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Thread: The Crappy Story of Notanewb and Why I Am Bored at Work

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    Hey guys, did you hear about Something Awful?

    Thumbs down The Crappy Story of Notanewb and Why I Am Bored at Work

    One day, Notanewb was strolling through the forest when he came upon Denby-upon Trent, a small and humble village with the most determined, hard-working folk around the region. As he approached the city in the tired sun's final hours, he knew that wtfmonsterz would begin their nightly prowl through the forest floor for unsuspecting prey, such as his self.

    Entering the village, a young, short gentleman came up. An inquisitive look covered his face as he looked onto Notanewb. The villager held out his hand, asking, "hai can i has some gold plz?". Notanewb, trying to blend in and respect this foreign culture, politely declined. The villager persisted, however, making claims that he will pay him back as soon as he is higher. Notanewb, the newb that he is, thought that he meant when he was taller and grown up. But that doesn't matter, because Notanewb walked on throughout the village, spotting the most intimidating people. People that wore armor like this , and others that could barely be seen, and kind of shady .

    After seeing all the different characters on his way, he finally made it to Lolnn, the local inn. Inside people were drinking, being cheerful and merry, and others that looked like they suffered from manic depression. The innkeeper of the place had a very long beard and an awkward smile that looked like so . As Notanewb walked up to the awkwardly smiling man, the doors that he just came in burst open, and there stood another villager. His face was rather . Panting, he exclaimed,

    "Omfg pvp is going on guys come help for some pvp rewards," and then he left.

    Everyone was rather at this point, and suddenly Notanewb heard something behind him. Truning around, he barely had time to shout "OMFGWTF" before a guy that looked kinda like this slit opened his throat, killing him.

    It was the same guy he saw comeing to Lolnn.

    The PvP wars has begun.
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    They fought the newbs that would dare hurr-hurr at them.


    Everyone was most pleased.

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    Hey guys, did you hear about Something Awful?
    The story continues...

    As one of the people inside the inn rushed up and did this sorta thing with his arms:, others began drawing their swords and began to hurry outside ~. The guy with his arms folded asked the people with swords hurrying outside, "wtf some1 guard me cuz im rezzing this newb hear"

    Moments later, Notanewb regained life, but looked kinda blue, and only had one eye . He slowly regained his strength back. As he was resting on the floor, a wizardly fellow came down stairs and said "What is going on here?". The cleric looked bewildered at what the wizard was saying. He responded to the wizard, "wtf r u saying? u dont make since k?". It was obvious the fellow asked the wrong person.

    The wizard rushed towards the door, peering out to see the chaos that lies beyond Lolnn's walls. The wizard looked at Notanewb, and then back outside, before finally making a decision to start chanting and making funny motions with his hand. Notanewb, just regaining enough strength to open his eyes, looked at him, as did the cleric. Both were . Moments later, mist appeared. Then a horrible creature stepped out of the mist, one horrifying enough to scare anyone who dares to even smell it, dead. It looked kinda like this .

    Notanewb, at half strength now, got up and joined the cleric's side. Both the and guys where now ready for battle, and Notanewb had a feeling he's going to be dragged into it.

    It was time to end the PvP wars.

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    Hey guys, did you hear about Something Awful?
    Notanewb was all BAM

    and they're like WOAH

    and was there.

    So all the guys with wizard hats fought this dude and were soon

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    NSP: I must contribute to this story.

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