorry.
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    Story: NeS, NeSSquared
    Name: JM, aka Ego, aka ID, aka Super Ego
    Nicknames: Super Ego is often called 'Sup'.
    Titles: Ego bears the title of The Incalculable, which is a word he made up himself.
    Alignment: Different portions of JM's personality adhere to different factions. Ego is out for himself. ID basically does what he's told. And Sup will help any side, as long as it's stopping Ego.
    Home: JM's original orgins remain unknown. It seems, however, that the sundered portions of his personality entered NeSSquared from the Plane of Forgotten Stories.
    System: Meh.
    Synopsis: Ego : Egotistical. Sup : Emo nerd. ID : HAIRY.

    Age: While Ego is of indeterminate appearance, ID and Sup both appear to be young men in their mid twenties. They could be twins, if ID wasn't about four times larger and eight times more muscular. Ego can appear as an indistinct shimmering cloud, or can inhabit the body of weak-willed or dead characters.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Human, white.
    Height: See above. ID and Sup are actually the same height, but Sup slouches.
    Build: Sup is probably anorexic. ID bench presses school busses.
    Hair: Sup combs his hair straight forward. ID loses combs in his hair.
    Eye color: Brown
    Unusual features: Nothing at all. They are quite easy to forget, and hard to pick out of crowds.
    Outfits: Sup currently sports a black t-shirt, black jeans, and black sneakers. ID dresses similarily, except his shirt is pink.

    Pre-Story History: Ah, for this, we must go back to before the sundering. Unfortunately, Ego is a maniac, ID is an idiot, and Sup doesn't remember a damn thing that happened before that. What little Sup knows, he has learned only by reading history on his trusty net book.
    Story History: JM first impersonated Zues. After which, he vanished. Scholars have speculated that he became bored and simply wandered off to do other things. What happened between then and the Sundering is anyone's guess, but one thing is certain : It was absolutely AWESOME. It was so incredibly awesome, that his Ego grew exponentially. Soon, it had a mind of it's own, and it realized that it was awesome. In fact, it was too awesome. It could not be tied to this mortal being! It must break free! And it did, and thus was JM's personality sundered into three pieces by his own Incalculable Ego.
    Recent History: Ego will not be satisfied until every post of the NeS is about him. He will absorb every character, growing in strength each time, until the entire story consists of him talking to himself. Sup seeks to reassert his dominance over this uncontrolled Ego. It is the natural place of the Super Ego to sit above, and impose order and reason upon the more animalistic parts of the mind. ID... well. He just likes to smash things.

    Personality: Each piece of the personality operates essentially how their namesake would be expected to.
    Perceptions: ID has no perception of himself. He is like a dog, living always in the moment. Ego, naturally, thinks he is completely AWESOME. And -- he is! Sup, however, mopes.
    Politics: Who has time for government?
    Religon: On this all three agree : I come first.
    Beliefs: The ends always justify the means.
    Fears: Ego fears only his own failure. Sup fears, but does not care. His death would only end his misery. ID... ID is too stupid to fear.
    Drives: Ego is not satisfied just being awesome. He must make himself even more awesome.
    Social status: Here Sup and ID are equally matched. Nobody likes emos or cavemen. Ego, however, does not need charisma. He can impart a sense of awesomeness so overwhelming, it will leave you on the floor drooling, as he did to Maybe Child when he first assualted Nick.
    Occupation: Unemployed, and likely incapable of holding a job.
    Family: Unknown.
    Relationships: ID had a pet rock, but Sup made him give it away because it kept peeing on the carpet.
    Hobbies: Ego : Showing off. Sup : Cutting. ID : Smashing.
    Likes: Ego loves narrating his own actions.
    Dislikes: And he hates wikipedia. It's true.

    Potential: Ego has not boundaries.
    Powers: Ego is so incredibly awesome that he can force his awesomeness upon others, leaving them blathering zombies.
    Abilities: Being metapsychological beings, all three can hear the narrator. Additionally, Sup and Ego are able to travel through the Plane of Forgotten Stories.
    Equipment: Sup has his trusty net book, with full internet access. It is usually pointed at an obscure website called 'massassi'.

    Concepts: The combined personality is basically JM-the-writer. I suppose.

    Choice: As separate entities, they do not, actually, have much character : They are walking cliches.
    Chance: Eventually, the heroes will have to face The Incalculable Ego, after he gains enough power to actually be a threat.
    Conflict: This is pretty obvious. Ego : Die! Everyone : No!
    Context: Meh.
    Convention: I have no idea.

    Miscellaneous: Anything else significant about your character should be mentioned here.
    Notes: Random blubs, thoughts, etc. you have on your character.
    Art: Descriptions and crediting art relating to your character.

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    Eh... Probably not doing this right, but I'm sure someone will correct me.

    Story: NeSSquared
    Name: Liberius Vir
    Nicknames: Liberius
    Titles: Mysterious Stranger
    Alignment: Definatly the 'Lone Wolf' sort. Good (for the most part with). Works towards the team goal but always in his own way and too often plays the hero.
    Home: None. Used to move around a lot, trying to find roots currently
    System: Maybe an eccentric proffesor
    Synopsis: Writer, coffee adict, likes old fashioned things (i.e. smokes a pipe, writes with a fountain pen, loves roll top desks)
    Age: Somewhere in the late 20's & early 30's
    Gender: male
    Race: Human caucasian
    Height: Average
    Build: Kind of athletic
    Hair: A nice golden brown mane with a closely trimmed beard
    Eye color: greenish hazel
    Unusual features: Manly amount of chest hair.
    Outfits: dresses like a professor, complete with waistcoat

    Pre-Story History: Traveled often & wrote about it. Odd jobs here & there.
    Story History: He showed up, just curious what was going on, then kind of got tangled in the story as he was exploring & trying to find his bearings. Decided to help the heros for the sake of keeping the NeS in existance. That, and mainly he just wants to stay alive. Maybe even long enought to write about it.
    Recent History: Currently working with the main character and her company in order to stop the evil JM from destroying the NeS with bad storytelling.

