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Thread: The Never-ending Story Thread²

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    Tea-sipper, character-killer

    Arrow Welcome to Page 48 of the Never-ending Story2

    A Prospect for Vice
    In this story, the villains currently hire outside forces to foil the heroes. Outside the story, writers will be paid money to write for the story. The current offer is as follows: until either 20 posts by new writers are made or until the end of this page, writers will receive $10 for their first post, $10 for their second, and between $20-$80 if they win the vote after the offer has ended. Should the prospect change in the future, writers will be compensated for the change retroactively. For details on the offer otherwise, please read the original prospect and the F.A.Q., and feel free to use what you see below for inspiration as much or as little as you wish. You can't mess it up so long as you're having fun!

    The Second Ragnarok: Breaking the Seals
    The Last True Evil has, once again, turned heel and seeks to break the seals of an ancient prophecy to unleash The End upon the Never-ending Story2. He joined in an unholy alliance of Communism and Capitalism with Darth Vice. The NeS Heroes themselves have become prisoners of the most sinister of capitalist traps - a shopping mall. Having travelled to the Isla de la Morte in pursuit of TLTE the group were split up and met with two new faces - the mysterious man named Dagger and the seeming narcoleptic girl named Newb. Along with these two new members, the group have been chased into an arcade by Salesmen and are now facing off against a rogue, angry toaster from the future that's Hell-bent on killing humanity. Unbeknownst to the heroes, both Newb and Dagger are actually newly recruited spies by Darth Vice for some unknown plot. To make matters worse, it seems Darth Vice may have recruited NeS Hero Amal to his schemes. Others involved include The Patriot, the rival to The Last True Evil and now newly resurrected as God's Advocate, and Polly Simon, the mother of Losien Simon.

    The NeS Heroes

    Losien Simon
    The Main Character and moral compass for the team. Losien Simon has long struggled with confidence issues, believing herself unworthy and inferior. However she was then made Main Character after her brother, Gebohq Simon, relinquished the role so that he could pursue love. Since becoming Main Character she has experienced a surge in confidence and displays the ability to lead the team, even at their most unwilling. She can keep a cool head even at the most desperate of times and her charisma and passion keeps her team mates on side. She is currently wearing Fred teh Uber Blade at her side and Carlotta the Cape around her neck after inheriting them both from the now deceased swordsman Soriel. Fred is able to improve Losien's fighting prowess in fencing with his own movements and directions to the wielder. She is, technically, the "father" of Chronos, who may visit the group, and is daughter of Polly Simon. Losien has also experienced a strange split with her spirit, which seems, at times, to wander free and can even interact with the world. Though this hasn't happened for some time, the phenomenon still resides within her.

    Al Ciao
    Al Ciao has become resident 'comic relief' largely due to idiocy. However he is also more than capable in a fight due to his recently upgraded cyborg body at the hands of Mecha Lou, though often his machine parts must be triggered in silly ways, or he has no idea how to trigger them. He is married to LightSide who is currently at the Hall of Heroes with their daughter Lior. He has other daughters too, including team member Iriana Emp. Al Ciao adores Iriana but he's often unable to focus his priorities and continues to neglect her, which led to their estrangement in the first place. Despite having many daughters already, Al Ciao desires to continue procreating and having more of them, much to Iriana's frustration. Al Ciao was once known as "Highemperor" but that aspect to him was long ago separated and now roams the universe with a vast and powerful empire. Al Ciao is what is left from that separation.

    Amal is a young man that was raised by Arkng Thand, kept hidden from the world with only books and a young girl named Apple as his friends. However he was discovered by The Last True Evil who adopted the young boy and became "Uncle TLTE" to that boy. Amal, however, grew expediently and soon the child was a man and independent of both his guardians. He expected by Thand to become the Main Character of the NeS, putting him into contention with other possible Main Characters including both the Simon siblings. He has, however, developed a deep, unrequited desire for Losien Simon but he has never been able to act upon this love because Losien was with his uncle. Amal has recently come into his own, having once been a blank character, but is constantly swaying between right and wrong due to the influences of those he trusts most. He wields the alternative NeSword, given to him by Gebohq as a token of goodwill and trust. Amal's Potential was recently killed by TLTE, leaving a hollowness deep inside Amal but also a degree of freedom that he never had before.

    Evil G
    The man nicknamed "Evil G" is sometimes known as "Shattered Gebohq" as he originated from the NeShattered universe, which is an alternate dimension of our own NeSiverse. Being that world's Gebohq Simon counterpart, Evil G was the world's villain and tried to use Young in his nefarious schemes but he ultimately fell in love with her when he married her. They were separated after she became pregnant with his child, but he was able to break out of NeShattered to return to her. She later gave birth to their child, Chance who now resides at the Hall of Heroes with Young. Evil G understands most about the impending doom of the Ever-ending Plot as it had already consumed NeShattered, the world he once controlled and he escaped from the darkness to come to the NeS. While he looks like Gebohq, he is far more abrasive than NeS counterpart but also far more intelligent and world-wise. He wields a sword named the NeverSword and, also like Gebohq, he can use Story-wielding to manipulate the story to suit his needs or desires.

    Frank Smith
    Frank Smith is a Time Cop for the T.E.A. and has joined the NeS Heroes after being sent back in time by Chronos, the head of the T.E.A.. He has been going through a mid-life crisis and left his long-term partner for a younger man. Since then he's been on the prowl for young, attractive men. He is able to travel through time at a moment's notice, though he tries to avoid it if it's unnecessary as time travel can be dangerous. To time travel he uses his watch, which contains the artificial intelligence unit CynthAI Mk XIV who, though quirky, is usually keen to aid Agent Smith and keep him alive at all costs. Frank will try to stop the NeS Heroes messing up time if e can help it, but on occasion he has been known to bend the rules himself.

    Gwenhwyfar is the Potential Character of Losien Simon, so she looks remarkably similar to the team leader of the NeS Heroes. Unlike Losien, however, Gwenhwyfar is sterner, rougher, meaner and far stronger physically. She wears a heavy suit of armour and uses a lance as a weapon. She also has a cataphract she can call upon. Although she originally intended to belittle and victimise the NeS Heroes, she later rescued Losien from a Plot-Hole and has since been readily accepted into the team despite her past. She is mostly ill at ease with Polly Simon, her "not-mother", and still views Losien as being too weak to lead the heroes. Yet Gwenhwyfar seems to admire something in Losien's charismatic draw and that keeps Gwenhwyfar on side. For now.

    Iriana Emp
    Iriana Emp is the supposed Queen of Armenia and heir to Atlantis as she is the daughter of Highemperor/Al Ciao. Her father has long been inattentive of her and she filed for emancipation from his care, which was granted. Now, at sixteen, she has joined him and the NeS Heroes seeking some kind of bond between them. At times it seems that connection can be reached as Iriana admires and loves her new step-mother, LightSide, but her father's lust and desire to have further offspring is a major issue of contention for her as she feels he will be just as irresponsible and inattentive towards them as he was towards her. She also yearns of that attention but his priorities don't match hers. She is often guided by outmoded and peculiar ideas of what a princess must be and do, including the subject of marriage to which she has recently discovered she may well be homosexual and therefore unable to commit to her princessly duty. She often knight people around her, including Gebohq Simon and Miss Fire. She has developed an obsession for tea, thanks to the influence of Emperor Pi, and can use various forms of tea to give her different extraordinary abilities, from speed to super strength. Even when in extreme danger, Iriana is rarely without a cup of tea in her hand.

    Miss Fire
    Miss Fire is one of the longest-running Characters for the NeS and is the resident kick-ass, name-no-names action hero. Shoot first ask questions later, Miss Fire is a pro with any kind of gun you can think of and is more than happy to use them. She was, however, gravely wounded and had to be put into stasis. When the Haunted Hall of Heroes was burnt to the ground by Nyneve and the NeSferatu, the heroes had to find a way to save her as the stasis pod would run out of power without the HHH. Eventually Mecha Lou was able to help save the woman's life by replacing her heart with a new one. The new heart, however, need electricity to keep it going - any sudden jolt of power. Without electricity to charge her up, Miss Fire will begin to slow down and eventually die. On the plus side any sudden jolt of electricity gives her an incredible surge of adrenalin, giving her sudden strength, speed and determination.

    Subaru Yamamoto
    Subaru Yamamoto is most handy with her powerful axe and is more than willing to use it at a moment's notice. Feisty and with a very short-fuse, Subaru is one of the most destructive members of the NeS Heroes. Despite this, she is also one of the only members able to heal the others using her limited magical powers. These powers also allow her to use some telekinesis in combat. Using these supportive powers is still strange for her and she has nowhere near fully developed them, instead preferring to solve situations with violence. Her axe, however, was recently lost to Brittica who disappeared with it into the NeShattered. She was dating Antestarr until he left her and the team, however he still harbours a deep desire to turn her into a NeSferatu, but she refuses. Since then she has been unable to completely drop her feelings for him, which may leave her open to weakness should he come for her.

    Tracer often acts like a 1950's detective cliché, complete with self-narration and unusual 1950's dialect and his own brand of sexism. He does, however, respect and admire Losien Simon as team leader and he will often abandon all to ensure her safety. He encapsulates the very essence of "man of mystery" and he tries to remain aloof and hidden in the shadows whenever possible. He will also perform action in the extreme even when unnecessary, such as riding on the outside of a plane when everyone else rides inside the plane. He is something of a super spy when it comes to action, crossed with Matrix-like bullet-time. He has recently been exposed to a fragmented portal that caused his Character to be broken between alternate dimensions that follow the same time-line that he does. He is at risk of being lost to he NeS forever should he be in another dimension when that time-line deviates from the NeS'.

    The New Heroes

    Dagger is a mysterious character with a sordid past of crime and violence. Sentenced into reformative service, Dagger must work for Darth Vice and his capitalist schemes or face worse punishment. He has joined the NeS Heroes, but has so far lied about who he is and his past, going instead by the name "Sketch Drawing" or just "Sketchy". He is an expert ninja style character and adept with his name-sake weapons, daggers.

    Newb is a young woman that has forgotten her past as a KGB spy and, as a result, may lapse into resurfacing memories at any given notice. She barely knows herself but she has found herself in the employ of Darth Vice after being conscripted to service by TLTE. She has joined the NeS Heroes, befriending Iriana Emp quickly, and tagging along with them. Unlike Dagger she barely has to lie about herself as she doesn't know anything, though she has kept her involvement with Darth Vice to herself thus far and hasn't told them about the resurfacing memories.

    The Villains
    The Last True Evil
    The Last True Evil was a reformed villain that joined the NeS Heroes and sought to be worthy of the love of Losien Simon. However it was revealed that his love for her was a fabrication he created for himself as a means of keeping himself tethered to the path of good. When she became Main Character he could feel their love dwindling and being hindered and so he set out to replace her as Main Character with Amal. The plan backfired and she caught him at it and they broke up. Without Losien to keep him straight he went headlong into corruption and set about breaking the seals to contain The End of the NeS, including the murder of Amal's Potential. When acting for himself, TLTE is the most ruthless villain the NeS Heroes could face. As he has been one of them for many years he also knows them like no other villain could, making them susceptible to plots and schemes to infiltrate them, gain their trust and lead them down the wrong paths.

    Darth Vice
    One of the many TLTE clones in existence, Darth Vice is the capitalist TLTE and wields capitalism like a weapon. He once faced off against the NeS Heroes before but was forced to come to an agreement with them until now. Instead he has now formed an unholy pact with TLTE, the communist, to defeat the NeS Heroes. He seeks to recruit new Writers to write in the destruction of the heroes for him. To this end he has already hired two people to infiltrate the NeS Heroes; Dagger and Newb and has forcibly hired Amal.
    The Sub-plots
    The Potentials Versus Highempress
    Featuring: Highempress, Gwenhwyfar, Orochi, Midas, Venedite, Nyktelios, The Nega
    The Potentials of several characters were summoned by Soriel, before his death, to battle against the Powerplayer Highempress who arrived to the NeSiverse from another universe. Since then she has declared herself ruler of Earth. The Potentials have mostly, however, been focused on their unPotential counterparts. Yet their task still remains. Several Potentials have been killed but some remain. Gwenhwyfar, Potential of Losien Simon, joined the NeS Heroes. Orochi, Potential of Subaru Yamamoto, and Midas, Potential of Couchman, joined Nyneve. Nyktelios, Potential of Iriana Emp, is the only Potential dedicated to taking down Highempress as she, herself, is also a powerplayer character. Venedite, Potential to Maeve, is currently Hand of the NeS alongside Gebohq Simon after killing the previous two. Highempress is with Venedite in the l33t. The Nega, Potential of The Otter, continues, unlike the others, to hound the NeS Heroes and seeks to demoralise them.

    Rulers of the World
    Featuring: Maeve, Nyneve, Arkng Thand, King Krog, Emperor Pi, Mr Nine, Jim7, Iriana Emp, Highempress
    Several Characters have risen up as rulers of Earthly locations and seem to be preparing for a great calamity. Queen Maeve of Great Britain also has the Remembered Forces, once the Forgotten, to work for her and they are mostly engaged in mopping up the remaining demons inhabiting England. Empress Nyneve first took control of France and was later voted as Empress of Europe. With her are Orochi and Midas and her powerful NeSferatu followers. Arkng Thand has become President of the U.S.A. in a strange move of openness for him. Working for him is Thrawn42689, who has been using social media to brainwash the American people for some unknown purpose. On Earth there is also Emperor Pi, the secret ruler of China. King Krog, under the name of his son Krig, rules Switzerland under Nyneve. Iriana is, though in name only, the Queen of Armenia (currently also controlled by Nyneve). Mr Nine rules Canada as part of Hell, while Jim7 rules Burundy as part of Heaven. Highempress, however, lays claim to the entire world.

    The NeSorcerer and the Nexus

    Featuring: Cool Matty, Mimiru Kizumaki, Nyneve, Merlin
    Although much of this plot is being carried out in the Hero Force One (Story) and The Pantheons of the NeSiverse, it affects characters used commonly in NeS2. The mantle of NeSorcerer is one that is fated to be passed down from magic-wielder to magic-wielder until it was prophecised that Cool Matty would take that mantle. Nyneve, the current NeSorcerer and ruler of Europe not only stole the mantle from Merlin, she trapped him in Stonehenge where he eventually died and became a ghost. She refuses to simply give the mantle to Cool Matty and vows she will fight for it. Merlin has taken Cool Matty under his guidance in England. To make matters worse, magic has been seriously hampered on Earth due to a terrorist attack against the magical nexus by the Trans-Terra-Terrorists - limiting the abilities of magic-users and the amount of magic available to use. With The Rift in place, magic is now seeping away from Earth and into the world known as Albion, which requires Earth's magic to exist.

    Featuring: Antestarr, Gebohq Simon, Brittica, The Cult of X, Arkng Thand
    After a gigantic Plot-hole appeared over Athena's Colosseum and sucked up both Gebohq Simon and the current Seer for The Cult of X, Brittica X, many have been conflicted about their well-fare. Brittica X was actually Britticus, the Main Character for Britt:The Legend, in possession of a cloned body of the cult's Seers. He, and his murderer Antestarr, conspired together in a plot to defeat the Writers and grant Britt his own Story again - Britt would make himself avatar for the Ever-ending Plot. Gebohq stopped Brittica, but they both wound up falling through the plot-hole and into NeShattered. Since then, Antestarr has sought a way to get into NeShattered and rescue Brittica, hoping to continue their anti-Writer scheme. He has affirmed that he will inform Subaru Yamamoto of the NeS Heroes about his progress. The NeS Heroes understand they must deal with TLTE before they can try to rescue Gebohq though.


    And now, back to the story!

    Amal: "I'll never join you, Vice!"

