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Thread: NeS workshop

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    Welcome. awesome to have you aboard.
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

    Lassev: I guess there was something captivating in savagery, because I liked it.

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    Not Suitable for Motor Vehicles
    yes welcome. dont expect to see me much, but i pop in with mythos and comedy from tiem to time.

    also, mythos for people. not much comedy though.
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    I'm attempting to inject some romance into NeS. Sugarless, I've given you a love interest - if you hate him let me know. I'll write a proper profile for him in the next few days. Feel free to write these couples into your scenarios - I can develop the relationships within different frameworks (i.e., I have no clear ideas on what will happen, other than the relationships will develop one way or another).

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    Thanks! I like him! Though I do have to say, a little more sarcasm mixed in with the cheese would be cool. One of my favorite lines was "for someone named Casbian, you're very unorigional."

    But thanks again! I was kind of at a loss of what to do with my character next.
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    haha, Geb and I thought that was pretty funny too.
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

    Lassev: I guess there was something captivating in savagery, because I liked it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarless5 View Post
    Though I do have to say, a little more sarcasm mixed in with the cheese would be cool.
    Sarcasm is good. Caspian has a bit of a superiority complex (he just hides it with charm until you know him a little better) so sarcasm is definitely a way of expressing that. I've made him somewhat flawed otherwise there'll be no tension, and tension is SO important!

    Profile now posted:
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    Tomorrow's my birthday, yay!

    So I was hoping to draw a little sketch making a pun with the 8th dimension and 8 years, and do a writer-to-writer response, but since it's already been a month, and since school's likely going to keep me pretty busy, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thanks to all past, present, and future writers who have written, write, and will write for this story, which has been growing for over 8 years now! And, if by chance we have lurkers, readers, and people spreading the word -- thanks to you too! This story couldn't be what it is without you all.
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    Alright, so I'm finally attempting to move the Forgotten elements along. Some explanations:

    1) Ford and Maybechild have stumbled upon the Forgotten's actual headquarters. Having recently played Portal, I'll admit that my idea of ALL-ONE's architecture is very similar to that of Apeture Sciences (a commonplace surface-level front for a much more sinister complex below ground). Oh yeah, and if you didn't figure it out, the name is a crapload of puns -- ALL-ONE and "a loan" being "alone" and "for gotten" being "forgotten." I know, I'm so punny...

    2) Ahnuld and Mustang need not be lost forever, but the trend I'm hoping to start is having characters "disappear" and be presumed forever erased by Tsolo, and should they reappear, well good for them! Having characters ACTUALLY lost should be reserved for dramatic emphasis, such as Dr. Dormouse (who is forever gone in NeS -- something of a first). I've placed Krig in an opportunity for a similar situation -- the feral eyes could be him, or they could be a, uh... tiger. Until his character is written for again, however, I'm taking him off the update section.

    3) With Mayaal and Bhac, I just wanted to set up the fact that they've now have control over Tsolo and Twin Suns (for now at least), making a very dangerous check and balance not only on themselves, but on NeS. This storyarc may want to continue with a battle of the Forgotten/Twin Suns (and Mayaal) vs. Tsolo/the dark figures (and Bhac). Also, I just realized that Tsolo's "dark figures" could very well be the former characters now "lost" (now with no identity)... certainly the similarities and the differences between the two factions could be made interesting. Possibly throw Thand in the mix and, of course, our usual protagonists, and we have ourselves some potential for snifty story-telling. Which brings me to...

