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Thread: Apply for modship inside

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    Apply for modship inside

    Apply below. Don't forget to include a resume. And a picture.
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    good enough for me
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    my name is Sgt Pnkks i was not born like any other human... i crawled out of a shell crater in 1914 rifle in hand and shot a german soldier in the head from 600 yards away

    i fought for both sides on both fronts at the same time in WW1 and then in WW2 fought for the brits, the americans, the russians, and even the french before they surrendered

    i've been everything from rifleman to pilot

    i plan to abuse my power as mod

    and picture... on one rare occasion i let myself be photographed in russia and here's the photo
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    eat right, exercise, die anyway

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    you seem a bit violent to be a mod here, maybe we can find another position for you
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    I like cupcakes.
    omnia mea mecum porto

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    bradsh is awesome
    tofu sucks

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    Didn't get to Paris
    mods are really cool i love mods
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    Ban Jin!
    Nobody really needs work when you have awesome. - xhuxus

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    Oh yeah? Well, you're a SMELLOUT.

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    Doesn't care what his title is
    Christmas Cardmaker Extrordinarie

    This is Major Tom to Ground Control
    I’m stepping through the door
    And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
    And the stars look very different today
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    I once ate a man. Bones and all.

    Moderators are for lamers.
    D E A T H

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    -=I'm the wang of this here site, and it's HUGE! So just imagine how big I am.=-
    The OSC Empire
    10 of 14 -- 27 Lives On

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    ok heres a review of the winners thus far:
    tofu - batman animated is awesome
    7 - i like sellouts
    DJ Yoshi - every admin or moderator should hate moderators and everything they stand for. approved.
    Yecti - Invisible bike pushed you over the top, but just barely. you get modship but youre on probation
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    My name is Pommy and I once ate Brad's oS and make it a monkey. Here is a brad banana according to google images:

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    pommy thats a really wierd banana and you would otherwise have been flat out rejected but i think i worked with you on HL2C and you seemed cool (even though HL2C sucked and later got worse and now is part of some conglomerate sellout network) so.. youre in
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    i r wes

    i support moderation

    Wes Darklighter

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    This guy supports Wes.
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    omnia mea mecum porto

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    i am re filing my application from my tunnel which is directly under brads house
    eat right, exercise, die anyway

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    Are you my mommy?
    Very few people really know who I am.

    So I shall include the most interesting image that came of a search from my nick.
    "And lo, let us open up into the holy book of Proxy2..." -genk
    His pot is blacker than his kettle!

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    Boneless Chicken Wings
    I got shot. Guy on the right is me.

    error; function{getsig} returns 'null'

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    Child's Play Charity"You Would Have Been BALEETED..."
    "His Will Was Set, And Only Death Would Break It"

    "None knows what the new day shall bring him"

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    hahaha holy **** thats awesome buck. HIRED
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrkJedi82 View Post
    i am re filing my application from my tunnel which is directly under brads house
    i feel like after all these years getting snubbed from being a chat op you deserve something. just dont be a ***** or ill kill your modship
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    with that i feel like we have a healthy staff. thread closed
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