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Thread: JK Editing Resources

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    to wound the autumnal city.

    JK Editing Resources

    I would like to put together a sticky thread for this forum that contains usefull links to JK editing tutorials, tips, resources (textures, prefabs, etc), and anything else that editors could find useful. What I need from you guys is links to add to the sticky thread. So post away, anything you think that anyone else could find usefull.

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    to wound the autumnal city.
    Also, links to past threads that contain usefull information could be good too.

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    Well some will no that hidekis site millenium is down now, but fortunatly before it went down Darth Slaw got all his tutorials and uploaded them to my server. You can get all his editing tutorials here
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    wtf is a catloaf?a
    I recently deleted all my bookmarks by accident.

    But I remember Blender's home page:

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    Home of the Datamaster, the ultimate cog and flags resource. Has also some other very useful things in petto. Hail to SaberMaster, author of this great stuff!

    The unoffical JK specs, a great all around reference for Jedi Knight file internals. Many thanks to CodeAlliance, provider of this invaluable document!
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    This is my second favorite website related to Jedi Knight (massassi being the first):
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    My friend found this converter today. It supports JK 3dos; maybe it could be useful (he said he had trouble... probably when he loaded the converted model into lightwave? I dunno)
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    Sweeet, thanks for posting that Slaw, that could prove infinitely profitable for a number of editors. That program supports an awful lot of formats.

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    The following is one of the most useful threads in the editing forum's history -- it's a more robust version of this thread from a few years ago.
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    wtf is a catloaf?a
    Hate trying to make trees?
    Tree Generator
    OnyxTree (not free... or even cheap. )

    There are a couple others, but their websites are down.

    Oh, and you'll need another program to crunch down the polycount to a jk-suitable level. (Blender will do it.)
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    Really a MacGyver fan.
    For best lighting results, bump up the gouraud and perspective distances in the level header. When the player passes the distances from a surface or 3do, it shifts into a lower lighting style (flat shading)
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    Where is that program that makes a mesh out of a grayscale image?

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    I believe that's Hellcat's Terrain Generator.

    You should be able to get a link to that off of Darth Slaw's sig.

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    Yep. Go to sig, now with 1337 html organizational 1337ness ( ) Down in 3rd section (Jed951, Plugins, Other progs -- go to Other progs)

    btw, have you been there Daft?

    I was beginning to wonder if anyone has used it yet...

    I have to PM jedikirby about that to see what's going on, because the one I'm linking to was supposed to be a temporary storage until Cool Matty uploads it all to his server (at least, that was the last I've heard from him...)


    Well, Cool Matty uploaded the plugins on his own server a while ago... use his b/c it's faster.
    link to CM's server
    The one I was using still has a few other useful programs, so you might have a look and see if any are useful.
    link to old plugin backup site

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    * JK Editing Hub *
    The Hub should obviate the need for this sticky thread.

    [Edit: New link for the Hub.]
    [Edit 2: Link for the new Hub.]
    [Edit 3: Updated for newest Hub link and removal of old Hub links.]
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    I'm not completely sure what the mission of the Hub is suppose to be; Massassi seems to have just about the same files with the exception of a couple modelling programs and the plugins, which are temporarily unavailable due to the revamping of the code-alliance web page.
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    JK Thing limit patcher should be in there. A must have when dealing with a lot of things!

    Incase you don't know. It patches your JK.exe so your thing limit is no longer 640. It patches it to be alot higher.
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    *Causes an enormous ammount of Emails*

    Wuahahaha. :p

    Anyway, figured I'd do Zeq a favor and "bump" this. Read his post a few up.
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    Well in that case I'll do Cool Matty a favor and get all his bandwidth eaten up :p

    link to CM's plugin server

    The old one is still up... but that new one is much faster, so you should use that one.
    The old one still has a few useful programs on it, so you might have a look to see if any of them prove useful to you. That's the only reason I will also include the old link in this post
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    About to lose his freedom
    does any one know a really good source for textures, jk would be best but doesnt have to be jk?
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    Riddle me this, Batman

    Home of JKEdit and JK3do

    The best editors ever

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    Originally posted by Darth_Alran
    does any one know a really good source for textures, jk would be best but doesnt have to be jk?
    This thread should have everything you need -

    Sorry for the late reply.

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    Have you ever wanted help on one of your projects, and didn't know how to ask?

    Have you already asked for help, but received less than helpful responses?

    Everyone who wants assistance with an editing project should read and understand this article:
    "How To Ask Questions The Smart Way".

    NOTE: The article uses the term, hacker, which refers to people who have skills in software; it does not refer to people who cheat in games by 'hacking' them.

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    JK Editing Resources

    I was just wondering what software you guys use to do the final editing of your clips/films. And The kind of effects that is possible with the software.Thats it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarah5baker View Post
    Interesting thread. Thanks for sharing .
    Interesting spam. Thanks for sharing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Charleserion View Post
    I do not know exactly what the mission is believed to be the hub to be; Massassiseems to have almost the same files, with the exception of a few model programs and a few plug-ins that are temporarily unavailable due to renew Alliance codepage.
    Cute hidden text, but it showed up in my email. The Hub, many many years ago, was set up so that a JK Editor could have his or her own project space to share their projects with the community in a centralized place. A project creator could post screenshots, keep a news feed, have their own forum, and be able to upload their files no matter how big they were. Alas, those years are long gone, and I have no idea what's up and around now.
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    Actually HR (OMG IT'S HELL RAISER HOW YA DOIN MAN OMG), that's a spambot aping this post.

    Funny how there are still spambots left in the forums no one really reads >.> <.<

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    Can you put some more links for other help..... i need some more...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaimion View Post
    Can you put some more links for other help..... i need some more...
    What specifically do you need help with? If you post your questions in this forum we'd be glad to help.
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    Sweeet, thanks for posting said, cabbage, can prove infinitely profitable edit. The program supports the format.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CavEmaN View Post
    That was a nice site from what I remember.

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