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Thread: Vision Cycle workshop

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    Vision Cycle workshop

    This is NOT a story thread! This is purely a means for writers to work out ideas in the five stories that are part of the Vision Cycle series.

    The Vision Cycle

    The Change (The Second War) (TBA)
    link to story thread | link to workshop center

    The Crusade (TBA)
    link to story thread | link to workshop center

    Saga of the Third War (finished)
    link to story thread | link to workshop center

    The Shadows of Darkness (finished)
    link to story thread | link to workshop center

    The Eternal War (not finished/ON HOLD)
    link to story thread | link to workshop center

    Please post any random thoughts, ideas, plans, etc etc. here for other writers to be aware of and work with in writing their future posts. Also, feel free to add to and reference to the ISB character sheets thread.

    This does not mean there will be no surprises! Writers obviously can still keep ideas to themselves until manifested into a story post. It's the beauty of participating in an interactive forum: to both be able to create and interact AND to watch new things unfold. Perhaps you can have your cake and eat it too. But realize that we're working together, not against each other. While somebody may have a great idea, perhaps someone else can polish it or make it even greater. We can still share ideas and have room for surprises.
    ((Note: Since the material in the Vision Cycle series attempt at a more traditional approach to story-writing, collaboration is even more important than in such stories like NeS.))

    Any writing issues with the Vision Cycle stories in general can be worked out here at the workshop. This is also the place for new readers and writers alike to ask questions, make comments, etc. they may have.
    ((Note: Since we hope to edit these stories and one day publish them, such critisism is in fact encouraged. This is also a good place for writers to give permission for use of their ideas in publication.))

    If you're a reader of the Vision Cycle stories only, stop cheating and just read the story! Besides, it's not anywhere set in stone that we'll actually follow THROUGH with ideas posted here
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    Terrorists trigger end of the world as we know it...

    Cast of Characters:

    Earth, near-future

    World, programming, square, etc.

    (much additional info and editing to come in the future)
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    Former terrorist and magic-user "conquors" world and ushers in a new Rome...

    Cast of Characters:

    Earth, Between 30-300 years after the events in "The Change"

    Life, pleasue, circle, etc.

    (much additional info and editing to come in the future)
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    A "doctor" of magic plans for world domination, he must be stopped...

    Cast of Characters:

    Earth, 60-600 years after the events in "The Crusade"

    Others, pentagon/center, poweretc.

    (much additional info and editing to come in the future)

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    The Third War seems to be in its darkest hour after years of victory for evil, but there may be hope yet...

    Cast of Characters:

    Earth, 9 years after the events in "Saga of the 3rd War"

    Oneself, cross, etc.

    (much additional info and editing to come in the future)

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    The divine powers prepare for a great battle in the eternal war over mankind...

    Cast of Characters:

    Earth, 50-100 years after the events in "The Shadows of Darkness"

    God, triangle, perspective (and themes of the series as a whole), etc...

    (much additional info and editing to come in the future)

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    There's still a lot to be done, but there's now a skeleton framework for these stories to be ressurected. Feel free to dump all the notes you've been keeping in your e-mails and such here -- I intend to do such. Hopefully I can post my thoughts about wrapping up The Eternal War as well, though don't get your hopes up all -- it may still be a while yet.

    This means that the following posts will be subject to the following:
    • not necessarily in any order
    • not necessarily still "valid"
    • content may not be from the person who posted it

    If the third point is present, the poster should make an attempt to give credit to the person who it originally was from.
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    from e-mail

    (From The Last True Evil, concerning The Eternal War on February 25, 2005)

    Right, I'm going to try to keep this as short as I can, as they often turn into rambling theses that we all find difficult to read. Starting with TEW first:

    As we discussed, the Champions resolve their conflict with a fight (first with their respective armies for the middle ground, then in what I assume to be a more intimate battle). This seems logical enough - after all, The Eternal War is (from what I have ascertained) a sort of form of competitive measure in the ultimate powers, a way of keeping potentially limitless war and suffering in check by restricting it, streamlining it in some respect.