    What's the driving conflict?
    I'm pretty sure you all are at a loss what to do with all this Forgotten stuff (puns everywhere!) Well, here's some possible motivations:

    1) Their fellow friends have gone off to join the Forgotten, whom could be considered bad guys (The Last True Evil and Losien, in particular, would have ill feelings towards them, most likely, where characters like Semievil, McFarlane, Subaru, and Voodoosnowflakes would be more sympathetic).
    2) Their fellow friends have stolen both a significant item (Sarn's dagger) and the van. These guys are poor (except for Mimiru, but she doesn't seem the sharing type). They could use these things back.
    3) The Dust was stolen -- a dangerous item that shouldn't fall in the wrong hands.
    4) Thirst for adventure. Hey, it's not like our protagonists have had much reason to go out to do random crap before, and this would seem an opportunity to kick ***.
    5) Intervention. If Tsolo were to continue to "erase" them, they would be forced to find a means of keeping Tsolo at bay, at least temporarily (since temporary fixes seem to be the popular trend in NeSquared). Someone would be smart enough to figure out that Tsolo and Twin Suns would likely make a mutual distraction for each other.

    If none of that inspires you all, then I'd highly suggest just moving on to a new storyarc idea and not worry about any of this. It'll tie itself up somehow if none of us do. I'll probably work on the Gebohq/Taxman stuff for a while, but should The Last True Evil and Michael McFarlane and the other writers fail to do anything with their characters, I might start throwing them into incinerators -- I mean push them along someplace where there is cake. Yes...
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    The only thing I will say on my last post is that no one is to bring The Last True Evil to life! Anything else is fair game, though I would suggest that The Patriot and his team should leave soon. I would have written it myself, but I thought it was better to end my post where I did.

    I also intend to have Tsolo start taking heroes at the HHH (nothing definate, mind you, just something like I did with Ahnuld and Mustang, though Miss Fire could get the permanent boot as she's been collecting dust in a cryo-stasis chamber half-dead anyway). I'd like to do this so as to give the heroes motivation to think of heading for The Forgotten's place.

    TLTE: Please check your e-mail soon if you haven't already.

    And disclaimer: I wish I could have written my post better, but I felt I was being slow with getting it up as it is, and with NeS, I feel it was more important to get it up soon than to make it "perfect."
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    Brilliant work of art, Cali. Your post.. it moved me. there were tears, there was laughter.

    (no, not really.. but thanks for posting.. it brought a chuckle.)
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

    Lassev: I guess there was something captivating in savagery, because I liked it.

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    You're welcome, Sarn. {insert something witty here}
    Never give up, never surrender ... oh wait, I already have. Damn!

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    I had hoped to flesh this out more before proposing the idea, but I think it's complete enough to share it, should any of you be interested. See, in the past, Gebohq's "story-wielding" has been left to speculation... what does he have control over, exactly? Well, here's my proposal of what he can "wield" in NeS:

    Elements of Story

    With any story, there is usually at least one character, if not more. These characters, while potentially engaging for many reasons, are uniquely defined by choice. In Star Wars, will Luke Skywalker use his targeting systems, or will he "trust his instincts?" In The Lord of the Rings, will Frodo throw the One Ring into Mount Doom? In The Matrix, will Neo pick the red pill or the blue pill? When we look at who is in a story, we may be hooked by their physical appearance or talents, but we stay engaged for the choices they make, don't make, and can't make.

    In most stories, there can also be found some level of plot. If choice is the moment where a character has control, chance is the cause and effect that surround it, the elements NOT in their control. In Star Wars, Anakin is born on the planet Tatooine, where Qui-Gon and the others make an emergency landing, discovering Anakin's presence. In The Lord of the Rings, Aragorn is a descendant of a "broken line of kings" and leads Gondor into helping Middle Earth fight Sauron. In The Matrix, Neo is The One who is destined to save humanity from the Machine control. Plot and chance need not be limited to birth circumstances, but at this point, it is easiest to distinguish what a story involves with elements not determined by choice.

    What would a story be without conflict or challenge? Perhaps through different points-of-view do characters argue with themselves, or overcoming an obstacle that by chance stands in their way -- how a story is told and how choice and chance play on each other. In Star Wars, the Rebellion is trying to overcome the Empire, and Luke Skywalker tries to cope with discovering that Darth Vader is his father. In The Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth fights against Sauron's attempt for world domination, and Frodo and Sam fight hunger as they march their way through Mordor. In The Matrix, Neo fights Agent Smith one final time while fighting the inevitable sacrifice he must make to destroy Agent Smith. While this conflict need not necessarily be a negative thing (a challenge can be positive, such as Neo's training with Morpheus), "drama" is usually the norm.

