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Thread: Dead hard drives SUCK

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    Dead hard drives SUCK

    I've spent the past week without a computer. I've never realized how precious the internet is until I've gone a week without it. I've spent the past 3 years working on the most AWESOME rpg with rpg2k, and now... it's gone into oblivion. I've lost so much. Almost every JK project I've ever worked on is all gone. This really SUCKS. If you have precious stuff on your hardrive, make backup CDs, trust me. So, how many of you have had experience with loss of hard drives?

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    Not me. I don't think laptop hard drives die often.

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    Ya, I lost all my work on The Force in Your Soul when the HD on my old computer died, but now I've remade it even better (well, the weapons and items anyway).
    Yeah, it sucks to lose hard work.

    Look for my current project, The Force in Your Soul.
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