    Your new idea - the idea of the final battle also having a theatrical/judicial aspect to it - also appeals to me, though I'm not sure quite how it could be done. Do you mean to say that the Champions themselves are to be held accountable for their successes and vices during the extensive prelude to the War? Or are they proxies for the higher deities?

    You see, here is where my own ideas mesh quite well - So'liq has the Andamite Flayer, taken from the Immortal Judge Semievil's brother, Termaan-Li. Furthermore, So'liq despises the Eternal War, for all that it has cost him, so his plan is to destroy the competition and plunge all into chaos by using his newfound power to destroy the Immortal Champions, and the Immortals themselves. In simple terms, So'liq is trying to kill God, or all of the gods that are responsible for the War. So over the top of the formal, scripted trial of the Immortals, I was thinking that So'liq could burst in and run trial on the Eternal War itself: foiled at the 11th hour, of course, by the timely arrival of Kronaemix. This could also serve as the catalyst for the more dramaticised, regimented show to degenerate into the climatic Champion struggle.

    I was also thinking that the trial aspect of the contest will be augmented by the presence of Semievil, a character who is becoming well and truly unhinged by now. I still hold onto one of my original ideas of Kronaemix, having served under him for a time, returning to challenge Semievil's twisted concepts of equity and justice against the background of the Judge's greatest responsibility.
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    from e-mail

    (From myself, concerning TEW, on June 1, 2002)

    THE ETERNAL WAR - Final Scenes

    First off, I plan to try and write as much of a "first post" to get TEW moving back along (and to help you guys post) before I go to sleep. If you still need help, please e-mail me and I'll see what I can do. Though I am uncertain of the order and connecting details as of now, here is the current events, random information, and what I hope iwll be in my post-to-be soon:

    The post that I plan to write after this (as in if you'r ereading this, my post is probably up) will involve the major fight scene on Krig's Northman ship. Here is the list of characters and their GENERAL rank of power/influence over the situation (now and to come in the post), though for the most part, characters are of relatively equal match between the differing levels--

    Immortals--Quarsh, Vox, Kronaemix
    Ubers--Ebon Skull, Yimir, Raivus, Orca
    Highs--Saidelora, Bais, Kupala, Shawn
    Normals--Krig, Robert, Krystal, Carol, Lina

    Currently, Quarsh (low-class demon) and Ebon Skull (former demon) are fighting each other (Ebon using his Black Shadow, which I assume is something to the effect of gloves/gauntlets and/or an aura covering him (like armor or a cloak of some kind) and is a refined version of Bazaal's original Shadow (pretty much like a magic version of a really big radiation shock wave like that of a nuclear blast, except its effects covered the realm of Shamoor)--correct me if I am wrong Highemperor--jsut trying to give some definition to the Black Shadow Ebon is using against Quarsh). The two are fighting in hopes of gaining the Matrix of Volsang, which is a backdoor device that allows power to be drawn from Heaven.

    Yimir, originally there to try and destroy the Matrix in hopes of foiling Ebon's plans (because his motivation is to be "free" and thus, despizes power because he felt his father was trapped by his desire for it), is now trying to cope with the realization that he IS becoming his father (after realizing that he wanted control of Shamoor and of the situation around him). While Yimir is still brooding over what to do, Krig is trying to help him "turn good"--suggesting that he bcome a Northman Krig also hopes to find a way to get his Northmen friends (who are on the ship) back alive/out of stasis (as having a Northman will greatly help Krig's willpower in the final battle).

    Robert, having been brought by Quarsh and is rather skeptical of supernatural things in general, is to help Quarsh recover the Matrix (whether Robert will is a question to come). Robert is the grandson of Apathis (dark wizard from previous story--conections with Bazaal, Orca, Krig, Shawn and Stanin, though the last two wouldn't remember and Stanin is not in this scene--and Bazaal is dead). Robert also wields a daggar that can inflict a great deal of damage on immortals (a potential threat to the immortals in the scene).

