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Thread: NeS workshop

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    So I figured.

    I can not possibly be expected to read 5 years of backlog, and probably neither can the few others who may otherwise contribute to the thread.

    Besides, how cool is cubed.

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    But I don't care too much truth be told, so feel free to proceed however you guys wish, it's a musing business as usual...

    ... in NeSpace.
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    Can't blame you for not wanting to read all that backlog. It's why we instituted the tradition of putting a Page Summary at the top of each page, so the reader can get a summary of what is currently happening.

    Also, ironically enough, we ARE planning to end NeS2 and start NeS3. The thing is, we're trying to tie up loose ends in NeS2 first. Then NeS3 is intended to be a soft reboot. Geb has several plans to try to attract new writers with a fresh start.

    We old writers are going to be doing our best NOT to include previous elements from the story as references, so that it's easy for other people to jump in. And we're going to try to keep from setting up horrendously complex story epics, the way that NeS2 devolved into (thanks in part to TLTE, lol).

    I would LOVE to see you write with us But I definitely understand not wanting to deal with the backlog. Hence our plans for NeS3. We pretty much have the end of NeS2 all planned out (ugh, planning and NeS, see the lows we've fallen to???), and are just being slow in writing it.

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    Right on. Have fun. Write on.

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    New Forum Priority List
    1. Extreme slow loading (user in China) results in need for streamlining process AMAP
    2. No "New Topic" button on the bottom, only on top right
    3. Clicking "More Reply Options" posts whatever you have. Without text, gives options but says "you must enter a message.
    4. "Preview" posts whatever you have
    5. The "#link" feature only takes you to that single post *only* rather than the post on the page.
    6. No way to get back to main forums from Control Panel, only to categories -- the breadcrumbs are not present
    7. On the post page, in the bottom left corner there's the 'attachment' part that says 'deleting attachment' with a broken image
    8. in Preferences on the Control Panel, there's little question-mark buttons to tell you what each option does. Currently a couple of them overlay hard-to-read text, but one of them doesn't show any text
    9. Subscriptions are turned on by default (should be turned off)
    10. despite that auto-subscribe option being on, no topics were listed in the Subscribed Topics list
    11. "Reply With Quote" option should be at the bottom of a post, not the top
    12. The bottom of the forums is too hard a "bottom" (see Massassi for comparison)
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