    The context of a story acts often as the setting for the choices made, the chance events, and the conflicts that arise, providing a chain between these story elements. Star Wars takes place "a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away..." spanning a multitude of planets over the birth and death of Anakin Skywalker. The Lord of the Rings is set in Middle Earth, suggested as a past place and time in our history. The Matrix, by contrast, is set in our future, within a computer "prison" designed to appear as our own present. The where and when of a story give us a background that help define everything else.

    "Convention? Ew!" Yes, convention is as important as any other story element, for it gives us something familiar to latch onto, a theme which we understand on some level, that which answers why we invest in a story. In Star Wars, the underdog Rebellion fights the evil Empire, and will ultimately win because they fight for a higher cause or power. In The Lord of the Rings, the One Ring is a device of evil and the symbol of absolute power that corrupts absolutely. In The Matrix, the artifical world in which humanity is trapped represents culture, of technology that has turned against us. A story becomes meaningless without convention.

    Now there are several things to keep in mind when examining these elements of a story.

    First off, these elements do not stand on their own. A choice for one character can be an element of chance for another character. What would be considered highly conventional in one context is unconventional in another context. Conflict will vary wildly depending on who is fighting, under what circumstances, and why. Each story element affects and, in turn, is affected by the other elements.

    Second, a "good" story does not require a set amount of any one element, in "quantity" or in "quality" -- only what works in relation to each other. For example, there can be many conventions, or only a few, as works for the story (quantity). If one convention is too conventional, the story can become too familiar, but if not conventional enough, understanding the story may become difficult (quality). Star Wars has very conventional mythological elements to it, but its context in a galaxy far far away made the story unique, allowing for conflicts and characters and the like not possible in other contexts.

    Finally, something of a twist ending -- these elements also work as elements of game design. A poker player randomly receives cards from a deck, they make the choice about which cards to play and how to bluff, the game is driven by the artificial conflict between players to have the strongest hand, context and convention constructs the "magic circle" in which the game depends on to survive between its rules, its play and its culture. Both stories and games, as you might imagine, have equal importance in a collaborative effort such as NeS.

    So how can Geb then "wield" these elements? Think of Gebohq as the equivilant of a cleric figure, appealing to a higher power -- in this case, the NeS -- and control its elements to serve and strengthen its power. But what if, for example, an NeS convention wants The Last True Evil to die, but Gebohq tries to wield the story so that he lives. Can Gebohq go against the "will of NeS" to do so? Maybe that's something that'll be dealt with in the pages to come...

    In any case, here is an example for how Gebohq could "wield" each of the elements of NeS (which, despite all my efforts above, will essentially be using "Jedi powers" as examples -- keep in mind however that they could be much more) :

    Choice -- Ye olde Jedi Mind Trick
    Chance -- Luck manipulation
    Conflict -- stepping up to the "heroic challenge"
    Context -- Telekinesis
    Convention -- being a "good guy"

    One final note: "story wielding" could, in theory, be used by any character, either by the grace of the story itself, or by sheer knowledge of these story elements, how and why they work. With a vast enough intellect and wisdom, such as Master Thand, one could theoretically "wield the story" without the story's consent...
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    Holy.... frakk o_O

    [[ EDIT: (From Geb) Phate is someone I'm hoping to get hooked into NeS, in case you were wondering why she has appeared out of the blue... ]]
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    awww man. I saw your name and thought you posted on NeS.. I was very excited then I saw it was a Workshop post. You've let me down, Ash.
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

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    Not Suitable for Motor Vehicles
    i wrote an essay about NeS, and my experience with it. told from the perspective of the narrator, its interesting, except for the parts that have to do with me.
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    OK, I'm done with Gebohq's tax evasion story, but I am at a loss for the rest. However, here are some suggestions:

    1) End the rest of the story-arc as it is. The heroes decide to let Tsolo and the Forgotten duke it out with each other, and go about their own business. If this is the case, one of them (probably Tsolo) will return as a much more active, serious threat for the NeS heroes to deal with -- either Tsolo will win, and Tsolo's "presumed" actions of taking the lives of the heroes will be an actual reality, or the Forgotten will win, and then will take over the world, upsetting the balance of the story thread itself in the process.