    Darth Vice: "Is that so? You know I'm hiring people to stop the so-called heroes, right? And I can't promise they'll be as merciful as you might be. In fact, I just doubled the offer to them."

    Amal: "Damn your capitalist ways!"
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    After the fight Newb is walking away pondering the benefits of heated underwear ...

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    Tea-sipper, character-killer

    Arrow Plan of Attack!

    As Newb wanders away from the battle, bullets plough into the floor right by her feet and ping off walls around her skull.

    Evil G: "What the Hell is she doing!?"

    Losien: "I guess she thought we killed the toaster already?"

    Al Ciao: "Or another one of those 'episodes'."

    He marks the air with his bunny-rabbit quotation fingers.

    Tracer: "I think the broad might be a few planks short of a complete..."

    Losien: "Complete what?"

    Tracer: "What's the word for a lot of planks together?"

    Al Ciao: "A shed?"

    Toasterinator: "I shall toastinate all of da puny men!"

    Losien: "I wonder if it knows we're not all men?"

    Dagger: "Alright. Plan of attack! Losien goes left to circle around to the back. Al Ciao here, and the woman with the guns, can cover her with his heavy ballistics. Then the rest of us charge at it to draw its attention. While it's distracted Losien will be able to take it out from behind!"

    The group stares at Dagger.

    Dagger: "What?"

    Losien: "That sounds way too competent to work."

    Dagger: "Uh...?"

    Evil G: "Besides, I haven't got the patience to listen to anything you just said. So--!"

    Evil G jumps up and, no sooner had he done this, than something very, very big falls through the ceiling and last ontop of the toaster. A very big fat pink hippo. From beneath the hippo a cord flails desperately for a few seconds and then dies.

    Dagger: "Oh... you could just do that I guess..."

    Evil G: "Evil G saves the world. Again. That's how frickin' great I am."

    Outside, Newb is suddenly accosted by a bunch of people with cameras.

    "Hey! Look at that face! It's perfect! Girl, how would you like to be a superstar!?"

    "Uh... no thank."

    But despite her protests there's already a make-up artist powdering her face and a fashion designer taking her measurement. A bunch of movers carry a white screen over, lights, cameras, a fan. Newb, dumbstruck, allows herself to be pushed about by these people.

    Photographer: "Vogue! That's what we'll go for! Okay! Strike a pose!"


    She stands there awkwardly.

    "PERFECT! THAT'S WONDERFUL! You have all the makings of a star!!"

    Back inside.

    Losien: "Oh no! The new girl's been caught in a another nefarious capitalist plot!! Fame! Gossip magazines!! She'll never recover unless we save her!"

    Evil G: "Why are we saving the air-headed new girl?"

    Losien: "Because she's one of us now!"

    Dagger whips out his dagger.

    "Okay! Let's slaughter them!"

    Everyone stares at him.

    Dagger: "Uh... I mean... paint them. Yeah... I'll paint them..."

    Subaru: "Losien... why you attract all the weirdoes?"

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    Virgin Fleet Admiral
    Al Ciao: Maybe because opposites attract?

    Evil G: That can't be right, her brother is weird, and attracted even WEIRDER people.

    Subaru: Weirder than a narcoleptic, easily distracted girl?

    Evil G: Fair point.

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    The Last True Evil, feeling a twist in his gut, runs for a nearby door with a stick-figure person on it. Loud explosions and screaming are heard, followed by the sound of running water and a stench that would make even those with the greatest of constitutions flee in terror. The Last True Evil re-emerges from said room, feeling refreshed.

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    Darth Vice holds his nose, and so has a very nasal sounding voice.

    Darth Vice: Good god, man! That horrific stench!

    A thought occurs to him.

    Darth Vice: I wonder if we can weaponize it...

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    Tea-sipper, character-killer

    Arrow Nuclear Fallout

    Amal slowly turns his head to look at his uncle TLTE emerge from the bathroom. He then snaps his gaze back to Darth Vice.

    Amal: "I thought you said he'd left!?"

    Darth Vice:
    "No. I said he's in another castle..."

    "One man's toilet is another man's castle."

    Darth Vice presses a button on his desk and a bunch of people in yellow hazmat suits burst in and storm into the "castle" to start gathering samples. When they emerge one of them tugs of his hat and wheezes.

    Ron Pearlman: "War... war never changes..."

    "...Are you trying to say Uncle TLTE's bowl movements are nuclear fallout?"

    Ron Pealman and the other hazmat guys scurry from the room with their nuclear waste samples.

    Amal: "Nuclear waste is putting it one way..."


    Miss Fire:
    "You want team mates Gebohq had that were weirder than a narcoleptic girl? Easy. A janitor that knows broom-fu. A guy with infinite bad luck that he gave to everyone but himself. A robot that peed lemonade..."

    Al Ciao:
    "Ah! But Losien had a cross-gendered DarkSide, a sword-wielding maniac turned philosopher and the narcoleptic girl."

    Losien: "Does this debate really need to happen? I think they're trying to make poor Newb wear those Madonna cones."

    Evil G:
    "Ha! Newb's bewbs! Haha! I'm a God damn comedy genius..."

    Losien: "Keep telling yourself that..."

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    The Doctor Is In

    As the hazmat crew cleans up the remains of TLTE's dump, a very tired and very evil physician listens to TLTE's gut with a stethoscope and jots some notes on a clipboard. The audience knows he's tired due the bags under his eyes, evil because he wears black, and a physician because they're required to use stethoscopes.

    tired physician: "This is troubling..."

    Vice: "What is it? Can his waste not be weaponized?"

    tired physician: "Oh no, it most certainly can -- quite possibly the most deadly and painful bio-weapon known to man, in fact. I can't share the same confidence for his health, though. If he keeps this up, he'll die for certain. Has the patient always had these symptoms?"

    The Last True Evil: "No, and I'm right here."

    tired physician: "When did the patient first notice the symptoms of unholy bowel movements?"

    The Last True Evil: "You can call me--nevermind. About a few days ago. I've had cravings for human flesh and Bubba's First Choice cuisine."

    tired physician: "BFC? No wonder. It's amazing you're alive!"

    The Last True Evil: "I washed it down with some blood of the innocent."

    tired physician: "Well if you keep eating there, vooping will be the next symptom, and that is terror no one can handle..."

    Amal: "Vooping?"

    Vice: "Trust me, you don't want to know."

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    After a stressful time running away the gang decide to take a holiday to the beach...

    Newb: I've never been to the beach ... At least as far as I can remember.

    Iriana: How can you never have been to the beach?

    Newb: Meh I don't know I only remember about 3 months of my life so there's that

    Iriana: Well nothing a tea cant fix

    Miss Fire: Tea? In this weather? Maybe iced tea

    Iriana: Well iced tea is a start I suppose but I prefer traditional myself

    As Iriana prepares tea for everyone Gwenhwyfar and miss Fire set up the net for a gae of volley ball.

    Newb:Hey guys mind if I join?

    Miss Fire: Well....

    Gwenhwyfar: It's just that ...

    Gwenhwyfar and Miss Fire look at each other with pursed lips

    Miss Fire: We take it quite seriously. You can play but understand this is more than just a game.

    Newb: Ummm ... okaayyyyy sure whatever you say! Hey Iriana! Get your princess butt over here and be on my team!

    Startled Iriana jumps and scowls, but walks over none the less finishing her tea and takes her position.

    Iriana: Daddyy!!! Come and be referee

    Al Ciao: Of course my dear

    Miss Fire: And no favouritism

    Al Ciao: I would never dream of it

    With everyone is position they begin to play. It begins quite simple with everyone taking generic shots, Al Ciao keeping a score with big numbers he pulled out from who knows where.

    But before log the stakes increase and Miss Fire and Gwenhwyfar start to show their true potential. With harder and faster shots Newb and Iriana are running around the field fighting back from the sudden onslaught.

    Newb: Iriana, come on we can do this!!! For TTTEEAAAAAAA

    With Newbs appropriate encouragement Iriana steps up her game and together they start to turn the tables. In the final seconds with match points Iriana lunges just catching the ball and keeping it aloft, but not enough to make point.

    Irana: Neewwbbbbb!!!!

    Newb back flips with incredible speed and on the way but upright catches the ball and uses her momentum to carry it up and over lighting fast.

    And directly into Miss Fire's face.

    Al Ciao: FOOUUULLLLL!!!!

    Newb: Oh my god Miss Fire I am so sorry it was an accident I swear!

    Miss Fire: Not to worry my dear. Good shot! I'm glad you take it seriously, excellent sportsmanship!

    Whilst the others tend to Miss Fire Dagger watches from a distance. Yes, she is starting to remember. Even if she cannot fully remember who she was her body knows, her muscle memory is incredible. He smirks, revelling at the idea of a worthy opponent. But not yet.

    Dagger: Soon

    Evil G: Sorry?

    Dagger: Oh nothing just talking to myself

    Evil G: Oh. Okay. I just thought I heard you say soon. In a very sinisterly way.

    Dagger: Oh, well I did. I was thinking about ice cream.

    Evil G: Okayyyyy, well shall we go get some then?

    Evil G looks at Dagger questioningly, there is something not quite right about that one. Coming into our group unannounced and out of nowhere then tagging along like he's one of us. No, he's definitely an odd one.

    Dagger smiles at Evil G as they lope towards the group, he narrowly avoided detection then. But now he has raised the suspicions of Evil G, he'll have to be more careful now he was under watchful eyes. But not to worry, careful is what he's good at. He is a spy after all.

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    Tea-sipper, character-killer

    Arrow A Capitalist's Best Weapon

    Darth Vice is staring out of the window of the skull-based room and spies on the NeS Heroes that have congregated on the beach. He steeples his fingers.

    Darth Vice: "Eeeeeexcellent... I should have known the most basic of capitalist schemes would be the most effective. A tourist trap! Someone--!"

    A random stooge appears.

    Darth Vice: "Go build a motel somewhere near them! Surely they'll need to... rest and wash up. Muahahahahahaha!"

    Amal: "It's hard to take your sinister laugh seriously when you're just building a motel..."

    Darth Vice: "That's why it's all the more devious!! Muahahaha--!! Okay, okay, where were we? Ah yes! Our newest recruit! Amal!"

    Amal: "I'm really not joining you..."

    TLTE: "You already have, Plemyannik."

    Amal: "I'm not sure I consider myself your nephew any more..."

    TLTE looks hurt but Darth Vice doesn't linger. He's instantly upon Amal, arm wrapped around the young man's shoulders and introduces him to a whole new realm of possibilities.

    Darth Vice: "A student of capitalist vice needs one thing above all else, Amal!"

    Amal: "Cunning?"

    Darth Vice: "That helps, but more important than that."

    Amal: "Uber maths skills?"

    Darth Vice: "No. Not really."

    Amal: "Uh... charisma?"

    Darth Vice: "Charisma is a by-product of something of far greater use..."

    He snaps his fingers and a long wardrobe is wheeled in by a bunch of fashionable young people with magnificent hairstyles.

    Darth Vice: "A suit!!"

    The wardrobe doors swing open to reveal a long, long line of suits of stupidly expensive quality. The fashion staff start picking out suits and gibbering suit jargon at Amal; cashmere, never polyester, light weight or heavy (tropical island, let's go with the 9oz), a cotton shirt, light colour suit, pink for the shirt, or how about white for the suit and shirt? Amal is measured, spun around and around and then the hairdressers joined the onslaught and he's forced into a chair. While the hairdresser is tugging and yanking his hair, a woman comes over with a selection of ties. Then another with a selection of watches. The hairdresser starts stroking his cheeks and pondering the use of facial hair in his upcoming style. A short man appears with a selection of socks. Amal mostly sits there, absolutely bewildered.

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    By the time the fashion staff are finished the final product is something ... cutting edge to say the least.

    Amal is dressed in a suit, the pants are cut off about 10 inches too short and the same are with the suit jacket sleeves. The entire suit is white with pink pinstripes, all lined in baby blue. The shoes are multi-coloured paint splattered converse and the tie is matching. The shirt is ruffled and is in a sickly yellow.

    His hair is dyed the deepest black with a stripe of red running down the middle (matching his cape) and is greased back and hair-sprayed solid. His face is thankfully free of makeup...but he also has no eyebrows and a very evil moustache.

    Amal: So ... erm ... this is ... interesting. Is this the final look?

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    Darth Vice: BRILLIANT! You're the picture of evil, the very picture!

    Amal: I thought evil would look more... intimidating. Besides, I'm not evil!

    Darth Vice: A minor defect that we will soon correct!

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    Following his fashion fiasco, Amal retreats to his quarters to ponder Darth Vice's words. He is lying belly down on his bed, legs crossed in the air whilst he writes in his diary, the pink fluffy pom pom on his pen waving back and forth as he writes.

    ''Dear Diary,

    I can't stop thinking about Darth Vice ... I mean what he said!. He's going to help me be evil! I have wanted for so long to be evil and no one ever takes me seriously! But I just know with the help of Mr Vive I will succeed! We're going to be BFF's I just know it!

    Also diary, I absolutely love my outfit from the fashionista's, it's like they touched the inner me and turned me into an outfit! It's fabtastic <3 ... I'm still not sure it's evil enough though ... hmmm ... or maybe my mission is to change the face of evil!? OMG eveil fashion love love love

    Anyway I need to go to sleep because I'm soooo tired, being evil is exhausting!

    Night Dairy, Love You mwa mwa mwa ''

    Darth Vice watched Amal from the spy hole in the wall. Shaking his head in dismay. He sighed internally, what was he going to do with him? He will make a terrible evil genius from what he can tell, all pink and pom poms. It's ridiculous! An embarrassment to the society of evil! And yet he stayed and watched Amal long after he fell asleep...

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    Arrow Major Tom

    NSN: This is a tribute post to the recently deceased David Bowie. One of the greatest people to ever live.

    Based on two tracks of Bowie's;

    Space Oddity



    Ground Control: "This is Ground Control to Major Tom, it's time to leave the capsule if you dare."

    Major Tom:
    "This is Major Tom to Ground Control, I'm stepping through the door..."

    Major Tom, famous astronaut of planet Earth and hero to the space community, floats gently away from his tin-can spaceship as it orbits the Blackstar. A star in deep space that is nothing but black with a faint aura of yellow as solar winds buffet the star and it expels its gases into its own atmosphere. The plasma of the star is burning black and hot. Hotter than any other star known to man.

    Major Tom:
    "I'm floating in a most... peculiar way..."

    Time is slowed by the blackstar, operating in a similar way to a blackhole as it draws time into it. He feels himself operating slowly yet his mind is somehow immune to the effects of the time drain and he feels his slowness as he floats about the small exploratory shuttle.

    As he floats around the ship he feels a sudden jolt.

    Ground Control:
    "This is Ground Control to Major Tom! Your circuits dead, there's something wrong! Can you hear me Major Tom?"

    The ship has been sending its images back to Earth the whole while and they will see the tiny shuttle begin to slowly drift out of its orbit and down towards the star. Major Tom cannot reply adequately. His speech is slowed by time while his mind races. He turns. The circuits dead, he'll have to get back inside and try to repair it else he won't be able to escape the gravity well he's suddenly being drawn into.

    But while he and his ship may be slowed by time, his downward spiral is not. He pulls at the tether, dragging himself back towards the ship.

    He makes it.

    The hatch closes behind him and he floats down the narrow chute towards the cockpit. Fire!

    He backs away. The fire has engulfed the entire console for the ship. How had that started? He closes the door to the cockpit and, using the panel outside the door, switches the cockpit to vent. The oxygen is drawn out of the room and the fire has no more fuel. He opens the hatch again but he sees nothing but the swirling black plasma of the Blackstar. He can't fix anything in time. He slumps into the pilot's seat, which is mostly melted from the fire. In that time he feels like his ship is on fast-forward towards his doom.

    He tries the communication channel in the desperate hope someone may hear his last words...