    Most likely, Ebon will take out Quarsh due to Quarsh's previous battle with the two angels protecting Krig (not dead mind you, since he IS an immortal, but out of the way). Robert may deal a blow to Ebon, temporarily stunning him. There is a good chance Yimir will "turn good", taking the stasis spell off the Northman ship and planning a showdown with Ebon--at some point, any fight with EBon will move out of the cargo hold that they are currently in--Ebon should win the fight here as well (whether Yimir dies or not is up in the air still). Krig will probably go in search of his Northmen friends, and say a prayer at some point (which will be the final ingredient in Sem's construction of the Arena upon which the final battle will take place). Robert will then probably (hesitantly) try to take the Matrix, when the next group enters.

    During the previous scene, the Northman ship Bais, Krystal, carol (relative of Krystal--medical doctor of sorts) and Vox (Nature servent ("fairy")--equivilant of an angel or demon) will approach Krig's Northman ship, as will the ship Saidelora, Raivus, Shawn Templer, Kupala, and Lina are on. Kupala will attack Bais, and the two of them will stay on one of the ships while Krystal, Carol, Vox, Saidelora, Raivus, Shawn and Lina will most likely board Krig's ship (Vox is the only one who has the motivation to board though, and thus, if need be, any of the others can stay where they are, but they should be seperate from Bais and Kupala). Whomever does board Krig's ship will be the group that interrupts Robert from taking the Matrix.

    At some point, Kronaemix needs to enter into the picture, to defend the matrix from falling into anyone elses' hands, since he is now an angel (and no longer a servent for the Eternal Force of Justice). I'm not sure where is the best place is, so I'll probably have him there at the beginning of my post and allow TLTE to decide for himself (whatever is decided should be fine). If Jim (yeah, he was an angel too, remember? teehee) does enter, he should help Kronaemix out.

    Anyways, Vox should attempt to take the Matrix, when Kronaemix and/or Ebon Skull step in. 'nother big immortal battle there. WHATEVER happens in between there, the end result needs to be Ebon Skull obtaining the Matrix successfully and leaving.

    While that is going on, Bais and Kupala should be fighitng when Space_Orca enters the picture, and takes them away from the scene. Sem the writer will be taking care of what happens with that, but basically, they will be invovled in Orca's plan to overthrow the final battle.

    From there--the characters are ready to begin the final battle aka the Decamillenial Battle. I still have to write up Diaszu, Jirverak, and Saatch's confrontation with Strage as well as finish the side-thing with Amry, Noddo, Yarilo (and possibly) Stanin, btu I can do that as this rather lengthy main fight scene is written.

    ===Feel free to do small bits of it--in fact, I encourage that you do that--this way, what you DO write will be focused and easy to handle.==

    So here's what I need from you all right now (before the final Battle):

    KRIG THE VIKING- Concern yourself with Krig's development in his willpower and other such reasons for him to be the Champion of Good. Since you played often with Krig being lonely, I assume being able to have the support of his Northmen friends will be a key part in that. make sure to also have Krig say/think of a prayer, revelant to the situation, but that is based on hope, so it can be used as the final ingredient in the making of the Arena and whatnot.

    HIGHEMPEROR- Concern yourself with mainly Ebon right now. Make sure to emphasis why the readers should think HE'LL become the champion of Evil (aka his triumphs over the immortals there), and emphasis Saidelora's secretive devotion/plans towards Evil (aka her lackey tendencies for the "principles of Evil")--and don't unleash Leviathan yet. I'll tell you why in a later time, but I'd need to explain the details of the final battle for it to make sense. I'll also need to talk to you about how to resolve the situations with Strage (Diaszu, Jirverak and Saatch) as well as what involvement Stanin might have in the other situation (as he would be key in turning that sidestory into something worthy).