    Personality: Coffee is pretty much part of his blood stream, likes to help but he's a better teacher & leader than a doer.
    Perceptions: Kind of eccentric, but sees everyone as equals and possible future friends
    Politics: kind of a pacifist, doesn't like to see others getting hurt or taken advantage of. He is a bit of an individualist. Sees every person as unique with their own strengths & weaknesses.
    Religon: grouped Politics, Religon, & Beliefs together.
    Beliefs: See above.
    Fears: That his words or actions might be misinterpreted by someone causing them to get the wrong impression. Also that the coffee pot might be empty
    Drives: coffee
    Social status: Typically well liked
    Occupation: Writer/intellect
    Family: None
    Relationships: Sees most everyone as a friend, even if they aren't particularly fond of him.
    Diction: pretty good vocabulary, educated, not pompous
    Hobbies: Either drinks too much coffee or scotch, sometimes both
    Likes: coffee, old fashioned things, writing, reading, just plain hanging out. Bacon and eggs
    Dislikes: Not really good with video games or the latest in technological gizmos

    Potential: He's willing to take a lot of risks for the greater good and for long term plans. Can fight, chooses not to unless backed solidly into a corner
    Powers: Has built up a tolerence and can withstand high doses of caffeine. The Narrator gave him a whistle that only Liberius can use that summons the Interdimentional Taxi.
    Abilities: like a walking encyclopedia, his trivial knowledge rivals that of Wikipedia. He's also musicly inclinded. Able to play a variety of instruments like the harmonica, piano, harp, violin, and sax. He can also sing.
    Equipment: Fountain pen, pocket watch, small pocket knife, small notepad, a briar wood tobacco pipe & pouch of tobacco, a book to read if he has time, a harmonica, a leather bound journal, a dictionary, coffee, & a leather satchel (not a man purse). He also carries the whistle for the taxi.

    Concepts: Not really 'Me' but a over embellished, cartoonish version for use on the NeS or other stories. The ISB avatar for my forum personality
    Choice: He prefers to watch things play out. Gathering all the information he can to formulate a plan. Helping when and if he can when it comes to be his time to act.
    Chance: He likes a good story so he'll always be there to watch it. Sometimes, however, he does get dragged into it.
    Conflict: Civil and nice to the point of social awkwardness. He doesn't want to start any conflict but can't help but try and solve a problem if it occurs

    Art: See post on page 31 of the NeSSquared
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    Story: NeS
    Name: Captain Von Trufflesnout
    Nicknames: Captain Von Trufflesnout Junior The Third.
    Titles: None. Captain is part of his name.
    Alignment: He is affiliated with his master. Follows him no matter what side he goes to. Very loyal like that.
    Home: Used to have a good home. After his master's assumed death, he lived on the streets until he was taken in. Left that guy for his real master who he found again. None currently, just makes himself at home where ever
    System: None. Though the idea of him has been done before, not based on any of the previous ideas.
    Synopsis: A mangy, shaggy, yorkshire terrier who can talk and somewhat wield the story.

    : 37... A little over 5 human years
    Gender: Male. Definately male
    Race: He is a dog.
    Height: Only about a foot at most.
    Build: Kind of muscular from living on the street for a while. Can't really tell since he uses the story to give him more strength than normal. Also, all the fur gets in the way.
    Hair: Fur, yes, and lots of it. It's longer but not long enough to where he looks like a dirty mop. Mosly light brown. Some patches of dark and light. Wavey, not curly.
    Eye color: Chocolate brown
    Unusual features: remarkably great teeth for a dog who lived on the street or even brush his teeth. There is little to no 'dog breath' from this guy.
    Outfits: Goes as nature intended. Except for a little black cloth collar with a tag saying "Hi! My Name Is Captain Von Trufflesnout! If found, please return to Liberius Vir at..." The rest has been worn off.

    Pre-Story History: Captain Von Trufflesnout was the second smallest pup out of his mother's litter. His mother's owners were a simple married couple that posted an ad online that their dog was having puppies so any potential dog owners we welcome to come by and pick one up. Liberius Vir, looking for an aniversary gift for his wife, decided to come by and check them out. He picked Captain Von Trufflesnout out almost as soon as he walked in the door. When the little pup was presented, she fell in love with him and named him. Despite some ridicule by others, Captain Von Trufflesnout loved his name and never liked the cutesy nicknames or baby voices that others always seemed to get when around him. After a couple years living with the Vir's, the woman passed away. Not too long after, on a routine walk with Liberius, his master found himself in some trouble with a dark warlock in a bad mood. Captain Von Trufflesnout ran to go find some help. When he returned, his master had disappeared. Captain Von Trufflesnout lived on the streets for a period of time, giving him much needed dog survival skills and experience. A good samaritan saw the dog and decided to take him in and take care of him.

    Story History: On another routine walk, this time with the good samaritan, they came across a group of people 'training'. This was Geb & Cris trying to teach Losien how to wield the story. Losien's inability to learn and her strange ability to help others learn to use the story before her made it's way to the little dog. Suddenly, training exercise gone wrong, Losien gave the dog the ability to wield the story. A side effect of the blast was Captain Von Trufflesnout now had the ability to speak.

    Recent History: After gaining his new powers, he gave himself a steak, then went off in search of his master, who, he was sure was still alive. Captain Von Trufflesnout found Liberius in the secret mech base. This is after causing some unneeded trouble for those stationed there. When everyone realised that he was no longer a threat now that he found his owner, he joined the Item Quest party.