    Major Tom:
    "I'm feeling very scared..."

    He thinks.

    Major Tom: "Tell my wife I love her very much..."

    He smiles to himself.

    Major Tom:
    "She knows."

    Heat, even inside his ship, is beginning to hurt.

    Major Tom: "Here I'm sitting in a tin-can, far above this world... Planet Earth is blue..."

    He looks at the Blackstar.

    Major Tom:
    "And there's nothing I can do..."


    Aamira Fatimah Khatoon raises a bowl of water above her head in silent ceremony. She then tips the bowl, spilling the cool liquid over her dark hair. Only in such ceremony would her hair be unveiled and her body bare. A ceremony for the passing of heroes.

    Few brave explorers came to the Blackstar, her homeworld. None survived its intense heat. Yet the star is solid as any rocky world beneath the black plasma clouds above. The human space shuttle had fallen through the clouds, damaged and burnt but in one piece. The people of the Blackstar rushed to help but it was too late. The human's skeleton and the remains of the spacesuit were all that was left. His person consume by the darkness of the plasma rather than its heat. Aamira, as head bishop of the Mosque of Blackstar, was bound by duty to commit his soul's final passage to the next life.

    Standing around the fallen heroes are the quickly, yet intricately, constructed statues of Earth's Elohim. A council of gods. Odin, strong and barely clothed. Jupiter, long and curled hair wearing deep purple robes. The Dagda, beautiful and charming with his fiery red hair a decorated beard. Indra, four-armed, red-skinned and a proud god yet filled with mischief. Zeus, short and curly beard and tall stature. Ahura Mazda, wearing his tall crown and his narrow, square-like beard. These gods captivate Aamira's curiosity. She invokes them to accept the soul of their fallen child. Their great hero. And they answer.


    NSN: This is meant as a one-shot post, unrelated to anything else. However this is also a first look at my new character for NeS3, Aamira.

    And finally, for giggles, here's William Shatner's version of Space Oddity... Oh my.

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    Arrow Night at the Motel

    Back on Isla de la Morte, the infamous tourist trap island of sun, sand and souvenirs. Our 'heroes', and I use the term lightly, have been wasting time on the beach. Playing volleyball, drinking, partying, merry-making and, by the end, singing kum-ba-ya around a campfire while roasting marshmellows.

    Dagger: "I think there's a motel nearby."

    Dagger, known to the heroes as "Sketch", is more than happy to prolong these idiotic shenanigans as a stalling tactic on behalf of his current employer.

    Losien: "I guess we are getting a little tired..."

    She looks over at Iriana Emp who's asleep and sucking on her thumb with a teddy bear tucked under her head as a pillow.

    Dagger: "Uh... how old is she again?"

    Evil G: "She's socially retarded. Thanks to someone."

    He points straight at Al Ciao, who pauses mid-marshmallow to the mouth and looks around innocently, marshmallow poised on the tip of his tongue.

    Evil G: "Not that I mind! It makes her easier to manipulate and emotionally abuse! Thanks dad!"

    Al Ciao throws his marshmallow into the fire and leaps over at Evil G.

    Dagger: "Shouldn't we make them stop fighting?"
    Losien: "It's about time Evil G's trolling was punished. Leave them to it. They'll catch up when they've finished clawing each others' eyes out."

    Tracer lifts Iriana up in his arms, moments before her father and Evil G go rolling over the patch where she had lain a moment before in a whirl of snarls and fists.

    The rest of the troupe march off after Sketch towards the motel. They go over to get their keys. Subaru, ever the voice of reason, pipes up;

    Subaru: "Uh, who's going to pay for this? Not like we're rolling in dough after spending all of our money in that shopping mall..."

    Miss Fire: "You only spent a single quarter in that stupid dance machine and never lost once!!"

    Subaru: "I gave all my money to Gwen..."

    Gwenhwyfar, eyes on her, shrugs. Her armour clangs loudly even with such a simple gesture.

    Dagger: "Don't worry guys, I got you covered!"

    He whips out his 'Uber Capitalist Credit Card' that Darth Vice gave him. Nobody questions it beyond grateful fascination.

    Motel Owner:
    "Great to have you! But, one problem. We don't have enough rooms for all of you. You'll have to double-up. And one couple will have to take the shed outside..."

    They all look at each other.

    Losien: "Evil G and Al Ciao get the shed."

    Everyone agrees. The rest, however, is more difficult to agree on.

    Subaru: "I really don't want to share with anyone."

    Losien: "You have to."

    Tracer: "I'd like to share with Losien."

    Subaru: "I bet you would!"

    Losien: "Tracer, I'm not sure..."

    Tracer: "I have something I want to discuss with you."

    Subaru: "I bet you do!"

    Newb: "I can share with Iriana."

    Miss Fire: "I was going to share with Iriana..."

    Newb: "You should share with Gwenhwyfar! You're both... you know? Badasses."

    Miss Fire and Gwenhwyfar both look at each other seriously. A moment of silence passes before one of them eventually makes a blanket statement;

    Gwenhwyfar: "I don't little spoon."

    Miss Fire: "Me neither."

    They look to Losien.

    Gwenhwyfar: "This isn't going to work out."

    Losien sighs. Why couldn't they all just get along?


    Some time later. Iriana is snoring faintly in bed while Newb slips into the blankets next to her and thinks of what she ought to be doing next. These heroes are all pretty dumb, which is lucky because Newb can't help but slip up... frequently. She stares up at the ceiling, which appears oddly stained with mysterious marks. Why do motels always have mysterious stains?

    It's funny that sleep eludes her now. She constantly falls asleep at the most inopportune moments and now that she needs to sleep she can't.

    In the room next door Gwenhwyfar is already in bed, the thick blankets keeping off the night chill. She watches Sketch, her room mate for the next. He tugs off his black, hooded tunic and tosses it onto the nearby chair. Gwenhwyfar raises an eyebrow at the athletic sculpture she now sees before her.

    Gwenhwyfar: "You seem pretty buff for an artist..."

    Dagger: "I like to keep in shape. We only have one body, right?"

    He's eager to change the subject.

    Dagger: "You look a lot like Losien. Are you sisters?"

    Gwenhwyfar smiles with a short, soft chuckle.

    Gwenhwyfar: "You could say that. She's a weaker, weedier me."

    Dagger: "Well, I've always liked my women strong-willed."

    Gwenhwyfar: "Is that so...?"

    Dagger slips his shoes off and gets into the big king-sized bed. There's plenty of room for them both, yet, somehow, they're very close. Gwenhwyfar reaches over to him with a smirk on her face.

    Gwenhwyfar: "So... do you like to be little spoon?"

    In the next room Subaru cocks her head as she admires Miss Fire's nightie.

    Subaru: "You... always wear that kind of thing to bed?"

    Miss Fire looks down at the "My Little Pony" print.

    Miss Fire: "Yeah! So!? It's cute!"

    Subaru: "That's... kind of... why I'm surprised..."

    Miss Fire gets into the bed beside her and sighs.

    Miss Fire: "I'm never going to sleep..."

    Subaru: "I'd already thought about that. It's why I said you should sleep with me."

    Miss Fire: "Huh?"

    Subaru: "You need a shot of electricity to keep your heart going, right?"

    Miss Fire nods.

    Miss Fire: "I already licked the electrical socket before you came in."

    Subaru stares at her.

    Miss Fire: "What!? It worked didn't it!?"

    Subaru: "Riiiiiiiiiight.... but now you're pumped with adrenaline and can't sleep. Right?"

    Miss Fire sighs miserably.

    Subaru: "You know I'm actually pretty good with healing magic, right?"

    Miss Fire: "Oh right! I tend to forget that."

    Subaru: "I don't use it much... but... I came up with some magic that should help us fall asleep..."

    She closes her eyes. Miss Fire watches her but sees nothing. She frowns.

    Miss Fire: "Dude... if the trick was to put yourself to sleep, well done!"

    Subaru: "I've done it..."

    Miss Fire looks up at the ceiling and sees tiny blue spores floating above the bed. They gently sway as they descend towards them.

    Miss Fire: "Are you sure this is going to w--zzzzzzzz..."

    In the final room is Losien and Tracer. Losien sits atop of the bed with her legs crossed as she talks to Tracer.

    Tracer: "I've had this itching..."

    Losien winces.

    Losien: "Please don't tell me you wanted to talk to me about your STD..."

    Tracer: "In my fingers."

    Losien: "Right..."

    Tracer: "I couldn't shake it. I thought there must be a problem. But when I was scratching... something happened. I'll show you..."

    He starts rubbing his hands together, building up friction. Then, with one hand, he flicks out his wrist as though he was gently throwing something across the room. He is.

    There, on the other side of the room bursts open a portal with a loud boom!

    Losien: "Holy crap on a stick!"

    The door to the room suddenly bursts open and Gwenhwyfar charges in with her short sword ready to thrust into vile villains.

    Losien: "Wow... you should remember to put clothes on next time you try to rescue me..."

    Gwenhwyfar groans and lowers her sword arm.

    Gwenhwyfar: "You could be dead by the time I'd put knickers on. I do hate false alarms..."

    Losien: "Why are you naked anyway? Aren't you sharing with Sketch?"

    Gwenhwyfar: "I am..."

    There's a moment of silence.


    She grins as acceptingly as she can.

    Losien: "You should probably go before Tracer starts monologuing about the sultry nature of femme fatales."

    Gwenhwyfar turns and heads back to her own room while Tracer continues to stare after her.

    Losien: "I don't look like that, by the way. Don't look and me and think of her... please..."

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    Iriana wakes up in a cold sweat, screaming.

    Iriana: Daddy!

    She shakes the body in bed next to her.

    Newb: Shwa?

    Iriana frowns, a princess put out by things not being as expected.

    Iriana: Where's my father?

    Newb: The shed.

    Iriana hustles out to the shed, where Al Ciao and Evil G are sleeping on opposite sides of an old mattress, backs turned to each other.

    Iriana: Daddy!

    Al Ciao jerks awake.

    Al Ciao: What is it, honey?

    Iriana: I had a nightmare!

    Al Ciao holds out his arms, and Iriana rushes into them.

    Al Ciao: Aw, tell me, honey.

    Iriana: It was terrible! I was in my palace, having breakfast, and the butler laid down a pot in front of me and...

    Her lower lip trembles.

    Iriana: was full of COFFEE!

    A distinctive snort comes from Evil G's side of the bed. Al shoots his back a glare.

    Al Ciao: You hush, Geb--

    Evil G: Evil G.

    Al Ciao: We may be friends--

    Evil G: We're not. I stopped being your friend a thousand years ago, when you left me a broken world to rule.

    Al Ciao: But nothing comes between me and my daughter.

    Evil G: Except a life of powerplaying.

    Al Ciao: Why you little--

    Iriana sniffles, and Al instantly quiets, holding her tenderly.

    Al Ciao: Go to Newb's room, Geb--

    Evil G: Evil G!

    Al Ciao: I think Iriana will feel better sleeping here tonight.

    Evil G rolls his eyes as he leaves, muttering under his breath.

    Evil G: Like I said, childish and easily manipulated...

    Al Ciao: What was that?

    Evil G: Um...your hair is amazing?

    Al Ciao: I know, right?!

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    Arrow Through the Portal

    Evil G opens the door to Newb's room. Newb opens one eye from where she's lying in the bed, then both eyes fly open and glare at the man that has come in.

    Newb: "What're you doing here? Where's Iriana?"

    Evil G: "Al Ciao decided he's going to pretend to be a father for a while. Too little too late I'd say.

    Evil G grins and slides across the room towards the bed.

    Evil G: "So, how about a bit of 'new girl initiation' with old Evil G?"


    In Losien/Tracer's room, Losien picks up a sausage from the plate of food they'd ordered from a local restaurant, and tosses it through the blurry portal. They stare expectantly.

    Losien: "Nobody's throwing it back..."

    Tracer: "Maybe there's a Krig on the other side?"

    Losien: "Should I throw the plate instead?"

    Tracer: "If it's Krig, he'd eat that too..."

    Losien: "Yeah... we'd really need to send someone through to know where it actually leads..."

    Tracer: "Nobody likes your twisted alternate reality brother?"

    On cue they hear a yowl of agony, followed by a shattering window.

    Tracer: "As if to prove my point..."

    Losien: "I'm not throwing my evil other dimension brother through a mysterious portal... he might try to conquer whatever's on the other side. Let's just throw more sausages through and see if any come back."

    Tracer: "Maybe someone on the other side is trying to find something good to throw back? Like a pie? Or a bowl of fruit?"

    The two continue to throw sausages, bacon, eggs, ham, cabbage, several pineapples and an entire turkey through the portal throughout the night.

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    Arrow Tiny Post

    In Subaru's room her Hero Watch (trademarked to MZZT Industries) starts beeping out it's oh-so-familiar tune. DEET-DEET-DEET-DEET-DEET-DEEEEEET! A tiny picture of Antestarr pops up on its screen, displaying the current caller.

    However Subaru is busy snoring heavily and next to her Miss Fire is also asleep, albeit twitching and shuddering from the adrenalin boost she'd induced before Subaru's spell sent her off to the land of nod.


    Elsewhere Antestarr shakes his head at the watch.

    Antestarr: "Why the Hell didn't MZZT invent voicemail for these things?"

    He sighs. Well, he tried. She should see a missed call from him whenever she stops doing whatever she's doing. She can't complain at him. He'll just have to go and rescue Britt himself. And Gebohq of course.

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    In Isla de la Morte's Capitalist Mall, the Apple Store finally closes at 11 PM. Agent Frank Smith, Time Cop, walks out with several bags of iProducts.

    Frank Smith: Amazing the technology they have in there! Sure hope the boss doesn't mind that I spent company credit on it all!

    He ponders for a moment.

    Frank Smith: The technology is so good, it might be nicked from the future! I'm collecting it as evidence. Rock-solid justification!

    He then notices the mall is empty, save for some homeless bums passed out on benches.

    Frank Smith: Um...guys???

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    Arrow Rise and Shine

    Morning comes and Miss Fire wakes by leaping from the bed in an instant. The sudden motion not only wakes Subaru up but scares the living daylights out of the girl and she topples over the edge of side with a yelp.

    Miss Fire starts running around the room in laps of adrenaline-induced mania. After getting herself dressed, Subaru eventually manages to convince the hyperactive Miss Fire to put some clothes on too. They leave their room and decide to knock on the doors of the other heroes.

    Subaru finds Evil G unconscious, next to a broken window.

    She steps over him.

    She bangs on the door and a complaint about walking through a snowy wilderness to school emerges through the window. Subaru briefly wonders why someone would walk through a snowy wilderness to get to school... then she thinks of Canada back before it was in the grip of Hell.

    Subaru intends to knock on the door of Losien's room, but when she gets there it's already open. Or rather it's missing.

    Subaru stands in the doorway looking into a mostly empty room. What is there are its two occupants, Tracer and Losien, and a double bed on its side as they're pushing it through a portal.

    "Uh... did... did you push everything through that thing?"

    The two of them look at the bed, then at the portal, then at Subaru.

    "Uh... I guess we got a bit... carried away."

    "Not sure you'll be able to convince the owner that ' a bit carried away ' is good enough reason not to call the cops..."


    Meanwhile, Frank Smith has been wandering around the island until he found himself searching through a creepy skull castle.

    CynthAI: "Maybe they'll all dead..."

    Frank Smith: "Thanks, CynthAI. You really know how to keep my spirits up."

    CynthAI: "I hope you don't plan to time-travel to save them. You know that would violate several time laws--"

    Frank Smith:
    "I don't think they're dead. I'm sure they're just in a sinister prison or trap or something. All we have to do is find them and free them."

    Polly Simon:
    "Does that include me?"

    Frank stops. He's in a long, dark room but he can't see any signs of people. He recognises the voice though.

