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Thread: Vampirism and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

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    Vampirism and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    This is the story of Bubba Raxx, the fourth character in Life of Grismath Multiplayer. His only backstory is that he's a vampire/demon biker in the near future. Let's figure out the rest!

    Bubba wiped his mouth with his sleeve. Red stains streaked across black fabric.

    "Catch you on the flipside," Bubba muttered and sheathed his dagger. Kicking his chopper back into gear, Bubba roared off into the night, leaving behind the most macabre double homicide in the small town of Pasture's recent memory and starting an interstate manhunt. If only the authorities were hunting a man.

    Outside the "Dinner is Served" diner, Sheriff Buford R. Hullis surveyed the scene by flashlight. The victims were Tina Ford and Burke Wallace, teen lovers on an after school tryst. Both victims had suffered severe head trauma. The girl had been strangled and it seemed that the boy, trying to intervene, had been thrown or knocked back into the window of the diner.

    Both victims had suffered an unusually severe loss of blood, resulting in death for injuries that may otherwise have been survivable. While the victims' valuables had been taken, the Sheriff did not believe this was a mere robbery. His eyes followed the trail of burnt rubber that led out of the diner and up the freeway onramp...

    Deputy Hunt munched on his double cheeseburger. He counted himself fortunate that hovercraft had not faced wide adoption in this remote county of Missouri. While other parts of the country had been ravaged by the consequences of new technology and extraterrestrial contact (mainly in the form of alien tourists who ignored any Terran traffic laws), Huron County had remained virtually unchanged in the past few decades. Hunt, like his father and his grandfather before him, was a traffic cop, and in Huron County, that meant using the radar gun (admittedly more sophisticated in power and scope today) and chasing down lawbreakers. One such lawbreaker sped past on a motorcycle, so fast that it rocked the frame of Hunt's police cruiser. Startled by the suddenness and brazenness of the pass, Hunt scrambled to start up his police cruiser and make chase.

    The rider glanced back and his shoulders bounced as if he were laughing. The rider cranked up the throttle and the motorcycle shrunk to a dot on the horizon. Hunt floored his cruiser and followed on. The rider seemed to be looking back and making some sort of gesture... Hunt couldn't exactly make it out, until he spotted a pistol in Bubba's hand...

    What happens next is up to you!

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    (Oh the excitement! ...)
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