    Personality: He is thouroughly devoted to his owner/master Liberius. He found out what it was like without a someone taking care of him, then found out what someone else taking care of him was like. Mainly, he is overjoyed to be reunited. He can handle himself fairly well but longs for the comfort & attention that only his original owner could give.
    Perceptions: He feels like a new born puppy all over again. Finding Lib and getting the powers gave him a new sense of self. He is typically unconcerned with others unless they try to do something to Lib. Also, The powers made him a little smarter, so he can usually tell what's in good fun and what means serious business.
    Politics: He could care less. He's a dog. No job, no income, no paying taxes. He is, however, anti-forced neutering or anything else forced by the government against dogs.
    Religon: No religion. He doesn't worry about a doggie-heaven or doggie-hell. He's learned to apreciate what's going on in the moment and take advantage of it while it's there. He lived with Lib & without him. He'ld rather enjoy his time now that Lib is back.
    Beliefs: A good meal & a warm lap can trump most of even the worst days in the end.
    Fears: Losing Liberius again. That and small children yanking on his fur. However, he just can't help letting them pet him... they have such small soft hands.
    Drives: To be a good companion to Lib. He almost feels like Lib leaving was his fault. He likes Liberius to know that he is happy that he's back
    Social status: Among people, even those that know what Captain Von Trufflesnout is capable of, he's still only a talking, story wielding dog. Among other, normal dogs, he seems kind of pompus (in the limited way that normal dogs can understand things). Mainly because he is smarter than your average dog. He talks on a human level most of the time so when encountering other animals he comes off as somewhere in between.
    Occupation: None. Unless you count watchdog. But he doesn't get paid. Unless you count treats, playtime, affection, & attention from Liberius... Which he does.
    Family: No pups. His mother & father probably died of old age a couple years ago. Liberius is his owner. As far as his litter siblings, they never call or stop by to say hello. But that's kind of to be expected.
    Relationships: He is a pet. Although it's kind of redundant at this point, Liberius Vir is his master/owner. That's pretty much his reason for being.
    Diction: He's kind of snarky to most people other than Lib. Sometimes he can get a little 'peppy', considering it's wired into his tiny lapdog nature. Towards Lib, he's pretty normal. If not a little more peppy and joyous than normal. But he speaks in a smooth baritone voice which would, to most people, seem weird coming from such a small dog if the fact that the dog was actually speaking didn't take precident over the quality of his voice.
    Hobbies: He likes playing ball, usually indoors. Tug-o-war is a new favorite for him since he can use his new powers to give him more strength than normal. Makes things really interesting.
    Likes: Quality food, naps (ecspecially in laps), being petted, treats, Liberius's attention, & shallow swimming pools. He also loves his collar & tag. It's his only possesion. It also reminds him of when he was young and both Liberius & his wife were around.
    Dislikes: Grown people using baby voices, stupid nicknames, his fur being yanked on, his tail being stepped on, people mistreating Lib with intent other than a playful joke, tall grass, deep snow, & being mistaken for a dirty mop head.

    Potential: He'll follow Liberius where ever he may go & down whatever path. If he can help his master by any means, he will. He doesn't have the drive or desire to use his powers for any great scheme. However, if it comes to it, and if it will help Lib or if he asks (with a treat ready), he can do great things on either side of the fence.
    Powers: He can wield the story. It is slightly different with him being a dog. Less of the larger things like messing with the narrator or making large alterations to the story or changing another character. Yet, more in the subtle things. Like giving himself greater personal abilities that he originally had (i.e. strength, scent, hearing, keeping himself free of fleas, ticks, & worms, making himself faster, & speaking of course).
    Abilities: An already hightened sense of smell & hearing. His sight is great when the fur doesn't get in the way. Pretty fast runner normally also. Everything that a dog could already do, mixed with his powers, he can even do it better.
    Equipment: A hand made black cloth collar that Lib's wife made & gave him with his dog tag on it.

    : His personality is based in a good part on my little white lap dog, Buddy. His peppiness and eagerness to please mainly. The speaking and voice itself was slightly inspired by Frank the Pug from Men in Black, except... Less Brooklyn, New York and more so like a sarcastic young adolescent from a loving middle class family with devoted parents. At least the snarkiness part of it is. The look was I wanted one of the least awe inspiring dogs I could think of. I wanted him to be shaggy and his fur to have the look of being dirty even though it could be clean. Also, I wanted a tiny dog. Something that a guy would get a girl but most guys wouldn't get for themselves.
    Choice: He's a pretty simple character. He normally doen't have a whole lot of choices, or cares to see them as such. He is a bit impulsive, but moreso playful in the impulsiveness. There usually isn't any internal debate with him.
    Chance: Whatever plot may happen around him, it's usually because he's with Lib. That or he just happened to be there. He doesn't make it a point to involve himself so much in the events. Although he may have the powers to do something with the plot, he has simple needs and no desire. He's happy with Lib. If something comes in the way, he will typically find the most direct route to his master and get there by any means in his powers.
    Conflict: His reverence to Lib as something almost god-like (even when the dog himself has more power in the story than Lib) can come as a conflit to any who may have a changing attitude to Lib. Also, his overall point of view on life can be somewhat childish and naive, it can also help ground other characters to what is most important in the situation.
    Context: He tends to chime in whenever the urge pops up. Most of the time, he's just scenery that accompanies Liberius where ever he goes. If addressed, he'll answer and converse, but he doesn't make it a point to do so unless he has one of his doggie urges to play, eat, make a sarcastic remark, or do natures business.
    Convention: He exists as a guard & companion to Liberius. Lib is pretty much a powerless human.When he has other characters there with him, he may be alright. But without them, he is pretty much alone. Even with Captain Von Trufflesnout, they might get separated and the dog may not be there to protect him. Also, Captain Von Trufflesnout is a friendly face to Lib. Since Lib is new to the NeS he doesn't really know anyone and no one really knows him. The dog is a link to something familiar.

    : Much like a clown, there is no way you can really take the very tiny talking dog with the goofy name seriously. No matter what he is doing. Even looking at him can be comical. Also, the devotion goes both ways. Liberius is very attatched to his dog. He is a link to a past that has not, and may never, be brought to light. Plus, Lib isn't big on crualty to animals. As much a strength having his dog around is, it is also a weakness.
    Notes: He's not so much a powerplayer. In dire need, yes he has the power to do things. He just has no real interest in it. He is a fun way to deal with pretty much any situation. He fun to write for.
    Art: I'll sketch or find a picture for him soon enough to put here.

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    Story: NeS^2
    Name: Angela Langley
    Nicknames: Prefers Angie
    Titles: Senior Investigator at Proctor Research
    Alignment: Good
    Home: New Hampshire
    Synopsis: The inspiration of this character was actually a character and show called Daria. She's more of a matured, active version of her. She's sarcastic, she's cynical, and she's highly intelligent. She has extensive knowledge of history and literature, which helps her in her work. Her job as an investigator at Proctor Research is secret, funded by the head of the company, Mr. Proctor. She has been on many assignments, but her largest one has been on Arkng Thand. Although she is only one of many investigators at Proctor Research, she has the most intimate knowledge on Thand, and has had a knack for getting inside his head.