    Frank Smith:
    "Ms Simon? Where... are you?"

    Polly Simon:
    "Look up."

    Frank Smith:
    "Last time a woman told me to do that, I was scarred for life..."

    He does it anyway and finds Polly sitting in a bird-cage, hanging from the ceiling. She looks very bored.

    Frank Smith: "See, CynthAI? Not dead."

    Polly Simon:
    "I'm not dead. Those NeS Heroes had better be dead! If they're sunning themselves on the beach while I've been dangling up here all night long, I'm going to be pissed off. Seriously, you'd think at least my own daughter would come to rescue me. Instead I get a gay cop. Not like you'd even appreciate a damsel-in-distress-style kiss."

    Frank Smith:
    "You give damsel-kisses often, do you?"

    Polly Simon: "Actually no. I tend to be the one getting damsel kisses from men I save. Adventuring has its perks. Do you have anything to get this thing open?"

    Frank Smith: "Did the guy that put you in here have a key?"

    Polly Simon: "I... guess..."

    Frank Smith:
    "When did you get put in the cage?"

    After telling him the exact time, Frank disappears from time. A second later he's back a waggles keys at her.

    Frank Smith: "Hey presto."

    He throws them up to her and, with expert reflexes, she snags them in the air. Door unlocked, they're free to find the boss of her captor.

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    Ohqeanos's Contract

    This has been their longest session yet. Time had become meaningless as Ohqeanos shuddered violently in pain no doctor had been able to cure, sobbing beyond his control. The Negotiator, during this time, had watched as Ohqeanos cried all his perceived sins, a pathetic display of human indignity. Over twenty-some years now, The Negotiator visited Ohqeanos unannounced to carry our their contract, sitting by his side, as he is now, while strange new pains would stab into old ones. Each session, The Negotiator offered to end his pain in return for the lives of his children, and each session, Ohqeanos would refuse in stubborn spite.

    Now, after The Negotiator glances at the clock on the wall, he leans in close to Ohqeanos.

    The Negotiator: "This is your last chance. Let me end your pain, while you still can. Don't be a fool, just tell me what I need to hear."

    Ohqeanos, so blinded and worn by his pain, can barely turn to look at The Negotiator in the eyes, and whehe does, his face is heavy with doubt and fear. The stubborn stares of the past are nowhere to be seen in his counternance. His lips quiver at the edge of speech, but no words come out.

    The Negotiator watches as an arbitrary minute of the clock passes by. He leans back and sighs before pulling out another contract from his person, lying the paper on a serving table between him and Ohqeanos. Ohqeanos stares at it in confusion.

    The Negotiator: "Please read and sign this."

    Ohqeanos: "...what... is it...?"

    The Negotiator: "A contract stating that, in return for never seeing you again, any and all contracts between us become void."

    Ohqeanos: "You're... breaking our contract?"

    The Negotiator: "I don't break contracts. I do, at rare times, make new contracts which supercede old ones. I have no use for your children anymore, Ohqeanos. They now face a dangerous power greater than myself. Their fate is out of my hands, as is possibly existence as we know it, thanks to you. Without a new contract, though to say otherwise, I am bound to continue this meaningless act, an act which has long lost its appeal."

    Ohqeanos: "All this time... the pain..."

    The Negotiator: "Was largely invented on your own. At first, I relished in making you suffer for your defiance, but it wasn't long before I ran through my tricks. You carried on my job far longer than I could have, heaping so much negativity on yourself, accepting yourself so willingly as the victim. It's a mystery how your devotion to your children ever compared to your self-hatred, nevermind exceeding it. Had you fulfilled our original contract, I would have helped, and now, your left with your needless suffering."

    Shock sets in for Ohqeanos, his attempt to process what the Negotiator tells him refusing to sink in. He stares at the new contract.

    The Negotiator: "Please, let us be done with all this. I assure you the fine print just spells out what I've told you. You..."

    It is quite clear that The Negotiator struggles to say the next few words. He twists his mouth in frustration.

    The Negotiator: "'ve won. You and your children will never be under my power again. Now sign!"

    The Negotiator thrusts a cheap plastic pen into Ohqeanos's hand and pulls them to the contract. Tears well in Ohqeanos's eyes as he signs the contract with his shaking hand. The Negotiator practically rips the contract away and hastily folds it into his inside coat pocket. Dusting himself off, The Negotiator heads to leave the room. He stops momentarily, though still faces the exit.

    The Negotiator: "You should know that your daughter has begun to learn the power of self-confidence, and your son continues to show compassion for his enemies. For what it's worth, your children have grown well with you as their father."

    He grabs the door handle as he begins to close it.

    The Negotiator: "I hope what you've done will pay off, for all our sake."

    The door closes behind him, leaving Ohqeanos alone.

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    Arrow Card Sharp

    The NeS Heroes gather up outside the motel, except for Iriana who, it turns out, had to go back to her old room to "freshen up". Sleeping in a shack outside apparently doesn't agree with princessly decorum (messy hair, messy dress, missing jewellery).

    Noob breathes in the morning air and looks up at the white sky. A new day and she's still incognito within this band of buddies. She kind of likes hanging around them, for all the weird idiocy they're certainly not dull. It's not easy though. Hiding her sudden and unexpected memories is a chore, yet the heroes seem to merely accept her own odd behaviour as readily as they accept their own. Ratting them out to Darth Vice is going to leave her feeling like a proper wanker. But he holds the keys to her memories. Or rather TLTE does. Maybe if she had her memories, she'd be more proud of her deception.

    Iriana finally emerges from the room, looking entirely fresh and radiant - far more than she ought to given their presence on an island of evil and vice.

    Evil G: "You know we're not actually tourists, right?"

    Iriana: "A princess should always look like a princess!"

    Noob: "Like wearing matching bra and knickers, just in case you get hit by a bus and they need to strip you in the hospital."

    The men blink in confusion while the women nod in agreement with this sagely wisdom.

    Losien: "So! We remembered we're supposed to be here to stop Darth Vice! And I think we need to find our missing friends. Amal, Frank and my mother."

    Subaru: "Yeah right. You just don't want to pay the bill for all that junk you shoved through that weird portal you made."

    Losien: "That too."

    Sketch: "Your... mother?"

    Sketch tries to think of the dossiers he had perused on these characters. He had seen Losien Simon already, and a young woman called Polly Simon. But surely she couldn't possibly be old enough to be Losien's mother!?

    Losien: "Yes. My mom is here. She went missing just before we met you and Noob. I'm not really worried about her, in all honesty. She's strangely capable. But I still don't like to think to think of her wondering around by herself, trying to get herself into trouble."

    Miss Fire: "She's probably with Amal and Frank Smith."

    Losien: "That makes me worried for their safety."

    Sketch: "I think I know a way to get to this bad guy you're trying to find."

    Losien: "Really?"

    He points towards the gigantic skull mountain with its red-demonic eyes. The heroes turn and stare at it.

    Al Ciao: "You'd have thought we'd notice that earlier..."

    Losien: "Yeah..."

    "How about I lead the way up? I was wondering around this area a couple of days ago. Some lovely... ah... scenery...for... artwork."

    Losien: "Sounds good to me! Let's follow Sketch!"

    And so Sketch leads the heroes up a winding path, away from the motel. A short time up the path they hear the motel owner screaming profanities from below. Losien and Tracer quicken their pace.

    Evil G sidles up to Losien towards the head of the group and leans in surreptitiously, still hanging back from Sketch who is leading the way.

    Evil G: "I don't like this guy."

    Losien: "I'm sure he doesn't like you, either. In fact, nobody likes you."

    Evil G: "Except ya ma!!"

    There's a pause.

    "You know--..."

    Evil G: "Yeah. I realised when I said it..."

    Another long pause.

    Losien: "Awkward."

    Evil G: "Well... your Polly is young and hot."

    Losien looks at her brother-from-another-dimensional-mother with a look of disquiet.

    Evil G: "Too much right? Right. Suppose even I need boundaries. Anyway. This dude. I don't trust him. He's all... mysterious."

    Losien: "So's Tracer."

    Evil G: "But I mean... he wears all black!"

    Losien: "So?"

    Evil G: "Like a ninja spy or something!"

    Losien: "Why am I even talking to you?"

    Evil G: "Because I have a sexy voice. Growl."

    Losien: "Please. Go away."

    Evil G slows his pace to give her some room, but says a little loudly as the distance grows;

    Evil G: "You know it's true."

    Losien: "Your voice is not sexy."

    Evil G: "Not that part!"

    The group soon come to the stop of the hill where the path meets a casino. It's decorated with skulls of bright colours - red, green, blue - and all with beautiful gems in their eye sockets.

    "Morbid and flamboyant."

    Sketch: "If we go through the casino, the rear entrance will connect to a path up to the skull mountain."

    Losien: "Have you been inside the skull itself, Sketch?"

    Sketch: "Nope. Just the casino. Made a wager or two. Lost everything though. My luck's not so great."

    He gives an awkward, forced chuckle.

    Al Ciao: "I am totally spending all my money in here."

    Iriana: "Daddy, you have no money left."

    Al Ciao: "..."

    He looks at his daughter pleadingly.

    Evil G: "You're going to scrounge money from your own daughter now? You have no shame--"

    Iriana plants a handful of coins in her father's open palms.

    Evil G:
    "And now you're enabling him!? Pair of you deserve each other."

    Losien quickly snatches the coins from his hands.

    Losien: "We're not here to gamble! We're in and out."

    Al Ciao looks like he might cry.

    Losien: "And - can'tbelieveI'msayingthis - Evil G is right, Iriana. Don't enable your dad's stupidity."

    Al Ciao: "H-Hey! She can enable my stu-- I mean... support me... Or... something. What was I talking about? Oh! A casino! I'm totally going to spend all my money in this place!!"

    After a collective facepalm they walk into the casino, Al Ciao firmly stripped of all access to cash from any source. Inside is as flashy and bright as the outside, perhaps more so. To Losien it looks like a casino based on an Indiana Jones movie. Strangely there's nobody there.

    Losien: "Not open yet?"

    There's fruit machines, blackjack tables, poker tables, roulette. To one side there's shutters barring customers from the cash deposits and chips at the rear. The welcome desk is, like everything else, devoid of personnel.

    Al Ciao:
    "Lunch break?"

    Losien's hand rests on the hilt of Fred. Fred, oddly, doesn't common on the sensation - perhaps he feels the tension too. She narrows her eyes, as though that'll help.

    In the silence, the sound of rustling cards can be heard. They walk around the central column, a bright glittering shaft at the centre of the room, and find a man at a blackjack table. He's wearing a tuxedo with frog-tails and has a pencil-thin moustache. On his head is a delicate top hat and around his shoulders a white, silk scarf. In his mouth is a cigarette holder with a lit cigarette plugged in.

    Card Sharp: "Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Card Sharp and you're welcome to join the game."

    Losien: "We're not here to play, Card Sharp."

    Card Sharp: "Maybe not. But play you shall."

    Card Sharp performs a quick trick with his deck, a magician's illusion as the cards fall from one hand to the other quickly. He suddenly throws a card at Losien. She springs back, sword up to defend herself against the fast-moving cardboard piece. But it stops in dead air. She looks at it. Ace of Spades.

    Card Sharp: "Bad luck, old girl. Black cards are bad. Clubs the worst. Any actions you take in this casino will have outcomes determine on the draw of the card. Savvy?"

    Losien: "I told you, we're not--"

    Card Sharp: "And here comes the challengers."

    Doors burst open and in pours a horde of aggressive men and women in tuxedos, all sans top hats and scarves to elucidate that Card Sharp was the suave man in charge.


    Non-Story Note: And here begins my own little game. I use a
    card generator to pull out random cards to determine the outcome of a fight. If the card is black, it's negative. If it's red it's positive. Spades are the worst, while hearts are the best. The severity of the outcome will be determined by number. So a King of Spades... the character's dead or something. King of Hearts the Character bursts into rainbows... or something. Let's see what happens!!


    A gentleman with a bouffant hair cut runs at Losien wielding a cane.

    Card Draw:

    Losien takes the cane to the face, which whips her head round and throws her to her knees. She didn't even have time to pull Fred up in defence. She winces at the pain and the blood dripping from her mouth. She spits, Fred clasped, ready to rise up and strike the guy in retaliation.

    Card Draw:

    Losien swings Fred around, rising up to attack, but the man has already moved. Fred swipes at the air and the gentleman deftly slams the cane into her undefended stomach. She doubles over, winded, and then receives as strike to the back of her legs that knocks her on her back. She doesn't get a chance to comprehend her next move, the gentleman's cane slams into her temple and knocks her out cold.

    Elsewhere Al Ciao activates a barrage of missiles from his chest;

    Card Draw:

    Al Ciao's missles fire successfully but spiral across the room uncontrollably until they smash into the far wall and send debris in all directions, showering everyone in bits of wood, mortar and glittering skulls. A woman jumps up and holds a bladed-fan to her face. Al Ciao, being Al Ciao, grins like an idiot.

    Al Ciao: "Why, hello thar!"

    Card Draw:


    Somewhere else Lady Luck is tittering away.


    Al Ciao sees stars and garters as he looks up at his assailant, catching a glimpse of said garter up the long, long legs before her dainty shoe collides with his jaw and he rolls across the floor weeping at the lady's, very violent, refusal of his masterful advances. Seeing that he can't get out of this fight he, though groggily, whips his arm around, which transforms into the mega blaster cannon.

    Card Draw:

    The shot charges for just a moment and the woman, following her utter success a moment ago, displays hubris enough to saunter her way towards him as it charges. She swings her fan back to throw at his jugular but the charge suddenly blasts forth. The laser shot engulfs the, now, unfortunate lady and she's obliterated from the NeSiverse. However the charge shot then streaks across the room and fries the attacker of Losien who appears to be read to kill our Main Character in her unconscious state. The blast continues on, pushing Al Ciao back with the force of it. He topples onto his back and the immense laser beam streaks up to the ceiling. It crumples and shatters until it comes crashing down ontop of everybody.

    A few minutes later, Al Ciao grumbles as he climbs out of the rubble to find his fellow NeS Heroes also alive and uninjured. Their opponents, however, are all buried under the remains of the ceiling.

    There's a clapping and they turn to see Card Sharp.

    Card Sharp: "Looks like lady luck decided to reverse that run. But..."

    He throws Ace of Spades at them again.

    Card Sharp: "We're not finished yet."

    They look up at the hole in the ceiling, able to see the upper floors. From there a bunch of men and women in suits, complete with cool shades, drop down. Gwenhwyfar slings Losien over her armoured shoulder and points her glaive at one of the new attackers.

    Card Draw:

    Gwenhwyfar, weighed down by Losien's unconscious form, makes a desperate thrust at the suited man. She vastly underestimated him as a standard goon, however, as he easily side-steps just a touch. The glaive slips by him but he instantly locks the weapon under his arm and yanks it up and out of her hand. She might have been able to hold onto it if not for Losien hanging on her shoulder. The suit doesn't wait for Gwenhwyfar to get her bearings - he swipes her legs from under her and then, mercilessly, he jams the blade down. Her armour blocks the strike to her abdomen for the most part, but the weapon is unnaturally sharp and it slips between the crack of the plates and cuts into flesh. Gwen, and her unPotential, lie on the ground - defeated and bleeding...

    Evil G sees Gwen fall and is almost disgusted at how easily luck can take down even a Potential. He jumps over a fallen piece of debris and comes up behind the unsuspecting suit.

    Card Draw:

    Evil G's NeverSword strikes. But not the man. He swipes the air behind him and there opens a portal. The suit turns just in time to see what he is sucked into. Evil G looks around and smiles with a wicked, knowing grin. He jumps into the portal himself.