    2) The heroes take down both Tsolo and the Forgotten.

    How Tsolo could possibly be taken down:
    • Someone battles Tsolo with Sarn's/Kern's dagger, and significantly injures/kills Tsolo, possibly by Kern himself, should he get his dagger back.
    • Young intervenes. She shares the same blood as Tsolo, and thus may have a means of taking down Tsolo through her bloodline/power.
    • Amal intervenes. He uses his story-wielding to take down Tsolo. If Gebohq should enter the scene, Gebohq could do this as well.

    How the Forgotten could be taken down:
    • Michael MacFarlane takes leadership position, and convinces the Forgotten to abandon their ways. Subaru, Semievil, and Voodoosnowflakes could help in this matter.
    • Someone kills The Forgotten One (see list above for possibilities), and destablizes the power in the group.
    • Ford and Maybechild steal their experimental handheld portal gun and sends all the Forgotten to the Minus World...

    If #2 is the case, I'd suggest using multiple ideas rather than just one, as it'd probably make the climax of this storyarc more epic. Personally, however, I like the idea of Tsolo as a literary device that weeds out the extraneous characters. However, I'd rather go with whatever gets you all to write more, which brings me to my next point.

    I am at a loss as to where to go with NeS for the next story-arc. I'm totally dependant on you all for new ideas at this point. I'd also like to suggest everyone to try and bring in at least one new writer -- I'm running out of places to ask for new writers.

    By the way, while I seriously cut down on the characters listed on the update section, it's meant to reflect the situation -- we can dump all the characters that aren't doing anything with the Forgotten and Tsolo, and just write for the ones with active writers and that are actively being written for.

    So yeah... help!
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    Hey! new writer YAY! Welcome.

    Yeah I finally posted, a little later than i was wishing to, and the post didn't turn out quite like I was wanting it to (more advancement in action with The forgotten one and Tsolo/ really short), but its a post

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    quick comments regarding my post.

    The dagger is currently in Ford's possession (was offered to The Forgotten One, and given back to Ford in a previous post). Ford and company were last written heading for the "test chambers" to be initiated as Forgotten. Naturally, Kern will need the dagger to battle Tsolo, so I left it open in case anyone wants to write in a bit of story about Ford's experience (or possibly lack thereof) in the "test chambers" and how he will end up meeting up with Kern, so Kern can get the dagger. Up in the air about how Kern getting the dagger is gonna look (whether Ford gives it to him willingly or he has to fight Ford or trick him to get it), but ultimately Kern does need to end up with it. Then I'm thinking he battles Tsolo and...

    possibly, I'm thinking that perhaps he could take over the body of The Forgotten One (formerly Twin Suns), to permanently reside there, instead of "sharing" Sarn's body with him, during the course of this conflict.
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    At the risk of being all down, negative, what-have-you, I feel the need to say this. Please bear with me.

    I intend to do my best in wrapping up this story-arc myself sometime shortly after the 18th (when my semester officially ends, assuming other writers aren't kind enough to wrap it up before then), then perhaps afterwards, do a silly Christmas story, and then... well, hopefully it won't be just me, Sarn, and the occasional post from, like, 3 other writers. I know Tracer is planning on jumping back in sometime after the 14th, but other than that...

    To give you an idea, here's a list of everyone who's posted in this last story-arc (plus some) in order of most recently posted to least recently. I'm not trying to get on anyone's case here (except perhaps Antestarr), but I think it's important to understand how SLOW things are becoming, and how this story-arc is becoming more literal than I wished.