    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Race: Caucasian, of at least some Irish descent.
    Height: 5'6"
    Build: She's rather thin, and not strong at all.
    Hair: Dark auburn hair, at about the shoulders. Not particularly styled.
    Eye color: Brown
    Unusual features:None, really.
    Outfits: She's often cold, so she loves sweaters. Her most typical is a blue sweater. She also wears a black knee-length non-fitting skirt, and boots or shoes where appropriate.

    Pre-Story History: With her outstanding intelligence, she flew through school, although a lack of motivation kept her from skipping grades. Once in college, she stood out for her knack to see things as they truly were, and to explain people's true personalities. She was hired while in college by Proctor Research, quickly advancing through the ranks. On graduation, she was promoted to Senior Investigator as a full time position, where she works now.
    Story History: She has, since her promotion, worked tirelessly on Arkng Thand. It has been a pet project of hers, even while taking on other assignments. Mr. Proctor has significant concerns about Thand's recent activities, and worries he may be plotting even more problems for the NeS.
    Recent History: None, really.

    Personality: As mentioned, she is sarcastic and cynical to a fault. She doesn't see herself as being some amazing person, but rather looks down on many others like they are idiots. In short, she doesn't raise the bar, they lower it.
    Perceptions: She doesn't hold many people with respect until they demonstrate some intelligence.
    Politics: Democratic at times, but she's a mover and a shaker. She won't stick to any one party line for long.
    Religon: Definitely a practicing atheist.
    Beliefs: She's a realist, through and through.
    Fears: Personal social interaction, and she's not a risk taker.
    Drives: Her cynical outlook on humanity is tempered by her desire to change it. She'll help people, as long as they want it.
    Social status: Besides her title at Proctor Research, she has none. She has always been quite alone, due to her snarky comments on those around her. She's had a couple failed relationships, though.
    Occupation: Senior Investigator at Proctor Research
    Family: She has parents in New Hampshire, and a sister.
    Relationships: She has no direct relationships, and only one friend, that she's had since grade school. That character has not yet been introduced.
    Diction: A plain northern American accent, not peachy or screechy. She speaks clearly and distinctly, but rarely expresses emotion in her voice.
    Hobbies: Writing. Lots and lots of it. Especially to newspapers, magazines, on various controversial topics.
    Likes: American and European history, especially after the Roman age. Also loves literature, and classic film.
    Dislikes: Social events, manual labor, driving, the general populous, among others.

    Potential: Her potential is simply to exceed in her current abilities. She's always growing smarter by the day.
    Powers: Critical powers of observation, and her quick thinking often allows her to talk her way out of anything.
    Abilities: Able to survive on coffee alone for over two days.
    Equipment: She has a carry bag that functions as a purse as well as an equipment bag. Inside is an iPad for note taking, accessing Proctor materials, etc. She also has a pen and notepad as a backup. Then there's her smartphone, special order by Proctor Research for various features. She also carries a small pistol, that she has never once fired, just for protection. Finally, although she doesn't often wear makeup, various feminine products, like most women.

    Concepts: Kicking the Arkng Thand character back into gear, proposing a REVOLUTIONARY new way of battle, by words instead of guns. It will be interesting to see her mix with the other characters, as her personality will probably keep her alone often, which is extremely unusual in NeS.

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    Story: The Red Thread
    Name: Mika Rio Li
    Nicknames: Usually goes by "Li" though "Rio" or even "Mika" are not out of the question, depending on how close she is (or wishes them to perceive she is) to the person in question.
    Titles: If she has any, she's not one to reveal them.
    Alignment: Shifting. There are times she appears both genuinely altruistic and antagonistic, with an affinity for both autocracy and anarchy.
    Home: She never reveals what her home is, but she describes it as a lively, beautiful place.
    System: Not applicable.
    Synopsis: Li is like most typical female protagonists found in horror-esque stories. The one quality that seperates her from most others is her unexplainable tendency to switch between good guy and bad guy with no apparent rhyme or reason, as if almost suffering from a split personality disorder (though this should never be confirmed the case).

    Age: Somewhere in her 20's. She should appear moreso in her younger 20's but her presence should be closer to later 20's.
    Gender: Female.
    Race: Appears to be half-Brazillain or Italian, half-Chinese or Japanese with a (relatively) pale complexion.
    Height: Likely around 5'7".
    Build: Attractive (thin and curvy in the expected places, physically fit)
    Hair: Black, perhaps with a dark blue sheen.
    Eye color: Green.
    Unusual features:
    Outfits: Something not too dissimilar to a "little black dress" that hugs her tightly. If she wore shoes at any point, she has abandoned them now.

    Pre-Story History: Little is known about Li prior to the events in the Red Thread, and she is highly hesitant to reveal anything. She talks about home as a lively, beautiful place as if it were Paradise. She, like most everyone in the Red Thread, has no idea why she has been thrown into the Red Thread and knows nothing about it prior to her arrival.
    Story History: To be added when there's story history to be included.

    Personality: She has what is nearly a split personality, though regardless, she appears to normally act confident, intelligent, and reserved. On one hand, she can be altrustic (though not stupidly so) and in favor of order and peace. On the other hand, she can be antagonistic (when it seems to serve her self-interest) and in favor of causing chaos and conflict just because she can. The switch is normally at inopportune times.
    Perceptions: Her perceptions seem to shift between the importance of the well-being of others and herself, though she perceives the Red Thread as a sort of purgatory.
    Politics: It's unknown what politics she once favored, but she seems to currently flip between autocracy (one that she serves, not rules) and anarchy.
    Religon: Unknown, though she speaks of her home as if akin to a heavenly afterlife, but does not believe in an actual afterlife, at least for her.
    Beliefs: She believes she must walk down the Red Thread to ultimately escape back home. Other beliefs are secondary at best now.
    Fears: That she cannot escape the Red Thread other than death, anthropophobia (though she does a fairly good job of suppressing this, it may make itself shown when there's too much social energy present, and may be a factor in when she "switches personalities" though that's not always consistent).
    Drives: Her drive, not uncommon with those in the Red Thread, is to walk down the Red Thread in hopes of finding an escape. At times, she may feel it's more important for others to have the chance of escape over herself, and at other times, the opposite. All other drives are secondary at best.
    Social status: It is unknown what her social status was prior, though her dress and appearance would suggest a minimum of middle-class. She is relatively charistmatic.
    Occupation: It is unknown if she had an occupation prior to her time in the Red Thread.
    Family: Unknown.
    Relationships: Unknown.
    Diction: Clear and soft, with a slight exotic accent hard to pin down (though for those who presume she has Brazillian-Japanese ancestry, they will likely guess Portugese or Japanese).
    Hobbies: She seems to have no mind for hobbies.
    Likes: Unknown at this point.
    Dislikes: People trying to get close to her (physically and psychologically, though she's pretty good at hiding this dislike). Otherwise, unknown at this point.