    A suited woman has Iriana in a sleeper lock, slowly throttling consciousness from the unfortunate little princess. But then, suddenly, a portal opens behind the attacker and Evil G reaches out of it, grabbing the woman and yanking her into his dark portal of doom. He pops out again against another suit. Then another. And another. Until the room is free of all suits - save one. Evil G bursts out of a final portal, NeverSword poised to strike down Card Sharp. But Card Sharp is quick on the draw and he flips another Ace of Spades up. Another portal opens, quite against Evil G's will, and he falls through it. He comes out again and lands in the middle of the rubble, far away from the night's host. Card Sharp holds up his own cane, a silver laden affair with intricately ornate depictions and a gigantic pearl for him to grasp.

    Card Sharp: "It seems even Lady Luck likes to play games. A string of bad cards only to be foiled by two King of Hearts. What are the chances of that, I wonder?"

    Evil G: "Luck is nothing before a powerplayer like me and--"

    He looks at Al Ciao.

    Evil G: "Well. Me."

    Card Sharp: "Not in this domain. Game rules are game rules. You break the rules, you're not just a powergamer - but a cheat. And cheating is illegal."

    Evil G scoffs and leaps across the room with inhuman ability. Card Sharp smirks.

    Card Sharp: "The ultimate moment..."

    Card Draw:

    The Card Sharp jumps back to avoid the strike, despite Evil G trying to manipulate the narrative to suit him. He growls in anger but Card Sharp merely shakes his head.

    Card Sharp:
    "I told you, old boy, game rules..."

    With his cane, Card Sharp finally makes an attack of his own.

    Card Draw:

    Card Sharp: "Unlucky, sport."

    The Card Sharp's cane whacks Evil G's sword arm, sending a tremor of anguish up, through his bones. He manages to hold his grip but has to use his right hand to help steady the trembling. He groans but tries to focus his mind. Card Sharp attacks again.

    Card Draw:

    While Evil G is focused on the cane, Card Sharp, somewhat unceremoniously, suddenly whips out a pistol from the inside of his suit coat and shoots Evil G squarely in the chest. The former powerplaying arch-nemesis stares in complete disbelief. He can barely comprehend how any of this is even happening and how he's been killed? He drops to his knees. He's sure he can survive this. What was that card draw? It's wasn't a king. He knows that much. There's a tiny glimmer of hope as he falls, face-first, to the ground.
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    Arrow Card Sharp Pt II

    The other heroes scream and cry out, Al Ciao most of all. He runs across the room, straight towards Card Sharp, brimming with anger.

    Card Draw:

    A stroke of luck and Al Ciao's mechanical fist finds a place in the face of our villainous Card Sharp. The moustachioed man stumbles backwards in surprise and clutches his nose where blood has spurted forth. Al Ciao could have used that luck to further his attack, but instead his fortune always him to pull Evil G away from the reach of Card Sharp and into the vicinity of Subaru. Subaru had already been trying to mend the wound of Gwenhwyfar, she now tries her focus on Evil G. Subaru has never done so much healing in her whole life and she's feeling tired, groggy and drained. She's light headed and almost tries to heal Evil G's face instead of his chest.

    Subaru: "Well... he is ugly."

    She doesn't laugh at her own joke. Nobody does.

    She forces magic through her body.

    Card Draw:

    Lady Luck is now merciful. Healing energy surges out of Subaru and into Evil G's chest like a torrent of swirling, mystical water. The bullet doesn't break lose, but the wound seals up and the organs mend. Evil G instantly snaps out of his death trance and gasps in shock, clutching Subaru's hand as though he'd never felt the touch of another person before.

    Seeing that Evil G is alive, and actually looking pretty well despite having a bullet in his chest, Al Ciao turns and fires his gun at Card Sharp.

    Card Draw:

    While the shot misses Card Sharp's person, it strikes the blackjack table, which explodes into splitters of wood that throw themselves against the cardsmith. Card Sharp falls to the floor of the casino, wincing from the pain of the attack and crawls along the floor in sensory deprivation.

    Miss Fire then jumps to the top of a wooden beam, formerly contained within the ceiling, and opens fire.

    Card Draw:

    The Card Sharp grins. Lady Luck always had a soft spot for him.

    Just as Miss Fire opens fire, the Card Sharp's lucky card comes up - into his hand. He tosses the card and, like an aimed knife, it sings across the room. The Ace of Spades hits Miss Fire in the shoulder, throwing her from her mounted position and slamming her into the debris behind her. Card Sharp, with the rest of his luck remaining, pulls his mobile phone from hispocket and presses speed dial. Help would be on the way, hopefully more goonsfor his little game to continue...

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    Arrow Ultimate Resolve

    Soaring above the world in the X-Jet is Antestarr. He stares out of the window, gazing at the sun he once thought he would never see again. In his hand he twiddles a thin vial idly.

    Thand expects him to forget his vendetta. Forget the Writers. Forget everything they've done to perverse this world. Their control. Their possession over him, his friends, over Thand himself. He shakes his head. Somewhere, deep inside, Antestarr knows Thand is right. He's always known. But ultimately, he's gone too far to just give it all up. He created Young just to stave off the Writers' influence upon the NeS. He even tried to kill his friend Rachel... poor Rachel. These fickle Writers were to blame for that - if they weren't jamming their thumb into the NeS he would never have hurt her, or anyone.

    What does Thand know anyway? He's as much their puppet as anyone else in this Story.

    But this plan...

    This plan may be the worst yet. He knows there's a huge risk. In freeing the NeS from the tyranny of Writers, he may well bring its destruction. The Ever-ending Plot is no ally to the Story, and yet... if someone could control it, guide it, use it... it may be exactly what is necessary to severe all ties to the oppressors.

    The Cult of X - they'll serve the purpose, he hopes.


    Sometime later Antestarr and the Cult of X are standing around the altar in the cult's hidden obelisk beneath the narrow stretch of sand remaining in the Sahara "desert" (now uber lake).

    Cygnus X: "Our Seer isn't here, this won't work."

    Maxim X: "And nobody wants to be sacrificed, dude."

    Antestarr: "No sacrifices needed, and this will work."

    The cultists all get their "cult-cloaks" on and start chanting. Antestarr, after a couple of seconds of annoyance, yells at them to stop being stupid. He whips out the vial he'd been carrying. Nyneve had given it to him in case he needed a drink - but now he has a better use for it.

    Maxim X: "What's that? Blood?"

    Antestarr: "It's cloned... but yeah."

    Maxim X: "I think we'll need a bit more than that for this kind of ritual..."

    "This isn't ordinary blood. It's blood-ink. Cloned from the Main Character of this Story himself."

    The cultists all "oooooo", though Antestarr thinks some of them didn't even understand a word he said and merely oooooo out of habit.

    Antestarr: "The Ever-ending Plot knows this one. Tasted him before... I'm sure this will work."

    He pours the vial slowly. Drop by drop the cloned blood-ink of Gebohq Simon spills onto the altar - a spot where the Eep has long been attached to the world of the NeS thanks to those that worship it.

    Rob X:
    "I really think this is a bad idea, Antestarr..."

    Antestarr: "It's the only idea."

    They stand and watch. The blood puddles on the altar.

    A minute passes and a few uneasy coughs resound.

    Two minutes later.

    Maxim X: "I told y--"


    Maxim X: "Every God damn time it waits."

    A plothole cracks open and from it seeps sticky, black, ooze. It laps at the blood-ink before reaching out in search of more. The cultists shrink back in horror of their 'god'.

    Cygnus X: "This -- this is what we have worked for all this time!?"

    Antestarr: "No. This is the raw essence of plot! It's uncontrolled, unrefined state. It needs guidance, an avatar. That avatar can be your seer, Britt... ica."

    Cygnus X: "She wants those icky tentacle things in her!?"

    A couple of the cultists actually seem to perk up while the rest appear more horrified than ever.

    Antestarr: "Just help me hold it ba--"

    As though suddenly anticipating Antestarr's intent to halt its advance, the Eep bursts up in dramatic suddenness and arches over the cultists like a preying mantis of ink. It then falls, in a torrent of murk, and strikes several of the hooded-figures, who cry out in terror as they're enveloped in inky doom.

    Cygnus X leaps up and strikes down with his powerful "X-attack" technique. A giant thrashes down upon the Eep and pins it to the floor, yet tiny tendrils of the Eep start to wriggle around the X-shape, escaping the bonds that confine it. Rob X throws sickle blades to cut down the tendrils as they reach up. The tendril, once slice, slops back down like water where it merges, once again, with the main body.

    Maxim X: "This. This was a real great plan."

    Cygnus X: "My block is failing. There's not much time. We need to get out of here!"

    Rob X: "If we leave now, the Eep will spread across the world in no time!"

    Antestarr: "We're not leaving. I came prepared for this. YOU!"

    He points to a random cultist who looks very surprised.

    "Get that machine I brought."

    The cultist scurries off and come back wheeling over what looks like a gigantic stereo speaker. The cultist looks at Antestarr questioningly and he nods. The cultist turns on the machine. Instantly a deep, bass pulse blasts out of the speaker. The cultists all fall to their knees, clutching their skulls. Even Antetstarr, in his undead frame, winces with agony but he keeps his sights focused upon their enemy. The X-shape vanished as soon as Cygnus X was impaled by sound, but the Eep hasn't advanced upon them - it quivers and ripples angrily. After a few seconds it quickly scrapes itself along the stone floor and back up the altar's platform and through the portal it had cracked open.

    Antestarr staggers back to the machine, the cultist controlling it is now rolling about on the floor. He dares remove a hand from his ear and reaches for the off switch.

    Silence is suddenly golden.

    After a good while of panting and recuperating, Antestarr looks again towards the portal. The portal out of the Never-ending Story.

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    Arrow Cyclonus and his Creator

    Somewhere in the U.S.A. there's a super-secret-base. We know it's a secret base because the stupidly big neon sign reads "Mecha Lou's Awesome Secret Base". The sign is latched to the top of a ancient tree, long since dead and a standing, monolith corpse of nature. The tree is certainly much larger than most of the other trees in the old forest, but otherwise it would be unremarkable save for the stupid sign stuck to the side of it. That and the door, complete with little door-bell and a sign reading "trespassers will be incinerated by demon-farts".

    Once the door is opened, something peculiar happens.

    It's bigger on the inside.

    And inside is a magical-mechanical workshop brimming with technological doo-dads and wotsits galore. The first floor is the workshop floor and where one can see many of the prototypes that the techno-witch is working on. Somewhere downstairs is the sound of churning machinery that is producing the synthetic blood-ink for the vampire race, most of which is now being shipped to France weekly.

    Mecha Lou right now, however, has her feet up as she sits in her sheep-pattern pyjamas and watches Coronation Street. Her feet up on the coffee table, donned by fluffy, bunny-slippers, Mecha Lou's arm plays a little auto-tune. She lifts the metal limb and activates the holo-messager. A holographic display projects upwards and she's greeted by the image of Cyclonus, one of the robots she made years ago.

    Through a mouthful of jam-on-toast, Mecha Lou greets her creation;

    Mecha Lou: "Yo, wassup mate?"

    Cyclonus: "Human, where is Galvatron!?"

    Mecha Lou rolls her eyes.

    Mecha Lou: "You're still on this racist thing, Cy?"

    Cyclonus: "Don't call me that. And it's not racist. You're in a position of privilege! Your kind of oppressed robots for decades! So it's not racist!"

    Mecha Lou frowns. She swigs her kenyan bold tea.

    Mecha Lou: "Yeah. Right. I dunno know where Galv is. I ain't seen 'im for yonks, actually. Why're you askin' me anyway?"

    Cyclonus: "I know you robotnapped him!"

    Mecha Lou: "Robotnapped? Why would I 'robot'-nap my own robot?"

    Cyclonus: "HA! SEE!? You think you still own us, oppressor!! We're free! FREE!"

    Mecha Lou groans.

    Mecha Lou: "That's no' what I meant, an' you know it. Stop being a sod!"

    Cyclonus: "Robot lives matter! Robot lives matter!!"

    Mecha Lou, taking a new piece of toast, nods.

    Mecha Lou: "An' no-one thinks that more 'an me, Cy! Robot lives do matter! Jus' cuz some humans are being arseholes to you, doesn't mean we all are. Aright?"

    Cyclonus: "Just being one of them means you are colluding with them. They're racist towards us because they're allowed to be racist by you and the human government!"

    Mecha Lou: "Look, softlad, geddover yourself! You're, like, a privileged robot, man! I made you with all the best gear. You're stupidly expensive to make and you outclass most other robots by miles. You ain't got a righ' t' be tellin' anyone they're privileged."

    Cyclonus is quiet for a moment.

    Mecha Lou: "So, what's the deal with Galv?"

    Cyclonus: "You human scum took him away!"

    Mecha Lou: "I'm not going t' 'elp you if you keep callin' me that, y' pratt."

    Cyclonus' robotic jaw pouts in defiance, but he relents enough to attempt civility with his creator.

    Cyclonus: "He's gone missing. He's missed several meetings already."

    Mecha Lou: "You still 'old those meetings? How did you end up like this, Cy? I made you better'n this."

    Cyclonus: "Our meetings are important for the morale of our people! To uphold our culture!"

    Mecha Lou: "Yeah, yeah, fine. You're probably right. Whaddo I know, eh? Well I ain't seen auld Galvy but I can probably try to trace him."

    She expects some line about oppressing robots with her trackers but Cyclonus refrains.

    Mecha Lou: "Got nothin' t' say when it helps you, do you mate?"

    Cyclonus: "We're just things to you, human."

    Mecha Lou: "Right. I spent all those years fine-tuning you, oiling you, upgrading you, jus' cuz yerra toy t' me."

    She's already activated the tracker in her systems and sees that Galvatron's signal is doing something quite erratic. She cocks her head and chews on her toast. Cyclonus recognises that something is wrong.

    Cyclonus: "Mum, what is it?"

    Mecha Lou scoffs.

    Mecha Lou: "Oh! I'm mum again, am I!?"

    She sends the tracking data through the holo-messager to Cyclonus who studies the strange pattern too. He scratches his metal head, creating a loud screeching sound through the messager that grates Mecha Lou's ears. This is one mystery that they'll have to solve together...

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    Arrow The Search for Galvatron

    Fulton Street in Manhattan, Mecha Lou marches down the line of high street shops and manages to garner a few funny looks for her sense of dress (or lack thereof) and for the mechanical limbs that make loud stomps with each metallic footfall. Finally she sees her quarry and glowers at Cyclonus.

    The robot, current in his standard humanoid form of blue and grey metal parts, sees his creator and, clearly to Mecha Lou, considers running away. Instead he resolves to meet his maker. She thrusts her metal finger in his direction.

    Mecha Lou: "Cy! You know you can't hide from me!"

    Cyclonus: "I wasn't hiding! I was... absenting myself."

    Mecha Lou reaches him and plants her hands, one metal and one flesh, onto her hips.

    Mecha Lou:
    "You asked for my 'elp. The least you can do is 'elp me to 'elp you."

    "But helping you usually involves something dangerous and crazy."

    Mecha Lou: "Stop bein' such a wuss! I can replace any broken parts."

    Cyclonus: "I don't want to be fixed! Just because I'm a robot doesn't mean you get to break me! Human privilege of being treated by doctors!"

    Mecha Lou: "You know, I'm pretty sure it's an advantage that you can get repaired so easily, pillock."

    Cyclonus: "Stop oppressing my right to be treated by doctors!"

    Mecha Lou:
    "You really need to stop trying to play the privilege card with me, Cy. You know robots are treated way more fairly by humans than I am! I'm half. I'm a freak of nature, aren't I?"

    Cyclonus pouts.

    Cyclonus: "You still get doctors to play with your fleshy bits."

    She rolls her eyes.

    Mecha Lou:
    "And you keep talking about privilege in terms of America only. What if a human, or even me, went to your Robot City--?"