    THE LAST TRUE EVIL- I'll try to make some sort of easy opening for Kronaemix, but really, it's up to you when you want him to enter the picture. Just make sure to tell me if you have a spot in this development in mind. Also, it may help to post a "Please wait for me to post before continuing" thing and edit it with your story later if it comes to that. Obviously, Kronaemix has some good issues to play with--his return as an angel, his former devotion as a servent of Justice, connections with Jim...jsut let your character play into the scene and see what happens.

    SEMIEVIL- I've talked to you already about all of this, but jstu for a reminder and whatnot, jsut concern yourselves about setting up your Bais-Kupala idea, as well as guide the rest of the characters involved with that group (Saidelora, Raivus, Shawn, Lina, Krystal, Carol, Vox) into good positions for their writer-counterparts (and the characters themselves) to easily continue with some action (as I did not offer a suggestion for these characters, save Vox, any specific thing to do during the fight). Also, make sure to set up the whole Orca-side story deal in case Orca the writer decides he wants to join.

    JNAITOR BOB- Your character (Robert) is basically the Spy piece in Stratego (he can do major damage to the #1 guys aka immortals, but is relatively weak to everyone else). Develop him in this situation as you please. Fortunately (since I know you seem to be preoccupied), Robert PROBBALY won't do much anyway, as he'll msot likely be stunned by his skeptical thoughts being contradicted by the supernatural fights being held before him. Also, if you really want Quarsh to return, he can, but it'd probably be best if he didn't do anything until the final battle, where he can play around some more with Robert.

    And if the other writers join in...

    SHAWN TEMPLER- Like I said up there, nothing much is happening with your character. Just follow Sem's lead when he posts his bit with Bais and Kupala fighting if you wish to write, and from there, I can help you fit Shawn in with the final battle.

    SPACE_ORCA/NATURE PALADIN- Thanks to Sem, and bits from what you started posting back in the early pages of TEW, Orca's got a little side-quest going. If you decide to write, I'll fill you in on Sem's stuff that he's done with Orca and whatnot, and you'll probably be able to easily write for the final battle itself if nothing else.

    KRYSTAL- Read Shawn's note.

    Details of the final battle and whatnot will come shortly. I still REALLY need suggestions on what "reward" the champion would get from Semievil (the character) to aid them in the champion combat (second part of the final battle) if they are the first to claim the middle ground (first part of the final battle).
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    from e-mail

    (From Shawn Templer, concerning TEW on June 19, 2002)

    Not sure why that happened but oh well. Basicly, what I wrote is that close to the end of the story I wanted Shawn to get in a battle with someone powerful, I want it to be with someone fimilar to him, so is a battle for life. I was thinking that it would be Yimir because he is one of the powerful people that Shawn would know and pretty much, at the last moment Shawn remembers everything and is mortally wounded by Yimir, just after Shawn does the same to Yimir. I have the last fight pretty much planned out but just was hopeing that it would be ok to post. I also wanted Shawn to attack Lina sometime and leave the fight wondering why he is unable to hurt her. I'll try to make a post tonight, doing what I do doesn't give me alot of time lately, esp. on wednesdays. later
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    from e-mail

    (From TLTE, concerning TEW/TEW: Origins on June 21, 2003)

    Here is a brief synopsis of exciting highlights in the lives of Kronaemix and So'liq that we can hope to see. Essentially, for those who 'walked in late', Kronaemix is a great angel and champion of Heaven, counterpart to So'liq, who has a blood link to Satan himself and desires only the total destruction of his arch-nemesis. To explain, here is the sequence of events that I hope to cover in our prequel story (I know it doesn't conform totally with the Bible, but I'm taking ours as a parallel universe, where alternate events/characters occur.)


