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Thread: Live Gamertag Directory

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    No Longer Homeless!
    Fancy Pants


    Live Gamertag Directory

    Agent_J             JASRCC_Uber
    Aglar               tiuk
    Anakin-Paul         Millypede
    Anovis              Apolatis
    Backslash           JunoMRPB
    Blood Asp           MajorWoodpecker
    BombayZeus          BombayZeus
    Cool Matty          VinLaw
    CyborgNinja         CyborgIRONSIDE
    Dark__Knight        SaberClash
    Darth J             Count Jameson
    DJ Yoshi            subcap
    DrkJedi82           SgtPnkks
    HCF_Duke            Duke1011
    Isuwen              Omnisu
    JediGandalf         Darth BCline
    Jep                 Gunman Jep
    Jon`C               TombstoneStairs
    Martyn              martynpie
    Michael McFarlane   Stevehong
    mscbuck             mscbuck
    Murc XIII           Gnomemad
    NoESC               MrButtons454
    nubs                jeff25624
    Omicron88           haymaker9
    petmc20             Slaying101
    SAJN                SweetMilkySeat
    SiliconC            SiliconC
    Soldier Snoop       Guy Davies
    Spectrael           Spectrael
    Squirrel King       Super SoakerZ69
    Steven              ProfessorSteven
    Stinkywrix          LLJKCorny
    TimeWolf            Roessnakhaan
    Vinny               ChimeraObscura
    Warlockmish         Lispy5
    Wolfy               Lucid Oracle
    Wookie06            Wookie06
    Z@NARDI             Apex Slayer 13
    I'll try and maintain this better than the MMO one...

    (I made this separate from the other thread, because this should be just for gamertags and not planning games.)
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    Bah, HUMBUG!
    I have a gamertag, but I don't want to give it out to everyone. :/

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    Doesn't care what his title is
    Christmas Cardmaker Extrordinarie

    No one wants it anyway

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    Bah, HUMBUG!
    I bet you do so you can harrass me for a game of gears every 10 seconds.

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    My gamertag is LLJKCorny, just hit me up for a game of COD4 and Halo 3 anytime.

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    Apex Slayer 13
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    "Nulla tenaci invia est via"

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    Ah. So that's who that ProfessorSteven fellow on my friends list is.

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    I think Steven invites me to play Gears so I can fumble around and be a bulletmagnet while he gets all the glory.

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    I do that too.

    Gamertag is Omnisu

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    Registered User

    Just got a gamertag, no 360. So I can play online when I'm at other peoples' houses.
    D E A T H

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    Bah, HUMBUG!
    Yeah, it's sweet how you can load your profile onto a memory card and take it with you.

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    If you don't have a memory card you can use the "recover gamertag" feature to do it online. Only downside is you need to enter your email address and password with the crappy on screen keyboard if you don't have a chatpad or USB keyboard.

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    Bah, HUMBUG!
    That takes forever.

    I bought a used memory card so I can take it with me.

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    RUNESCAPE!!! Mah faivourite gahme!

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    Hey guys, did you hear about Something Awful?

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    Something Witty
    My tag was renamed to "MajorWoodpecker"

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    I no longer use that gamer tag, I started a new profile "Apex Slayer 13"
    "Nulla tenaci invia est via"

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    I just got a Xbox a short while ago ..
    Not on too often ( I have to unplug my internet to get on live ) But .. LAME name (Came with Xbox) -- Super SoakerZ69

    Edit - someone just told me if people start complaining about my name I can change it for free --- So complain about my name?
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    I play fps games

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    Didn't even know we had this: jeff25624 - As Featured in Guitar Hero II!

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    Lucid Oracle
    the idiot is the person who follows the idiot and your not following me your insulting me your following the path of a idiot so that makes you the idiot - LC Tusken

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    No Longer Homeless!
    Fancy Pants

    I couldn't fit your whole forum name in TimeWolf, but I think people will figure it out.

    Also: Should I delete all the replies or keep them?

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    Delete any that are more than 2 weeks old? Or something similar.

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    I play...

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare *
    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 *
    Halo 3 *
    Splinter Cell Double Agent

    * = preferred, but I'm willing to play the other games as well. I like co-op and team deathmatches.
    Peace is a lie
    There is only passion
    Through passion I gain strength
    Through strength I gain power
    Through power I gain victory
    Through victory my chains are broken
    The Force shall set me free

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    Child's Play CharitySon of Krokodile XVI
    I am now on Live (not at the moment of writing this post, but you know what I mean)! My gamertag is Janikka

    I have Rainbow 6: Vegas, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, Sega Superstars Tennis (seems lame, I haven't even tried it), NHL 09, Perfect Dark Zero (this one keeps kicking me off Live for some reason so I can't play it), and a bunch of Xbox 1 games (which no one seems to play anymore).

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    What does this name mean, anyway?

    At the moment I only play GoW and Halo 2 for PC, but when I'm on my roommate's Xbox, I play CoD4 and CoD:WaW
    A computer's worst nightmare:

    HazTeam Website-=HT=

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    Perhaps more than mildly psychotic.
    Crimson Sabre
    Little angel go away
    Come again some other day
    Devil has my ear today
    I'll never hear a word you say

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    New name, MaineiacGimp.

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    update me
    Also random rant since I am posting again .. I love the live halo 3 true skill system
    I go from skill 19 to 21 on one category when I sucked .. (I got like -10 k/d .. no medals)
    and only go from 1 to 2 when I raped the living crap out of every one on another (+20 kd... 10+ kill streak .. tons of other medals).. gotta love it.
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    Bah, HUMBUG!
    Anyone else have Duke Nukem 3d on LIVE?

    I wouldn't mind a DM or coop some time.

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    I may well see how the demo plays, and if it's still fun I'll get the full thing and drop you a message Rob

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    I'm waiting for my Live Gold card to get here.. I am JLee5O

    (O not zero)

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    Doesn't care what his title is
    Christmas Cardmaker Extrordinarie

    no 1 wnts 2 b ur frnd

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    my tag is
    LemonParty01 -- not even kidding.

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    Of what, we don't want to know.y
    I bought an XBox a week or two ago. My gamertag is JacquesAlbert. It's my name.

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    Doesn't care what his title is
    Christmas Cardmaker Extrordinarie

    This list is out of date

    Vinny sucks

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    Xbox Live Gamertag

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