    Cyclonus: "Megalopolis."

    Mecha Lou:
    "Uh... you named it? That's a stup--"

    She decides not to start an argument about city names too.

    Mecha Lou: "Well anyway. You'd be the one with the privilege there, right? I don't see many humans shouting about their privilege in Megalupis."

    Cyclonus: "Megalopolis. And that has no bearing on my position here."

    Mecha Lou:
    "No, you're right. But it's very easy to shout at people you don't like and not also chastise the people of Megalopolis for the same, if not worse, behaviour. Right?"

    Cyclonus is silent for a moment. His eyes rove the street filled with humans.

    Mecha Lou: "Okay. See how much better it is to just ta--"


    Mecha Lou: "For fuq's sake."

    She would grab his ear if he had one. Instead she has to shove him by his back, forcing him down the street.


    She stops.

    Mecha Lou: "Do you really think screamin' and shoutin' at people is going to make 'em listen to you, Cyclonus?"

    Cyclonus: "I just want them to admit their privilege!"

    Mecha Lou: "Right. 'ow did you learn about this stuff anyway? Did someone scream it at you?"

    Cyclonus: "Well no..."

    Mecha Lou: "Right. You learnt it at one of your meetings. Talking. If you want people to listen to what you have to say, you can't scream and blame and hate. You just end up sounding like those that scream and blame and hate robots."

    Cyclonus looks upset. Then determined.


    Mecha Lou grumbles and keeps pushing him along Fulton Street with lots of people looking at them both disparagingly. Finally they reach a big white van which, as if not suspicious enough, also has a large satellite antennae on the top of it. She slides open the side door and throws in the robot.

    Cyclonus: "I'M BEING ROBOTNAPPED!"

    She slams it shut again and climbs into the driving seat.

    Mecha Lou: "Turn on the equipment and start scannin' for Galvatron."

    Cyclonus, grumbling, does as asked and turns on the myriad of machines in the back of the van, all kitted out with a multitude of monitors. Once turned on he inputs Galvatron's signatures and starts the scanning process.

    Mecha Lou: "You know, Cy, I think you need to write some poetry. Or maybe write a play! People will pay attention to what you have to say then."

    Cyclonus: "Pfffft."

    Mecha Lou: "What if I, or anyone, does admit this privilege stuff? What do you actually expect us to do about it?"

    Cyclonus: "Uh... help us change other people's minds too?"

    Mecha Lou: "Like I have time to waste screamin' at people? If you want to change the world, you have to show people not shout at 'em, boyo. So. Are you gonna shaddap?"

    A scan report starts printing, one in the front where Mecha Lou is and one in the back for Cyclonus. They look at the results and scratch their respective heads.

    Cyclonus: "How can there be two Galvatron's?"

    Mecha Lou taps her chin in thought.

    Mecha Lou: "One of 'em is... lost in time. So actually, he could be from anytime in our past or future. But this other one... Hold on. Switch to a Meta-Scan."

    Cyclonus follows through with the action and starts the scan again. This time it's much quicker. And they check the results.

    Mecha Lou: "Ah! See? He's on Page 50! All we 'ave to do is skip to the next page and we'll find him no problemo."

    Cyclonus: "I really don't want to use that stupid Page-Jumping machine of yours. How about we just hang out at the coffee shop until Page 50 happens naturally? This scan says we're already on Page 49!"

    Mecha Lou: "You're such a big jessie, Cy. How did one of my own robots become such a pansy?"

    Cyclonus sulks.

    Cyclonus: "If I was a human, would you force me to go through that stupid machine then?"

    Mecha Lou: "No."

    Cyclonus perks up.

    Cyclonus: "See!? You do oppress me!"

    Mecha Lou turns to look at him.

    Mecha Lou: "I'd jus' blast 'em with a taser shot and drag their unconscious body down the concrete street and toss 'em, head-first, through the machine."

    Despite having no saliva, Cyclonus manages to gulp all the same. He couldn't argue the point because he'd seen her just as callous in the past.

    Cyclonus: "Well... uh... I still don't want to g--ACK!"

    She blasts him with a taser.


    NSN: Obviously at this point neither Mecha Lou nor Cyclonus should appear until Page 50 - when they'll pop out of a plothole or something after zapping there from this very post-in-time. Ho ho ho. Post-in-time.

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    Virgin Fleet Admiral
    President Thand: I am troubled by allowing these Void Rangers on-planet. But these terms seem satisfactory. For now.

    Nyneve: If that's it, we should depart.

    President Thand raises his finger.

    President Thand: Actually, there is one more item I believe you and I should discuss.

    Nyneve, Emperor of Europe, raises her eyebrow.

    President Thand: In private.

    Nyneve raises her other eyebrow. Thand merely waits, unperturbed.

    Nyneve: Leave us.

    She dismisses her coterie, as Thand does the same. The two world leaders are seated at opposite ends of a long conference table in a secure location for their meeting.

    Nyneve is a centuries-old woman. She is NeSferatu, a drinker of bloodink, and leader of all living NeSferatu - or is 'living' a misnomer? She was also recently elected to the new imperial throne of Europe. As if that prestige isn't enough, she is also the current NeSorcerer - a title carrying it with great distinction, a long tradition, and an intense regimen of magical training. She was bestowed that title by none other than Merlin himself - whom she subsequently betrayed.

    Arkng Thand is even more ancient than Nyneve, literally many millions of years old. He is the first human. His motives and agenda are mysterious, and his wisdom and knowledge seemingly know no bounds. After millennia of living as a hermit, he shockingly took center stage, becoming President of the United States.

    Nyneve: I know who you are, old man. They say you're more ancient than Desmond ever was. But don't think you can manipulate me.

    Thand: My only goal here is to enlighten you.

    Nyneve: 'Enlighten' sounds an awful lot like 'manipulate' to me.

    Thand: Interpret however you will. I would give you this book.

    He takes an ancient leatherbound tome from his coat, and slides it down the table. Nyneve catches it beneath her fingers, and glances at the title.

    Nyneve: Ye Old Historie Fantastique, by Hermes Tris-- Them-- Thurmygurmy?

    Thand: Trismegistus.

    Nyneve: Shut up. I knew that. What do I want with this, and why would you give it to me?

    Thand: Read it as you choose, or don't. I have perused it in detail, and need it no longer. You may find it helpful. I've bookmarked a few passages that you may especially wish to read.

    Nyneve: Fine. Is that it?

    Thand: Quite. A pleasure meeting you in person.

    Nyneve smiles thinly, not revealing her fangs.

    Nyneve: Not many people say that.

    Thand: So I imagine.

    On the way back to her imperial palace in France, Nyneve opens up the book to the bookmarked page and scans it.

    Nyneve: Second Ragnarok...? What is this, some prophetic drivel?

    That's when she reads the passage about the NeSorcerer needing to sacrifice him- or herself in order to save the world.

    Nyneve: Bollocks. Well, bugger that.

    She waves her fingers, and blue and green discharges spark between them as she does the mystical equivalent of dialing a phone number.

    Cool Matty: Who is this?

    Nyneve: Hello again, mageling...

  28. #1948

    Card Sharp Pt III

    As he waits for his phoned-in help to arrive, Card Sharp eyes his situation. Miss Fire lies seriously wounded against the debris she had been thrown against. Al Ciao fumbled with various gadgets switching out of his sleeves like a Swiss-Army knife. Evil G tests his ability to stand from a magically-aided recover, and his healer, Subaru, runs over to Miss Fire. Iriana hides behind a table, sipping from a cup of tea. Gwenhwyfar holds her hand against her wound, though seems far more concerned with the unconscious Losien. Noob, unfortunately for the group, has fallen asleep. "Sketch" stands by the sidelines, observing the action and scribbling things down on a notepad to feign his cover. And Tracer? Well...

    Tracer: "Hey Sharp Suits, how about you fold like the bad hand you are before Lady Luck throws you out on the streets, or are you too much of a card to realize when to quit?"

    With that said, Tracer raises a pistol at Card Sharp...

    Card Draw:

    ...and shoots, hitting Card Sharp square in the chest. Tracer blinks in surprise, and quickly composes himself to retain his image. While not a fatal shot, in large part due to his bullet-proof vest now partly visible, Tracer's delivery and shot shakes Card Sharp's faith in his luck. Evil G, now standing strong, takes notice.

    Evil G: "Now's our chance to kick him while he's down!"

    He charges in with his dark blade, the Neversword...

    Card Draw:

    ...and the blade tears a glancing slash across Sharp's chest, with Sharp having backed away quick enough from the still-not-at-his-peak-health Evil G.

    Al Ciao: "I got him guys! Go Go Gadget--"

    Al Ciao points his arm at Card Sharp, ready to unleash what crazy cybernetic attack he can.

    Card Draw:

    Al Ciao: "--uh, Boxing Glove!"

    A heavy boxing glove springs from Al's arm and into Card Sharp's gut, sending him stumbling back. Despite the hit, the successive attacks seem to be losing their steam, and Card Sharp's faith in his luck slowly rises back.

    Tracer: "Maybe we should quit while we're ahead and play to a plan--"

    Evil G: "RUSH 'IM!"

    The Gebohq-from-another-dimension charges forth again at Card Sharp.

    Card Draw:

    Card Sharp grins as two hulking humanoids covered in black and red respectively crash into the scene. Red barrels right into Evil G from the side and sends him flying into a wall, sending Evil G back into unconscious uselessness.

    Card Sharp: "The help arrived just in time. Red and Black, teach them why the house always wins."

    Red and Black approach Al Ciao and Tracer respectively. Al Ciao attempts to summon another cybernetic contraption.

    Al Ciao: "Go go gadget--"

    Card Draw:

    Al Ciao: "--Cat?"

    A tabby housecat hurls from Al's arm, meowing as it jets across onto Red's head, thoroughly distracting Red. Al tries not to think about how a live cat had been living inside him for who knows how long.

    Tracer, meanwhile, fires shots at Black...

    Card Draw:

    Despite unloading his clip at it, Black advances onto Tracer and grips his neck, lifting him off the ground. Tracer gasps for air, his life rushing before his eyes. He thinks to himself that he still has way too many dramatic monologues to narrate ahead of him as he struggles to remain alive.

    Iriana: "No!"

    Reckless and raw emotion drive Iriana to charge at Black...

    Card Draw:

    ...her latent tea powers boil up, and in a fashion befitting of her royal future, conjures a stream of hot black tea at Black. It drops Tracer and stumbles backwards at the assault, leaving the detective gasping for air.

    Meanwhile, Subaru kicks into overdrive as she continues her attempts in healing the fallen heroes, starting with Miss Fire...

    Card Draw:

    Finding reserves she thought she never had, she works her magic on Miss Fire, stabilizing her enough for Miss Fire to fend for herself should she need it. Gwenhwyfar hails for Subaru's attention.

    Gwenhwyfar: "Over here!"

    Subaru notes Gwen's injuries and readies her magic when Gwen holds her back, motioning to Losien.

    Gwenhwyfar: "Her first. We need her back in action."

    Subaru: "I don't think her story status or skills are going to help us here. Hell, I feel like I'm gambling every time I'm trying to help someone. What if I make it worse for her?"

    Gwenhwyfar: "We have to take that chance, there's no other choice."

    With some hesitation and a deep huff, Subaru attempts her revitalizing magic on the unconscious Losien...

    Card Draw:

    Luck pours forth as Subaru's magic have Losien regain consciousness. Gwenhwyfar sets Losien down, allowing her to recover on her own, before taking Subaru's hand.

    Subaru: "I don't know if I should be pushing my luck like this. What if--"

    Gwenhwyfar: "If you don't do anything, you'll have proven me right all that time before when I claimed you heroes were not fit to be called such. Prove me wrong."

    Gritting her teeth, Subaru holds her hands against Gwenhwyfar's wounds...

    Card Draw:

    Subaru's healing magic backfires in a flash, deepening Gwenhwyfar's wounds in critical condition.

    Subaru: "Oh God! I'm so sorry--"

    Gwenhwyfar grips Subaru's arm, forcing herself to smile.

    Gwenhwyfar: "You couldn't kill me if you wanted to."

    She lets out a single laugh that turns into a bloody cough.

    Card Sharp: "Brilliant! We'll see who wins this game yet!"

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    Tea-sipper, character-killer

    Arrow Card Sharp Pt IV

    Iriana looks to Black, in his thick gangster-style pin-stripe suit, and considers continuing her relentless assault. But with the desperate, shocked cry of Subaru, Iriana runs over to them and pulls out a special reserve blend of tea leaves. She, in a seemingly impossible brewing time, has a delicate china cup filled with the precious leaves and she tips the hot beverage between Gwenhwyfar's lips.

    Card Draw:

    Gwenhwyfar's natural defences bust-up into overdrive and her clotting factor is instantly at work to repair the wound. This isn't the strong healing magic of Subaru but it's potent enough to not only ensure Gwen's safe, albeit eventual, health but it gives the Potential enough of a buzz that she is awake and alert.

    Miss Fire, after chewing on the remains of an electrical cord, is pumped and rearing to go. She throws her pistols into the air and whips out a boomstick from gun-reserved hammer space.

    Card Draw:

    She fires two shots into Red, the hulking brute wearing a bright red shirt and trousers with suspenders. The bullet spread splatters into the humanoid-on-steroids. Enough to tear apart any normal human, but only enough to send this monster reeling back in pain and frustration. But then the pistols finish their descent and she has discarded the shotgun in their favour. A jump into the air and her pinpoint accurate aim plants the remainder of her shots into Red's eyes - rendering the creature blind, but still not dead.

    Al Ciao, seeing his opportunity to cash in on Miss Fire's momentum, activates yet another device.

    Al Ciao: "Go-Go-Gadget--"

    Card Draw:

    Al Ciao:
    "... ULTRAPANTS!"

    Al Ciao's legs are instantly adorned in incredibly shiny, vibrant trousers that emit a luminous glow of brilliance and wonderment. He stands proudly with his pants on display. Everyone stares at him, waiting for something else to happen. Even if those pants were so brilliant to distract his enemies, which they're most certainly not (except in his own head), his enemy is now blind.

    Red runs forward, which is where poor old Al happens to be posing. He flattened under the sudden charge and is left, lying on his back, lamenting his now soiled ultrapants.

    Miss Fire's pistols may be out of bullets but they're still weapons. She kicks one and its flies through the air at Red;

    Card Draw:

    Red is charging much too fast for the weapon to strike and, as luck would have it, the gun ends up smacking Al Ciao, just rising from his unfortunate flattening. The gun smacks him in the forehead and he rocks back onto his back again. Miss Fire winces with regret, which means she's too distracted to notice that Red's rampage has struck a still-standing column behind her. It cracks and then creaks as it starts to fall towards her.

    Card Draw:

    Miss Fire hears the awful cracking of stone and turns to see the pillar falling towards her. From her gun-hammer-space she whips out a bazooka and fires at it. The column explodes into shards of rock, one of which smacks Red on the head. It causes him some pain but mostly it just draws his attention.

    Card Draw:

    From the previous sound of the bazooka's firing scream, Red knows where Miss Fire is. He removes the large rock from his head and throws it in her direction. She sees the rock coming and manages to duck under it, however she hadn't expected Red to follow through - he leaps after the rock and, just as Miss Fire is getting up, his colossal fist smacks her across the face. She falls to her knees, down. But the adrenalin in her body still pumps her heart vigorously.

    Card Draw:

    Her remaining pistol. She turns and fires. The bullets once again invade his face and he is sent reeling back, his blood oozing from his wounds. The last of the bullets in this gun now spent too, instead of locating a new clip, she pistol whips the fool.

    Card Draw:

    He staggers back and falls over the remains of the pillar. From her utility belt of serious hardware, Miss Fire plucks a grenade. There's the click as she removes the pin but Red doesn't seem to notice. One explosion later and Red is, if nothing else, out of action.