    -In the beginning...The Divine Betrrayal. Lucifer becomes Satan and destroys all angels who would oppose him on his destructive march out of Heaven. Kronaemix, the great angel, stands alone in his path. They battle at the gates of Heaven, deciding the fate of the universe, and Satan triumphs, casting Kronaemix down yet sparing him humiliatingly.

    -Kronaemix, greatly shamed yet still willing to serve God in whatever way, assumes the identity of Kinn-Akan and flees Heaven. His trusted angel friend Jim spreads the word to his infant son that he died a martyr for the cause. He is thus named Kronaemix also after his 'honoured' father.

    -Meanwhile the elder Kronaemix forms the group "The Lord's Will" with the Judge Semievil's estranged brother, Termaan-Li. Their somewhat flawed philosophy: The Eternal War can only be just and fair if good is given the upper hand. Thus, the society is ever in the background of every Eternal War, subtly manipulating and suggesting...

    -Kronaemix, however, grows to formidable strength and skill, fast becoming Heaven's choice for the upcoming war. Dark events loom, however...


    -Kronaemix has reached mature age and as a manner to prove himself to both Heaven and the opposition, embarks on a pilgrimage to recover a Holy Monastery from the clutches of evil. (Note: I was hoping that this monastery could take on the same sort of plot significance as the Matrix of Volsang)

    -Kronaemix is aided by his faithful friend, Jim, always watching over him. He also enlists the aid of Sacramento, a young angel trying to prove himself as much as he is, and many good and true men and women he meets on the way (Uncle TLTE wants YOU!). Tense alliances with Nature are made and broken along the way. Hell remains a constant and bitter enemy.

    -The plot arrives halfway at the monastery itself, host to a great battle. There, as well as a highly destructive confrontation with Leviathan, the party meets So'liq for the first time.

    -A large, intentional gap is left here to serve for any devious plot twists, action sequences etc. that you see fit.

    -Of course, the battle culminates at the Eternal War itself. Much of this chapter is explained elsewhere. After Leviathan's forceful removement, So'liq is chosen as reserve, which is of course what he had planned all along. The battle peaks; many evil souls and valiant men are destroyed forever. In a combined final effort, without giving too much away, Kronaemix triumphs, laying waste to So'liq's broken form (for now), but the battle takes such a toll on him and those close to him, victory is bittersweet. So'liq has the last laugh however; we will see exactly why and how later.


    -In an ironic twist of fate, a shamed Kronaemix enters reclusion and joins the same secret society as his father, associating closely with him yet never knowing his true identity. The two work together for eons, until the events of the present Eternal War. How that will end, no one knows...
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    from e-mail

    (From myself, concerning TEW, on January 5, 2003)

    Alrighty, I figured you all could use a run-down of the basics events that will need to be covered and whatnot to finish writing up TEW and move on to other projects. So here we go:


    _The Fighting for Ownership of the Matrix of Volsang_


    When the scene started, Yimir (old uber-dark wizard) went to the Northmen ship in hopes of destroying the Matrix for good, when he was visited by Quarsh, Robert and Krig. Quarsh and others find Matrix, they deal with Yimir a bit, then Ebon Skull enters. They fight some more, Yimir contimplates his life and whether it was right or not. Bais, Krystal, Carol and Vox crash their boat into the Northman one (thanks to Bais' wind spell) and Yimir lowered the stasis spell on the Northman ship, causing in Bais' ship being destroyed and the Northman ship beginning to sink and the surround storm to pick up. Saidelora, Shawn, Kupala (and Lina, and Raivus after having summoned him) brought their own boat up to the Northman ship, and Kupala went to hunt down Bais. Bais and Kupala were abducted by Space Orca (with Yimir following them), and Kronaemix brought Krystal and carol on Saidelora's ship. The immortals are currently fighting each other for possession of the Matrix of Volsang, an artifact created to tap into the power of the ethereal planes.