    Potential: Li has the potential to serve as both the characteristic protagonist and antagonist in The Red Thread.

    She seems to have no powers.

    Charisma -- Li is fairly good at winning people over, whether through looks, manipulation, or strength of character and argument.

    Unarmed combat -- Li seems to be proficient in an unarmed combat which mixes Brazilian Jiu-jitsu with tai-chi.

    She seems to carry no equipment.

    Concepts: Li is meant to act as an iconic character for The Red Thread, ready to serve as both protagonist and antagonist. Her strength and beauty are meant to appeal to the reader and other characters, while the rest of her character is meant to encapsulate the general idea of a person living through life (The Red Thread) as a means to reach the afterlife (home) and the capacity for a person to do both real good and real evil.

    Choice: Who is your character? What choices (or lack thereof) define them, or could define them?
    This is left blank for the time to allow character growth.

    Chance: What events revolve around them, plot or otherwise? What elements outside of their (and your) control have particular significance to them? What chances are you willing and hoping to take with them?
    This is left blank for the time to allow character growth.

    Conflict: How does their point-of-view(s) challenge and co-exist with everyone and everything else? What conflicts do you see arising in and out of the story with them?
    This is left blank for the time to allow character growth.

    Context: Where and when do they interact, and how are those settings significant to them? What is their context in and out of the story?
    This is left blank for the time to allow character growth.

    Convention: Why do they exist? What themes do they bring forth? What conventions are you following and fighting against with them?
    This is left blank for the time to allow character growth.

    Character Goals and Obstacles: What is the relationship between the character and their goal, what obstacles and antagonists are in their way, and do they transform to overcome it? See here
    This is left blank for the time to allow character growth. However, like most characters in the Red Thread, her goal is likely to escape the Red Thread, and obstacles may include hazards faced in the Red Thread but mostly from herself and the other characters.

    Character Function: What role(s) does the character serve? See here
    She can serve as both protagonist and antagonist. She should not serve as the tutor, but she needn't serve as the "new guy" either.

    Character Traits: What tags, etc. apply to this character? See here under "Chraacters" and here
    This is left blank for the time to allow character growth.

    Character Grid: Where do other characters relate to this character on a grid of friendly/hostile and dominant/submissive? See here
    This is left blank for the time to allow character growth, though she's likely to have opportunities to be all across the grid.

    Character Web: How does this character feel about the other characters? See here
    This is left blank for the time to allow character growth.

    Character Status: What is the character's general status? How is it shown? Is there a conflict of status with other characters? Does the character change in their general status in any circumstances? See here
    This is left blank for the time to allow character growth. However, any signs of low status should be generally suppressed by her.

    Character Transformation: What transformation does the character make? How is it shown? Is it enough of a change? Is it surprising and interesting? Is it believable? See here
    This is left blank for the time to allow character growth.

    Miscellaneous: None.
    Notes: None.
    Art: An artistic interpretation of Li in a moment of insecurity.
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    Story: The Never-ending Story Thread ^2 (first post here)
    Name: Unknown.
    Nicknames: known by many names, though GUNTHER seems a popular one. Has also been known under the aliases Kzreznevy Vzlovknzy, Harold "Hairy" Lyme, and Justin Thyme.
    Titles: Has taken the self-appointed title of lieutenant at least once.
    Alignment: Ugly. Often bad, but mostly ugly.
    Home: Unknown.
    System: If there are any roots in other sources, they are obscure and old.
    Synopsis: Probably something of a madman not unlike the Joker: seemingly with big plans, but more likely just making things up for reasons only he ultimately understands. Shrouded in MYSTERY and QUESTIONABLE SMELL.

    Age: Unknown. Sightings conflict between as young as late 20s to as old as in their 70s.
    Gender: Confirmed male.
    Race: All sightings suggest he is a human of Caucasian ethnicity.
    Height: Sightings imply a range between average and six foot-ish.
    Build: Generally seen as average or overweight, with not very good constitution.
    Hair: Conflicting information between white and black. However, it's agreed that the hair is short and unkempt, as well as sporting uneven stubble, including "incurable liphair" (mustache).
    Eye color: Presumed dark brown.
    Unusual features: Conflicting, even among his own claims. Some say he has a limp in his walk. Some say he has a scar across the top of his head. Some say he's really a robotic demon in human disguise. Regardless, there is always SOMETHING unusual, but it's not always the same.
    Outfits: He has been seen wearing an early 20th century businessman attire with tophat and cane, disheveled slacks and Batman t-shirt, Eastern European peasant's clothes, naked sans a pair of sequin-striped socks...the list goes on.

    Pre-Story History: His history prior to the NeS is unknown.
    Story History: GUNTHER initially seemed to be working with the Globalists to take over the NeS by controlling the audience via trapping them in an avatar character named You. When the Globalists seemed to have failed during their part of the plan, GUNTHER appeared to have moved on to causing trouble in the NeS: posing as a lieutenant in a secret mech base to stir chaos, as well as possessing a young Paraguayan boy named Geronimo Samuel to assassinate several people. One victim was Cool Matty, which GUNTHER claimed at one point to want revenge upon for killing his father, Vuthothrax. However, later, GUNTHER claimed that was made up.