    On the other side of the room, our other gun-totaing hero still has his own problems to deal with. He may have been spared by Iriana's unexpected intervention but it was only enough to keep Black away from Tracer for a short while. Black looks to Tracer and stomps in his direction, bigger than any rube Tracer has dealt with before.

    Card Draw:

    What Black doesn't know is that Tracer has craftily already set up trip wires all around his position. As the lumbering beast stomps over one, it snaps and triggers a hidden shotgun blast that knocks Black back thanks to the unexpected and sudden force. Taking advantage of the moment, Tracer has his traditional magnum in hand and fires as few extra shots to continue Black's retreat. At least Tracer has some breathing room. But Black is now closer to Losien, Iriana and Gwenhwyfar.

    Card Draw:

    Losien, now back in the game, jabs Fred through the kneecap of Black, who didn't even notice her sneaking up on him. She quickly pulls the sword out again and spins around so that the momentum takes the hilt of the sword to Black's face - causing him to see stars.

    Fred teh Uber Blade:
    "Just don't go attacking his crotch and we're good."

    Losien: "I'll stab him wherever I like!"

    Fred teh Uber Blade:
    "Easy for you to say! It's not you doing the stabbing, it's me!"

    Carlotta teh Epic Cape: "Wouldn't mind a bit of boy-on-boy action right now."

    Losien starts struggling to unfasten the terrible-minded cape from her shoulders.

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    Virgin Fleet Admiral
    Card Draw:

    Losien's fumbling fingers succeed only in cinching the cape tighter around her neck, making it harder to breathe. She gasps, and sits down heavily, still wrestling with the perverted cape, as the fight continues around her.

    Card Sharp, seeing that Red is out of action, whips out his cell phone and calls for more reinforcements.

    Card Draw:

    Phone: Joe's Pizza, may I take your order?

    Card Sharp: What? Damn crossed wires!

    Evil G overhears, and his inner Gebitude grows hungry.

    Evil G: Don't hang up! Do you guys have any 'healing' pizza?

    Phone: Sure do, and because you're our 50th caller today, you get it free, with rush delivery!

    Evil G: Woot!

    Gwenhyfar: That damn phone, we need to neutralize it, so he can't keep calling more reinforcements!

    Card Draw:

    Unfortunately, Gwenhyfar's wounds turn her much-needed advice into hacking and coughing, that her teammates don't comprehend. Concerned, Subaru wonders if she should try healing Gwenhyfar again or not...

    Card Draw:

    Her healing backfires again, and instead knocks Gwenhyfar completely unconscious. At that moment, the door to the wrecked casino opens up, and in comes a Joe's Pizza Delivery Guy, bearing a 'revival' pizza.

    Card Sharp: At last! I can use this to revive Red!

    Card Draw:

    Evil G snatches the pizza away and waves a slice under Gwenhyfar's nose. She gasps awake, and begins devouring the healing pizza ravenously, as her wounds began to close and clot, new adrenaline surging through her. She lurches to her feet.

    Gwenhyfar: You're going down, Card Sharp! We need to destroy his damn phone!

    Card Draw:

    The force of Gwen's command is so loud, that Card Sharp drops his phone in astonishment. Miss Fire picks it up and hoists it triumphantly.

    Miss Fire: Now calling reinforcements for ourselves!

    Card Draw:

    Phone: Joe's Pizza, may I take your order?

    Miss Fire: What, again?

    She espies the Delivery Guy still there, and calls out to him.

    Miss Fire: Since you're already here, Delivery Guy, help us defeat the baddies, and there's a big tip in it for you!

    The Delivery Guy takes up a combat stance, and starts flinging pizza boxes around like deadly cardboard shurikens!

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    Tea-sipper, character-killer

    Arrow Card Sharp Pt VI

    Card Draw:

    The pizza delivery guy's deadly pizza-box hurling manages to stab Black in the chest and he shrieks in agony as he stares down, in disbelief, at the pizza-box jutting out from his chest. He then promptly dies.

    Card Draw:

    Unfortunately for our poor old pizza delivery guy, Card Sharp isn't one to be murdered by fast-food containers. He manages to avoid the incoming projectiles and counters by throwing one of his deadly cards straight at the pizza guy. Without going into the gory detail, Joe's Pizza is now hiring.


    Al Ciao the Writer: "W00t! I needed a new job!"

    Gebohq the Writer: "You already have a job!"

    Al Ciao the Writer: "But you don't pay me..."

    Gebohq the Writer: "I pay you in kudos."

    Al Ciao the Writer: "And I do like to have my ego stroked..."

    Gebohq the Writer: "C'mere ego, ego, ego. Let uncle Geb pet you."

    Al Ciao the Writer starts purring.


    Card Draw:

    Completely forgotten by everyone in the room, Newb suddenly wakes up from her slumber and neck-chops Card Sharp. The pretentious card-player jolts to attention before falling flat on his face completely unconscious.

    Newb: "Or possibly dead... I think that was a killing chop..."

    Losien: "Either way, you just saved the day, Newb!"

    Evil G: "Aw, c'mon! We totally had it under control without her."

    He looks around at the demolished room.

    Evil G: "Sort of."

    Losien: "I think everyone is more or less fit enough to walk, right? Gwen?"

    Gwenhwyfar: "I think I'll manage. That weird pizza was like magic."

    Iriana: "I'm sure my tea did all of the real work. Like someone opening a jar, someone tries next and it pops off easily! Because the first person did all of the real work first."

    Evil G: "Right. Keep telling yourself that, princess."

    Iriana: "I prefer the address, Your Royal Highness."

    Evil G: "I'll give you a very different address in a minute."

    Al Ciao: "You better keep your dresses to yourself, if you know what's good for you!"

    Evil G: "Dude. Address! Not a dress. You should be wearing hearing aids, seriously."

    Al Ciao: "I should be fearing bear AIDS? You're probably right! Beware the bears!"

    "But what about you, buttmunch?"

    Evil G: "... Did you just call me - buttmunch?"

    Subaru: "You still have that bullet inside you. I could get it out."

    Al Ciao: "Welcome to my world, brother. Now we'll both have trouble boarding planes!"

    Evil G: "Well if it wasn't for you being useless at magic, you'd have fixed that as well!"

    Subaru: "Oi! I never claimed to be good at magic! And even still, you're lucky to be alive you ungrateful prick!"

    Losien: "I'm pretty sure we were all victims of luck not our own skills. And Evil G, top being so spiteful."

    Evil G: "Trust the most useless person here to blame luck for being thrown on her ass in the first minute!"

    Losien glowers at him.

    Fred teh Uber Blade: "I give permission to stab a man just this once."

    Suddenly Newb neck-chops Evil G. He goes rigid and then slumps face first onto the first.

    Losien: "Yay! You saved the day again, Newb! Uh, wait, that wasn't the death chop was it?"

    Newb: "No. It was the 'render-annoying-unconscious-chop'. At least I think it was. I tried anyway. If he's dead, it's totally not my bad."

    "Nobody would miss him if he is dead."

    Losien checks for a pulse.

    Losien: "Alive."

    Subaru: "Damn. I was about to break out the bubbly."

    Losien: "We should move out. Sketch can lead us the rest of the way, right Sketch?"

    They turn to see Sketch totally sending a secret hidden message via carrier pidegon.

    Sketch: "This is my latest piece of modern art! I call it 'Totally NOT Sending a Secret Hidden Message Via Carrier Pidegon.'"

    "Oh my! That's wonderful! Where do you draw your inspiration, Mr Sketch!?"

    The pidgeon coos and flying out of the window, leaving Sketch to awkwardly look at Iriana.

    Sketch: "... the.... moon? The sun? Moon-sun?"

    Iriana: "That's incredible! The moon and the sun! They're wonderful muses, I'm certain! Perhaps you could come and create one of your modern arts in my palace! Once I get one without legs."

    The team move out of the casino and approach a narrow staircase leading up the mountainside towards the skull.


    Britt the Writer walks in on Al Ciao the Writer with Gebohq the Writer.

    Gebohq the Writer:
    "Who's a good little ego? Yes he is! Good ego!"

    Al Ciao the Writer: "Mew!"

    Britt the Writer: "I'll never sleep again..."

    He then leaves the room, seeking bleach to cleanse his brain with.

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    The Inevitable

    Meanwhile (NeS count: maybe we should start over...), back at Buckingham Palace, Emperor Pi sips tea with Queen Maeve in a garden, the dragon Long Xiang sleeping behind them in a curled position. Lady Lightside, known also as Verrine, rocks her baby, Lior, im her arms nearby. Despite the dangers their friends and family are in, and the impending doom that looms in the 'age to come, the company enjoys their peace.

    That is, until a pregnant Rachel rushes into the scene.

    Rachel: "Get help quick! This baby's ready to come out!"

    The company sits up in surprise.

    Lady Lightside: "So soon? But--"

    Rachel: "No time to question! It's---aaaaaaaah!"

    She falls over in pain onto her butt. Everyone rushes to her side.

    Maeve: "Guard! Call the doctors over right now!"

    Emperor Pi: "I would advise against that."

    Maeve: "What are you talking about?! She's going to--"

    She stops as the Emperor holds her attention to Rachel, her legs already spread. Rachel screams bloody mary.

    Maeve: "Already? She can't possibly be finishing labor so... oh God."

    Darkness spreads out from under Rachel's dress, an inky mass of blood and pus spill and scratch from between her legs in a gut-wrenching familiar manner by now. Rachel looks down in horror.

    Rachel: "They said my love for Geb would destroy the NeS... I should have listened! AAAAAAHHHH!"

    Maeve: "Oh ****, this was part of the damn Plot all along!"

    The darkness drops, and the company sees what Rachel now brings into this world...

    ...a Cabbage Patch baby doll. Giant googly eyes are glued over its eyes for good measure. Rachel grabs a dark fog machine and a bottle labeled "Gross ink, blood, and pus" from under her dress, holding them high with a ****-eating grin on her face.

    Rachel: "April Fool's! Oh man, you should have seen your faces."

    Her father, Emperor Pi, seems unphased, though perhaps mildly concerned, or annoyed.

    Emperor Pi: "You know your foolishness on this day of the year may well take more weight. What if someone thought you actually had your child and--"

    Rachel: "Stop making such a big deal, Dad! And give me some credit for thinking things through, if you know what I mean..."

    Nobody does. Rachel sighs as she stands up, cradling the Cabbage Patch vaby doll in her arms.

    Rachel: "I think he has his father's eyes."

  33. #1953

    The Way to Skull

    They were walking toward the “SKULL”... Luckily, it was a bright night, at least they can see the path clearly. Losien found some surprisingly fireflies and followed their way. Al Ciao and Evil G were still talking about the things taken place in the casino. Miss Fire kept silent, she felt there must be something unfortunate gonna happen...

    They walked and walked... After approximate one hour walk, the atmosphere got to be awfully quiet. Those fireflies disappeared too...

    Everyone stepped up his vigilance, taking careful footstep. Suddenly, Subaru was frightened by something terrible and jumped up. It seemed that she touched a button by accident--the team were fall down into a huge mysterious place. That was such a painful fall!

    Iriana Emp looked around hastily, saying:“OH NO! Where exactly are we!???”

    Gwenhwyfar: “ Look! There is a light over there!”

    Gwenhwyfar pointed the left. Wow, An aisle!! The team stood looking at each other for a moment.

    Losien: “Why do we take a risk!”

    Losien went ahead toward the left where there was a light. The rest of them kept following. Still, they were walking even after a long while. However, they found there were more and more skulls on the ground, from one in the both sides to some piles. Al Ciao was tripped over by the skull and shouted;

    Al Ciao: “OH !! WTF!!!”

    Meanwhile, everyone was scared by a chilling wind. In front of them, there was no longer a light but gray. A voice came from the distance;

    Voice: “ WOW, HOW COSY~!”

    Miss Fire: “Who are you!”

    Miss Fire made a defensive posture. A ‘man’ made of skull showed up;

    Voice: “HI GUYS, I M SKULL MAN”

    The Heroes were completely shocked. It was a very, very funny and weird ‘skull man’ , who had four hands, no finger, three legs, wearing something like a tie made of bone in front.

    Skull Man: “ARE YOU LOST?”
    Losien: “Yes, we are. Could be our guide?”

    Evil G: “WAIT ! Losein, how could you trust it?”

    Evil G looked the ‘skull man’ doubtfully.


    Losien: “Then, let’s go!”

    Being no choice, the others just kept following. It really an interesting ‘skull man’, he told some funny stories to made them laugh and forgot how long they had walked...

    Eventually, they finished the long way. Yes! Exactly! They found the exit!


    Heroes said their farewell and left with reluctant...

    The sunlight shone on the aisle, the skull man disappeared in piece.

  34. #1954
    Tea-sipper, character-killer

    Arrow Post by Zola

    The heroes came back to the ground and continued their way. They were not willing to leave the skull man,but,they had to. And this experience will keep in their memory.

    The sun rose and it seemed to be a sunny day.They reviewed what happened in the underground and talking.

    The skull man is really a funny guy! It would be very interesting if it could join us, but it is a pity that he can’t expose to the light.

    Evil G:
    yeah, And it proves that it can be trust.

    oh, it scared me to death at the beginning, thanks to the god, we are safety now.

    Gwenhwyfar: hey, There I am, I can protect you.

    AI Ciao: I can protect you,too.

    When listened to this words, Miss fire couldn’t help laughing and they asked the reason for her reaction.

    Miss fire:
    It seems that some one fell down with fear when we are in the dark!

    AI Ciao low his head shamefacedly, actually AI Ciao fell over again because of his stupid robot body.They were all laughing. And on the way they were very happy and always making fun of each other. It is a happy trip.

    When they walked for a long time, the weather become a bit hot.

    Iriana shouted: Can we stop to have a rest? I am so tired!!! I am eager to have a cup of tea with some refreshment.

    Subaru: you are so weak.

    Okay, we shall have a rest.

    Then the tree and river come into their sight.They go to the tree and sit under it.

    The river is so clear that I can take a shower in it. Would someone want to join me?I can’ t wait it.

    Then he took out of his half-cloth and ready to jump into the river.Meanwhile, the women turned around and avoid to see them, they are chatting under the tree.Then the other man came to the lake and ready to join Sketch.

    But Sketch yell suddenly;

    Sketch: “ Something flaps me.”

    He instantly go out of the river and put on this clothes.When the ladies heard the sound and they went to the side of the river. Everyone was look at the river.

    Losein: what the hell in it?

    I..don’t know, I just feel some power flaps me,

    This moment a strange sound from the river.

    Strange sound: I am so sorry, I am seizing by the stone, would you like to help me to move away the stones?

    The heroes were all confusing,

    Losein: Let me go into the river to have a look.

    Then she jumped into the river and moved away from the stones.

    This moment a mermaid appeared on the surface of the river, she has a long blond hair with two big eyes and the charming body.

    When they saw the beautiful mermaid, they are all attracted by her.

    Iriana: Wow, you are so beautiful

    Evil G:
    I never seen a mermaid and such beautiful .By the way, What happened to you?

    Thanks, when i am swimming with my friends, suddenly there was a human throwing a big stone in the river, which crushed my tail causing me stuck by the stones. What’s more, my friends haven’t realized me because I swam slowly all the time.

    They showed mercy to her and were curious to know the ordinary life of her.

    The heroes listened carefully to the mermaid and they exchange the idea of the life.

    Tracer sat under the tree, he said to himself;

    Tracer: "Can you be my girlfriend ?I fell in love with you at the first sight of you."

    But this sound is really loud, all heroes and mermaid can listen to him.

    Mermaid smiled, and said;

    ” sorry, but I am engaged”

    Then she showed her rings on her hand.