    The only planned event that needs to be covered is that Ebon Skull should be victorious in possession the Matrix of Volsang, and that afterwards, everyone should be summoned to the Arena, where the Champions of each Eternal Force will be determined.

    Characters present:

    On Northman ship:
    --Ebon Skull (former demon, wishes to own matrix for himself)
    --Quarsh (low-level demon, wishes to obtain matrix for the Forces of Evil)
    --Robert (desendant of Apathis, possesses dagger which can inflict damage on immortals, is summoned by Quarsh to assist him)
    --Krig son of Krog (viking dwarf-type. Is seeking his Northmen friends on boat)
    --Vox (low-level fairy/servent of Nature. Wishes to obtain matrix for the Forces of Nature)
    --Kronaemix (higher-level angel. Wishes to obtain matrix for Forces of Good.)
    --Raivus (dark wizard. Is the bridge/key for Saidelora's plan to summon Leviathan. Is currently wrecking chaos on the already chaotic scene of the Northman ship sinking.)
    --Other Northmen (running around, trying to make sense of now sinking ship)

    On smaller boat nearby:
    --Saidelora (dark "enchantress" aka shadow wizard. Is keeping an eye on Raivus.)
    --Krystal (herbalist/archer. Is trying to stay collected and alive)
    --Carol (doctor and Krystal's relative. Same deal)
    --Shawn Templer (wizard-fighter. Is witht hem in hopes of fighting someone challanging.)
    --Lina (Shawn's love. She's interested in helping Shawn remember his past. Has been hiding and following Shawn.)

    _The Choosing of the Champions and Other Mortals_

    When everyone has been summoned, there will be some official-like announcement of who will be chosen as the champions for each Eternal Force. Semievil (the writer) finalized the votes sometime before to be the following:

    Champion of Good: Krig son of Krog (short viking)
    Champion of Nature: Diaszu Xenophent (young wizard)
    Champion of Evil: Saidelora (dark enchantress)

    Saidelora being shoen as champion will piss of Ebon, giving him motivation to wreck havoc and try to claim Semievil's title as Judge via killing him. After the champions have been chosen, the champions themselves will choose other mortals to participate in the battle as well (their role to be explained later). The list to choose from are, from most-needed to least:

    Force of Good: Stanin, Yimir, Amry Embos, Krig's Northmen friend(s), Saatch
    Forces of Nature: Bais, Shawn Templer, Lina, Krystal, Noddo Guiyls, Carol
    Forces of Evil: Ebon Skull (unless there's some other way he can get in), Raivus, Kupala, Robert, Jirverak Ironhands, Yarilo Embos

    A minimum of three (3) other mortals need to be chosen for two reasons: 1) by elimination-- the Forces of Evil will most likely have 3 characters that NEED to be chosen (Ebon, Raivus, and Kupala). 2) the nature of the chosen mortals' goal (to be explained later). A maximum of six (6) other mortals need to be chosen because there simply aren't enough characters on each side for more.

    Once chosen by the Champions, the mortals will head towards their respective preperation rooms.

    _The Preperations_

    Each of the champions will arm themselves and devise strategies for themselves, the mortals they chose, and the angels/demons/fairies (whichever side they be on respectively) that are with them. In the story, this would also be a good time to go into character's thoughts and whatnot. There will be a limited time within teh story for them to prepare before Semievil begins the first part of the Battle.


    _The Goal_

    Each Eternal Force in the first part of the Battle must claim the middle ground. To do this, the immortal armies must aid the mortals chosen by the champions in placing and defending three flags (or some form of marker) on each of the three points that make up the middle ground. When they have done this, the champion must then step into the middle ground. Once that is done, the first part of the battle is finished.

