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Thread: Star Wars and early US/British Empire relations?

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    Star Wars and early US/British Empire relations?

    I'm not a really "into" history by any means, so forgive me if my general idea of the situation between the British Empire and the colony that became the United States is wrong. If you think I'm an ignorant ***, that's fine with me, because I am. I have no idea what the British Empire was like or was supposedly like at the time, and I have no idea what conditions were like in the colony or anything. I'm ignorant.

    So, I was lying down to go to sleep this morning, and thought of something. The game Star Wars: Rebellion is called Rebellion in the US and Supremacy in the UK, right? This may have the unintended, or perhaps intended, meaning that the US would be seen as the Rebel Alliance and the UK would be the Galactic Empire. I thought about this and remembered how the US was once just another colony of the then British Empire. "So," I thought, "maybe that's where George Lucas originally got his idea for the warring factions of Star Wars. The Rebel Alliance signifies the colony that became the US, which is trying to break free of the Galactic Empire, which could be the parallel of the British Empire of the time." When you consider the fact that most of the Imperial officers are either English or have some sort of English accent, and the Alliance is made up of a bunch of Americans for the most part, it seems like a bit of a coincidence. Vader even has an English-like accent in the original movies, even though James Earl Jones is American. Of course, the Imperial Stormtroopers sound like accent-less North Americans, and there are also characters on the side of the Rebel Alliance who seem to have English accents, like Mon Mothma, Admiral Ackbar, and C-3P0, so it's not a completely sound theory. Still, mostly, it can be supported.

    I'm not trying to say that the United Kingdom is like the Empire or that the United States are like the Rebel Alliance or anything. I'm trying to compare these things with the colony and the British Empire at that time. I don't really have any prejudices against either country and I don't know what the actual situation was behind the whole "War of 1812" or anything. I just remember the general idea that the colony was supposed to be fighting for sovereignty from the British Empire of the time, which was nearly 200 years ago. I'm not American, nor am I British. I just kind of felt like sharing this because I don't tend to think about any deep-seated meanings behind ideas in movies. It just kind of occurred to me without my really wanting to think about it. So, yeah... Discuss, I guess.

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    I have also thought of this. But I decided that it probably didn't matter anyway and stopped thinking about it.

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    1. Slang. A potato.
    Yeah, it doesn't matter. I just thought it was a weird coincidence. I still don't know about that whole thing with the game, though.
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    Yeah, probably just a coincidence. Although George Lucas has been known to be a racist: or

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    I don't think "British" is a race.

    Scottish though...

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    JEJ can't even figure out his accent..
    Holy soap opera Batman. - FGR
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrawn[numbarz]
    I don't think "British" is a race.

    Scottish though...
    When I said British people were cool you said I was a racist.

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    I don't think it was a specific metaphor to the Independence movement is the US. I think it's just more a general rising up against an oppressive government.

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    yeh, the brits were awesome, until the 20th centuary came, and suddenly we lost our Empire, and our so called Allies didnt help much *cough*

    I'm guessing that in G.Lucas's fat necked' head, he sees the Empire as the British and the Good Ol' US of A as the Rebels.

    I dont disagree with that at all.

    Its widely accepted that the Empire are awesome and the rebels are a bunch of nancyboys.
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    It's based on WWII and the rise of totalitarianism.

    (it's evident + that was mentioned somewhere in an interview)

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