    Sarn Cadrill
    Characters: Sarn (and his alter-egos), Voodoo
    Last posted: Nov. 28th
    Status: Around, posting recently/frequently.
    Communication: Frequent IMs, etc.

    Characters: Geb, anyone
    Last posted: Nov. 26th
    Status: Around, not having a life, writing this sort of workshop posts instead of doing better things.
    Communication: I like to talk to myself...

    Characters: Voodoo, Sarn, anyone
    Last posted: Nov. 25th
    Status: Around, but has been stuck for "actual ideas" but has contributed a lot with art and trying to get her sister to write and such.
    Communication: Frequent IMs, etc.

    Characters: Elana and minion
    Last posted: Nov. 24th
    Status: New person unlikely to post much, if ever. We'll see.
    Communication: IMs, etc.

    Characters: Phantom Seraph
    Last posted: Nov. 9th
    Status: New person also unlikely to post much, not that he wouldn't like to I'm sure, but he posted mostly out of randomness.
    Communication: IMs, etc.

    Characters: Cali, Thrawnbot, Sugarless, Caspian
    Last posted: Nov. 4th
    Status: Unknown, presumably busy with work.
    Communication: PMs.

    Characters: Sem, Geb
    Last posted: Sept. 14th
    Status: Not often around, has also posted relatively recently/frequently, has been super-busy with graduate school/work.
    Communication: Real-life visits, sparse IMs, etc.

    The Last True Evil
    Characters: TLTE, Losien, McLongname, Amal, Thand
    Last posted: Sept. 2nd
    Status: Unknown, but claims that "he will return." Didn't specify when.
    Communication: Very sparse PMs, IMs once in a blue moon, etc.

    Characters: anyone
    Last posted: Aug. 24th
    Status: Around-ish, said he'd be back in the swing of things after his exams this semester.
    Communication: PMs, etc.

    Krig the Viking
    Characters: Krig, anyone
    Last posted: Aug. 10th
    Status: Not around. "Fighting procrastination monsters." However, he made it rather clear that he would likely be posting anytime soon, so him bringing his character back was something of a fluke.
    Communication: Sparse PMs, very sparse other methods.

    Characters: Ford
    Last posted: Aug. 1st
    Status: Not around often. Jumps in infrequently due to work/school/etc. He's made it clear to me that he'd be very infrequent.
    Communication: Occasional IMs, etc.

    Characters: Geb, anyone
    Last posted: July 18th
    Status: Not around often. Busy with school, might contribute more again in continuing Tracer-style after the semester ends.
    Commuinication: Real-life visits, IMs, etc.

    Characters: CM, Mimiru, Subaru, Wai
    Last posted: June 24th
    Status: Around, but busy with being the new head of Massassi, writing his novel, and being perpetually sick.
    Communication: IMs, etc.

    Michael MacFarlane
    Characters: McLongname
    Last posted: June 13th
    Status: Around-ish, but uncertain as to what's holding him up.
    Communication: PMs, etc.

    Characters: Ricky
    Last posted: June 7th
    Status: Not around often. Rather busy with school, but wrote her character out more or less.
    Communication: IMs, PMs, etc.

    Characters: Sugarless
    Last posted: May 4th
    Status: Not around often. Is unlikely to jump in the action anytime soon.
    Communication: IMs, etc.

    Characters: Mayaal, The Forgotten One
    Last posted: Feb. 26th
    Status: Isn't interested in writing anymore.
    Communication: IMs, etc.

    Lord Grismath
    Characters: The Canadian Collective (Grismath in particular)
    Last posted: Dec. 4th, 2006
    Status: Isn't interested in writing for NeS anymore.
    Communication: IMs.

    Characters: Antestarr
    Last posted: Nov. 28th, 2006
    Status: Around, being a bum.
    Communication: Frequent IMs, etc.

    Characters: Ari
    Last posted: Nov. 11th, 2006
    Status: Not around often. Unlikely to post anytime soon.
    Communication: Real-life visits, sparse IMs, etc.

