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Thread: Welcome to the Game Room

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    to wound the autumnal city.

    Welcome to the Game Room

    This forum is intended as a place for people to organize and find multiplayer games to participate in.

    Please keep the following guidelines in mind while using this forum:
    • This forum is intended primarily to organize games. General discussion of games should remain in the discussion forum. This will make it easier for people to find games here.
    • This is primarily intended as a place to organize Jedi Knight games, but players are welcome to organize matches in any other game they want.
    • When organizing a game, please make the following information about the game clear in your post:

      -Game/Mod Name you will be using
      -Server address
      -Some general rules for people to follow while participating in your game
      -Map/Map rotation information
      -Timeframe in which the game will be taking place
    • Cheaters suck, but unfortunately the staff of cannot guaruntee that they wont be present in games organized here. Server admins/Game hosts are solely responsible for making sure player conduct in their games is appropriate. Read this thread for more information on this.
    • All Massassi Forum Rules are applicable here. Please behave yourselves. This is a place to have fun, not get caught up in petty debates over gameplay. All personal conflicts should be kept private. Any posts that are deemed to be of a personal nature will be edited or deleted, and if they are insults or flames, administrative action against the poster will be taken.
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