    Personality: Insane and inconsistent. Whatever personality he once had seems likely broken.
    Perceptions: At least at one point, he claimed himself to be a Good Samaritan. He therefore might think that his actions are ultimately for the betterment of others, or at least those thought ill of, which is why he may seem to be on the side of villains.
    Politics: The Pizza Party, because he heard there was pizza.
    Religion: Follower of Scientology (non-practicing).
    Beliefs: The list of what he doesn't believe might be shorter. Hard to say.
    Fears: Midgets, commitment, and fear itself (because he heard that the only thing to fear was fear itself, which must mean its worse than midgets and commitment).
    Drives: To see the world burn, then make a lot of money off aloe vera ointment. Or was that last year's drive?
    Social status: Unknown, though GUNTHER seems to be able to socialize with high and low class alike behind the scenes.
    Occupation: Licensed mad man in the former Kzrenznevian Bloc of Eastern Vzlovknzia.
    Family: No known family, though once claimed Vuthothrax was his father.
    Relationships: Seems to focus his attention on Geronimo Samuel, once claimed to have a vendetta against Cool Matty.
    Diction: Has been heard speaking in a robotic monotone voice ("He-must-die.") However, GUNTHER seems to speak this way inconsistently at best, having otherwise spoken intelligently enough. He has also been reported to yell random words for apparent emphasis that might be typical in a text-based adventure game. (ex. "I think you have made a GRAVE MISTAKE in underestimating my DANGEROUS BODY ODOR!")
    Hobbies: Collecting autopsy photos, though Jack Ruby ones are nearly a drive for him.
    Likes: Classic obscure films, cigarettes & cigars, Chinese food riddled with MSG.
    Dislikes: MIDGETS!, those who fail to see the value in the arts, Chinese food riddled with MSG (it upsets his Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

    Potential: GUNTHER has the potential to be a wild card among wild cards, and to make things ugly.
    Possession: GUNTHER seems to be able to possess at least the mind of the Paraguayan boy Geronimo Samuel. He may be able to manipulate, intimidate, persuade, trick, or otherwise have others that he cannot directly possess do his bidding, though it is highly unlikely he can do so on any but the weak-willed.

    Veiled Presence: This may or may not be a power, as it is unknown to what extent this effect covers, but GUNTHER seems to do rather well in keeping himself unseen and his identity is hard to pin down.

    Abilities: Unknown.

    Equipment: Unknown.

    Concepts: Initially, GUNTHER didn't seem to be a character at all, but was revealed to be a villain controlling Geronimo and seemingly putting into motion plans to cause chaos. He later seemed to join the other villains, but his motives, if any, seem hard to pin down.

    Choice: Who is your character? What choices (or lack thereof) define them, or could define them?
    Chance: What events revolve around them, plot or otherwise? What elements outside of their (and your) control have particular significance to them? What chances are you willing and hoping to take with them?
    Conflict: How does their point-of-view(s) challenge and co-exist with everyone and everything else? What conflicts do you see arising in and out of the story with them?
    Context: Where and when do they interact, and how are those settings significant to them? What is their context in and out of the story?
    Convention: Why do they exist? What themes do they bring forth? What conventions are you following and fighting against with them?

    Miscellaneous: It's unlikely the original author will post again.
    Notes: Should GUNTHER continue to be written, he likely should be portrayed not unlike the Joker - mad and mysterious.
    Art: There is no confirmed appearance of GUNTHER yet. Reports, however, seem to suspect he may look like this. Or not.
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    Knowsoul's profile

    Story: The Never-ending Story Thread (first seen as Knowsoul here, first seen as the Darkside here, first seen as Tsolo here)
    Name: Knowsoul
    Nicknames: Sometimes called "Kno" or by their former identities.
    Titles: Avatar of Loss, Sorrow and Regret (inherited by Tsolo)
    Alignment: Evil, of its own purpose, and not aligned with any group.
    Home: The two former powers became Knowsoul nearby Memory Lane. There is no place that he would consider "home."
    System: There are distant roots in Star Wars and in the Legion story (inherited from the Darkside).
    Synopsis: Essentially the Grim Reaper of the NeS and its characters, Knowsoul longs to bring about loss, sorrow, and regret as much as it can. He is an amalgamation formed from the Darkside and Tsolo and finds it easiest to prey on the forgotten and those that would be tempted to become evil.

    Age: Ageless in appearance and experience.
    Gender: Its body is masculine but androgynous. Knowsoul identifies as a 'him' but is more accurately an 'it'.
    Race: While he appears as a figure of a human man, he is more accurately a construct, not unlike a Blank Character, and a specter.
    Height: Towering over even the tallest of men.
    Build: A "terrible strength, his skin a pale parchment wrapping obsidian muscle that seems carved from the deepest oor."
    Hair: It is "clear and colorless, [and] runs full and furious from his head and blends with his cloak the color of emptiness."
    Eye color: His eyes appear as "tombs for the lost" - sometimes pyres for souls.
    Unusual features: His "cloak" is actually his specter form, emanating from all over. They may take the form and function of other things, such as wings, or fuse with his body and become non-corporeal and invisible. His appearance can come off either aesthetically appealing or frightening...or both.
    Outfits: He "wears" only a cloak "the color of emptiness." The cloak, however, is actually Knowsoul's specter form.

    As the Darkside, he was "born" the son of Helebon, the once former ruler of Hell, and the Dust, an ancient evil force from the times of Creation. Over the eons, the Darkside has wandered the earth, feasting on souls that he often tempted to evil as a lure. He eventually decided to serve Bill Gates for his own gain and, in turn, served the Ever-ending Plot. He attempted to consume Gebohq who was predicted to be a threat to the Ever-ending Plot, but to no avail. Time and time again, the Darkside attempted to foil the NeS heroes with no luck, eventually seeming to abandon his goal during the events at the end of page 50 when he left Gebohq to his own devices. In an alternate distant future, the Darkside had consumed just about everyone and traveled to the past, only to become trapped in the Darksaber.

    As Tsolo, he was "born" via a complicated device, through the will of Bhac, the actions of Hawthorne and the blood of Young. Soon after, Tsolo flew into the proverbial darkness, intent on fufilling its purpose in claiming the lives of the Forgotten and the increasingly-less Forgotten as his strength grew. In his time since, he had clearly claimed the live of at least one character and uncertainly claimed countless others, nearly claiming the lives of several other major characters.