    Please please pretty please, people -- speak your minds here on the workshop or via an IM or e-mail to me or something! Out of some 10-20 writers, nobody has added to the story for over a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year... and we've barely gone through a story-arc. I know something's wrong, and I'm sure I'm at least partly to blame, so please, help me out here. :/

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    A colaborative post comming soon between my sister and I.
    but I don't know if it will contribute to moving arc along. But who knows it may start a new arc and hopefully get her to write more.

    My sis seems afraid her ideas will be too stupid or would mess things up. or her posts won't be as awsome as everyone else's. She seem afraid that she will not post frequently. Trying to reasure her that you really can't mess anything up. and I told her I only seem to post once a month or after a couple of months and at the current state of NeS that I am one of the more active ones.

    I think what I'm stuck on is knowing enough about Twin Suns.

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    Geb: Don't worry! I have all kinds of crazy ideas!
    • Geb becomes a rapper!
    • Sarn/Sran goes on a crazy inter-galactic space mission!
    • Thrawnbot and regular Thrawn42689 switch places - hilarity ensues!
    • Otter gets slapped by MaybeChild!
    • TLTE becomes a communist!

    Seriously though, my exams are done and next week I just have to perform and adjudicate a bunch of performances. Once that's done I intend to kick it into high gear for a few weeks. I've been reading the story and getting myself caught up.

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    Voodoo: Good luck with your sister! As usual, let me know if you need help with her or whatnot. Oh, and as for knowing enough about Twin Suns, it's not needed. All he did was screw around a little in the very first storyarc and disappeared, and now as the Forgotten One, he really bears no resemblance to Twin Suns anymore (it's debatable whether he remembers anything before becoming the Forgotten One). All you need to know about The Forgotten One is that he's using the Forgotten as a means to an end -- to get revenge on Bhac (and Tsolo who's "under control" of Bhac). That motivation could easily change, though.

    Tracer: Hehe, awesome-sauce! I think all those ideas may or may not lump together into just an experiment in a bunch of individual stories with no specific tie-in... we'll see where it goes. In any case, Geb being a rapper reminds me of Janitor Bob's rap special post from way back when... it should be fun! ^_^

    Rest of you all: *poke poke*
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    You're correct, Geb, I have been snowed under workwise. I've just worked 21 days straight ... I have been thinking about Dust story lines and have even written some patches of dialogue. I will be relatively free after 16 December to continue ...
    Never give up, never surrender ... oh wait, I already have. Damn!

    CaliWrite - bringing lurve to NeS. And taking it away.

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    So my idea is whenever Geb would normally do a heroic action he must now bust out a rap. I'll probably keep posting tomorrow.

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    Wewt, Geb's a hardcore rapper now. It should be interesting where that'll go for the next story arc...

    Also, in regards to my post, the mortal gun was just 1) a last half-assed part of my Portal parody and 2) an attempt to give Sarn a means of having Kern inhabit the body of The Forgotten One. Otherwise, I got nothing for the rest of this story-arc, unless someone's post super-inspires me of course. Sarn also suggested we might want to do a mini holiday-themed pseudo-story line, so feel free to go with that if you all want.

    Also, I do have one idea for where the story-arc could go next, but my inability to get much activity out of the last 2 storyarcs (of which I was mostly "head" of) has made me lose confidence, and while I think this is a good idea, I'd rather it not have to go to waste if this slump carries over... :/ Anyway, my idea:

    In short: a satire on people addicted to MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft. Some opportunistic person or persons (who may have a ulterior, sinister motive) would offer the hero-types a "deal of a lifetime" where they could go on seemingly super-fun quests and such and get "phat lewt" and "level up" and whatnot. It could be a stab at poor character development and even, yes, NeS itself, as later on they'd find themselves doing repetitive and insane tasks, pay a monthly fee to continue doing this, trying to get other people involved, etc. What's somewhat unique is that this is essentially a temptation storyline, which really hasn't been done in NeS yet, and I know we have a number of WoW-players and the like who have a lot they could work with, if this were to be done.

