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Thread: JK Editors - AIM Names

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    JK Editors - AIM Names

    I'm not exactly sure if I stuck this in the right place, but it does have to do with JK Editing, so here goes nothin.

    I love JK and editing, but thing is I know absolutely NOBODY who plays or edits like I do. I mean I have you guys here on Massassi, but I dont know anybody. Well I know Flexor I guess, but anyways my point is I would just like to get to know some JK guys more personally so I actually have somebody to chat with that understands what im talking about. So yeah...JK editors who dont mind getting to know and having conversations on AIM with another JK your AIM name.

    I havent edited in awhile because I lost everything, but just yesterday I found my JK backup disk, so basically I now have EVERYTHING I ever worked on in its most recent form and I want to get back into the swing of editing this game.

    FYI - Mine is andrew61987 <----updated 2010
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    to wound the autumnal city.
    Good idea.


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    Ug! Me smash you!

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    Child's Play CharityGoY's Pessimistic Soy Boy Toy

    I'm always on, and always willing to throw together a quick non-organic model for pretty much anyone.

    ᴸᶥᵛᵉ ᴼᵑ ᴬᵈᵃᵐ

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    Registered User
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    AIM: DjDTM3k


    EMAIL: "same as above"

    Drop me a line, I'd love to do some jk editing with one of you.

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    But we see right through it.
    AIM: elements783

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    ICQ: 18985093
    AIM: ZeqMacaw
    MSN: [edit] No longer use [/edit]

    Just in case anyone is interested, my email is in my profile (I don't want it on a public page for spammers to grab).

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    I'm always willing to lend a hand with cogs here and there on various projects - I'm exceptionally busy with my final year dissertation project at uni (I think Kirby's the only one of you lot to have my MSN and I think he must have noticed that my status is mostly "busy" with lectures or "busy" with dissertation work at the moment... ), but I'll do my best

    MSN: lucky_jackpot - complete with the normal hotmail equivalent (Grrr spambots...)

    "lucky_jackpot is the smily god..." -gothicX
    "Life is mostly froth and bubble, but two things stand in stone,
    Kindness in another's trouble, courage in your own"
    - "Ye Wearie Wayfarer"
    || AI Builder: compatible with both JK & MotS || My website ||

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    I d/led AIM last Wednesday.

    Hi again...

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    Spoting an error in post will result in a $100 reward.
    Offer expires on 6/6/06. Valid one per customer, per day.


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    a necessary change
    gnarly axon

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    AIM: "Robet G Bullock"

    MSN: ""
    And when the moment is right, I'm gonna fly a kite.

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    "Nulla tenaci invia est via"

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    Thumbs up


    (sorry, but jo takes priority)

    (Please talk to me!)

    EDIT: On the other hand, I could use some help myself.
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    The jig is up, the news is out, they've finally found me
    AIM ScreenName: TubularJoe

    Recite it, live it, remember it. One day it will be famous!
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    Are you my mommy?
    AIM: Lr0dy, Carg383.
    Y!: lord_of_the_virus
    MSN: oslvirus @
    "And lo, let us open up into the holy book of Proxy2..." -genk
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    I have wealth of experience and knowledge as far as editng JK/MOTS goes. (Five years?) It's too bad I've never finished anything.

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    AIM: Friend14
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    Lord Tiberius Grismath
    1473 for '1337' posts.

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    MSN: bj1988 @ Take out the spaces. Been a lil bit since i edited. But if i can help, i'll be glad too.
    <SalvadorChicka> i wasn't all "omg canadians have sex with each other!"

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    Screen names...

    Hello ALL.

    Its been awhile. Just noticed this sticky-post (good idea), and since I still JED Edit levels, (and still need help on a few things), thought I'd add my own name to the list.

    AIM = Master Palidori
    MSN = JAS_Palidori

    Ive added Everyone's AIM name on this post (up until mine).

    ** bows **

    " hope to talk with ya online "
    High_Councillor, Light Jedi_Master
    JAS: Jedi Against Sith

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    Registered User
    I use MSN Messenger too:

    Lookin' forward to any massassi editors sendin' me a message on MSN.

    By the way, SniperWolf, your e-mail's wrong.

    Isn't it ? Unless you have two e-mails...
    Pumpkins are the only living organisms with triangle eyes.

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    Oops, yep, your right. I don't think about it much usually. Though I've generally just been on here when bored, so haven't thought much in general.
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    Wolf Moon
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    The Woods At Night
    The Wolf Has Come

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    Hmmm Intresting

    Yodason the 45th

    (not exactly yoda's son and not exactly "the 45th")


    Hmmmmmm.......Interesting.....Hmmmmmmmmm......mmmm mmm




    Good At Making Levels
    My Main Objective------ Is to make Jk Real......No i mean Really Real.

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    More Ovaltine Please

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    AaronJRuthven on AIM

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    (aim: fishclanmatyy icq: 78221591)

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    i dunno if this thread is still hot but my aim name is Steven McBeaven and i'm trying to create a resident evil mod if anyone here is interested in helping.

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    AIM - DPatMassassi

    if anyone needs to talk to me, I pop on sometimes.
    Major projects working on:
    SATNRT, JK Pistol Mod, Aliens TC, Firearms

    Judgement Day (HLP), My level pack

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    Child's Play CharityNot satisfied.

    I might not be able to help much, but I'm there.
    Hey, Blue? I'm loving the things you do. From the very first time, the fight you fight for will always be mine.

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    Imon, umon...everymon!
    AIM: Cedak5
    ICQ: 35960628

    Helpful? Is there anything I don't know? Of course I can help!
    Bassoon, n. A brazen instrument into which a fool blows out his brains.

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    I guess I can be bothered here and there. :p

    MSN: Jon_Boy2001 at your friendly neighborhood Hotmail dot com
    -Hell Raiser

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    Can't spell "zombie" right
    I can't actually play JK due to firewall problems but I can offer some help if it is needed.

    AIM: ChewFunka

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    "I see numbers."N
    SpriteMod (JO 2003) Roger Wilco Skin

    Snail racing: (500 posts per line) ---@%

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    who the hell ate my cheese?
    halucid on AIM...... well halucid everywhere actually... I use it more than my real name these days, and it's to the point that even my real-world friends are calling me Hal
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    doodwuzahh for aim
    dewddood at H0tmail dot com for msn

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    Try as I might, I just cant seem to leave Jk....

    You guessed it.... its "vaporlinx"

    Minus the quotes.
    Why are girls in german "its"? -Wolfgang
    Cause' the german god said so. - Fritz

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