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Thread: Red Alert 2 - LAN patch!! (switches IPX to UDP)

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    Red Alert 2 - LAN patch!! (switches IPX to UDP)

    Hey guys, just thought you might find this useful. If you are like me and you've been dying to play an old school game of Red Alert 2 with your buddies over LAN but have been dismayed to find out that the game is impossible to play over IPX on Windows 2000 and above, well, there is good news! This patch that was obscurely released back in May fixes that problem. I tested it and it works great! There is nothing to configure! Just drop the file into your RA2 directory and play!

    Enjoy! And please spread the word!

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    Wouldn't they have done that when they rereleased them all in a huge pack?

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    Child's Play CharityHow do I change this?
    Hamachi fixed JK, surely it can fix RA2.
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    Hamachi fixes starcraft too.

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    New, Improved, and Boneless
    Hamachi fixes everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fishstickz View Post
    Hamachi fixes everything.
    Hahaha I LOL'd. Perfect timing with that one.
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    Hamachi fixed my dog.
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    Imon, umon...everymon!
    Hey, thanks for posting this, RA2 is fantastic, especially with Yuri's Revenge and the DeeZire mod. The gameplay is deep and dynamic.
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