    If anyone is interested in the idea, by all means, go with it, but I'd also encourage other ideas as well. I may decide to try and mass-invite new writers in with the idea that they could make up a storyline of their own. If there's any objections or whatnot, speak up please.
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    Hey, I can work with those ideas. I may do a Christmas thing in the NeS proper with the two Thrawns.

    Also Geb and anybody, I think I write best when somebody throws me a bone. Sometimes I can come up with stuff on my own, but sometimes I just end up sitting around with nothing. So if the story's bogging down or you've got some ideas you can't use throw them up here - even if it's one sentence like "Krig takes up gardening" that would get me going.

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    Krig takes up gardening.
    Lord Tiberius Grismath
    1473 for '1337' posts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Grismath View Post
    Krig takes up gardening.
    If Krig takes up gardening, he better have an epic gardening duel with The Last True Evil and his not-so-award-winning abilities to grow his own garden.

    Also, Tracer is the man, but really, asking for stuff from other writers? You sound like you think you're writing on an interactive story or something... Let's see if I can't try throwing out some other snippets of thought:
    • Young starts showing signs of pregnancy
    • The Otter tries his hand at villainy (consciously or not) from alcohol withdrawl
    • The adventures of Coma-man -- coma patient by day, crime fighter by night!
    • Thand the tech support guy!

    I'll be sure to list some others as I think of them.
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    There are plenty of things to write about in NeS, there's no need to go looking for outside ideas, you just have to know where to look. For example, did you know that Morris the Cat is actually Krig's long lost cousin/ship Orf, the Viking Longcat, and only doesn't know it because he's had amnesia all this time? It's true; Bernard Tacgnol (check it, he's got a last name now ), the cyber-pidgeon, hit him in the head years ago but remains at large to this day and Morris still doesn't have a clue.

    And what about the budding forbidden romance between Tumbleweed and Young? They met at a Maybe and the Greenpeas concert on the Shatter Your Story tour. I hear she's been carrying his shrubby seed for months now, and Qhobeg doesn't know a thing. What will happen when he finds out?

    And what about The Beard Not Named Hank's(Oh you doubted that Geb knew what happened to him, did you?) recent recovery from years of cosmetic surgery to repair the burns he suffered at the hands of Future Ford (Now just plain Ford as it is, in fact, the future). I'm betting that he's out for revenge, world domination, and untold riches in his island-adventure-survival reality show: Who Wants to Be A Cannibal? Starring: Ford (as soon as the kidnapping plot goes off).

    So you see there's plenty to work with, and remember: if it's in the workshop, it must be true!
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    -Holiday Rap

    -Geb goes on tour. to keep him going you have to keep supplying him with thing that make him want to do heroic acts. maybe the punishment behavorial mod thing starts to have effect like just saying "Geb we need you! Help! there are um.. zombies!" does not trigger geb to do something heroic. Things that once would get him to take action may not after a while?

    -spam shows up again in NeS - offers for free trials for a MMORPG.

    -agree, need to bring up the fact that young is pregnant.

    -narrator/ t.v. interview year in review thing for happenings in NeS.

    -Sok Monkey pops up again momentarily if he has not been lost.

    -The writer god speaks again.

    -Meanwhile in writers realm holiday post

    -Random audience members are bored again -> writers must have been on strike. explanation for slump. Narrator starts narratting old episodes of NeS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voodoosnowflake View Post
    -Random audience members are bored again -> writers must have been on strike. explanation for slump. Narrator starts narratting old episodes of NeS.
    Holy crap -- we've yet to do a stereotypical clip show bit! We need to do this as a story-arc. Not necessarily for the next one (since there may be enough to go on for something else), but hot damn, even the new people can pull a Clerks joke and "flashback" to the last post that was made. And if people want to make it "legit" they can spruce it up with commentary from the characters and writers as if it were a DVD commentary track, or something. Again, though, this idea would probably lack some of the awesomeness it could have if people like TLTE, CoolMatty and Antestarr continue to be no-shows... but it could still be awesome even with just us peoples.