    As Knowsoul, he came to be when Tsolo and the Darkside encountered each other and became entangled in a sort of stalemate, Tsolo becoming the thing which he was meant to hunt and the Darkside becoming lost. The two decided to merge, combining their intimidating strengths and setting out to bring as much loss as possible, even so far as to consume the NeS itself.

    Personality: Ranges from stoic and grim, even having 'no' personality, to more malevolent and manipulative traits when it suits his purpose.
    Perceptions: The point of life is to end, and he is meant to bring an end to the life of characters. Since he perceives himself to have no life or soul of his own, he never needs to concern with taking his own. One can only really know a soul after it has experienced loss, sorrow, regret, and after it has ended.
    Politics: Of no concern.
    Religon: Also of no concern. All that matters is what is to be lost, forever - a way of spiritual death.
    Beliefs: That Loss, Sorrow, and Regret should be spread.
    Fears: He knows no fear.
    Drives: To consume all the souls he can, particularly those forgotten, so that they may be lost forever, spreading sorrow and regret.
    Social status: None. Few even know he exists, and those that do generally fear what he stands for.
    Occupation: The "avatar of loss" - if it could be considered a job.
    Family: No real family. Part of him could consider Helebon a father, the Dust a mother, and Jim Seven a brother, and part of him has the same blood as Young flowing through him.
    Relationships: By his nature, Thand is something of a foil, in that one of Thand's strengths draws from the past, where Knowsoul serves to wipe the past from existence in a way. Bhac was once also its "master" in a very loose sense, though he unlikely has any real control over him anymore. Tsolo may have complications with those like Rob X (Death), who serve to simply kill characters so that their soul goes to an afterlife, reincarnate, and so on. Would likely serve the Ever-ending Plot again. Knowsoul is antagonistic towards those that stand in his way.
    Diction: Generally not much of a talker. When he does talk, he generally only does so to those whom he intends to consume and it "isn't a single voice, but a million voices, echoing, crying, sreaming, vomiting, mocking, hating, dying."
    Hobbies: None.
    Likes: Fulfilling its purpose.
    Dislikes: Not fulfilling its purpose.

    Potential: Knowsoul is more of a literary device than a character, and is not bound by many character trappings. He has the potential to trim much of the "clutter" of characters in the NeS in theory, and in practice, has the potential to act as the Grim Reaper of the NeS; in a story-world where physical death doesn't mean much, Knowsoul has the potential to instill the fear that death (and the undead) does in real life.

    Immunity to NeSmagic - Knowsoul, for the most part, has no special powers or "NeSmagic" of his own (except when noted below), and in turn, most, if not all, NeSmagic has no effect on him. The exact specifics of his immunities is unclear, given the vague nature of "NeSmagic" in general, but it's more or less to be understood that brute power of any kind (physical, magical, mental, etc.) are useless against him. It's unclear if this extends to story tropes themselves that often act as the meta-physics of NeS, though that is likely less the case.

    Avatar of Loss - having inherited the position of the Avatar of Loss, Knowsoul has the ability to take the lives of characters, especially the forgotten and nearly-forgotten, to be lost (presumably forever), regardless of most defenses he may encounter. The more lives Knowsoul claims, the stronger his 'pool' of power becomes (see Abilities below). Knowsoul must be within touching distance to consume a soul. A character may have an easier time fending Knowsoul off if the character is in the act of actively playing a role in the story again.

    Spectral Form - What is by default Knowsoul's "cloak" is in fact his spectral aura, which at will he can control for various effects, such as flight, intangibility, and invisibility. NeSmagic, however, is more effective on him whenever he uses this form's power.

    Insidious Influence -- If someone stays around Knowsoul for too long, they will often weaken in character resolve, becoming more confused, angry, paranoid, sad, regretful, or other negative mindsets depending on how that character starts to "know their soul."

    Possession -- Knowsoul can sometimes possess a victim if they do not possess the strength of will or intelligence (or lack thereof) to resist. However, Knowsoul cannot consume a soul if he is possessing their body, and his own form is subject to attacks not normally subject to otherwise.

    Commanding the Claimed Lost - Inherited in part from Tsolo, Knowsoul has the ability to conjure and command the forms of characters that he has consumed. These characters are not alive in any sense and cannot be 'unclaimed' from Knowsoul. They can be as non-descript as dark figures there only to add numbers for restraining a victim, or as detailed as almost the real thing, drawing from them the powers and abilities they lost character once had or instilling sorrow and regret in a victim.

    Equipment: None.

    Concepts: He is, in essence, an attempt to combine the both of the Darkside and Tsolo, as the two seemed to both have similar practices and both were not getting the attention they should, due in some part to the limitations of their characters. Whether Knowsoul continues on as a Grim Reaper, instilling an actual fear of death for characters and having them attempt to fight Loss, or is ultimately destroyed by the protagonists is unknown and moot.

    Choice: Who is your character? What choices (or lack thereof) define them, or could define them?
    Chance: What events revolve around them, plot or otherwise? What elements outside of their (and your) control have particular significance to them? What chances are you willing and hoping to take with them?
    Conflict: How does their point-of-view(s) challenge and co-exist with everyone and everything else? What conflicts do you see arising in and out of the story with them?
    Context: Where and when do they interact, and how are those settings significant to them? What is their context in and out of the story?
    Convention: Why do they exist? What themes do they bring forth? What conventions are you following and fighting against with them?

    Miscellaneous: Given Knowsoul's strength and purpose as a literary device, direct encounters with him by other characters should likely be used sparingly. However, writers should not feel limited to only targeting 'Forgotten' characters now, though there should be more of a reason now why a certain character has been targeted (how the loss of that character would be felt, basically).
    Notes: Random blubs, thoughts, etc. you have on your character.
    Art: Descriptions and crediting art relating to your character.
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    Amal's profile

    Story: NeShattered (first seen here)
    Name: Amal
    Nicknames: Some might call him "kid" or the like, but generally goes by Amal.
    Titles: No titles as of yet.
    Alignment: Good, and more importantly, loyal to TLTE.
    Home: His place of birth is unknown, though he grew up for most of his childhood years in a cell underneath a bar in NeShattered, supplied only with food, drink, and books. He considers anywhere with TLTE now to be home.
    System: No real influence, though his initial role was similar to Jake of the Dark Tower series.
    Synopsis: A boy that The Last True Evil found and adopted due to a gut feeling that it was "the most important moment in his life," Amal is currently a promising young hero and virtual "son" of TLTE. It is hinted that Amal will surpass Gebohq and Losien as story-wielding hero of NeS and whom TLTE will redeem himself through.