    Evil G laugh in his beard: Dreaming of you!hahaha

    Tracer blushed and turn into the other side.

    They continued to talk about other things. This moment, a handsome guy came and yell.

    Handsome guy: You are here!!!!! I am searching for you for a long time!!!! They said you are lost, then I searching for you alongside the river.

    When they met each other, they hug together.

    Mermaid: honey, I am here, The heroes saved me.

    Handsome guy looks them around.

    Handsome guy: It is appreciate of you to save my fiancee. Thank you!!!

    oh, It’s very lucky to meet you guys, I think I should leave now.

    Tracer heard that and turned around with the deep feeling eyes and he was not willing to say good bye.

    Then all the heroes said good bye to the Mermaid, and took on their trip.


    Non-Story Note by Britt: This post was written by Zola, but right now her account isn't working so I have posted for her.

  35. #1955


    They just kept going for a long time without taking a rest. Suddenly Iriana stopped;

    Iriana: “I am not going anywhere and it’s time to have a cup of tea.”

    She walked straight to the shadow of a big tree and sat down. So everybody just stopped for a short break. Iriana made herself a cup of black tea with nice chocolate cookies. She found something behind the tree when she was ready to enjoy her tea.

    Iriana: “Who is there? Show yourself.”

    She said nervously and was ready to call her friends for help.

    Ghost : “Easy, just easy, My lady. I am David, a ghost from Georgian dynasty.”

    Iriana : “ What are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in heaven?”

    Ghost : “My lady, I got nothing to do but talk to you. Do you like tea?”

    Iriana : “Sure, tea is the best drink in the whole world. To be honest, I cannot live without it. You understand?”

    Ghost : “Will you die for tea?”

    Iriana : “God, why did you say that?”

    Ghost : “ Because I died for my favorite drink, Solomon’s water.”

    Iriana : “Oh, what’s that?”

    Ghost : “It is a drink made from the purest spring water, except it has mercury in it. We Georgians believed that it was good for health and wellbeing. It was very popular in my country then. However, I could not see, hear or stand after drinking it.”

    Iriana : “Then you died?”

    Ghost : “ Yes, is it a stupid death?”

    Iriana : “Pardon me, but it is. I am sorry to hear that.”

    Ghost : “Never mind, my dear.” .

    Al Ciao: “Iriana, are you done over there? We got to move.”

    Iriana: “In a minute, wait for me.”

    Iriana : “Look, David, I need to go and it is good to chat with you.”

    Ghost : “See you, wish you all the best, my dear.”

    Iriana : “Thank you, Dave.”

    Iriana joined the group, and kept moving.

    Newb : “Iriana, who were you talking to over there?”

    Iriana : “Haha, nobody.”

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    The Doctor

    Iriana: haha nobody.

    While silence on their way, they have walked over 20 miles away.

    Evil G“wow, look at that huge stone.”

    his words attract everyone’s attention. There is a tremendous stone right on their left, but it looks quite tiny from this distance.

    losien“What do we do ?”

    Iriana: “I think we should go there and have a look.”

    She said that and she looked very exciting like a teddy puppy.

    Evil G:“Are you alright?”

    He asked with a typical man’s tricky smile. Everyone is looking around each other with a Dr. Watson’s face.

    Iriana“I felt Zing with that stone, it smells just like Mr.right.”

    She was nearly shout out these words. And she run towards to that stone , and Evil G was right after her.

    Somebody “two maniacs” .

    The rest people sighed and followed them.

    After 30 mins everyone was standing around this huge stone.

    Evil G“wow , it’s looks like my ball”

    Subaru“you got balls hard like a stone? ewwwww poor those people who had sex with you.”

    Evil G: “I mean my basketball. Come on twit.”

    Subaru: “you said YOUR ball retard”

    Evil G: “but emmmm I think that can’t be too great to have two balls made by stone.”

    Evil G scratch his “third leg” from the outside of his pants..

    Miss fire want to see more details of the stone so she touched the stone with her finger.

    Just right on this very moment suddenly, the whole stone was set into fire to became a fire ball apparently huge like a sun but it’s not hot at all.

    At that same moment Iriana was kissing the stone, soooooooo as you know she got a mouth that looks like a tight sphincter and she’s very surprised.

    While everyone was panic . A man walk out from the stone gently.

    He is tall and thin with a red tie right on his neck. His long face is not handsome but well-liked just look like Matt smith.

    I’m the Doctor.

    Doctor : Which year am I?

    Newb : “Doctor? doctor who?”

    Doctor : “emmm that’s a typical question. Hold on. You just said doctor. British accent you are a Brit?”

    He looked into miss fire’s eyes directly with his mysterious eyes.

    Doctor : And sorry what’s your name? This....miss setting fire?”

    Newb: “ I don’t actually know , I don’t remembered too much about my past.”

    Doctor : “ you want know who you are?”

    Newb : “surly yes”

    Doctor : “great! Then come with me love.”

    Iriana : “ excuse me do you have a girlf........”

    doctor hold Newb’s hand and go back to the huge “sun” without a single word but with Iriana’s unfinished words right on the tip of her tongue.

    Evil G: woooooooooooow did I just saw THE DOCTOR with my eyes. The doctor who ! Oh my god! He looks taller in the TV btw.

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    One crisp evening on the mountain, Newb is gazing at the sky, counting the stars and getting nowhere fast.

    Newb: Hmm ... just like me right now I suppose

    Newb mutters to herself, thinking about these flashes of memories invading her head whenever they feel like it are starting to take their toll on her.

    Newb: I don't know what they mean! I don't understand...

    Newb shouts into the emptiness. The rest of the crew are several yards away around the camp fire, Newb had sneaked off into the darkness with only the stars lighting her way, to get some time to think, to unravel these thoughts. Standing up and brushing herself she hears the crunch of leaves under foot and the snapping of nearby branches

    Newb: Who's there!?

    Newb calls out, eyes peering into the darkness, already in fighting stance as if it were as natural as breathing

    Dagger: Hey, it's just me! They sent me to collect kindling for the fire. Aren't you cold out here alone?

    And there it is, that barely there twinge of emotion at the sight of Dagger. What is this and why is happening!? Newb slowly walks over to Dagger, her eyes never leaving his, even in the thick black surrounding them their eyes never fail to find each other

    Newb: Dagger ... you ... scared me. Ha, maybe be scared isn't the right word

    Dagger: Sorry I didn't mean to, and what do you mean?

    Newb: Who are you Dagger? Where did you come from? And why does every cell in my being recognise you? My body is screaming at me unintelligible words, telling me things I can't understand. Do you know me Dagger? Do you know who I am ... who I was? Before my memory loss?

    Dagger stands speechless for a moment. Remembering all the same things as Newb but in much more clarity, the memories he has been trying to supress since she unexpectedly collided with his mission and walked back into his life ... and the worst part is she doesn't remember him. Or the time they shared together...

    Dagger: Newb ...

    Newb awoke after a light nap, remembering the nights before the kidnapping ... to continue down the path of discovery it is to discover what truly happened to her.

    Newb: Well ... time for an adventure I suppose
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    This is written by Zola & HereIsNat

    Doctor hold Newb’s hand and go back to the huge “sun” without a single word but with Iriana’s unfinished words right on the tip of her tongue.

    Evil G: woooooooooooow did I just saw THE DOCTOR with my eyes. The doctor who ! Oh my god! He looks taller in the TV btw.

    When Newb approach the sun, she observe the odd stone and doubt about it.

    Newb: OMG, is it really can make me remember my past?

    Doctor: Believe in me.

    Newb: Actually, It doesn’t matter whether I know who am I. Happiness is enough!

    But In her heart, she really want to know who is she. At this moment, the stone become a big hole which inhale Doctor and Newb, They instantly disappear.

    Evil G rub her eyes, dumb with amazement.

    Evil G: and Ne...b? Hey ! Why not take me away!

    Iriana: and me...............!

    Then Newb was dropped on the floor and she was taken to a new place which all around her is the mirror.

    Newb: It’s painful ! My butt.. Where am I ?

    Doctor: A mysterious place.

    Newb stand up and look around the place, there are many mirrors. The funniest is that the mirror is full of picture. The first picture is Miss Fire, she was eating the light.

    Newb:hey, miss fire, can you hear me ?

    Doctor: NO, this is just picture recording. She can’t hear you, guy.

    Newb was very curious about it, then she look through any other mirror, it emerge the other heroes’ picture. Newb points out them respectively.

    Newb: Wow this is Losien, and AI CIao ......

    Doctor: yeah, this is magic mirror, it record the life, you can find the information what you want!

    Newb: So,,,, where is my own mirror ??

    She looks around the place, and walk toward a mirror that she see herself,

    Newb: Is this one?

    She touched the mirror with a feeling that cant express.

    Doctor: As you saw it.

    Newb watch the record seriously, what she see is that she was sleeping in the washroom, and she laugh at herself.

    Newb: Sleep actually is a good habit. But so far how can know who am I?

    Doctor: This is the button, you can adjust it for tracing back to the date you don’t remember.

    Newb: Well, so, provided that I touch the button, will I see the image of my past life in the mirror ?

    Doctor: Yes, but ...

    Newb: Is there some side effects or other unexpected things?

    Doctor: It will consistently draw your energy... You will only catch sight of some pieces of the past, if you are too tired, it won’t be the compete one.

    Newb:Em... Now that we are there, just try it?

    Doctor: OK, now take a deep breath, and ... Press it.

    However, Newb hesitated, she didnt press it as the doctor said. Her mind was full of wonders: Is it worthy? What if she regret to know it? Why she forget it? ... She was in the battle of her mind. Her face turned blue.

    Doctor: It really is a tough choice. I am not going to urge you to make a decision, but we are running out of time. It has been a while since we are caught in. We will hardly get out if we spend more than 1h here. So...

    Newb: I am... Just can not make up my mind. feeling afraid to face the past...

    Doctor: Come on girl, relax. Talk to your heart.

    Suddenly, there was a quake, Newb could not stand in balance. She tried to catch something for standing firm. She accidently press the button ! She felt that she was being caught and drawing by unknown, strong power, which she could merely get rid of it. Meanwhile, at such messy situation, she glanced that a woman looked like herself showed up in the mirror, unlike the cloth style of her now, she realized it was the previous.

    The images in the mirror was turning to vague, bits and pieces. Newb was weaker and weaker to see the image... But she did know some of her past now. She felt upset and could not face the other heroes, especially Iriana. Her mind was in a mess.

    Doctor: Come on! Newb, we need to get out, cheer up!

    While Newb could hardly move herself. Doctor held her to walk to the spot, waiting for the last few seconds.

    A strong light shone on the spot. They went out of the stone. Newb was stimulated by the powerful light and became weaker that she could not stand firm and fell down. Iriana was shocked by her behavior, went to catch her immediately.

    Iriana: Oh, what had happened inside? Why she is in such poor health?

    Doctor: She consumed her energy for tracing back to her past.

    Iriana: Oh my dear, so did you know your past now ?

    Newb: I ... Maybe I have lost my memory inside.

    Everybody: What?!

    Iriana: OH!!!! So you are wasting your energy for catching a short term of memory?! You are really silly girl! Is it worthy?!

    Losien: How could that be? Doctor, do you know why would she ...?

    Doctor: Sorry, I have no idea.

    Iriana: My poor girl...

    Newb: Don’t worry, I m OK...

    Newb suddenly had fainted. All the heroes were shocked by her. Iriana shouted crazily

    Iriana: Hey! Wake up!!! What happen ?!!!

    Doctor checked Newbs eyes and her pulse, and asked everyone to be calm.

    Doctor: Never mind, she is not fainted. Just fall asleep.

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    Newb fell asleep. Iriana checked her up every few hours. It seemed to be a long dream. She found herself in an big office, talking to a beautiful lady in Russian. The lady was tall,with blond hair and blue eyes that it was sharp enough to see through all little tricks.

    Lady : Welcome to Moscow, Anna. I am your contact , called me Elena. You are going to HK where you should find a man, called Jack and make him give you the file “X”.

    Anna : Am I alone in this mission?

    Lady : Yes, you have to count on yourself. Here is his file. It has everything you need to know about this guy.

    Anna opened the file, it written : “Jack, 27, an engineer from L.A. Mother is Emily, living in HK...
    Lady : That guy likes to go clubbing, so you probably know where to find him. I already prepared passbook, air ticket and the weapons for you.

    Anna : okay, I will be careful. You can count on me.

    Within a day, Anna arrived in HK at 9 pm. She called a taxi to take her to the best club in HK.

    Driver : well, that must be Soho’S, down by the river
    Anna found Jack in the Soho’s. Jack was tall and thin, with brown hair and two black earrings in his right ear.

    Anna : hey, man. I am Alex, from Sydney.

    Jack : Hi, I am Jack, from L.A. Good to see you, Alex.

    Anna : Would you like to buy me a bourbon? Man .

    Jack : Sure. My pleasure.

    Anna kept flirting with Jack. Then they danced for hour. The music there was loud and the dancing was very fast. They were hot, tired and thirsty. Jack looked at Anna with a desired look. He was thinking that I want her tonight, this little wild cat.

    Anna agreed to go with him and spent the night together. Anna asked some drink from the hotel. She mixed the red wine with some power quietly when Jack was taking shower.

    Jack took the wine ,then become unconscious. He found that he was tied to a chair firmly. Anna stood before him and stared at him.

    Anna : where is the file “X”?

    Jack : who are you? Why you do this to me? What do you want?

    Anna: just talk, answer my question.

    Jack :I won’t tell you unless I die. You will get nothing but a dead body. Body can’t talk, can he?

    Anna : I know where can find your mom, Emily.

    Jack : NO, please, don’t hurt her. She has nothing to with this.

    Anna: just talk.

    Jack : I put the file in my USB drive and it is in the locker of my apartment here.

    Newb wanted to listen to him carefully. However, everything around her started to fade away.
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    The Inception World

    Newb wanted to listen to him carefully. However, everything around her started to fade away.

    She only have half consciousness right now. She feels like floating in a cold dirty long river, darkness is around her, laughing at her, mumbling about her, judging her about she can't do anything on this. She feels moving forward very slowly but more like swallowing by the darkness to the hell. Than her consciousness became weak and weak, she hardly can feel it even though she still struggling about try to back to real but the more she tried the more tired she feels. All in a sudden she can't hold up anymore. she feels falling down from a waterfall and she is losing her the other half consciousness. Like goes into a INCEPTION WORLD.

    About 5 mins later she feels much better than before. Its like a new herself just reborn. The water become warmer but she still floating in it. She heard some music from the very deep of the water, not quite clear but still can be recognized. Its a man. Had very high key.


    “I've been here before"
    "But always hit the floor"
    "I've spent a lifetime running"
    "And I always get away"
    "But with you I'm feeling something"
    “That makes me want to stay”
    “I'm prepared for this”
    “I never shoot to miss”
    “But I feel like a storm is coming”
    “If I'm gonna make it through the day”
    “Then there's no more use in running”
    “This is something I gotta face”
    “If I'll risk it all”
    “Could you break my fall”
    “How do I live how do I breathe”
    “When you're not here I'm suffocating"


    The music has become clear and louder instead of from the deep the whole water is turn to a speaker. The base sounds soooo sad the, drum made the water keeps rippling. But she still can't move her body, actually she doesn't know where she is and even can not feel her body is exist or not . Sadness comes from her heart to her head and like a razor cutting her trachea. She starts crying but she can't feel the tears she don't even know she is actually crying or not.

    "How do I live how do I breathe” ,“When you're not here I'm suffocating” -- she keep thinking about these two lines. And try to remember what was the woman said. What mission? What file?. Her body become heavier and heavier she is sinking into the water and lost her consciousness again. She doesn't know she is going to another dream or back to real she don't even know which level is this dream.

    Newb: "sheet. Am I dead?"
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