I'm curious as to why various electronic styles from the 90's sound better to me. More specifically, I'm wondering how music production of genre of Drum and Bass/jungle has changed.

I know it's also possible that production methods are basically the same but the stylistic approach changed, if that's the case then let me know!

I know back in the 90's they did more sampling before copyright laws were updated and made stricter and that many early drum sounds used in Drum and Bass were sampled breakbeats from old records. I hypothesize that more of the production was done using analog methods and with real hardware signals instead of software, but I'm not sure at all on this one.

90's D'n'B:

Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/v/0unJCDeQWkI



(jungle here, amen-esque breaks and ragga influence)

Mid-late 2000's D'n'B:




I don't know if you can hear the difference, but the older tracks to me are more appealing. I find this very common when listening to drum and bass. Any insights?