    Also, "Shatter Your Story" is way too catchy. I want an awesome rock band to do an album involving NeShattered stuff for Christmas.
    Featured ISB thread: The Never-ending Story Thread^2

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    A Shampoo company steals Gebohq's likeness for their bottle model. The model is almost identical to Geb in every way except his keen ability to attract women from miles away, and be liked by everyone including all of the hero's and villain's, except for Geb. This infuriates Geb and he tries to sue the shampoo company for stealing his likeness.

    That's all I've got :\

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    sort of with the idea of clip show bit, have a new hotshot holywood director approach the group for a movie deal about the lives of superheros which could go multiple ways

    sort of the cop/reality tv show approach interviews with the characters and all that entails

    a recut, redone reeverythinged version of first, favorite something clip(s) from NeS

    Other ideas:

    Our other "friendly" story wielder amal get's kidnapped, making our heros try to rescue him, but end up rescuing the kidnappers FROM him

    Semievil gets lit on fire and runs around screaming..... wait no that happens all the time..

    Geb get's discovered and spawns a new trend in rap, and right before the big show his "time" for running away is up and he can no longer rap

    <shrugs> that's what I came up with for it ^_^

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    Perhaps flashback clips that contain characters that have fallen victim to Tsolo will have blank areas.

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    Okay guys Geb is like Thrawn numbarz you should write ideas for NeS and he says you guys made it so that there is TWO THRAWNS NOW

    So I am like what

    So anyway my idea is, the real Thrawn should kill the other one. In a violent scuffle. They can use Kali martial arts, like in The Bourne Identity.

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    The only problem is that at this point in the story I don't remember which is the real one.

    Actually, my idea is for them to touch and then Jean Claude Van Damme runs in and says "the same matter cannot occupy the same space!" and then they both melt.
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    Spoiler about what I intend to happen with Sarn/Kern and the end of the arc.

    The idea for this is that Sarn and Kern will have this internal battle. Ultimately, Sarn will win, and push Kern out (likely with the help of Sran). However, rather than floating around aimlessly, Kern will inhabit the body of The Forgotten one who, coincidentally, will be touching Sarn's body, unbeknowest to Sarn or Kern. (I'm not sure how TFO touching Sarn's body will come about, except that maybe Tsolo throws him into Sarn's body at the precise moment that Kern is pushed out.) Then, with Kern out, Sarn will regain conciousness and control of his body, and go on to defeat Tsolo (with the help of the other heroes). TFO (now Kern), will slink away or something.. To be a future threat to the NeS heroes.
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    At last I've posted. This is just a setup for the rest of the story which will see Granny Cal, Thrawn42689, Sugarless and Caspian back in NeS with The Dust. I'm halfway through writing that post already ...

    Seeing I've missed wishing everyone Merry Christmas, I'll just send a hearty Happy New Year!!
    Never give up, never surrender ... oh wait, I already have. Damn!

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    Kern will inhabit the body of The Forgotten one who, coincidentally, will be touching Sarn's body, unbeknowest to Sarn or Kern.
    Yeah yeah, and then Van Damme runs in and they both melt!

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    Story Arc's basically closed. Geb's probably gonna finalize and wrap everything up. Threw in a bit of a twist from the original plot idea.

    (Don't read this till you've read my post)

    I put Sran into Voodoo's body. Tracer, I did this with you in mind. I'm sure you can have some fun with that. And, since they have the mortal gun, if it gets old, we can just have the heroes figure out how to bring him back to Sarn.

    Also, Tsolo and Kern should likely be offscreen for an arc or two while they recoup. But we may potentially see them working together in the future. I left it open.

    The automobile was unwittingly a reference to NeSi. This was completely by accident, but Geb pointed it out to me.

    I think that's about it.
    If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

    Lassev: I guess there was something captivating in savagery, because I liked it.

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