    _The Layout of the Arena_

    For those of you that aren't familiar with how the Arena is actually layed OUT and whatnot, here's a description:

    The material that the Arena is made out of is andamintite, a material made by Semievil for only the purpose of creating the Arena and to embue the mortals with. The key components that make this special material indestructable is hope/faith. All immortal beings are also made up of this material. This gives teh Arena a shiny, multi-colored shimmering look. You know, something that would fit a battle between Heaven, Nature, and Hell =)

    From a top view, the entirity of the Arena appears to look like a Star of David. The actual hexagon shape in the middle is the battlefield itself, while each of teh 6 triangles surrounding the hexagon are either one of the Eternal Forces preperation rooms or one of the Eternal Forces seating rooms (where non-chosen combatants and guests of honor, as well as supposedly the dieties themselves can view the fight). The length of the battlefield is approximately 12 miles long. In the middle is a triangular middle ground about a mile long. The battelfield is sloped slightly but the middle ground is not, giving Evil in this particular battle a disadvantage (they must go uphill, and the triangular middle ground's point facing them forms cliffsides on the two edges of the middle ground, making their goal more difficult).

    For sake of reference, here are the 6 rooms in order, starting at top and going clock-wise (each Force's seating and preperation rooms should be on opposing sides of the battlefield):

    --Nature seating room
    --Good preperation room
    --Evil seating room
    --Nature preperation room
    --Good seating room
    --Evil preperation room

    On the battlefield itself, there should be a massive amount of colored lines, which serve as equivilants of "40 yard line, 50 yard line, 10 yard line..." things like that. If you wish to know the exact layout, ask either myself or Krig and we'll see what we can do about sending a visual over. Otherwise, just know that the color schemes involve the simple colors, and that they form a bunch of triangles, squares, circles, crosses and pentagons.

    _Planned Confrontations_

    In each Battle over the eons of existence, Semievil has presided not only as Judge of the results and Diety of Justice, but as a mediator. This means he polices what goes on, to make sure that safety and fairness are upheld, which he does with the help of djinns (the eqivilants of angels, demons, and fairies). Without him and the djinns present in the battle, the purpose of the planned battles of the Eternal War for power over the will and perception of mortals would fall into a never-ending struggle with no results. Since this particular battle is special (of course), not all goes as planned. Here are some of the planned confrontations that need to be covered in this particular part of the Battle.

    --Kronaemix vs. Ebon Skull
    --Kronaemix vs. Sol'iq
    --Kronaemix vs. Semievil (These three will hopefully be covered by TLTE and possibly Highemperor and/or Semievil)
    --Stanin vs. Leviathan
    --Stanin vs. Saidelora (Highemperor requested that he cover these, and hopefully he'll be able to.)
    --Shawn vs. Yimir (Shawn requested that he fight someone very powerful. This seemed to be most logical)

    Some potential confrontations to cover:
    --Amry vs. Yarilo
    --Bais vs. Kupala
    --Bais vs. Saidelora

    How the battle itself plays out is really up for grabs, but it'd probably would be easiest if Good won part one of this fight, because Krig could use the advantage over Saidelora and Diaszu, both of who have some pretty mad skills up their sleeves. Doesn't nessessarily HAVE to be though. Here's some things to consider:

    --the lines marking all over the battlefield can act as a source for the Immortals and magic-users (possibly anybody even) to change their settings. Something like an andamintite (Arena-material) version of a river, that could be molded as terrain, ground-type, etc... (in other words, changable ground that would fit the confines and rules and looks of the Arena).
    --despite evil's upper hand on the superpowers they have (mainly Leviathan), Good can start giving them a butt-kicking, while nature slinks in to try and take teh middle ground. It's a sum-up of what Sem and I came up with when he made a TEW Arena-based map for his Heroes of Might and Magic 3 game and played as Nature


    _The Goal_

    After awarding the champion of the Force that won the first part of the battle (whom that is is still uncertain, as is the award/advantage), the champions msut fight themselves in the middle ground without any outside interference until only one is left standing. NOTE: Though they are PHYSICALLY invincible thanks to the andamintite, there are obviously worse things than death, and the pain among other things might wear down their will to fight (since the result of the battle will affect ever mortals WILL and PERCEPTION for approx. the next 10,000 years, it's fitting). And of course, since this IS a special fight, the andamintite may be worn down to the point where they MIGHT actually physically die.


