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    Hey guys, did you hear about Something Awful?

    15 Minute Stories

    I will write for fifteen minutes.

    The shallow water was creeping up the beach shore as she continued her trek through the night sky. The moon was her guide, the sand was her path, the ocean was her boundary. As she walked silently through the wet sand, in the distance she saw a dark figure, illuminated only by the moonlight. The figure was searching for something, walking along towards the ocean only to stop every now and then, crouch, and use its hand to sifter through the sand.

    A question came to her mind as she stopped and pondered. Should she risk approaching the dark figure? Should she stay hidden and try to creep closer to take a look? After all, the shadow, although distant, didn't appear to be looking up at all. It's attention was focused on the sand.

    Curiosity got the best of her. She looked around trying to find an object to block out any chance of the figure, who now has its feet in the ocean's grasp, from seeing her. An opening! A boulder on the shoreline up ahead should do the trick. Hopefully whatever the figure is searching for has already looked around there, or will not look.

    Knowing the ocean's waves are enough sound to mask her own running through the sand, she ran with light foot up behind the boulder.

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    (I'll give this a try...)


    She stretched her arms over her head, then let her arms flop back onto her lap. She shuffled her posture a bit on hard bench. Her eyes wandered, hoping to see somebody walk around the corner, despite the lack of a corner for somebody to walk around, what with her being in a park and all. She wondered what a park with corners might be like.

    She flipped her cellphone open. Fifteen minutes had already passed since he was supposed to meet her. She hadn't met him before, but they had planned on having their first date today. Turning the cellphone over and over in her hand, watching her cellphone out of the corner of her eye. It was something of a superstition she half-believed in: if she pretended the phone was active outside her own will, it would ring, as if waiting for a call from fate. The phone never rang though, and she placed it back in her purse.

    She stared at the leaves on the trees. They didn't move. There should have been a gentle breeze to russle the leaves on the trees, she thought.

    She sat and waited. Another fifteen minutes, she said to herself...
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    Hey guys, did you hear about Something Awful?
    I liked the way you ended yours, Geb.

    "OSCAR TANGO NINETY NINER NINER DELTA!" blasted through the radio, followed closely by several explosions.

    Sgt. Pnnks and his squad were in trouble. Nanders started to wonder whether he and his men can make it two clicks west in time to help pull Pnnks out, but quickly jumped into action instead. "Double time boys, head out, move move move!"

    Not just carrying, but running with over a hundred pounds of gear is no challenge when your fellow men are in danger. The terrain wasn't too bad to run over anyways, just an occasional slope here and there, but mostly just field. Throwing his trusty P90 on his back, Nanders understood that this won't be a SMG battle. Rescuing a squad in a limited amount of time requires something with a little more reach.

    The village was in Nanders's sights now. Just a few more moments, he thought. The other four under Nanders's immediate command were right behind him, even though he didn't dare look back.

    Nanders's radio blasted again through his helmet. "WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? WE'RE PINNED DOWN OVER HERE, I GOT TWO MEN IN NEED OF MEDICAL ATTENTION!"

    Still running, Nanders pressed the comm "We're on our way coming in hard! We're almos-"


    Nanders saw a spectacular sight. A bright light of white, red and yellow raising up above the village.

    He needed to run no more.

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