    Age: About 18 years old, at least as far as one can tell.
    Gender: Male.
    Race: Human, likely white, given his hair color, though may have middle-eastern ancestry given his name and relation to Thand.
    Height: Likely about six foot - tall, but not abnormally so.
    Build: The frailness he once had has been mostly overtaken by a healthier build fit for a hero.
    Hair: Golden straw blond, a "shock of long hair" in length.
    Eye color: Brown, once full of wonder, now wise and discriminating.
    Unusual features: No known unusual features.
    Outfits: A white attire fitting for a hero.

    For as long as he could remember, Amal spent his childhood life in an underground dungeon-like cell in NeShattered, provided with only food, drink and books by his "uncle" Thand who only stopped by to teach him every few years. When Amal was nearly 11 years old, The Last True Evil accidentally found him and, with TLTE feeling it was the most important moment of his life, adopted Amal into his care, promising never to hurt him. Since then, TLTE remained intensely protective of Amal and watched as he quickly grew into young adulthood, teaching Amal all he knew and doing his best to appeal to Amal's inquisitive mind. TLTE and Thand have an increased animosity with each other over the future of Amal, and there is concern that TLTE may be raising Amal to become a wellspring of evil, though so far, Amal has only acted unintentional in such a manner.


    Personality: While still sometimes inquisitive as he was prone to be when younger, Amal now seems to be developing traits similar to both The Last True Evil and Master Thand. Amal is, in any case, endearing, honest, and confident, with an underlying wisdom and discrimination one would expect from a sage and a spy respectively. Amal's personality can inspire hope and aspiration that good will triumph, and has a good work ethic.
    Perceptions: The NeS can be rough, Romantic, and rife with mystery. It is his duty to examine those mysteries, defend the ideals in Romanticism and knightly action, and fight through the rough. Amal may have deeper perceptions still, but if he does, he keeps them well-hidden.
    Politics: While influenced in some fashion by TLTE's love of Communism, Amal's political stance remains a mystery.
    Religion: While he has learned that Higher (and Lower) powers exist, Amal does not seem to follow an organized religion.
    Beliefs: To know and fight for the NeS, as he has been taught by both Thand and TLTE.
    Fears: To be betrayed by The Last True Evil.
    Drives: To make TLTE (and those he loves) proud of him.
    Social status: Amal currently has no real social status, as he is only recently been impressed to be less dependent on TLTE. He is, however, very likable, and would likely easily be able to reach at least middle class standing.
    Occupation: Professional hero-in-training.
    Family: 'Raised' for many years of his childhood by Thand (surrogate uncle), then adopted by TLTE (new surrogate uncle/father figure) and Losien by proxy (surrogate aunt/mother figure). While Amal is most loyal to TLTE, he considers Losien, Gebohq, and a number of the other NeS heroes to be his family. He holds little, if any, ill-feeling towards Thand, though Amal would likely consider him and anyone else an adversary, should they seem to be fighting TLTE. Amal may consider CoolMatty something of a brother-type, though he's not currently close to him.
    Relationships: Besides what is noted above, Amal may have a special relation with the NeS itself, given his ability to wield the story.
    Diction: He once spoke like a child, though he now mostly speaks with a tone fitting of a hero.
    Hobbies: Unknown.
    Likes: Games (normally, he has mistakenly perceived dangerous situations as games)
    Dislikes: Unknown.

    Potential: Amal has the potential to surpass Gebohq and Losien as a main hero of NeS, or at least in their power to wield the story. Because he is being raised by TLTE, however, he also is in danger of becoming a "pure wellspring of evil" - perhaps into the ultimate villain.

    Story-wielding: As a wielder of the NeS, Amal is attuned to elements that make up story and plot, often giving him context-sensitive magical abilities. Most all the NeS characters have this ability to some degree, but Amal is understood to be one of the "chosen" for this, allowing him to control the NeS in some manner that others can not. See the Meta-Story section and Misc./Notes for Gebohq section for details on story-wielding.

    Meta-physical Knowledge of the NeS: Taught by both TLTE (from Thand) and indirectly by Thand's books, Amal continues to hone this skill to augment his story-wielding and to better understand what he fights for.

    Combat Proficiency: Taught primary by TLTE in this field, Amal is at least proficient in a variety of martial arts, including sword play, use of a pistol, and likely some spy techniques such as stealth.


    Placeholder(tm) blade - A brand of magical weapon found at most arms shops for relatively cheap, cast and cut from a low-grade plot-hole with the intent that it will be replaced with another specific weapon in time, in this case, the NeSword.

    Mayaal's Tears - Rare and powerful bullets able only to strike at evil, he uses only one at a time in a revolver to maximize the conventions of chance and 'the hero's last bullet.'

    Concepts: Amal is meant to be both a potential successor to the likes of Gebohq and, more importantly, to TLTE. While TLTE hopes Amal will succeed in heroism, there is the very real danger that Amal will instead succeed in his villainy.

    Choice: Who is your character? What choices (or lack thereof) define them, or could define them?
    Chance: What events revolve around them, plot or otherwise? What elements outside of their (and your) control have particular significance to them? What chances are you willing and hoping to take with them?
    Conflict: How does their point-of-view(s) challenge and co-exist with everyone and everything else? What conflicts do you see arising in and out of the story with them?
    Context: Where and when do they interact, and how are those settings significant to them? What is their context in and out of the story?
    Convention: Why do they exist? What themes do they bring forth? What conventions are you following and fighting against with them?

    Miscellaneous: Amal can mean both hope and work.
    Notes: Random blubs, thoughts, etc. you have on your character.
    Art: Descriptions and crediting art relating to your character.
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