    Again, this part is really sketchy, and I hope that I, Sem, Highemp, and Krig can work something out before we get to this. The basic plan we've thought of though so far is that Krig will msot likely recieve some magic item (like a Helmet of Halibut or something) to put him on a playing field with Diaszu and Saidelora. Krig, Diaszu and Saidelora will fight each other, one will be knocked out, and Semievil will proceed to do something that is unjust and against the Tome of Justice which he is suppose to be bound from. His injustice will be recognized (most likely at teh key moment when the battle COULD have ended), and using Krig's piece of cross and the Wyrd/Fate rune that Diaszu recieved, Semievil will somehow be stripped of his position as Deity of Justice, which will cause the Plane of Power (that has influence over the perception and free will of mortals) to be dispersed. There will be a climatic tension while all this happens...and from there, I honestly don't have a clue. Which I think is fine. I didn't have much of a clue how Bazaal would open teh gates of Hell upon himself in Shadows of Darkness (the prequel to this) either, and I think it turned out beautifully.
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    I know we got all of, like, 4 people here who've written for any of these stories, but if any of you can help add stuff to this and whatnot, I'd be eternally grateful. Either way, I best see what I can do about adding stuff myself...

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    Is this serious fantasy? And can we write for any of the unfinished stories? Sorry for the questions...I'll actually get around to reading up on this stuff. Also, is there the possibility of anybody else writing?

    I was just thinking about doing some stuff around here (which almost always means I have too much free time), either starting up a new story or resurrecting some of the older ones that were going somewhere but got left to die...

    And hey, what happened to Krig? Did his computer blow up or something? Just wondering...I'm all about sizing up the situation, I guess.

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    Is this serious fantasy?
    Yes, the Vision Cycle series (as it's been called for lack of a better name) is meant to be a serious series.

    And can we write for any of the unfinished stories?
    Short answer: yes and no.

    Long answer: Due to a number of issues (which can be detailed if wanted), this series got halted big time when writing for "The Eternal War." I say "no" because, unlike the NeS, "The Eternal War" is a more or less planned story, where the writers involved agree on what we'd want to write. As of right now, though, The Last True Evil and I are the only "active" writers still around that could wrap it up, though writers like Semievil333, Krig_the_Viking, and Voodoosnowflake could be referred to for assistance. However, I also say yes because this series desperately needs help, and it may have come to the point where we'd need new writers to help finish "The Eternal War." After its completion, stories like "The Change" and "The Crusade" would most definately be enlisting new writers, just as "Saga of the Third War" and "The Shadows of Darkness" had different writers than "The Eternal War" did.

    Of course, if you're talking about any of the other stories on the ISB, such as <random choice> Battle for the Nexus </random choice>, then yeah, I doubt there'd be a problem with that. At all.

    Sorry for the questions...I'll actually get around to reading up on this stuff.
    Don't apologize. I'm glad people are taking an interest in this.

    Also, is there the possibility of anybody else writing?
    Like I said before, definately yes for the as-of-yet written stories in Vision Cycle (and other ISB stories), and yes/no for "The Eternal War" as stated above.

    I was just thinking about doing some stuff around here (which almost always means I have too much free time), either starting up a new story or resurrecting some of the older ones that were going somewhere but got left to die...
    I'm definately all up for starting new stories. I'd like to think that the ISB should be more than just the NeS. Again, as for the older stories, see what I said before.

    And hey, what happened to Krig? Did his computer blow up or something? Just wondering...I'm all about sizing up the situation, I guess.
    Poor Krig has more or less been taken victim to "real life." I still keep contact with him via e-mail, but it's not terribly frequent. I don't see him posting on the ISB anytime soon these days.

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