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Thread: Come Here First for JED and Other Editing Downloads!

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    Come Here First for ZED/JED and Other Editing Downloads!

    NOTA BENE: Updated for the new decade! I've fixed all the broken links and replaced JED with a link to its successor, ZED! Happy New Year, Massassi, and happy editing to anyone who's still crazy enough to meddle with this ol' dinosaur!


    I have seen so many posts lately from newcomers asking for the latest version of JED, and many other plugins and programs. Many of these people (through no fault of their own) know nothing of the JK Editing Hub, a useful resource and haven for editors and their projects.

    I have decided that instead of wasting everyone's time by having thousands of threads coming in about "where can I get JED?" and "are there any plugins?", I will compile a list of download locations and explanations for the various programs and plugins that have been made for JK and MotS over the years. I ask that DSettahr or another admin make this thread a sticky for the benefit of everyone.


    ZED is the latest (and most likely the best) Jedi Knight editor, the successor to JED Beta v0.951. You can download it from the JK Editing Hub, here -

    ZED has essentially the exact same setup as JED and is the most commonly used level editor for Jedi Knight/MotS, and can also be used to make 3DOs (Jk/MotS models). It is free and requires minimal set-up. For instructions on how to correctly install it, consult this tutorial -
    JED Plugins
    Plugins are a feature that expand JED/ZED's capabilities, making editing easier and more convenient for both veterans and newcomers.

    You can download many different plugins from any of the following locations:

    Instructions for how to install plugins are generally included in the zip file, but if they are not, you usually place plugin files in JED/ZED's "plugins" directory and then access them through the "plugins" tab once running JED/ZED.
    HellCat's Terrain Generator
    This program takes a BMP "heightmap" and converts it to a triangulated 3DO which you can texture using Force Remap (see below) and then import into JED for use in or as your level. Probably best used in conjunction with a skybox, tree 3dos, and weather effects such as rain, etc.

    It can be downloaded from here:
    Force Remap
    ForceRemap is a skinning utility for the 3DO file format used in Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2. Features include 6-way orthographic texture mapping and a manual UV coordinate editor. It can also be used as a convenient stand-alone 3DO model viewer.

    It can be downloaded from here:
    The Lighter Plugin
    The lighter is a unique plugin for JK which allows realistic shadows and lighting by cleaving up JK's surfaces in JED/ZED.

    For more information and download, go here:
    JK/MotS Thing & Adjoin Limit Remover Patches
    Removes JK/MotS static 640 things limit and 128 visible adjoin limit, allowing editors to expand their levels past previous limitations. WARNING: People who download your level must have the same patch installed, or else they will not be able to run your level without it crashing or becoming unstable.

    Go here for the download and more information:
    People can feel free to add more so long as they do it a neat and helpful way.
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    Because Massassi's file of JK Patch Commander is corrupt, I uploaded a working version to my server:

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    I guess it is appropriate for me to present the Cog reference for this list:

    Jedi Knight DataMaster:
    Simply put: If you do any cogging, you need to have this reference. It documents (almost) everything related to Cog for Jedi Knight. It also includes tutorials for learning cog, from basic to advanced.

    Get it at the following places:
    - Saber's Domain
    - JK Editing Hub

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    the JED link and the link for Patch Commander don't work

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    go to the
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    Hammer and Nail Computing
    The links need to be refreshed. Some of them don't work anymore.
    Btw, JED is old news. Now it is ZED. And Zeq is making his JKLauncher replace JK Patch Commander.
    Oh, maybe you would also like to link to the new Sexy JKE!


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    Updated the links. No more brokenness, and all URLS link to (as far as I can tell) the latest versions of each program/plugin. Happy 2010, folks!

    - Daft

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    bad links

    Can anyone post a working link to download ZED?
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    I cannot get ZED to work. Are there any known issues running it on Windows 7? Any suggestions?

    It says D3DRM.DLL is missing and to reinstall. I have reinstalled a few times and keep getting the message.

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    Hammer and Nail Computing
    The only to do that I know of is to install/copy it from the JK CD.

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    Ahhh, thanks!

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